Teaching My Daughter to Please Ch. 04


When I got home from Atlanta the next weekend, I was pleased to find my daughter, Jessica; and her friend, Sara; waiting on their knees for me, their legs were spread wide open and their pussies perfectly bald. Their hands were behind their heads, displaying their smooth armpits.

“Jessica, where did you learn that position?”

“From one of your magazines. It said this was a very submissive position.”

“And just who gave you permission to look at my magazines?”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I just wanted to get some ideas.”

“You’re supposed to ask first. I come home from a long trip and already I have to punish you.”

“Yes, Mommy.” She pretended to be humble, but her giggle shot that.

“No, Jessica. I’m going to take you to someone who knows how to whip you hard. Get your robe and shoes.” That messed her up. She returned quickly with her tiny kimono and a pair of flip-flops.

Looking at her though, I couldn’t stand that fucking purple hair. “Put those down for now. Get in the shower and stay under the water. I’ll be there shortly. Sara, undress me.” Nude, I strutted into my bathroom and dug out the necessary tools.

Jessica was soaking under the shower when I climbed in. I cuffed her hands behind her back and began lathering up her hair. “I won’t have you and your fucking purple hair embarrassing me in front of my friends, Jessica.”

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

I poured two bottles into my daughter’s hair and kept kneading it for several minutes. “Tell me when it gets warm, Jess.”

“It’s getting hot, Mom. What is that.”

“It’s to get rid of that purple.” I kept working it for a few more minutes before sticking Jessica’s head under the spray and rubbing it with a wash cloth. “Close your eyes. I don’t want to get any of this in them.”

“Oh, my god!” Sara shouted. “Cool!”

“What?!” asked Jessica, concerned.

“Sara, wipe the steam off the mirror.”

“Mom! I’m bald!”

“That’s right,” I answered, then turned and licked her scalp. “No more purple hair… and if you don’t wise up, I’ll take your eyebrows and eyelashes too. ” Turning to Sara, “Dry her off and calm her down. I have to get dressed.”

I showered and picked out a Domme outfit – corset, black skirt, heels, thigh highs; the usual – leaving off my wig. Then I marched back to the girls.

Jessica was still handcuffed, so Sara must have made up her face… before shaving off her own hair! Oh, they looked so pretty with make-up and bald. Mum, and so submissive – all nude but for their slave dog collars and the jewellery I bought Jessica last weekend.

“Get your robes and shoes,” I told them while unlocking Jessica’s wrists. They donned their shortie robes at the door and picked up their sandals.

We grabbed a cab and headed over to John’s dungeon. “I hope he’s in,” I thought to myself.

In the cab, I asked Jessica, “How much electrolysis did you get done this week?”

“I did my pubes while Sara did my armpits and butt. Can I get the belly ring now?”

“Yes, I promised you that, but first you have to be punished.”

I led them up to the dungeon and turned to them. “Just like at home, Jessica; slavegirls don’t wear clothes in a dungeon. The girls both shucked their robes and kicked off their little flip-flops, and I took them to the hoist. “Are these tight?” I asked Jessica, securing leather cuffs to her wrists.

“Yes, mom.”

“Sara, put these around Jessica’s ankles.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I clipped the cuffs to the hoist bar and her ankles to a spreader bar. She could turn around – awkwardly – but she wasn’t going anywhere. I then left to find John.

“I’ve got a treat for you upstairs,” I told him.

“Oh, jesus,” he moaned. “What now?”

“A girl who needs a whipping.”

That piqued his curiosity. Of course, that just meant that he then had to spend a half hour picking out whips, canes, and paddles in his toy room; ugh, a fag on a trip. We eventually climbed up to the dungeon with his toys.

“Ah, yes,” he announced with a broad smile. “It was just a matter of time before you came to me.” John slowly walked around bursa escort Jessica, inspecting my daughter’s young, hairless body. His one hand gently cupped her ass and squeezed its firm flesh. “I understand you are to be punished. Well, let’s get you a little higher.”

John cranked the hoist, lifting Jessica so her toes barely touched the floor. She was quite helpless like that. With his guidance, she turned to present her ass for punishment.

Selecting a signal whip, John cracked a few practice throws, both to loosen up, and to instill the proper fear of God into Jessica. She tensed up with each crack. Petting her back and rump one last time, he stepped back and drew the whip.


“Aiyyeee!” Jessica screamed when the fall hit her back.


Again and again, John whipped Jessica. Scream as she might though, she never asked him to stop. Then, on her tiptoes, she turned her ass away from him.

“You better turn around, or I’ll just start whipping your front,” he admonished.

Jessica stayed put and closed her eyes, thrusting herself toward him in defiance.

The whip cut across her substantial tits.

“Aggh!” she screamed but didn’t move. John crisscrossed her body with read welts, occasionally breaking her skin.

Right on her pussy!

“Aiiighhhhhhh! Yes!!!!!” my baby screamed with a whip-induced orgasm.

