Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 06

Alexa Pearl

Despite the fact that the next day was a Saturday, Elaine had to show up at work to continue with the Inventory From Hell. They had made good progress the day before, though, and she hoped that the whole thing might somehow end before noon. Katie, meanwhile, went off to her weekend dance class.

With the house to myself, I put on some jazz and started on the sort of miscellaneous work that everyone puts off but has to do eventually: cleaning out the closet. I set up separate piles for charity donations, stuff I wanted to keep and stuff that was so worthless it belonged in the trash. I was about a third of the way through the top shelves when I was interrupted by the doorbell.

It was Randi. After our escapade the night before I was completely unsure what her reaction would be: would she be embarrassed? Would she pretend nothing happened? Would she want to “process” what happened endlessly in the way that teenage girls love and that drives the rest of us crazy?

She began quietly, looking down at the ground while she spoke. “Hi, Mr. J. I hope you don’t mind my coming over like this. Without calling, I mean.”

“Nonsense, Randi. You’re like a member of the family. You know that Katie’s not here. She’s . . . .”

“. . . at her dance lesson. I know. I actually wanted to talk to YOU, Mr. J.”

We sat facing each other on the couch together and she continued. “I really, uh, I really enjoyed last night.”

I reached out and touched her hand with my fingers. “I enjoyed it, too,” I said. My cock was already starting to get hard.

“You know Mr. J, Katie and I have been friends for years, and when I started thinking about, well, about romance and sex and all that, I guess it was natural that I started thinking about her — um — in that way.”

“If you’re saying that you’re a lesbian, that’s okay. Randi, you’re free to . . .”

“No, Mr. J that’s not what I’m saying. To be honest, I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t know what I am. My parents — well, you know how they are. They’d freak out if they thought I was a lesbian. And to be honest, it kind of freaks me out, too.”

She paused a moment to screw up her nerve before continuing. My fingertips still rested on the back of her hand, and now she turned her hand over and began touching my hand tentatively. “I guess you must’ve figured out that Katie and I started experimenting recently. Before last night, all we did was kiss. I don’t know if Katie was thinking of doing anything more. But I was. A lot more.”

My mind’s eye conjured a picture of the two of them in Katie’s bed together and my cock got harder. The only thing missing from the image was me entering Katie’s bedroom and joining them. “If you’re asking for my forgiveness, Randi, there’s nothing to forgive. Like I said, you’re free to be a lesbian if you . . .”

“Don’t say that! I don’t want to be a lesbian! I know that these days we’re all supposed to be open to that stuff, but that’s not how I was raised, and I don’t want to be that way!”

She moved her hand to my thigh and began moving nervous, shaking fingers toward my crotch. “I’m so afraid, Mr. J! I’ve had fantasies about Katie, but maybe that’s just because Katie and I are such good friends.”

Her hand reached the tip of my cock. She smiled — her first smile since entering my house — but her eyes had a pleading look. “I want to get rid of those fantasies, Mr. J! I want to replace them if I can with something more wholesome.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like a grown man’s cock!” she said. “I don’t want to dream about Katie. I want to dream about cock!” Her hand was stroking up and down my shaft. “Can you please show me your cock, Mr. J?”

I stood up next to the couch and for a moment I could see that Randi was afraid that she’d blown it, that I was getting up to leave. But instead I stood directly in front of her and faced her. “Undo my belt and zipper, sweetie,” I said.

“Oh thank you! Thank bursa escort you!” she said gratefully, almost crying in her desperation to prove to herself that she could be heterosexual.

Randi had just finished pulling down my pants and was beginning a tactile exploration of my cock when the door opened and Elaine walked in.

I had been caught in the act. My cock was bobbing in the face of my daughter’s Asian girlfriend, little more than an inch away from her mouth. When Randi and I turned in surprise toward the door, Randi had my cock in her hand and her mouth dropped open in surprise, making it look as if she were about to start blowing me.

“Well!” said Elaine. “This makes twice I’ve walked in at just the right moment, doesn’t it?”

“Randi dropped by to discuss something important,” I said, not sure how to say what I wanted, or how Elaine would react. So far, Elaine’s response to the increasing sex play in the house had been unbelievable — and I mean that literally. I was afraid that at any moment I would wake up and her incredible openness to my having sex with nubile teenagers would turn out to be some fever-induced dream.

At that moment Randi shifted her hand on my cock, which made me involuntarily lurch my pelvis forward, poking her in the face. Randi instinctively let go, with the result that my erect penis began to bounce up and down directly in front of her face, occasionally bouncing off her nose.

“Yes . . .?” Elaine prompted.

