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Teen finger loveI was eighteen and my girlfriend, a petite, 5ft brunette with glasses and a pretty smile was fifteen. It was a warm August day (I know, wow!) and I was sat with her in the back garden of her family home. I took off my shirt to cool down and so did she, just wearing her little bra. I could see her pert tits and the outline of her nipples through the material. By this point our lively conversations died down as we spent more time checking each other out than talking. As the sun got higher in the sky the temperature increased and I began to wish I had worn shorts instead of jeans. My girlfriend disappeared inside to get us a couple of cool drinks whilst I checked my phone for messages and pottered about her dad’s very nice garden. What happened next took me by surprise. My girl came back into the garden carrying two cold soft drinks and wearing a sky blue bikini that barely covered her. She had clearly out grown her only bikini since last summer because the bottoms barely reached her midrift. When she turned round to lay a towel on the ground I could see her gorgeous butt cheeks spilling out of the bottoms.I swear she did this to get me going. She must have known the bikini was a bit to small for her, her gorgeous tits barely filled fethiye escort their cups and the material was very thin I could see her nipples almost poking through! By this time I had such a hard on I had to sit at a little table to hide it.I kinda felt bad about going out with a girl a it younger than me and I could tell her dad wasn’t convinced, now and then I would see him looking through the window to check we weren’t getting up to anything. By this point we had kissed and fooled around a bit and just the day before she sucked me cock for the first time and swallowed by sperm (she didn’t know what else to do with it, aww) but if her dad saw me wandering round his garden with my third leg I’d be out the front door before I could say pre-cum.After a while she shifted her towel into the shade. As she bent over to adjust her towel the material became even more strained so much that I could see the outline of her pussy from behind. So far I had only rubbed her clit with my hand inside her panties, I was dying to feel her wet hole. She noticed my arms were starting to go a bit pink so she invited me to join her on her towel in the shade. As I got up from the table I know she noticed my raging hard on straining against the denim. She giggled and kissed escort fethiye me passionately. I couldn’t resist having a little stroke of her pussy through the thin bikini. We kissed and I continued to rub her in her special spot until she suggested we go up to her room.She led the way up to her bedroom and I put on some music. We always did this incase we got to fooling around, we didn’t want her dad realising it had gone all quiet for a reason. We sat on the floor opposite eachother and began kissing again. This time I cupped her breats and teased her nipples through the bikini. Then I let my hand slip inside the cup and gently played with her soft, tender young tits. She whispered in my ear “stroke my pussy again”. I duly obliged as we shifted ourselves into a kneeling position. I slipped my hand into her briefs as she undid my belt, then my top button and then the zip and slowly put her hand inside my boxers to wank my now aching cock. “Do you want to feel my finger inside you?” I whispered. She nodded and so I let my finger slip into her soaking wet pussy. She gasped as soon as my finger was in halfway. I kissed her as she wanked me harder, I could feel her hot breath against my cheek. She gasped when I pushed my finger in further. Then fethiye escort bayan I began to finger fuck her gently, her body gently pushing down and grinding herself against my finger. I was desperate to take off her briefs so I started to untie the laces at the side. “No,” she said “don’t do that, my dad might come in.” Damn.Soon she’d stopped wanking me as the pleasure became too much for her. I had my arm around her, squeezing that cute little butt of hers as she pushed herself down onto my finger. I began to finger fuck her tight little cunt hard and fast She wriggled her hips and met each finger stroke with her own body, driving it deeper into her sopping teen pussy. “Make me cum,” she whispered, “make me cum all over your finger.” I could feel her muscles tightening around my finger. I could feel her tiny wet cunt reacting to each stroke as I brought each one home firm and deep. She ground herself against me more until her pussy muscles flexed around my finger, her bdy went stiff and she moaned (quite loudly) into my ear. I fucked her for all I was worth until her orgasm was over. When she’d cum she put her hand back around my still stiff cock. Her hand was inside my boxers, grasping my cock firmly until my spunk shot out and splattered against the material of my boxers. The naughtly little bitch made me cum in my pants, just like I made her do.It was a while before I got to see that teen cunt of her but when I did it was more than worth it but that’s another story!

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