Team Meeting Ch. 02


(This story began as a fantasy involving one of my first bosses. Luckily, she hasn’t been seen in 15 years. The reader may want to read the first part to understand where this takes place.)


There Philip stood just inside the market manager’s conference room with his former boss. Normally, this would be a more comfortable situation if it wasn’t for the fact that Philip also saw Christine being coerced into a gangbang, the major of the participants being their current District Manager. But getting caught in the rain wasn’t part of the plan, even after Philip was told by the Market Manager that he was getting his own store. Philip began to wrestle with the feelings within him as Christine looked at him. Her makeup was smudged and the purse holding her former leopard print outfit was soaked. He watched her as she dumped the contents of her purse onto the table to attempt to salvage what she could.

Philip walked closer to her and was prepared for almost anything when she found her cell phone. As she strived to flip it open to call someone, Philip pulled his out and presented it to her so she could make her call. Her bashful thanks were quickly followed by her call. Philip couldn’t help but overhear as she told the person at the other end that she would be home late and she would call him later. It wasn’t until then that Philip saw the golden band on the table.

“So how long have you been married?” Philip asked. He saw as she blushed slightly as she quickly grabbed the ring of gold and slid it back into her purse.

“About seven years,” she answered. Philip watched her as she took out the leopard print skirt she was hiding.

“Why wreck it for Todd?” Her face turned pale white before she took her face into her hands. Her crying seemed genuine as Philip took a few tissues from the box on the desk before handing them to her. She took them into her hands and used them to clean up the tears. She then looked at him with glazed eyes.

“How much did you see?” she asked. She paused for a moment while she looked at Philip. When he didn’t budge, she sat down in front of him. Then she began to open up about how Todd started requesting sexual favors in exchange for him not firing her for her store’s performance. During the conversation, Philip ataşehir escort bayan noticed the change in her demeanor and how she seemed to be more comfortable talking to him. It didn’t take long before Philip realized why he was at her store in the first place. Still, he knew that his desire to go back to her store would put up a white flag.

Philip decided he was going to help Christine keep up the numbers at her store. His plan sounded simple. While he started getting his new store in line, she was going to call him with any numbers questions or any other difficulties she was having. The plan sounded good to her and she went for it.

The phone almost began to ring on a nightly basis at first. Her questions seemed annoying at first to Philip, but he then considered the source and realized that this had to be done so she can keep her job without having to cave to Todd’s wishes. It took only a few weeks before her phone calls started slowing down. Philip’s conscience was eased as he started hearing from some of his contacts that Todd had been spending less time at Christine’s store than ever and that he had been very frustrated lately. The news was making Philip glad just because he felt that he did Christine a major favor.

It was a month later that Christine called again on a Sunday night and asked for him to come by the store. As Philip neared the store, he saw the familiar car of Todd right near the front entrance. Philip thought for a moment before he grabbed his cell phone and called into the store on Christine’s cell. The phone rang once before Christine answered. Philip noticed the shortness of breath and she answered. He was about to hang up and run off in disgust before he noticed her talking to him calling him by a different name. Philip took a moment and realized that she was pretending that he was her husband. So he asked her questions as she answered in a very loving voice. His dick began to harden in his pants as he imagined she was talking to him that way.

Philip’s attention was diverted as he saw Todd go into his car and speed off before Christine finally told him the coast was clear. As Philip was walking to the door, he saw Christine buttoning her shirt back up. She didn’t do it fast enough as Philip escort kadıöy caught a glimpse of her black lacey bra underneath before her fingers covered it up with the button. Philip entered and asked what was up.

Christine told him how Todd used the excuse about the next promotion to walk in for one of his so called “inspections” and how calling Philip was her last ditch defense before she succumbed to his charms. Christine even praised Philip for calling on her cell because Todd had her shirt unbuttoned before the phone rang. As Philip walked back towards the office, he noticed the papers scattered all over the floor and how there stood the store’s security camera. Philip had an idea.

“Was the camera’s on when he was assaulting you?” Philip asked. Christine looked at him before an evil smile crossed her face.

“Of course, I should have thought of that. Let’s check it out.” They were able to take out the tape and place it in their player they use for in store training and not only were they able to catch him talking to her, but also the act of him undoing her shirt and everything. Both of them smiled at each other before embracing over their find. It was then Philip’s mouth accidently brushed against Christine’s cheek and she moaned slightly. As their hands began to explore each other, Philip paused.

“What about the husband?” Philip asked before Christine began to unbutton her shirt and reveal to him her bra underneath. As he stood there with mouth open, Christine handed him a copy of her tax form. He looked down and noticed that Christine had the box marked single. He looked up and watched as Christine was undoing the belt around her waist and unbuttoning her pants.

“You know for someone who knows so much about paperwork, you’d think that you would know to double check everything.” Christine’s remark was followed up by her falling to her knees and reaching up to cup the engorged member inside Philip’s jeans. Philip’s hand immediately pulled her hand away as he looked down on her.

“You’re single?” She nodded her head in response. Philip responded by reaching down and undoing his pants himself as he allowed his cock to exit his jeans. Christine’s hands were then upon it stroking it slowly before taking the head of maltepe escort it into her mouth. Philip had a hard time maintaining his composure as one of his wet dreams was coming to life as her face lowered into his groin. He could feel the suction on his dick as she started sucking him off slowly. Her eyes were sparkling as she took as much of his eight inches into her mouth and slowly withdrew her mouth.

Philip resigned himself to the fact in his mind that he was in the hands of a professional cock sucker as she went slowly up and down his shaft. In the past whenever Philip was privileged enough to have female companionship, he always seemed to be with women who treated his cock like it was a bomb. They sucked it too fast and didn’t take the time to pleasure him. Christine was moving slowly. He watched as her mouth opened and slowly covered his cock followed by the right amount on suction before her mouth began to uncover his saliva covered shaft.

Philip’s legs began to get wobbly as Christine pushed him back into her office chair. It was then that Philip watched the camera in the corner. He made a mental note to himself to ensure that tape gets erased as Christine unhooked her bra before placing her gorgeous fleshy orbs around his dick and slowly rubbing it up and down. Christine’s mouth was blowing air on the head of his dick as it moved towards her mouth. Christine’s eyes were now on his dick as she kept slowly bobbing up and down. It seemed as if time stood still as Philip started feeling his dick pulse a bit. He had just enough time to say that he was close before Christine instinctively released her breasts and took his cock back in her mouth. Her right hand found the base as she started to stroke him more forcefully as his seed began to launch into her mouth. Philip could barely tell that she started sucking him as he felt three shots empty out of his tool. Christine then looked up at him and opened her mouth to show a remnant on her tongue before she closed her mouth again and swallowed in front of him. Philip was totally captivated by this display as he started shaking a bit.

The next few moments were pretty tense as Christine walked back to where her clothes were and began to dress again. She then made a comment that she was going to follow him to his apartment so they could be more comfortable and to give him time to recover. Philip followed her out the front door as she grabbed her keys to lock it. As Philip started driving back to his apartment, all he could think about was the girl following him.

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