Teacher’s Pet


I walk into my last class of the day. It’s my final year of high school. I turned 18 my junior year as I entered school a year late. I’m the first one in the room so I walk over to the teacher, Mr. James, desk. I glance over to make sure nobody else has come in yet.

“Good afternoon, Miss Lilian.”

“Good afternoon Master.”

“What’s the matter, my pet?” He says, brushing a strand of hair out of my face.

“N-nothing Master.”

“You want to cum don’t you?”

I squeeze my thighs together. trying to put some pressure on my neglected clit. It aches, making my pussy drench itself with its juices. Students are trickling through the door now so our voices have quieted. I drop my pencil and quickly kneel, pushing it under the desk by “mistake”. I give the toe of his dress shoe a kiss and lick it while I fish for the pencil. This makes me even hornier at the humiliation and submissive gesture. If anybody were to look close enough, they’d see. When I “find” my pencil, I quickly stand and hurry to my desk.

The teacher, and my Master, begins the class and I try to discreetly touch myself.

“Now if you’d all turn your attention to the board…” he says. I haven’t really been paying attention and I’m sure it’s obvious to him.

Mr. James takes a remote off the desk and I recognize it to be the one that controlled the vibrator buried deep in my pussy. It’s a penis shaped one, the largest he’s given me. It stretches my pussy lips open but I can’t do anything about it. The chastity belt is secure around my nether regions. I had to come to his room during my lunch period —thankfully his lunch period too— and begged him to let me use the bathroom.

Mr. James pushes a button and vibrations start sex izle pulsing in my cunt. I try to act bored but it’s incredibly difficult. The vibrations are welcomed, I haven’t been allowed an orgasm in nearly a week. Yeah, that doesn’t sound bad, but Master let me orgasm twice a day for a while, which eventually trained my body to constantly crave orgasm.

“Whoops, wrong one,” he says, grinning at me. I send him a look that says “I’m going to eat your children”. He pulls out the right remote and turn on the overhead. A PowerPoint shows on the whiteboard and I sit through it, trying my damnedest to take notes. I tap my pen on the desk every time I cum. 6 times in 45 minutes. It’s nearly unbearable but it feels so good.

The bell rings and I leave the room. I head for the library, chatting with a friend while the vibrations continue. I try not to stay in his room right after the bell rings so that people don’t get suspicious. I renew a book and head back. The buses have left so the halls are a ghost town.

The cameras have been removed from classrooms because of a decreased budget. Only the teachers knew, and myself. This means that nobody else will be able to see Master and I’s after school shenanigans.

I enter the room and see Mr. James sitting at his desk, which is beside the door. There is a wall connected to the door that forms a little nook for the desk to fit, so you could only see under it from one side. This is also a plus on our part, as people who enter the room can’t see the desk immediately, sometimes giving us time to pretend as if we were doing something else.

“Enjoy your orgasms?” He asks.

“Yes sir. Can you turn it off now? Please Master?”

“Aww, my poor pet. Come alt yazılı porno here.”

I look at the ground as I move towards him. He pats his lap and I sit. He kisses me and I kiss back. It’s passionate but rough at the same time. I bite his bottom lip mischievously and grind hard against him.

“Mmm I can feel the vibrations,” he groans. I try to grind harder against his lap. “Down, girl. Now.”

The stern and commanding tone make me even wetter and more excited. I quickly scramble off his lap and kneel. He pushes his chair into the desk so that his groin is hidden.

I undo his fly and take his rock hard cock out. I tease the crown and very gently run my tongue along the slit, knowing that it’s sensitive in a bad way.

The door opens and Mr. James pretends to go through emails. He’s conversing with the teacher and I know I’ll be punished for what I’m about to do.

I press down hard on the slit with my tongue, gently biting the crown. I then take his cock to the base and suck it eagerly. I fondle his balls. I feel them tighten and I smile. I pull off right before he can cum, furiously licking the slit.

I hear the conversation beginning to wrap up as the other teacher comments on his furrowed brow. I know I’ve fucked up. I know it before I did it. My heart starts pounding and I smile. I think of all the different potential punishments Master might give me and grow excited from the thoughts.

“Just so many darn emails,” Mr. James replies to comment.

“I’ll leave you to it then. Have a good one.”

“You too,” he replies as the other teacher leaves.

As soon as the door shuts his chair flies backwards and he stand up. He fastens his fly in record altyazılı sex izle time and grab my hair before I can even blink. Pain erupts from my scalp and the fear of what’s to come excites me more.

I try to kneel the best I can with him pulling me up by my hair. My palms face upwards on my thighs but I doubt he sees my sign of total submission.

“You little bitch,” he snarls. My eyes widen. I’m genuinely afraid. He sees the fear in my eyes and smiles, knowing that I’m his to do with as he wants, because I’m his submissive. He spits on my cheek. “You little bitch!”

He throws me to the floor and I scramble up and away from him before he can grab me again. I run to the drawer in the back counter that contains rulers, hoping that being obedient without having to be told what to do will make it lesser than what he had originally planned. But either way, punishments still turn me on. I get a firm wooden one, put it in my mouth. And crawl back to him. He takes the ruler and smacks me across the face. I yelp and try to keep quiet.

I quickly stand and bend over one of the student desks. I pull my skirt up. He made me wear a skirt that fell barely to my knees. I’m not allowed underwear unless it’s the time of month.

I put my hands behind my back and prepare for the lashes. They come, one right after the other. My ass glows brighter than Rudolph’s nose. Tears are pouring down my cheeks. But he doesn’t care. He keeps going until he reaches 60 on both cheeks. My ass stings and burns and I’m sure it’s a very bright red. My pussy is absolutely drenched and aching for more release, but Master stopped the vibrations at the beginning of the spanking.

“Stand up.”

I stand and he grabs my shoulders, turning me to him. He pulls me into his arms. I’m immediately relieved, knowing that I’m forgiven.

“I love you,” he says.

“I love you too Master,” I say between sniffles. He holds me for a few minutes before he gets his things and leads me out to the car.

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