Taxi Ride from Hell


Taxi Ride from HellTaxi Ride from Hell.Cindy had been shopping and she hailed a cab, she had decided to surprise her friend with an unplanned visit. As she was on the way she looked in her handbag she realized that she had lost her purse. Telling the driver he changed direction and told her he was going to the depot where she could sort it out with the boss. Cindy was obviously distressed but the manager soon had her at ease, he told the driver to check the taxi thoroughly to see if it had fallen out there. While he was away the manager who was called Dave chatted to Cindy and offered her a coffee. She readily accepted it and sat drinking, hoping that the driver would return with her purse.Cindy started to feel a little giddy and as they chatted she seemed to be having trouble understanding what was said. Dave handed her a form and asked her to sign it, Cindy could not read it and so he told her that it was merely to have Cindy agree to obey the driver and do whatever he asked. What she didn’t know was that they had found her purse and she had been d**gged to make her amenable.Getting up Cindy was helped to the taxi where the driver was waiting, he smiled and got her into the cab. Dave sat next to her explaining he was going to make sure she got home safely. Cindy thanked him for his help and sat back as the taxi drove out. Cindy realized that she had not told them the address but Dave said she must have forgotten as they were on the way.The car pulled into a garage attached to a house, when Cindy opened her eyes she did not know where she was but three huge black guys were standing by the car waiting for her to get out. One of them opened the door and Dave pushed her erzurum escort out, Cindy was on her knees with the force of his thrust.One of the guys picked her up easily and looked her straight in the eyes. “So this is the bitch who didn’t pay eh, well she is going to pay now “ he laughed.Dave waved the paper in front of her and said she had signed it and did she still agree to the consequences? Cindy nodded realizing she had landed herself in real trouble and wanted to get out of it as soon as possible.With that Dave and the guys ushered her into the house, it was gloomy and not very tidy. Dirty food wrappers and empty cans littered the floor. She wondered what was going to happen and was soon being instructed how to behave. Dave told her that if she were a good girl she would be well looked after if a bit sore when she left.Cindy was instructed to stand in the middle of the room, the guys sat in the chairs and watched her. When she was down to her underwear one of them told her to pull her panties up between her ass cheeks so he got a good view. Cindy was not quick enough so another guy stood up, walked over and taking hold of her panties pulled them up hard between her ass and pussy lips. Cindy tried to stand on tiptoe with the pressure of the hoisting but she felt her panties move up easily.One of them laughed and commented on how her pussy lips had eaten the panties and asked for her to be turned round so he could see how hungry her ass was. He clapped in approval as they were nowhere to be seen, having disappeared into the crack of her ass. Cindy was unsettled by his comments but couldn’t help noticing that her juices were starting eskişehir escort to flow despite all attempts to stop them.She was forced to kneel in the middle of the room and each guy stood in front of her and ordered her to undo and drop his pants. As she removed each hard cock she was instructed to kiss each one and say how much she wanted to feel it inside her. This was all done to show her that the guys were in charge and she had to do as she was told. Working her way around Cindy soon had all the cocks kissed and was hoping for some respite after doing as she was told. Despite her reservations she was really getting into the role and was using it as an excuse to carry out all the things she would never do normally.Cindy felt hands on her and was lifted up and deposited over the chair arm, her ass exposed and her head in the seat. She was momentarily overcome by the smell but was drawn back as she felt her panties being pulled down and off her legs. A guy leant over and pulled her arse cheeks apart showing off her now bare holes. A voice was heard saying that the dirty fuck wife was ready now as he could see her cunt lips glistening with juice. She felt her legs lifted, forcing her head further into the chair, then she knew what a wishbone felt like as her legs were parted to their maximum. Cindy felt someone between her legs then the sudden pain as a hard thick cock rammed into her cunt hole. Before she could do anything she felt the guy pulling out then ramming in again, she winced as the pain went through her but it soon gave way to pleasure as her hole had stretched to accommodate the hard dick that was in her.She felt the guy escort bayan pounding her cunt pull on her hips to get right in, then the flow of cum erupted into her. He continued fucking her till his dick went flaccid and straight away another hard cock was shoved into her. This time she was fucked slower but as it was thicker, her cunt was stretched wider still. Then abruptly with a sudden shove the second load was shot into her. Cindy felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and something cold pressed to her hot cunt lips. As it was pushed it opened them up so wide that she thought she was going to be torn apart. As the stretching feeling reached her limit she was relived that her cunt was accepting whatever it was being stuck in her. She realized that it was a bottle and the bottom end too, not the neck that had been inserted when she heard a voice saying that she knew how to hold her drink. She was worked over with the bottle till she screamed in delight as the big O shot through her, and Cindy felt she was blacking out with the pleasure.When she recovered her senses Cindy realized that she had been carried into the garage and dumped on the dirty floor. The guys standing around her saw her eyes open and then one of them told her to give them a show“ Fuck the trailer hook up Slut” he laughed as she looked at him. Cindy obeyed and went to remove the cover on the ball end. Her hand was slapped away as she was instructed to take the cover too. She squatted over it and lowered herself until it was right up her cunt. Hands were mauling her tits and a couple of guys wanked till they spunked over her face. All the time Cindy was riding the ball and again climaxed. She was lifted off and thrown into the car naked. “As you were such a dirty slut you are going home naked and cum covered so your husband can see what you have been up to” laughed the driver. Lucky for Cindy when she got home Ben was still out so she had time to shower before he got home.

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