Teaching Amanda


My hand etched over the page, shaping and forming a masculine male face. His strong set jaw bone and weathered face indicating a mature, well traveled man. I looked up from my easel and Mr. Miller, our art teacher at the local college, was seated in the centre of the room. He was posing for the class today, a practice for our projects the next day. We were to complete portraits of our own choosing.

Mr. Miller glanced at me and smiled warmly. Blushing, I smiled back and continued my work. I had always liked Mr. Miller and I had seen him watching me before, studying my body. I’m a quite voluptuous girl, and young, I’m 19. I’m tall with long, red wavy hair, blue/green eyes, and pale skin. My body is very curvy ( I’m a size 30) and my large 40E breasts certainly draw attention.

When I was 18, I lost my virginity to one of my older brother’s college friends. He was 27 at the time and I remember being turned on by the age difference. Whenever my brother was home visiting he would come around and we always managed to sneak off to ‘fool around’ in the shed. One afternoon he took me to the park and we had sex in his car. Since that day I have always wanted older men and Mr. Miller had certainly shown an interest in me. When I first started the class he had helped me ‘one on one’ a lot. We were used to spending time alone and he had never tried to hide the fact he was looking at my body. I started wearing skimpier clothes to show off my curvy form and making sure my breasts were well within anyone’s view.

The class ended and I took my time packing away my things. I was bent over in front of my easel when I felt a warm body standing close behind me.

“My, Amanda, your work is positively wonderful. I have to admit you are getting to be quite good.”

I stood up, my back still to him, as I could feel his warm body only inches behind me.

“Thank you Mr. Miller, it must be all the extra help you have been giving me!” I turned to face him, allowing my large breasts to brush against his chest briefly. I felt a shudder run through me at the touch and wondered had he noticed.

“Well, Amanda, I’d be happy to meet you this evening, give you some last pointers before your project tomorrow and please Amanda, call me Graham.” he said, with his hand resting on my shoulder and I noticed he rubbed his thumb against my bare skin there.

I looked up at him smiling, my breasts again brushing against his chest; my nipples firm and visible through my sheer top. “Thank you, Graham, would you like me to come back to the classroom?”

“Would it be okay if I came around to your apartment after work? It might be easier that way,” he said, looking down at me. His eyes sensuously running over my body.

I lived in an apartment complex on the outskirts of town, there were 8 flats and I was on the top floor. From what I could recall Graham lived just outside of town, so it made sense for him to stop at my place on his way home. Nonetheless my heart beat a little faster at the thought of having him in my apartment.

My thoughts were on Graham, he is tall, maybe 6’5, and broad shouldered. He is built like a farmer. Large broad frame, but nice smooth muscles under a nice amount of padding around his tummy. suadiye escort I knew he had just turned 47, so he was 28 years older than me. As i though about our age difference i felt my pussy moisten, this prospect made me extremely horny but if something was to happen between us, I’d be worried about the gap.

I could feel the moistness of my panties pressed against my pussy lips, and I wondered had he noticed my hard nipples.

“That would be great sir, what time do you think you will be around? My flat mate is visiting her family so we wont be disturbed with…” I blushed wildly, letting my words hang in the air.

“I’ll be there in about two hours?” I nodded as he helped me clear away the rest of my stuff, I knew he was watching me the entire time and he hovered close to me, always touching and rubbing my shoulder. When I left the classroom to go home, he smiled and winked at me, kissing me on the forehead. “Ill see you soon, Amanda.”

I walked all the way home in a trance. Mr. Miller was coming to my apartment! I couldn’t believe that he had been so close and intimate with me! Touching me and looking at me. I was so aroused and enjoyed the cool breeze blowing up my skirt on the way home. I liked how it cooled the damp patch of my panties and made my pussy cream.

It was obvious that Mr. Miller wanted me. I didn’t know if anything would happen but he had given off definite signs that he wanted something to tonight.

Once home I had a quick shower, soaping up my large tits and playing with them as I thought of Mr. Miller. I was so horny in the shower I teased my erect nipples and spread my pussy lips, letting the hot water run down between them, making me shiver with pleasure.

I didn’t want to come yet. I wanted to feel wet and horny while Mr. Miller was here even if nothing was going to happen. I got dressed in a soft woollen black skirt and my long sleeved red blouse. It had a wide neck line and showed a lot of cleavage, and was well fitted to my figure. My nipples were still hard and were clearly visible through the top. I decided to go without wearing panties, my pussy already damp against the cool air and the rough material of my skirt.

Checking the fridge I made sure I had milk and coffee. I would have to offer him something when he arrived. Quickly tidying the living room, I heard the door bell ring and felt my tummy knot. Nervously I walked to the door and opening it revealing a dishevelled and damp Mr. Miller holding shopping bags and his brief case.

“Oh Graham, What happened? Your soaking wet, come inside.” I went and grabbed a towel while he came in and shut the door. “I was picking up a few things from the shop on the corner and I was just in time for the rain , thank you dear.”

He took the towel from me and I set the bags he was carrying next to the couch, “All your clothes! You’ll catch a clod in this weather. Why don’t I take your suit and hang it up to dry? I have some sweatpants you can wear in the meantime.”

“Sure, that would be great. I brought you some wine, by the way, a kind of present for doing so well in class.” He smiled at me looking steadily into my eyes as he handed me his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt. yakacık escort I caught my breath and blushed as he revealed his broad chest lightly dusted with dark hair. “Thank you Graham, that’s so sweet, why don’t you just go down to that bathroom, you can wear these sweats. I’ll pour us a glass of wine, shall I?”