John reached for the paddle, but I stopped him. That had been the most severe whipping I ever witnessed and as much as I wanted to display Jessica’s welts and cuts, somehow, I didn’t want her bruised right then. I knew John wanted to continue, but I had a way of making it up to him.

“You can fuck her face or ass if you want.”

John opted for the former, so Sara and I freed Jessica from her bonds and knelt her in front of his fly, which she opened herself before eagerly seeking out his little cock.

Whether it was the whipping foreplay, my daughter’s youthful appearance, or whatever, it didn’t take long before John exploded his cum into Jessica’s mouth. She swallowed it all and continued licking and sucking his tiny member.

“I don’t suppose she drinks used beer,” John asked me.

“She drinks mine,” I assured him with a wink.

He grabbed her bald head and started to trickle his pee into my daughter’s mouth. She kept up, so he let loose and pissed freely. Jessica gulped down every drop.

“Well, I enjoyed that. Bring her back when she can take a paddling.”

Pulling Jessica up to her feet, I asked her, Do you have a fake ID, Jessica?” as she was only eighteen.

“Ah… yah?” she replied apprehensively; not sure if that earned her another whipping.

“Good. I’m taking you out tonight. I am so proud of you, I want to show you off to my friends.”


The girls put back on what little I had allowed them to wear, and we hurried back to the apartment to dress for the evening. Sara didn’t have her ID, so I sent her home. This was a night for Mommy and Jessica, anyway. I dressed her in a see-thru print blouse, tied above her navel, vinyl miniskirt, and clear plastic sandals. Though she was bald, her clothes, permanent jewellery, full make-up, and her more-than-ample unsupported boobie ensured she looked completely feminine. I completed her submissive look with a leash attached to her collar.

We started out at the Admiral Theatre. I bought a lap dances from a few of the hottest strippers for my pretty baby. They loved Jessica and felt her up while grinding their bare thighs into her snatch under her skirt. I could smell her excitement by the time we left the theatre and headed to Girlbar.

We ordered our drinks and allowed the crowd to feast their eyes on my slave daughter.

Sophie was already there and came right up to us. She is a 30-something tattoo artist and very hot. She wore leather pants, high-heeled boots, and a black T-shirt. The pants clung to her slim body and cradled her hard ass. The T-shirt cloaked her tight belly and perky titties.

“Hi, Julie,” she said, reaching out for a friendly peck on closed lips. “Who’s this?”

“Sophie, this… bursa escort bayan is Jessica.”

“Hi, I’m Sophie,” she said with an outstretched hand. Snapping her head to me, she quickly asked with bulging eyes, “Not ***Jessica*** Jessica?!”.

I nodded with a shit-eating grin. “Yup. My baby’s all grown up.”

“She’s so cute, Julie. Of course, she’d look even hotter with a ring through that belly button and maybe a couple of tats.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” “Here, Jessica,” I said handing her some quarters from my purse and unhooking the leash. “Go play the pinball machine while Sophie and I have a grownup chat.” As she was leaving, I added, “Be nice. It’s ok to flirt.”

“I promised her a navel ring for getting rid of her pussy and ass hair with an electrolysis kit.”

“Ooooh, permanently smooth.”

“She’s also been begging me for a tattoo. But I don’t want to stop there…”

We outlined our plans and made an appointment for the very next afternoon. Then, I walked toward the pinball machine where I had sent Jessica. There was a woman speaking with her, so I stayed back – though close enough to hear of course.

“What’s your name, cutie-pie?”


“How long have you been shaving your head, Jessica?”

“This is the first night.”

“I’ve never seen you before, is this your first time here?”

“Yes, ma’am.” She was trying to concentrate on the game, but the woman had other interests. Specifically Jessica’s bare thigh, on which the woman lightly placed a long, red fingernail. Jessica’s ass instinctively extended back to the woman.

“Are you here with anyone?”

“Yes, ma’am. My mom.”

“I’ve heard some girls calling their partners ‘Daddy’, but never ‘Mom’,” she said. By then, her finger had traced up Jessica’s leg and had found her bald, young pussy.

“She really is my mom.”

“Really? Are you both gay?”

“I don’t know. I think I’m bi… but I never fucked a guy. She’s bi, but I think she’s mostly been with girls lately.”

“But you’re not here… like together? I mean, you two aren’t lovers… right?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am.”

That’s when I walked up to them and said to the astonished woman, “Isn’t my baby precious?” The woman was speechless and backed away in shock.

We danced and drank, then I had her eat me out in the bathroom… with the stall door open. I’m such an exhibitionist.

The next day, we headed over to Sophie’s studio. Unlike the big tattoo parlours, hers is an intimate space without folks waiting in the lobby, so I had Jessica strip and wait nude. She was kneeling on the floor next to my chair, the leash running from her collar to my hand when Sophie announced she was ready and led us to the table.

From my purse, I produced rope and restraints, with which I secured Jessica to the table. She giggled and thought it was a fun game.

