Teaching Tara Ch. 03


Fucking my hellcat daughter I wanted to fill her tight pussy with my cum, but it was her first time and I did not know if she was on the pill. So I pulled out and fulfilled another fantasy, I had dreamed of fucking those tits for so long. She had blossomed early and fast, I loved watching her tits bounce when she moved. I have had many a hard on watching those puppies over breakfast before she had got dressed.

Laying her back on the coffee table I told her to push the firm orbs together making a snug channel for my cock. Like so many of the things I had dreamed about, it was better than I had hoped. Watching the head of my cock appear out from those tits was so much better than just imagining it.

My slut of a daughter opened her mouth and caught as much of my seed as she could. Watching her licking her lips, swallowing my load was so hot that I left the glorious cushions of her tits and shoved my cock down her throat, delivering the last spurt directly. She sucked me for all she was worth draining my balls, cleaning herself off me.

I wanted to be 18 again when I could get hard in minutes and start fucking her again. But I am not as young as I was and need some recovery time. I collapsed back into my chair breathing hard and deep. I watched Tara as she lay across the coffee table doing the same thing — and she was 18. Good to know I still have enough to tire a kid out. I couldn’t believe I had finally had her. Her belly was full of my cum, her fresh young pussy stretched by my cock. I smiled to myself, that pussy was mine now and I was going to use it.

She sat up part of the way leaning on her elbows, her magnificent tits standing proud, she also bent one leg making sure I had a good view of her pussy.

“So Mom knows you are fucking me to-day?”

“Oh yeah baby, your Mom has known I wanted to fuck you for years.”

“And she is cool with it?”

“Hell yeah — she wanted to come back early from the course to watch.”


“You have a problem with that?”

She came over and sat on my lap as she had done when she was a kid, “No Daddy, but I kinda wanted you all to myself for the day.”

“I shared you with Mike earlier, very selfish of you not to share with Mom too.”

“Maybe Mom can have Mike and I can have you?”

“Would you like your Mom’s pussy to be the first one you eat out? She can help you learn how to do it right.”

I could see her thinking about it, she smiled and asked: “Will you fuck me while I do it, like you did with Annie?”

“Try stopping me baby. Go get my phone, I’ll call your Mom.” I swotted her ass as she ran to find it.

“Hey honey, want to talk to my latest slut?” I said when Marion answered.

“Was she as sweet as you hoped?”

I looked at Tara sitting on my lap, “Sweeter!”, I passed the phone to my baby girl and started to play with her clit as she talked.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi baby and welcome to womanhood. Did you have fun with Tom?”

“Oh gaziantep escort Mom, he is the greatest. I am so glad he was my first. Your plan worked.”

I stopped and gazed at the hell cat in my arms. What the hell was she talking about? What plan? I grabbed the phone back.

“Marion, it seems you have some explaining to do.”

“Aww baby, relax, she wanted you to be her first, so I kinda told her what would work. You do have a jealous streak. I knew seeing her with another guy would make you hot and bothered.”

“You are a conniving pair. Now get your gorgeous ass back here. Your daughter wants to eat out your pussy. She is wet just thinking about it.” I took my fingers from her pussy and licked them loudly. “And she tastes so good.”

I nearly jumped when I heard Marion’s voice just behind me. “I already know that.” She took my fingers in her mouth and began to lick them before leaning down to kiss me hard.

“Do either of you want to explain what the hell is going on?”

“Relax Dad. Mom caught me with my vibrator a few months ago, we talked and she taught me a few things. We started to talk about firsts, Mom said hers was so disappointing that she wanted mine to be special.”

Marion took up the story: “I asked her if she was seeing anyone that special and she said no, so we started talking about who she would like to be her first. Naturally your name came up in conversation.”

“I was a bit nervous about saying it to Mom at first, but I had always wanted your cock.”

“Has she told you she has been spying on us for years? Saw us with Annie and that couple from up North and a few others.”

I turned to Tara, “You were staying with your Aunt Pauline that night.”

“I snuck back in. I knew it was going to be good, they way you kept feeling Mom up in the kitchen when you thought we weren’t looking.”

I leaned back in my chair, arms behind my head. This needed some taking in, so much for being Master in my own household. Marion read the signs that I needed some time.

“Come on Tara, you can tell me all about it while we get Tom something to eat — he is going to need it.”

I watched them walk towards the kitchen. Should I be annoyed to have been played by them? Or was Marion right, had I just needed a push to do what I had wanted to do for so long? I don’t like being manipulated though. Marion would have to pay for that. But who was I kidding? I was one lucky son of a bitch. Two beautiful women for me to fuck in my own home and I was complaining.

What a schmuck. I lay back and thought about the tightness of Tara’s pussy. I pictured what she would look like sucking my cum out of her mother’s pussy. My cock woke and wanted some attention.

I stood and stretched, food was not what I wanted right now, but I headed to the kitchen. Both of them were standing at the counter giggling. I stood behind them and hugged my girls, when they turned into my arms, gaziantep escort haberleri I put my hand on both heads and pushed them down.

