Teacher’s Pet, Chapter 5


It was about a month after the incident with Mr. Hernandez when Amy’s next milestone materialized. It was mid-December, and everyone was in a flurry about the soon-to-come Christmas Break. Amy and her mother were sitting down one evening to dinner after she got home from work. “Amy, dear, I have something I want to talk to you about,” she started. “What is it Mom?” “Well, your Aunt Clara and I have been talking and she wants us to come visit her over Christmas Break. She says we can come for a visit and stay with her at her house. How would you like to spend Christmas vacation with Aunt Clara?” Amy didn’t think too much of the idea. Aunt Clara was a clean freak and Amy always thought Aunt Clara’s house smelled of way too much pine oil and bleach. She kept all of her furniture covered in plastic, and Amy was afraid to touch anything. She was always afraid to get something dirty and she was never comfortable around her aunt. She loved her aunt, but to spend two weeks with her would be unbearable! “Oh Mom! Do I really have to? I love Aunt Clara to death, you know that, but two weeks in that house would drive me crazy! You know she keeps it like a hospital and I am afraid to even breath there – not that I can since it stinks all the time with all the cleaning stuff she uses! Can’t I just stay here at home? I did it when you went to see Grandma and everything was ok,” Amy said. “Well, I don’t know. A week was one thing and I was only at Grandma’s – she lives just a few hours away. I could have come home if there was a big emergency. But Aunt Clara lives a lot further away. We have to fly out to see her. It’s a lot harder to get back here if I have to suddenly,” she said. “I’ll be ok, Mom. Remember, I have the neighbors if I need something. Plus I am getting older, you know. Please can I stay here? Pleeease?” she said. “What will I tell your Aunt Clara? She wanted to see how big you’ve gotten you know.” “Just tell her I have my friends here and we had already made plans for Christmas Break,” Amy said. “Ok. I will let you stay here. But I will be calling you while I’m gone just to check in and see that you are all right. I will go grocery shopping and stock up the fridge and cupboards. I know you can cook some, so I won’t have to worry about that. Just don’t eat everything in one sitting or you’ll be hungry by the time I get back!” she said, laughing. So it was settled, and the next day at school she made it a point to stop by Mr. Cramer’s class after school to let him know the good news. She knocked softly on the door to his classroom and after being acknowledged, she came in. Mr. Cramer was escort sitting at his desk going over the day’s classes. “Sir, I wanted to tell you that my mom is going to visit my aunt over Christmas Break. My aunt lives in Wisconsin and she will be flying out on the 22nd and be gone the whole two weeks,” she said. “I see. And you are not going with her, I take it?” “No, Sir. I was kinda hoping… um…” “You was hoping to come stay with me for the two weeks,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Yes Sir,” she said, looking down. She stood there in front of him fidgeting and fiddling with her fingers as she held her hands behind her back. “Well I will think about it. We have a few days before school is out for Christmas Break and I will let you know,” he said. His response caught Amy off guard – she was sure he would have been more excited about the idea of having his slut for two weeks of uninterrupted lustful indulgence and debauchery. Yet when she brought the news to his attention, he seemed strangely cool and detached. She left his classroom puzzled and a bit saddened. Had she somehow done something wrong? Had she displeased him in some way? Her thoughts raced as she rode the bus home that day. That evening as they ate dinner, Mom noticed Amy was strangely quiet. She picked at her food and didn’t say much about her day or anything else. Amy was usually a lot more chatty at mealtime, always eager to tell her Mom the latest news or gossip from school. “Are you ok, honey?” Mom asked when she saw Amy lost in thought. “Huh? Oh yeah, I’m ok Mom. Just thinking about something.” “What has you so distracted, sweetie?” “Oh it’s nothing, don’t worry.” “Ok then. But if you need to talk, you know you can talk to me.” “I know Mom. Thanks,” Amy said. She finished dinner, trying to pay more attention to what was going on around her. She didn’t see Mr. Cramer for the next couple of days. Finally the last day of school before Christmas break came, and as luck would have it, she had Mr. Cramer’s class that afternoon. All morning long her mind was on his class and more importantly she wanted to ask him again about staying with him. But unlike most days when she was to see him, today she didn’t feel the normal tingle in her pussy. She didn’t get all flustered and her heart wasn’t racing. In fact, she had the worst case of butterflies in her stomach that she could remember. She was unusually nervous and scared of his class today. She had went over everything she had said and done the last time she was with him at least a dozen times. And for the life of her, she couldn’t imagine why escort bayan he was so aloof and nonchalant when she approached him on staying with him over the break. All that day she was torn – wanting to see him and yet dreading it at the same time. But time is relentless and before long she had to face her fears. She entered the classroom timidly, almost afraid to look at him. She took her seat without delay and prepared for class. At least it would be an hour before she had a chance to talk to him. She paid attention to the class but stole glances several times at the clock over the classroom door. Sooner than she would have liked, the bell rang for the class to be dismissed and the other students began filing out on their way to their last class before leaving for the Christmas holiday break. Amy loitered a bit so she could talk to him. She went over what she wanted to say, how she wanted to apologize for whatever it was she had done wrong. She was fairly certain she wouldn’t be spending the whole two weeks with Mr. Cramer like she wanted, but she was hoping for a visit or two during the two weeks off of school. “Mr. Cramer… may I speak with you?” she said, apprehensively. “Yes, Amy, I wanted to talk to you as well,” he said. “You told me the other day that your mother would be going out of town for this next two weeks while you are on Christmas break. Is that still true?” “Yes, Sir. She left this morning after I headed off to school.” “I see. You also were looking forward to coming to stay with me, apparently, during our two weeks off, were you not?” “Yes, Sir. But…” Amy started. “But?” he asked. “Sir, did I do something wrong or disappoint you in some way?” “No, why do you ask that?” “Well, it’s just the way you answered the other day… it sounded a little like you were angry with me. I thought when I told you my mom was going away for two weeks, you would be more excited about spending time with me. But you seemed… I don’t know… like you weren’t sure you wanted to,” she said, scared of his next words. “Come here,” he said. Amy stepped towards him and he reached out grabbing her by the hair and pulling her roughly to him. He met her with a kiss – a deep, hard, passionate kiss that stole the breath away from her. He wrapped his other arm around her small waist and she melted into him. Their kiss lasted longer than any kiss she’d gotten from him before, and as far as she was concerned, it never had to end. But after long moments, he broke the kiss holding her chin up with one crooked finger and looked deep into Amy’s eyes. “Ahh my little bayan escort slut, I am sorry if I made you think I was angry with you. I am not, nor have I ever been, angry with you. But you see, as your Sir, I cannot always seem as overly excitable as you – it is inappropriate for me to show such impulses. Such dramatic emotional outbursts are more a trait of a slut like yourself. Do you understand?” “Yes, Sir.” “Now to answer the question I know is burning a hole through your heart right now… of course you can come stay with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way!” he said, with a smile. Amy couldn’t hold back any longer, she broke down and began sobbing as his words sank into her tormented mind. “Oh Sir! I was so scared coming to class today! I thought you were mad at me! I thought that all the wonderful times we’ve had were over!” she blubbered. “Well now you know better, little slut. So you’d better go wash your face and get off to your last class. After school, come back by here and I will take you home.” “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Amy left Mr. Cramer’s classroom in considerably better spirits than she entered with. She was elated and could hardly concentrate on her final class of the day. All she could think about was that in a mere hour’s time, she would be with him for two whole weeks! Her imagination created scenario after erotic scenario of the possibilities the next two weeks could contain. Her wildest and most carnal fantasies came to mind in a whirlwind of sensual delights. So steamy and sexually-charged were her thoughts that she could feel her pussy getting wet. She crossed and uncrossed her legs several times, rubbing her silky smooth thighs together in an effort to somehow lessen her aroused state. It was a very uncomfortable and difficult class to get through – and to make matters worse, it was algebra, her worst subject! At long last the final bell rang and Amy jumped to her feet, quickly gathering her books and turning in her paper as she rushed past the teacher’s desk. This was one time she didn’t want to loiter – in fact she wanted to be the first one out of the class! She rushed out of class and down the two flights of stairs to get to her locker. Tossing her books in and getting her jacket and backpack out, she slammed her locker shut, giving the dial a quick spin and headed back to Mr. Cramer’s class as quickly as she could navigate the crowded hallways. There were over 1,000 other kids, all trying to get out of school and get on with their vacation as quick as they could too, and Amy had to get clear across the quite large school and up one floor! But she got to Mr. Cramer’s biology classroom as quickly as she could and found him still grading papers when she arrived. Seeing he was busy, she quietly took a seat at the desk she normally sat at – front row and center of the classroom, where she could watch him as she did most other school days.

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