“I am so proud of you, that we aren’t going to stop with just a belly ring and a tattoo,” I explained. Jessica’s eyes widened as Sophie started plotting out the holes with her marker. Jessica was nervous but didn’t say anything as the forceps pulled her nipple flesh up and Sophie aimed the needle at the mark.

“Ah!” she called out when the ring pierced her skin.

“That’s a good baby,” I reassured her, petting her head.

She held her composure when Sophie prepared the other nipple. Even when the needle went in, Jessica only squeezed her face and panted, not screaming out that time. Her navel ring was next and though painful, did not cause her to scream.

That was before Sophie started marking her clit and labia.

“No, please Mom. Not my pussy. Please no…”

“Stop wiggling, Jessica. That will only make it harder and more painful.” With that, I took my scarf and tied it behind her neck, gagging my beautiful, bald daughter.

Sophie drove a ring through the root of Jessica’s clit, making Jessica scream through her gag and strain at her bonds. Once she settled down, Sophie put three short barbells through her labia and soldered their ends, sealing off her pussy from entry.

“I escort bursa don’t want you losing your virginity just yet, Jessica. That could lead to pregnancy and ruin your life. You’re too young for that.”

We picked out a tattoo of a rose. Sophie drew it to grow from Jessica’s sealed pussy and up to just under her pierced navel.

Shortly before Sophie finished, another woman walked in. From the sound of it, she had keys, so I presumed she was another artist.

“Take a look at this, Rachel,” Sophie called out.

“Ooh, a fresh canvas for you. She looks yummy.”

“Mum, so do you, dear. Julie, this is my wife, Rachel; she’s a doctor – just like mom always wanted me to marry. Rachel, this is Julie and her daughter, Jessica.”


“And slavegirl,” I added.

“When you said ‘her girl’ this morning, I didn’t think… Her daughter? Well, I shouldn’t judge, should I, Sophie? Anyway, let me take a look at her. Are you allergic to anything, Jessica?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Are you taking any medications?”

“No, ma’am.”

Rachel scribbled unintelligibly on her prescription pad and handed me a few sheets. Along with medications to help Jessica heal, the reason we had her come was so that she could get Jessica’s clit to grow longer and make her boobies lactate.

“You like macaroni and cheese?” she asked. “Here, give me this one back. OK, there. In about a week, you can milk her for that or anything else; her tits will be full of moo-juice. Now, be careful, with her for a couple of weeks; let these heal. If there is any problem, please call me.”

A few weeks later, Jessica was properly healed and we could play again. She managed to make use of the time by finishing her electrolysis. All of the follicles below her nose (and in her nose) were killed off to keep her baby smooth forever. I bought her a cute wig for school and insisted she shave her head on the weekends.

Rachel arrived at my apartment shortly after I got home. She came from work and was dressed professionally; no one would guess what a kinky dike she was.

“Jessica,” I explained, “you are going to spend the weekend with Sophie and Rachel as their slave. That’s how we paid for your piercings and prescriptions; so don’t forget that. I want you to be just as submissive to them as you would be to me.”

Jessica knelt before Rachel and kissed the toe of her pump.

“OK, get dressed. Sophie and I are looking forward to this.”

Jessica tossed on some slut-wear and passionately kissed me good-bye before heading out on her big adventure.

I, however, would not have time to miss her, because Sunspot awaited. Ah, sun and nudes. That’s where I found Rebecca. She was an adorable girl with tiny boobs and a face full of innocence. Rebecca wasn’t a pain freak like Jessica, but she was ripe for my conquest.

I actually picked her up at a convenience store in the neighbouring town. She was intrigued by my invitation and accompanied me to Sunspot. Oh, that girl learned fast how to eat cunt, and what a tasty one she had as well!

I wanted to be there when Jessica got home, so I didn’t stay late on Sunday. I dropped Rebecca back off and headed for home.

I was nude on the couch, rubbing Noxima into my tanned, though lightly burned skin when the door opened. Rachel, Sophie, and my Jessica walked in.

Although Jessica automatically remembered to pull off her dress as she stepped across the threshold (the door wasn’t even closed yet), she hardly seemed submissive. She grabbed Sophie by her belt buckle and initiated a passionate kiss. “Thanks for a great weekend,” she said when their mouths parted. Turning to Rachel; she pulled the doctor to her with one hand on her waist, then caressed her ear with a finger from her other hand. “And what do you say?”

“Thank you, Jessica. I had a great time, too.” Jessica rewarded her with her tongue. For a woman with that much education and income, Rachel seemed very submissive.

“So, are we still on?” Sophie asked as she and Rachel started to leave.

“Count on it. I’ll meet you at Rachel’s office a week from tomorrow evening,” she replied and closed the door behind them. “Get over here, slut!”

I was stunned.

Snapping her fingers, she repeated, “Get over here.”

I don’t know what made me do it, but I immediately crawled to my daughter.

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