One mouth engulfed my balls and the other took my semi hard cock. My eyes closed as I enjoyed their attentions. They switched places and the subtle difference made it all the better. They used their tongues differently but I would be hard pressed to say which was better. I felt Marion push a finger into my ass, I told myself she would have to teach Tara how to do that as well as she did. So many things we would have to teach my new slut, my daughter.

I pulled Marion to her feet by her hair, she did love it rough and kissed her as my daughter remained on her knees deep throating my cock.

“Did you teach her how to do that?”

“Yes, and made sure she had plenty of practice.” She was resting her hand on the back of Tara’s head as we spoke, guiding her on and off my cock. It was so hot. But my concentration was broken by the ringing of the phone.

Tara took my cock out of her mouth, “That’s Mike’s ring tone. Should I tell him to come over or are we keeping it in the family?”

“Go answer it, while I talk to your Mom.”

“I take it he is one of yours?”

She smiled, “No, Pauline’s, she met him a while back at that club we went to. She said he had a good mouth, so he seemed perfect. If you didn’t react the way I knew you would, at least she would have had something fun.”

“So he knew what was going on here before I did?”

“I just told him to go along with what ever happened.” She laughed and said: “I told him I would take care of any medical bills.”

“Brave kid!” I said before yelling into the other room, “Tara, tell him to come over.” Grabbing one of her tits, I pulled her closer to me, “You do know you are going to have to pay for this?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I hope so.” My wonderful conniving wife smiled up at me.

I lifted her onto the counter, and pushing up her skirt, entered her in one stroke. My horny slut wife never wore knickers and was always wet and in need of cock.

“He’s on his way.” Tara said as she came back into the kitchen, but stopped short watching us.

“Don’t be jealous baby, come here.”

I thrust hard into her mother a few times before feeding my cock to my daughter to lick and slurp then back into her mother’s pussy.

“Mom you taste even better off Daddy’s cock.”

Marion’s eyes flew open “Oh now she decides to call you Daddy?” She laughed. “Knew you should have fucked her sooner”

“You were the one who told me I should wait until she was 18.”

I ripped open my wife’s blouse and bit down on her tit while squeezing the other one hard. Marion screamed. I pulled out of her pussy and with my leg moved Tara and showed her I wanted her to eat her mother. I listened to the lapping noises as I bit down harder.

“Suck and nibble on her pussy Tara, bite gaziantep escort hikayeleri your slut mother’s puss lips, she likes it.”

Marion screamed again, her breathing coming in hard pants.

“Oh God I am going to cum!”, her whole body shuddered as an orgasm ripped through her.

“Mom you are delicious.”

Pushing Tara out of the way, I pushed into my wife’s cunt feeling the aftermath of her orgasm, pulling her up into my arms, while keeping her impaled on my cock, I carried her back into the living room and laid her out on the couch.

“I think your Mom should return the favour baby, don’t you? Sit on her face.”

Bending one knee, Tara lowered herself onto her mother, Marion’s tongue was out and waiting before Tara was even in place. Tara leaned over and was playing with her mother’s tits as I pounded her pussy and played with her clit. I heard a mumble from Marion, but knew the signs she was going to cum again. It was a big one, her cunt gripped me almost as hard as our daughter’s had.

Marion was moaning into Tara’s pussy and it seemed to tip Tara over the edge.

“Daddy I am cuming, Mom, I am going to cum all over your face.” Marion’s tongue was darting in and out of her daughter’s pussy, lapping up the gorgeous liquids gushing out of her.

“That’s my girls, lick it all up.” I watched Marion’s tongue curl in and out drinking in every last drop. Sucking the juicy lips into her mouth, hungry for all of it.

When Marion’s body quietened, I lifted her hips and withdrawing from her cunt, pushed against the rosebud of her ass. It had taken a lot of time for her to take my 9″ in her ass, but it was worth it. Tara’s eyes were saucers as she leaned over and watched me push in.

“Will you do that to me Daddy?”

“It will take time and training baby, but no better time to start the training.” I slapped Marion on the thigh, “The baby wants to know what it is like in her ass, slut, show her.”

Marion’s hands spread Tara’s ass and she began to lick her puckered hole.


“Yeah it is good isn’t it baby, just relax and let Mom do her stuff, she is a great ass licker.”

I had buried my cock in Marion’s ass leaving her pussy empty, I grabbed the vibe I had used earlier and handed it to Tara and guided it to her mother’s cunt. She needed no more instruction, pushing the toy into her mother. I could feel it entering through the thin membrane. I hit one of the buttons and it started to vibrate, it felt good on my cock.

Marion was thrashing around, I slapped her again and told her to concentrate on what she was doing. I could see from Tara’s face when her mother’s tongue entered her ass. She lost concentration on the vibe so I took over and fucked my wife’s cunt and ass in rhythm.

It was music to my ears when Tara announced she was going to cum again. The fact she was coming from a simple rimming was good, imagine how she would be when my cock was buried deep in my daughter’s ass.

Marion was riding another wave of orgasm, the vibe was sloshing around in her juicy cunt. Removing it, I pushed my fingers into her and fed them to my daughter. Could there be anything hornier in the world than fucking your wife’s ass as your daughter licks her juices.

Hell if I know, but it was certainly on my top ten.

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