Tanning Lotion


I remember seeing her for the first time. My mom was introducing me to my new future sister in law and all I could think about was how it just figured that a girl that hot would soon be once again off limits. Her name was Ashley and she was probably one of the hottest girls I had ever seen. She was about 5’4 with long brown hair the color of chocolate and eyes the color of the ocean. But the best part? I was guessing 34C with such a tight figure you could see every movement of her deliciously toned body in that bikini that she was wearing when I met her. She was sitting on a wake boarding boat, towards the front, her long legs stretched out in front of her, and her eyes closed with her head tilted back for the sun to catch her skin. And all I could think was: ‘Really? This girl is going to be my step sister. That’s just fucking great.’

I got to spend the whole day watching her delicious 34Cs bounce as we hit wake, after wake, after wake. I thought it was just her body I was lusting for. That is until she opened her mouth. Then I really knew I was screwed. She was probably the funniest, down to earth girl I had met since I was 13. Now at 21 watching this 19 year old, I knew I was screwed. After a long day in the sun, we all walked back to the car. I made sure to tag along behind her and walked up next to my mom so I could get a delicious view of Ashley’s sashaying ass.

“What do you think, Alex? He proposed yesterday, and I wanted to get your opinion before I said yes.” My mom whispered to me.

“Do it.” Was the only thing I could muster out.


A few weeks later I was assigned to watch the house while my mom and new stepdad went away on their honeymoon. I pulled into the driveway noting Ashley’s car. She wasn’t supposed to be there, her plans had been to stay with her friend that weekend but I wasn’t complaining. I unlocked the door, walked into the house and locked the door behind me. I didn’t see her anywhere and thought it would be kind of weird if I went looking for her, so I sat down on the couch and looked out into the backyard. I noted the upgrade my mom was getting by moving in with this new guy. They had a Jacuzzi that had a waterfall that fell into the pool. I sat there for a little debating if I wanted to get into the water or not when I heard humming. I turned around to look over my shoulder only to see Ashley walking down the hallway with her iPod on loud enough I could hear the music from her headphones and an even smaller bikini on then the last time I saw her. I felt my cock grow hard and push against the zipper. She spotted me and stopped, pulling her headphones off.

“Hey.” She said, and tilted her head a little to the left, her mouth in a small twinge of a smile. I wanted to jump her right there.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were going to be here or I would have knocked. I’m sorry I hope I didn’t scare you.” I acted innocent, it’s always easier to apologize then to ask for permission right?

“Not at all. I was actually going to bursa escort catch some sun. I burned a little on our last trip so I was going to see if I could get a base tan.” She waved the tanning lotion in her hand at me. “Want to come out and keep me company?”

“Definitely.” I had to force myself to get up slowly and turn away from her so I’d have a chance to rearrange myself before facing her full on. I was harder than a rock by now. I followed her outside watching her ass and trying hard not to drool. She laid down on one of the deck chairs and I pulled another one up beside hers. She looked at me for a second and then held out the lotion to me.

“Could you put the tanning lotion on? I can’t reach a lot of places.” She moved so her face would be down in the chair, but I could have sworn I saw a smile on her face before she did that.

“Uh, yah. Sure.” I tried hard not to let her hear how turned on I was, and I was grateful she was facing down because I was rock hard. I squirted some of the lotion in my hand and then stared down at her magnificent body. “Uh, where do you want me to start?” I asked.

She reached back and undid the strings of her bikini and let it fall away. I felt a shot of pleasure rocket through my body. “You can do my back first.” She said innocently. I almost felt ashamed for being so turned on by my step sister but soon didn’t care. My hands touched her delicious skin and soon I wasn’t thinking at all. My body was taking over and I was just sitting back and watching. My hands started at her shoulders, gently massaging the lotion into her back. I worked my way down her back, massaging her muscles around her spine and down her sides. I gently grazed over one of her breasts and I swear I heard her moan softly. My dick pushed hard against my zipper and I tried hard not to moan myself. I slung my hands down dipping centimeters into her bikini bottoms and then I pulled my hands back out reluctantly.

“Good?” I managed to ask.

“Mmm, I don’t want you to stop. Your hands feel so good. Why don’t you do my legs. I’ve already done my arms.” I didn’t have to be told twice. I squirted some more lotion into my hands and moved down to her feet. I massaged her feet a little, rubbing the lotion on them and then slowly moved up one calf, switching to the other and then back. I worked my way up to her thighs and almost came when she spread her legs for me. God she was so fucking hot. I slipped my hands as close as I could get to her cunt without directly touching it. My body was aching from being hard so long and not getting any release. I pulled away mentally fighting with myself and I heard a soft sigh. “Don’t stop, Alex.”

I had to bite my lip hard not to moan when she said my name in that innocent delicious tone. I slid my hands back to her legs, massaging her thighs all the time looking at her cunt which was pressing against her bikini almost enough that I could see it, and her ass. I got closer and closer to her cunt once again and this time she spread bursa escort bayan her legs wide for me. I paused and looked up at her, wanting to make sure we were thinking the same thing before I went further. “Please.” She whispered. “Don’t make me beg.”

