Tease Master (Sweet Revenge)


Tease Master (Sweet Revenge)This happened a few weeks after the last story, except this time I was the one doing the teasing.She liked going to this club. I hated it, so I didn’t go with her that often. This particular weekend, I told her I wasn’t going to go. No big deal. She took a shower , and came out in just her thong. She had some lotion and asked me if I would rub some lotion on her. So I did. Had her lay down on the couch, on her back. And I started to rub lotion on her. First her arms, then her shoulders. I started on her upper body, when I got to her breasts, she let out a moan, right then and there, I knew where this was gonna go. I started to rub and massage her breasts a little harder, taking her nipples and gently pinching then, I loved when her nipples got hard. About the size of dimes and always brought a moan when I played with them. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on them, because I had more lotion to rub into the rest of her. I got some more lotion and rubbed it into her stomach and sides, making sure to slide my hand under her panties just far enough. Then I started on her legs. Rubbed the lotion into her thighs and her calves making sure to lightly rub my hand against her panties. I knew she was enjoying it. She was breathing a bit heavier, had her eyes closed, and I could smell her horniness. I was extremely horny as well. At this escort bayan point I had her roll over onto her stomach. She definitely noticed the tent in my shorts and asked me if I was enjoying this more than she was. I told her to hush and roll over. Once she was on her belly, I started rubbing on her shoulders and down to her back, taking my time to really massage her back. Got to her waist, then her butt, gave it a quick rub, but wanted to save that treat for a little bit longer. I worked the lotion into her thighs down to her calves. Then I took my shorts off and I straddled her. I started to work my way back up her legs, except this time when I got close enough, I ran my thumbs right next to the fabric of her panties, She about came unglued on that one. She tried pushing back into me, but my hands were already on her butt, rubbing it. I spent some time really massaging her butt. Spreading her ass and squeezing it. I stood up, and told her not to move, as I went into the bedroom grabbed a pillow and some lube. Not that she needed any, because I could smell how wet and horny she was. I came back in and she noticed how hard I was, but I wouldn’t let her touch me. This was about her, not me. I had her raise her ass up and I slide the pillow under her stomach. Now her ass was up in the air a bit. It was a beautiful sight to see. I straddled tuzla genç escort her again and started working on rubbing her ass, but this time I lightly slid my finger down her pussy finding her clit through her panties and gave it a good rub. She pushed back hard this time, and nice loud moan came out of her. Finally, I slid her panties down, and holy hell was she wet!!!! Her lips were almost dripping. Her clit had her juices on hit. I wanted to just slam my cock into her, but I held back. I wanted to play a little more. I lightly traced her lips with my fingers up to her anus and then back down. I rubbed her clit again, this time with more pressure and longer. She was quite vocal at this point. I grabbed the lube, and put some on my fingers, this time I put my thumb on her clit, started rubbing it, and then with a finger I started rubbing her anus. After some rubbing, I slipped the tip of my finger into her asshole, while still rubbing her clit. This time she started pumping her hips. I did that for just a bit longer and then I climbed up rubbed some lube on my cock. Lube is always good for making things instantly slipperier. I rubbed the tip against her clit, the slid it up her lips, until my shaft was in her ass crack. I fucked her ass crack for about 3 pumps, and I exploded all over her ass and back. I was so worked up I couldn’t hold tuzla kendi evi olan escort it back. She moaned “no”, but I didn’t miss a beat. As soon as I was done cumming, I was still hard as a rock. And I plunged my cock all the way into her pussy. I grabbed her hips, and started pounding her tight sweet pussy. She started to cum, and it was a good cum too, her pussy started squeezing my cock hard, I had to slow down it got so tight. She let up, and I went back to pounding her. With one hand, I slid my thumb into her ass, up to the first knuckle. When she didn’t stop me, I slid it in all the way. When she didn’t stop me again, I slid my thumb slowly in and out. After a few minutes of that, I finally pulled my thumb out, grabbed the lube, and lubed my cock up. Pushed the tip against her tight little hole, and when she didn’t stop me, I slipped the head into her ass. It took a good push, she was super tight.(We both learned after, that was both of ours 2nd time with anal. Like both of us had anal one time before.) After I got the head in, i waited a minute, then she started to push back into me. I went all the way in. She told me to go slow, and I did, slowly fucking her ass. Then she said fuck my ass, and I did 🙂 I could only go so fast because of her tightness, but it felt great. The tightness was too much though. After only a couple of minutes of fucking her ass, I started to cum. I emptied my load deep inside her. Shoved it all the way in, and came. We stayed like that until my cock went limp inside her. I asked if she was still going to the club, and she said yes. Was a little bummed, but the sex was amazing!

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