I know it’s said a lot on this website but this story is based on real life events. I think a lot of people assume that because I write cheating stories that I secretly want my girl to sleep around. It’s the opposite, I like fucking other guys girlfriends.

This is one of the more stand out incidents during my pursuits in my younger years. It’s not as outlandish or daring as my fictional stories, but it’s honest, a lot of the dialogue is near word for word as I remember it.


The warmth of a summers evening wind gently battered the hilly outcrops Oceanic Oaks, a growing city near suburb that was guaranteed to be bubbling on any Saturday night. The trees grew wild, engulfing the roads between houses and swallowing fields and hidden meadows whole. It was difficult to imagine such a beautiful, modern town was so close to the industrial and concrete jungle of a city all but a few miles away. The homes were stylish and new, and row after row of streets were lined with ‘sold’ real estate signs. Oceanic Oaks was a rather new area, very developmental and thriving all the more for it. Everyone and anyone wanted to grab their own piece of land in such a picturesque neighbourhood.

There was a certain advantage to having such a newly constructed area, and the distant sound of party music could be heard and undisturbed streets away. A lone car followed this sound, passing uninterrupted through street and road of empty display homes and houses due to be moved into. The man driving the car didn’t need the sound of the party to guide him though, he was one of the first in this area, he had grown up here during his youth and knew every street like the back of his hand. While he didn’t blame people for moving into the area, he wasn’t looking forward to it becoming overpopulated, but that was to be expected of such a gorgeous region.

The car was worn, an old Ford Lazer KA that was known as ‘The Tank’, simply for the amount of knocks and bashes it had received over the years. The driver was anything but worn, young at just 20-years-old, a messy brown mop of hair sat on his head and cheeky grin constantly painted across his face. He was tall, which looked quite funny considering how small the car was, but decently built from the years of rowing and playing rugby for his university. He tapped on the steering wheel as he made his way closer to the lone standing house on the edge of the developmental area, a small but cosy double story house tucked away at the bottom of the hill, undisturbed by prying eyes. The best part was that it was the only house on the newly laid street, meaning a party could go on for hours without nuisance neighbours raging war on the loud music.

The boy was invited by a friend of his, Reece, who bought the house all but a few months back. It was almost a weekly ritual for him to make his way to the very makeshift party house. Unlike a lot of his friends he never really attended these parties to get stupidly drunk, just to enjoy himself, and there was a guaranteed way to make sure he would enjoy himself. Though what would come of the party never really played on this guys mind, he intended on taking things as they came.

As he neared toward the house the line of cars parked about came into view. There must have been at least 40 people there tonight. A large bonfire was raging 30 yards from the house, there was no fences as no connecting plots had even begun building their houses. The street was empty, the expanse was brilliant and tonight was going to be a great party. The guy had shown up late, though he normally did for any party, and it was getting on past 11pm by the time his came to stop on a tuft of grass a hundred or so feet from the house.

“Maaaaaaaaaaark!” A shout came from the area of the bonfire and a figure waved to the boy as he got out of his car. Mark wasn’t able to see who it was but waved back before grabbing a backpack and heading over to the group standing around the blaze.

As Mark walked past the house he peeked a look in. The door was open and drunken roars of laughter and excited screams hit him as he made his way toward the fire to greet his friends. He couldn’t help but give a smile when he saw who was calling out to him. The somewhat short, plump figure of his friend Aaron, who was known as Este (pronounced ‘East’) stood swaying, shouting out obscenities at Mark as he made his way toward him for a hug. The heat of the fire was extremely comfortable, even if the night was warm enough as it was.

“About time, fuckwit.” East spoke as he took a swig of his beer before punching Mark playfully in the arm. The boys stood side by side as they face, listening to the drunken chatter and music bellowing from around them.

“So how are things tonight?” Mark spoke casually, grabbing a beer from his bag and putting it on the floor next to him. He wasn’t asking about his friends well-being and East knew this full well as Mark’s eyes scouted between the women at the party.

“Pretty good.” East smiled, ataşehir escort nodding over to a group of girls on the opposite side of the fire talking among themselves. “Well, probably better for your taste than mine.”