“Randi’s afraid she might be a lesbian,” I said. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the situation by wiggling my pelvis just slightly — enough to smack Randi repeatedly in the face as my cock bounced off her nose, swung away then sprang back and hit her in the cheek, then nearly poked her in the eye. Randi blinked nervously, trying to pretend that nothing had happened. I smiled at Elaine and, without Randi seeing my facial expression, gestured with my eyes for Elaine to watch Randi’s face. I swung my pelvis again and again, causing my cock to slap the nervous young girl’s face over and over .

Elaine smirked. “And she thought your penis might be the cure for lesbianism?” she asked, stealing glances at the spectacle that I was providing with poor Randi.

“Something like that,” I said. By this time my cock was hitting Randi’s face repeatedly in the nose, on the cheek, on the lips. Randi struggled to pretend nothing was happening, while Elaine tried to keep from laughing. I moved slightly, positioning my cock so that it rubbed Randi all over her lips, even to the point of trying to wiggle my cock head past the lips of her closed mouth. If she dared to open her mouth to speak, it would slip in.

“And how about you, Randi?” Elaine asked. She sat on the couch next to Randi, and now my cock bobbed in the air next to both their faces.

I started slapping Randi in the face over and over with my cock, merely inches away from my wife, who, with increasing difficulty, pretended that nothing was happening. Randi’s face reflected embarrassment and worry that she was doing something wrong, but the seriousness of her expression was totally contradicted by my errant cock alternately bouncing off her nose, then smearing precum all over her cheeks. Randi’s hand fluttered in her lap, as if she were instinctively wanting to swat my cock away, but then consciously suppressing the urge.

Elaine watched the whole farce from a couple of inches away. Stifling a laugh, she asked, “Do you think you’re a lesbian, dear?”

“I’m afraid. . . .Glawg!” Before she could even get to the next word, my cock was insistently pushing its way into her mouth.

“Don’t be afraid, little Randi,” Elaine said. She put her hand on the back of Randi’s head. “Kiss my husband’s cock and tell me about your problems.” As she pushed the Asian teenager’s mouth in and out on my cock head, Elaine looked up at me and blew me a kiss.

Randi began licking and kissing my shaft bursa escort bayan under my wife’s direction. “This is okay, Mrs. J?” she asked.

“Randi, you know how much I care about you. I want you to find yourself.” She wrapped her hand around my shaft and brought it to her own mouth and sucked me for a moment, then took her mouth off the head and fed it back into Randi’s mouth. While Randi sucked me, Elaine continued, “Perhaps you’ll find yourself licking my clit as a lesbian. Or perhaps you’ll find yourself on your back getting pounded by my husband.” She reached over and started unbuttoning the teenage girl’s blouse, exposing lovely C-cup tits. “Or maybe you’d like to find yourself getting fucked by him doggy style? There are a lot of ways to find yourself, darling. A lot of positions you might find yourself in.”

“You really really don’t mind, Mrs. J?”

“No, dear.” She sucked my cock for a moment again, and again she fed my shaft into the teenager’s mouth before continuing, “I don’t mind if you find yourself impaled on my husband’s big dick. I don’t mind if he fucks you so hard you can’t walk for a week. I don’t even mind if you give up girls and dedicate yourself completely to his big dick. Though personally, I would be quite disappointed if you gave up on girls entirely. Are you sure you don’t want to lick my clit just a little like you did last night?”

I took randy little Randi by the hand and pulled her to her feet. Elaine, reading my mind, undid the girl’s buttons and zippers and pulled her pants down. Then, with our docile little Asian sex toy standing nude before us, I positioned her on her knees facing toward my wife’s crotch while I lined myself up behind her. Elaine hiked up her skirt and pulled Randi’s face toward her pussy like a good little rug muncher, while I pushed my cock into the teen girl’s twat. She was so tight that I could barely get more than an inch in — at first, anyway.

“Ow! Oh God! I’m a virgin! Please be gentle with my virgin pussy! “

Elaine and I looked at each other and shared huge open-mouthed grins. Could it get any better?

“Of course, Randi darling. I’ll be gentle,” I said. But instead of following through with my promise I rammed my cock harder. Another half inch went in.

“No! Please! It’s too big!”

I pulled back and then thrust in again, deeper.

“Oh God! Oh God! It won’t fit!”

“Sure it will, sweetheart. Just relax!”

“Uh! Uh! No more! Please! It’s so deep!”

I was pumping deeper with each thrust but there were still several inches to go. Randi was incredibly tight — the tightest pussy I could remember ever entering. Each inch deeper into her vagina was tighter and sweeter than the last. There was no way I was going to slow down until I got my cock all the way into her box. But I said, “I’m going as gently as I can, sweetie. You don’t want to become a lesbian, do you?”