As he went to change I took the plastic bags to the kitchen, still seeing his rough muscular chest and imagining what it would be like to kiss him there. As I filled two glasses I heard him walk into the kitchen behind me but was surprised when I felt his large firm body press against my back, his hands running down my shoulders to my hips.

I gasped, surprised at his sudden closeness, as he brushed my hair away from my neck and whispered in my ear. “Don’t pretend to be so surprised Amanda, you know I’ve wanted you since you started taking my class and I know you want me too. I’ve noticed all the looks you’ve been giving me.”

His hand travelled around my tummy, rubbing over me as he reached up and grasped a breast in his hand, his hot breath and hands all over me causing my nipples to poke out and greet his warm touch. “MMM, Mr. Miller! But you’re my teacher wont we get in trouble?” I leaned back against him letting my body respond to his gentle caresses.

“Silly girl, no. Your in college not high school and your over 18 aren’t you? And I told you to call me Graham!” his hands groped my breasts roughly, lifting and squeezing them.

I moaned softly, “Oh Graham, I do want you. I’ve wanted to have you for a while, but I didn’t know what to do.”

He turned me in his arms and pressed me up against the bench, with one hand still groping my tits, his other trailed down my thigh and over my legs. “Mmm well I did notice all the slutty clothes you started wearing lately, was that for me? My sweet Amanda?”

“Yes Graham, its all for you, even this.” I took his hand from my thigh, and moved it up under my skirt as I spread my legs a little, letting him feel my damp bare pussy. I smiled as I saw the look of utter lust on his face and knew right then that he really had wanted to fuck me since I started his class. I could feel my pussy creaming as he gently caressed me, running a finger up and down my wet slit, his other hand still roughly cupping my breast.

“Oh Amanda. You are so wet. Mmm and your wet for me? Your dirty old teacher? Mmm what a lovely slut you are.”

He pushed me back, lifting me up so I was seated on the edge of the bench. He told me to take off my blouse and my bra, in a stern voice, like a teacher. I was excited by this new game and aroused beyond anything I have ever felt before by this forceful, mature male in my kitchen.

Once I was topless he made me play with my breasts and nipples, “I want you to tease me Amanda, do what I say and I will reward you for being a good girl.” I could feel juice dribble out between my pussy lips as he spoke to me, teasing my nipples and breasts as he stood in front of me, watching the show.

He made me lift up my skirt and spread my knees, so he had a full view of my pussy, remarking on how lovely and clean shaven I was. When he called me his ‘good little girl’, I couldn’t help but coo and moan şerifali escort in appreciation. He wanted me to masturbate for him, spreading my pussy lips and rubbing my juices around my hard little clit.

The first time I felt his tongue in my pussy, I nearly died. He was so tender and his movements so experienced. I had to hold onto the bench I lay on as he buried his face and mouth on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit as he moaned against my pussy. He slid two fingers inside me, moving them in and out with hard steady thrusts as one of his hands reached up to pinch my nipple.

“Oh fuck Graham! Mmm you’re so good at that mmm I’ve never had my pussy eaten before! ….mmm ohh fuck, yes!”

My moans became louder as his movements became quicker and harder, always hitting deep and hard inside my now dripping wet pussy. He groaned against my cunt as he felt my muscles tighten on his fingers and heard me Cumming, my juices dribbling out over his fingers and he bent to lick me clean, sucking his fingers as well.

Before I could recover I felt his now naked cock against my wet slit, I sat up on the bench again and took his cock in my hands, stroking it up and down along my pussy. His cock was long, maybe 8 inches, and thick. He wasn’t circumcised and I could jerk his dick, teasing him with his own foreskin. He looked at me deeply and in his eyes I saw all the need he had to fuck me and use me, but I also saw his loneliness and want to be with someone. To show him the desire I also shared for him I took his cock firmly and slid it into my wet open pussy, slowly sliding onto his length until I could feel his balls against my ass.

Wrapping his arms around my waist he picked me up and walked in front of the fridge, wedging me between himself and it. In this position he was able to thrust deep into my cunt, causing me to moan and my breasts to bounce up and down in his face as he fucked me. He used one hand to grope at my breast, pulling the nipple into his mouth, grunting as he thrust into me as hard as he could. I threw my head back, letting go of everything as he fucked me and I rode his cock, now hitting my cervix deep inside my pussy. It wasn’t long before he came, squirting his hot come deep inside me as he bounced me on his cock roughly against the fridge. And I almost screamed as I felt his hot come swirling deep inside me as I too reached orgasm, bucking on his cock, my arms wrapped tight around his neck.

We held each other panting against the fridge for a few moments.

“Where is your room sweetie? Id like to stay and sleep with you awhile.” I kissed his nose and grinned, surprised he was asking after just having fucked me. “Last room at the end of the hall, and yes, Graham, you can stay with me.”

He carried me down to my room, and lay me on the bed, climbing in next to me and wrapping me in his arms. As we lay silently breathing in each others scents, my thoughts drifted to the future. What would happen in class tomorrow? Did this mean he wanted to have a real relationship? Or was it just sex?

I dint know the answers, but there was always later to think about that. I snuggled into his warm embrace and let the manly smell of his body drift me off to sleep.

I had slept with my art teacher, and I really didn’t care that he was 28 years older than me. We lay in each others arms for a long time. I don’t remember falling asleep, but I do remember the feel of his warm naked skin against mine as we lay in my bed together.

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