“You make me sound like a fiend.” Mark laughed with a liberal swig of his beer, his friend knew full well what his preferences in women were, it was almost a running gag between the two.

“Jacki, the ‘outgoing and friendly’ blonde is engaged.” East spoke, mimicking their voices with a laugh as he pointed them out to Mark. “Danielle has just started dating a guy from her law course called Eddy, clever girl that one.”

“And the one on the end?” Mark looked at the chattering girls curiously, pointing out a tall brunette on the end. They were gorgeous, but the problem was they most likely knew it. Little would come of perusing them.

“Oh Mark, that’s Alex.” East was really getting into character now, giving Mark a girly, playful slap on the shoulder.”She’s recently broken up with her boyfriend of 6 months because he moved states.”

“Shame that.” Mark replied, laughing at the commitment East put into his impressions.”I’m worried how well you can act like a girl. Is there anything you aren’t telling me?”

“Fuck yourself.” East laughed. “I’m feeding information for your crazy fetish and this is how you thank me?”

“It’s a preference, not a fetish.” Mark corrected him as he took his eyes away from the group of girls and stared back into the flame.

Whether you called it a preference, fetish or sheer fascination there was one thing that ultimately attracted Mark to a girl more than anything else… whether she was single or not. There was no greater feeling of conquest or achievement for the tall 20-year-old than having some other guys girl straddled around his waist, or sunk to her knees in front of him.

Mark was a decent looker, admittedly no Brad Pitt but his body frame and cheeky attitude gave him reason to be cocky. Most importantly he knew how to read people. Not just well educated guesses from their clothes or way they act, but from the smallest reflex actions. Chasing taken women meant he wasn’t always successful, but a damn sight more successful than most guys.

Mark never thought much of his ‘preference’. While some guys were attracted to a nice ass or pair of tits he was attracted to leading a seemingly innocent girl stray. Taking the prude ones who had been in a relationship god knows how many years and fucking them as hard as he could. Hearing a girl say “I have a boyfriend” wasn’t a deterrent, it was a challenge. He knew full well it was a dickish thing to do, but he was beyond the point of caring these days. The first time he had slept with an attached girl the guilt ate at him for weeks, nowadays he was never phased. He aimed to take the challenge to new lengths, always seeking to push the bar further.

“You’re not even listening, are you?” East asked Mark, shaking him from his gaze into the fire.

“Sorry. Lost my train of thought” Mark answered before turning back to East. “What were you saying?”

The pair continued to drink and broke into conversation. The boys made their way from the bonfire through the outdoor expanse, meeting up with other friends and being a little more social. Talk flowed from football to drunken politics, and the alcohol was just as free flowing. Mark was relatively sober compared to the rest of the party-goers, then again he did show up a bit later than the rest. The majority of the guests were unknown to Mark, work colleagues and friends of friends he hadn’t run into before, which in a way made the meets and greets a little more interesting. Though as Mark was handed around to be introduced and share a drink with each clique of friends he realised the opportunity to pursue his ‘preference’ faded more and more. Never had a guy been so annoyed to run into so many single girls. As the girls of the party loudly informed everyone they had recently split up with their boyfriends Mark was the only guy to roll his eyes… ah well, he was only here to have fun.

It was getting on the later side of midnight when Mark was certain he had spoken to everyone at the party, though most of it by this point was drunken dribble. It was getting on and those who had early starts were beginning to head off, though despite this the party was still 30 strong and pacts of ‘all night drinking’ were being made between a group of girls who had commandeered the kitchen to make truly awful cocktail combinations. Despite the lack of ‘preference’ Mark was having a pretty decent time. It was warm, he had beer and had managed to find a comfy sofa within the house to relax on after a good hour or so on his feet meeting and greeting.

“MARK! YOU NEED TO TRY THISH DRINK” One of the girls from Reece’s work called out to him from the kitchen in a drunken slur. Mark avoided her. As lovely as she was she didn’t know how to contain her voice after a few drinks, also the fact the last kadıköy escort bayan combination of drink she forced on him was chocolate milk and rum made him cautious to anything she had to offer.

