Tasting The Fruit Part 2


“Come! Your presence will either give me life or kill me with pleasure.” ― Voltaire , Candide My whole body was on fire with anticipation as I felt her hand caressing the top of my head, her eyes burning into mine filled with desire. Moving off the desk in one swift motion and over to me, “Kiss me. Let me taste myself on your lips,” she said. I turned to face her, my chin still dripping with her love nectar as slowly she moved her face to mine, her tongue extending as she was gliding it across my cheek and then into my mouth. I parted my lips as her mouth reached mine, gladly accepting her tongue into my warm, moist mouth. Our kiss was long and deep, our tongues dueling and flicking together hungrily. Breaking Bağcılar escort bayan our kiss, she smiled, “I have always loved the taste of myself. And I do have to say, I taste even better on a pretty young girls lips.” I felt myself blushing again and wondered if I would ever get used to her boldness and her way of making me feel like a shiny new plaything. “Your turn,” she said as I felt her pushing me back towards the desk her, her weight pressed against me making my already trembling legs wobble more. She lowered me onto my back, knocking down several pencil cups and scattering a stack of papers in the process. “I know you have always sat at that desk and Escort Arnavutköy always imagined yourself laying like this on my desk – spread eagle like the good little slut I so hope you are,” she whispered into my ear as she leaned over me, her breasts brushing against me. Her hands moved to my skirt as she started inching it up over my waist, her fingernails gliding down, scratching against my inner thigh. I gasped slightly from the sharp sting of her nails digging into my flesh and felt her hand moving down to my burning sex. Her fingers moved down to caress my soft swollen lips as she teased them gently apart before slowly easing in one finger, followed swiftly by Avcılar escort a second. “So young. Mmm. So tight,” she said as her fingers began to thrust out of my needy cunt. I let out a soft moan almost purring as I felt myself being filled, my body twitching and responding to her fucking fingers. This was better than I could have ever imagined. Better than getting it off to Julia Ann every night, better than thumbing through my dad’s old hustler magazines, better than any of my fantasies. This was perfect I thought as my eyes started to close and her fingers started to drill in and out of me even harder and faster. I felt myself moving my hips and grinding on her fingers, making them go deeper. My pussy was flooding her desk and I certainly did not give a fuck if I got some stupid bitch’s test paper wet. I was beyond caring about something as trivial as that when she stopped and said, “I think you need something bigger than just my fingers, don’t you Sadie?” There was a slight pause as she watched for my reaction.

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