That was all the approval I needed. I moved my hand forward and gently touched her cunt through her bikini. She moaned softly and spread her legs even more. I couldn’t take it. Her face was down in the chair so I figured no harm no foul. I slowly unzipped my pants so she wouldn’t hear and I pulled out my aching cock. I stroked it with my right hand, while I gently stroked her cunt with my left. My thumb found her aching clit and I softly rotated my thumb in small circles hearing her moan. I didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want to have to stop. So every time I was close to shooting off, and would stop and give myself time to slow down even though my hand on her never stopped. After a few minutes, her legs started to close and I thought she didn’t want more, so I pulled my hand away. But she lifted her ass up off of the lounge chair and pushed her bikini down as far as she could and then I pulled it off the rest of the way and dropped it by the chair. Again I almost came right there. Her delicious ass was even more delicious than I had thought. And she spread her legs for me again. I leaned down and saw her lips part and how wet she was. I reached forward with my finger and barely slid it inside her slit. She moaned for me and I started jacking off again. I pushed my finger up and down the length of her slit, stopping at her clit to tease her a little and then moving down to her opening. I gently pushed one of my fingers inside her, centimeter by centimeter and I heard her breath slowly intake. She moaned loudly as I got my entire finger inside of her. I moaned right back this time. She was so wet and tight. I looked down at her as I started to slide my finger in and out of her mouth-watering cunt. She began humping back on my finger and I had to let go of my cock. I reached over and pushed her legs so she would rotate onto her back. I had to see her breasts. When she turned over I went still. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Her pupils were dilated so much I could hardly see the blue. Her breasts were definitely as big as I thought and her nipples were the size of quarters. Her cunt was nicely trimmed and spread wide for my fingers. I made eye contact with her and then leaned down slowly, my mouth lowering onto her nipple. She arched her back up to me and my mouth came in contact. God her skin tasted so good. I sucked on her nipple my tongue rolling around it, playing with the skin and flicking the tip. She moaned hard and started to buck against my hand. With my other hand I grabbed her tit and started to massage it, flicking the nipple every once in a while. Right when she was about to cum I pulled off though, and stopped my fingers.

She groaned frustrated at me and panting. I slid my fingers out and moved my body down, escort bursa pushing her legs apart with my hands. I moved between her legs and pushed against her clit with my tongue. She practically screamed. I gently nudged at her clit with my tongue, playing with it a little. I moved my tongue up and down her slit, drinking her in. She tasted so amazing, like honey but with a twist of her. I leaned down more and started to fuck her with my mouth. I slid my tongue in and out of her cunt, sucking on her clit, gently nibbling on it. She was bucking against my face and then finally she came. Her juices poured into my mouth, covering my face with them. I lapped up as much as I could before pulling away. She laid still her eyes wide, and her breathing slowly going back to normal. I watched her come down from her high. She tilted her head toward me and whispered so quietly I had to lean in to hear her say: “Your turn.”

She sat up and moved so fast I could hardly realize the change. She was between my knees within seconds. She ripped down my shorts and attacked my cock with excitement I had never seen before. I moaned, finally getting some relief. Her mouth was so hot and wet on my cock. I could feel it pulsating in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on my dick and I leaned back spreading my legs for her. She got me as close as she could before standing up. I looked at her almost mad that she was teasing me. That is until I saw what she was going to do. She straddled me on the chair and grabbed my cock, guiding me toward her dripping cunt.

“Are you sure?” I whispered, out of breath, praying she wanted this as bad as I did.

“Positive.” And with that she shoved my aching cock into her pussy. I didn’t even have time to watch it disappear. She was so fucking tight that every spasm of my cock met resistance. I moaned over and over again. She started to lift up off of me and I lost my breath. I watched her, in complete control, fuck me. Her tits were bouncing right in front of my face and I had to lean out and catch one between my lips. I sucked on her nipple while she fucked me harder and harder. She arched her back and I was in utopia. I knew that nothing would ever top where I was at that very moment.

“Fuck Ashley.” I moaned and pulled her to me, moving out enough that I had leverage. I pounded my cock into her, feeling her body bounce against me. She moaned and bit into my neck gently, her body shaking against mine as she came. I wasn’t far behind. “Fuck I’m going to cum.” I managed to get out.

She pulled off of me and knelt between my knees, opening her mouth and aiming my cock at her face. I couldn’t take it a moment longer. I shot my jizz out so hard that the first shot went into her hair. The next hit her forehead and her nose and the last went square into her mouth. I watch as the bit that hit her lip dribbled slowly down her chin. She swallowed what she had and then leaned forward and kissed my cock as it started to grow limp in her hands. I was breathing so hard I could barely sit up.

“I should ask you to lather me up with tanning lotion more often.” She whispered as she stood up, practically purring. And then she grabbed her bikini and walked back into the house.

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