Mark rested his head back and closed his eyes for a moment, feeling his head stir and the room spin a little. He guessed he was a little drunk by this point, but at least he was far from the worst at the party. ‘Times Like These’ by the Foo Fighters kicked out from the stereo and a smile crept onto Mark’s face, it was one of his favourite songs. He sang quietly to himself, feeling the alcohol take hold of him as his eyes remained closed, the comfortable couch and warm, friendly atmosphere around him relaxing him greatly. He was hoping tonight would go on for a while. About halfway through the song his concentration was broken when he felt the couch press down slightly as someone had sat next to him, causing the tall 20-year-old deviant to tilt his head in the persons direction. He opened an eye to see who it was.

It wasn’t someone he knew. More to the point it wasn’t someone he had met already. The girl was sat besides Mark, looking curiously with a laugh at his sing-along to himself. Mark opened both eyes and sat up a bit, shaking off his little daydream. He wasn’t embarrassed, he had been caught doing a lot worse in his time, but he played along with it to kick start the conversation.

“It’s okay, I love that song.” The girl spoke with a post-giggle smile before composing herself. She tried to impress Mark by proving her interest in one of his favourite bands. “I saw them live last year. The Echoes Silence tour.”

“Nice.” Mark sat up a bit, fairly interested now. “Wanted to hit that up but was busy. Tickets were gone in hours according to mate of mine.”

“Yeah, I took the day off work so I could book them.” The girl said a bit smugly, nodding to herself in gratification of Mark’s interest. “You need to see them. They’re fucking brilliant.”

“One day, I hope.” Mark replied, relaxing a bit. The girl was about as drunk as he was, which was good as it meant she would be able to hold down a civil conversation without ‘MORE SHOTS’ being the main prerogative. Upon closer inspection the girl appeared quite cute. She was dressed far more casually than a lot of the girls at the party, sporting a pair of skinny, designer denim jeans, a very simple black shirt and spotless pair of yellow converses. It was the shoes that stood out to Mark the most, clean and pristine, though the scuffing towards the bottom showed wear and tear, meaning she had cleaned them just before coming to the party and that her ‘little effort and casual’ outfit was very much pondered and planned. She wanted to look cool, to look attractive, but insure the safety of appearing like it was no effort in case she didn’t receive the attention she wanted.

It was clear someone by her standard would have been getting attention that night. Her somewhat short, mousy-brown hair gave her a cute tomboy cute, though the subtle make-up she applied made her look as feminine and attractive as any other other girls there that night. Her skin was slightly tanned, smoothed and with little imperfection from what Mark could see. Her lips were large, plump and soft, the point of attention as light gleamed against the lip-gloss applied to them. Her perfume was subtle, but for that reason made it all the more noticeable to those close enough to smell it, a strong citrus burst that worked well in the warm summer evenings air. This wasn’t something that was just thrown together in the last minute before heading out, the girl had put serious effort into not just looking good, but smelling good, appearing good… The end result made Mark want to try a sample, to have a taste for himself. There was only one thing that could sweeten the deal.

“I’m Mark.” He swapped his drink to his right hand and offered his left in search for more information.

“Taryn.” The gorgeous brunette fumbled for a bit before offering her left hand and shaking Mark’s with a smile.

Mark looked into her eyes for a moment but his concentration was with her hand. His middle finger traced quickly over Taryn’s ring finger and to his delight he felt a rock. A sole ring, an engagement ring for that matter sat comfortably on the base of her finger. As he pressed against it slightly he could feel the small and flawed diamond dig into his finger. Her fiance wasn’t rich by the feel of it, and judging by the decent quality of her clothes and perfume he could tell that this upset her a little bit. He would be sure to mention his wealth at some point tonight.

“You know East, right?” Taryn asked, taking a sip of her drink.

“Yeah, mate of mine from high school.” Mark nodded. This was an easy enough gateway to try and gauge who she was with tonight. He assumed her fiance wasn’t about, guys didn’t tend to let a girl as gorgeous as Taryn out of their sight had they been around. But what Mark found the most annoying escort maltepe hindrances weren’t actually the boyfriends, the fiances or husbands… they were chattering friends, the ones who would talk and bitch the day after, the girls who made gossip and rumors get about. To be honest, Mark would have preferred if her fiance had been in the same room than a group of her friends. “You know East?”