“No! Uh! Oh God! I don’t want to be a lesbian!” she cried even as she continued to lick my wife’s pussy. “Teach me to accept cock! Fuck me deeper!”

“If you insist,” I said as politely as I could. This delicious, lithe, pliable and obedient little Asian girl with such surprisingly big tits was begging me not only to take her cherry, but to take her as much and as often as I wanted until I could prove to her that she was addicted to dick meat. I drew back and then pumped again, harder. Every millimeter of progress into her virgin pussy was another piece of ecstasy. Randi screamed again in an inarticulate mixture of pain, fear of my big cock — and desire for more of that same big cock tearing through her maidenhead.

I laughed with joy as my cock finally went in all the way. I began fucking Randi faster, and now her screams of pain from my breaking her hymen were replaced by screams of pleasure from being rammed deeply and repeatedly.

“Oh yes! So good! Fuck me more! Fuck me forever! Fuck me over and over! Fuck me till all I can escort bursa think of is cock!”

I looked down at my cock going in and out of her vagina and saw a slight smearing of blood on my cock when it came out of her pussy, proof that I had taken her precious cherry.

Randi chose that moment to take her mouth away from my wife’s pussy long enough to gasp, “Oh thank you! Thank you for fucking me!”

In answer I pounded her again so hard that her face rammed into my wife’s pussy.

“Lick my clit like a good little heterosexual,” Elaine purred, grabbing Elaine’s head and pulling it into her muff.

Elaine and I screwed Randi that way in a bisexual sandwich for several minutes. Then I said, “It’s time for a new lesson, little girl. Time to learn how to be a little Asian cowgirl.”

I sat on the couch and brought Randi toward me to sit on my lap facing me. Within seconds she took to riding my cock like a pro. Her C-cup tits bounced in my face. Her hips rose and fell faster and faster until they were almost a blur. “Oh God!” she screamed. “So full of cock! So full of your long fat cock!”

“Still think you might be a lesbian?” I asked.

“No!” she cried. “I love cock too much!” She bounced on my cock some more. “I could never be a lesbian! I love your cock!”

“Good answer!” I said. I grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly downward, sending her into spasms. “But I think we may have to repeat the lesson — over and over and over! — until we’re sure you’ve learned it!”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Teach me to love cock! Teach me to serve your big cock!”

Elaine positioned herself on the couch beside us. She put both her hands on Randi’s cheeks and held her while she kissed the horny teen. “It’s not just him,” she said. “You’re going to have to service me too, you randy little whore!”

Randi began to shudder in orgasm at the thought of being controlled by us. “Yes! I’ll be your whore! Make me your little Asian fucktoy!” I held her ass and forcibly pistoned her up and down on my shaft, imposing multiple orgasms on her. “I’ll lick your clit all night!” she screamed. “Just give me cock! Oh please, give me your cock!”

She began to sob as she orgasmed. “I’m so glad I’m not a lesbian! Lesbians don’t get fucked by big cocks! Just don’t stop fucking me!”

I loved the fact that her little Asian body was so slim and light that I could lift her up and down effortlessly on my shaft. “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” I told her as I fucked her relentlessly. Her body was like a sexy little doll that was totally under my control. Her long, silky black hair flowed like a curtain framing her face and upper torso while her tits jiggled with the franticness of my thrusts. “I’ll fuck you as much as you need it. Daddy’s cock will always be there for you.”

“Oh Daddy!” she screamed, accepting her new status utterly. “Daddy cock!!”

Elaine bent forward, thrusting her big tits in my mouth. “Fuck me, too, Daddy,” she whispered in my ear, “Fuck me silly. I want you to fuck all your girls.”

At that point I lost it completely. I had wanted to hold on and fuck little Randi and my wife all day, but hearing Elaine’s invitation to “fuck all your girls” sent me over the edge. Still holding onto Randi’s perfect hips, I pistoned her up and down faster and faster on my cock. She shook uncontrollably like a rag doll, partly because I was in total control of her virgin body and partly because of an overwhelming orgasm that made her shudder and spasm even as I repeatedly thrust up into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she began babbling incoherently like she was in the throes of an out-of-body experience.

I arched my pelvis up into Randi’s tight little twat and shot my sperm into her unprotected womb. “You’re mine!” I screamed. “You belong to my cock!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried, sobbing.

Randi collapsed onto my chest, whimpering in release and submission. Elaine snuggled up to me, kissing my neck and whispering in my ear, “Consider this an early birthday present, honey. She’s yours. Your own little Asian cock whore. From now on, her place is on your cock.” Elaine kissed me deeply, thrusting her tongue in my mouth.

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