“No, no. Well, a friend through a friend.” Taryn started to chatter away enthusiastically, she was definitely keen on the conversation. She pointed out a friend of hers in the corner in the room. “Rachel knows him.”

“Alright, cool.” Mark replied. Her friends are here. Damn.

The party was loud, so Mark used this as an opportunity to bring Taryn closer to him. He intentionally spoke softly at times to entice her to lean in, making her shuffle closer and closer in order to keep the conversation going. She was quite to what Mark expected her to be; artsy, fairly liberal, a shy voice that’s only recently found some confidence. She was the girl who didn’t realise how good looking she was until the last moments of high school, when the chances to become a part of the cool crowd had gone. Mark knew these girls all too well, the ones who craved the attention from guys as they had spent their lives being scared of them, the ones who were never sought after when they were younger, the ones who only recently realised they had the power to make heads turn.

The positive side of talking to such a nerdy girl was the fact that the conversation was never dull. Had Mark intended on dating he would seek someone of the like out. With Taryn he wasn’t subjected to boring rants about who slept with who, shit movies and crap opinions on music, and the pair sat together quite happily very enthusiastically talking about games, football and Lord of the Rings. Admittedly not the coolest conversation but Taryn’s enthusiasm was interesting to Mark.

“Do you work with these lot too?” Taryn asked after a heated discussion about the release date for GTA 4. She looked around the room at the very drunk, very noisy party-goers.

“No, fortunately.” Mark let out a laugh to himself. “I’m still at uni. Years to go.”

“Oh, cool.” Taryn raised some interest. “What do you study?”

“Medicine.” Mark spoke casually. Most people tended to take interest in the fact he was on his way to becoming a doctor, so he was prepared for the barrage of normal questions he was asked.

“Clever boy.” Taryn nodded with a smile.

“You seem surprised.” Mark replied. He was used to this, a lot people assumed him to be a moron at first glance. He didn’t mind, if anything he enjoyed the advantage of people underestimating him.

“Little bit.” Taryn gave a guilty, slightly cheeky reply. “So if I fainted you could bring me back to life, eh?”

“Second year med student, love.” Mark chuckled to himself. “I can name the bones in your hand and that’s about it.”

“All of them?” Taryn challenged Mark’s quip. “Because there’s a lot in the hand.”

“Oh really, doctor?” Mark laughed before reaching out and taking Taryn’s hand. He watched as she shuffled a little closer so that their thighs were side by side, pressed to each other. Mark looked up at the pretty brunette, practically able to feel the warmth from her cheeks that were blushing now. Mark didn’t care if they were nerves or not.

“Ulna, lunate, radius.” Mark said with a cheeky grin as he took hold of Taryn’s wrist, working his way down to her finger tips.”Triquetral, scaphoid, pisiform, hamate. Metacarpals make up the integrity of your finger base, trapezium, trapazoid…”

Mark rattled the rest of the bones off, his hands entwining and gently caressing hers as he pressed against every ridge. As harmless as it seemed there was a lot more playful for the two involved.

“That’s pretty cool.” Taryn spoke after Mark had let go of her hand, though it still lingered for a moment after.

“For all you know I just made them all up.” Mark quipped before taking a sip of his drink. “Your hands are seriously smooth by the way.”

“You think so?” Taryn spoke shyly at the compliment, but it was clear she had been told before. She very obviously put out her hands in front of her, hinting to Mark that he should feel them again. “I’ve never noticed.”

“Well I’ve never felt hands so soft.” Mark replied, genuinely complimenting Taryn before taking hold of her left hand. He ran his fingers across her palm before gently tracing them down to her wrist in a tickling sensation. He watched as goosebumps rose from her arms. For some reason a lot of girls found the wrist as an erroneous zone, which was an easy one for Mark to take advantage of. He watched as the short haired brunette shivered slightly before moving his hand to her ring finger.

“Didn’t realise you were engaged.” Mark said lightly. He knew full well by this point Taryn had a fiance, but he felt now was a good time to test the waters of his progression. He watched as her eyes opened a little in surprise, her hand twitched as she reflexively tried to pull it back at the realisation to what she was doing, but her attempt was feeble, she wanted Mark to keep hold of her. She paused for a moment, considering her response before she spoke.

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