Teenage Cherry

Teenage CherryI’m sat on the couch, Adrian has just introduced me to a lad, he’s 16 apparently, and now Adrian and his father have gone out. I have seen him several times before, he’s one of our married friends’ sons, and I have been fucking his father behind his wife’s back for just over ten years now. I’m not friends with his wife, and my husband Adrian only knows her passingly, but he’s been good friends with the father for at least 50yrs. This father was the third man to fuck me, after being had by Adrian’s Best friend, who is like a brother to him. He’d shared me with his Best friend one evening, when I was just 17, and slightly drunk. I wasn’t forced to fuck his friend Tom, not even coerced, I already liked Tom, and as I had only been fucked by Adrian, actually broken in by him, and I loved fucking and cumming, it seemed natural to try another cock, see if it was different. Adrian had suggested such a coupling several times to me, but I was shy, and couldn’t picture being taken by two men at the same time, so when Adrian eventually suggested that they’d do me one at time, although not initially enthusiastic, I did feel my pussy get moist each time he brought the subject up. Being drunk one evening after being out, and being safe in Adrian’s home, I thought what the hell and said yes. They’d taken turns to ride me vigorously in the missionary position, swapping around every ten minutes or so, and this went on for about an hour. I was lying legs wide apart on the carpet of the lounge, they were holding themselves up with their arms, and I was groaning, moaning as they thrust away in my hot cunt, my large tits rolling back and forth on my chest as they humped me hard. Eventually Tom, not being able to contain himself anymore, came inside me hard and long. Yes, we were fucking bareback, as my mother had sensibly put me on the pill. I was a very well-developed girl, and by sixteen I had been seeing Adrian for a year, and my mother was aware we were fucking like rabbits. Adrian had quickly mounted me as Tom left his cooling spunk inside me, and after a minute of thrusting, Adrian had cum inside me as well. When I had risen from the floor, a large amount of cum dribbled to the carpet, and as I walked to the bathroom, more spattered my milky white thighs.Mike, the third man to ever fuck me, had brought his son John to see me for sex, and John is presently sat beside me on our couch, and we have been chatting about his skateboarding, not that I know much on that subject, but I am trying to calm him down a bit. It was obvious from the moment his father brought him to our house, that he is excited, a mite too much, as he walked in I had seen that his jeans are already bulging with an erection. Tom had previously informed me, that the most his son had managed with a girl, was a squeeze or two of her tits, and that the girl had fried egg sized ones. So, mine are going to either frighten him shitless, being as they are 42E, or he will be in heaven when they pop out, you can never tell. I do know he stared at them a lot when we’ve met him in the supermarket with his parents, and he went red when I stared back. As a firm rule, I don’t try to make friends with the wives of the guys I fuck, these wives think I am very unfriendly and snooty. However, they’d be really annoyed if they knew what their husbands are getting up to with me, all the things most of them will not allow them to do to them, and that I love it. There is one husband who is getting everything, he wants from his wife, but loves watching me masturbate, and then ends by jerking his load all over my mouth’s lips. He never asks to penetrate me, and samsun escort as I don’t ever offer kissing to anyone, he, I suspect, feels he isn’t actually being unfaithful, I guess the court is out on that one! So doing Tom’s son is a favour, Tom feels having a bit of GILF pussy will make him a man, personally I think it will ruin him, as most young girls of his age are not thinking of drinking cum, and having multiple men shag them senseless, and as for anal, it is something they have heard of, but probably don’t believe!John is fiddling with his hands, his fingers twining und untwining as he is not sure how to start. He is completely aware he is going to get sex, full unprotected sex, and that I will most likely let him have me how he wants. I laid some ground rules down with Mike, well before he breached the subject with his son. I’m not doing anal with him, he’s not spunking over my face and he’s going to treat me with outmost respect. I will however, let him use me as long as he likes, and I’ve set aside a whole afternoon for him to play. He can fuck me in doggy, missionary, and cowgirl, I think that’s enough for a virgin to break his duck, he also cannot return to have another go, an if he talks, I’ll pull his cock off!I’m wearing one of Adrian’s denim shirts, underneath, nothing but a pair of blue hold ups. The shirt hasn’t been buttoned the whole time he been here, and when he arrived, and I met him at the door, I wasn’t holding the front together, so he’s seen a lot of tit, my belly and the fact that I’ve not shaven my pussy. It’s become obvious that he has no idea how to start off sex, so I lean across the front of him suddenly, looking him in the face and grip his thigh, it’s firm, he’s quite a big laddy. He jumps and moans, his eyes are closed, he’s cum! I get off the couch, kneel in front of him on the floor, reach for his buttons on his jeans, he’s still got his eyes shut, I undo them. No underwear, his cock pops out, it’s not limp, but it’s no longer as hard either, there is a large mess in his jeans, his cum is on his pubes and all over the head of his cock. I lower my head, suck his cock in, he’s not cut, I like that, I like to feel the foreskin in my mouth, rolling to and fro. He moans again, but he’s not cumming this time, and quickly, efficiently, I lick/suck his cock clean, his cum tastes young, strong and it’s very sticky almost like glue, it has a strong ammonia smell. I then lick and suck off the cum on the inside of his jeans and clean up his pubes with my tongue.When I look up, he is watching me intently, his blue eyes wide, and keeping our eyes locked, I lower my mouth over his cock again, this time I draw it in and swallow the whole of it, right down to his bulging ball sack, he whimpers.Up and down, up and down, rhythmically sucking never going too fast, never too slow, using my mouth like a cunt, my hands stroking his balls, pulling on them. I reach up to the waistband of his jeans and start pulling them down, he lifts his ass, lets me slide them down, I stop sucking to drag them off his hips. I go back to my sucking; he watches wide eyed and speedily his cock is back to rigid.Standing, I pull him to his feet, turn and slip the shirt off my shoulders, it falls to the floor. I encourage him to put his arms around me and draw his hands to my full, but saggy tits, he squeezes them for a few moments, then tweaks the nipples, they are already hard and distended, now it is my time to groan. My cunt is already wet, ready for cock, but he is intent on my breasts, giving them a good feeling, cupping them, feeling their considerable weight. He tries to pull me around, and I escort samsun go with it, it’s his afternoon after all, and he crouches, resting his head between my tits, quietly asks if he can suck one, and I say go ahead, knock yourself out, he looks up at me, and asks if he can suck my nipples, and I nod.We spent a good ten minutes, me stroking his head, he sucking my nipples, licking my tits, squeezing them firmly so that my nipples are pushed right out, the little fucker is moaning with enjoyment, this amuses me, but I don’t dare laugh as it might ruin it for him.He starts to push me slowly backwards towards the couch edge, and I sit, he leans in to kiss me, and I gently push him back, my eyes tell him it’s against the rules, so he kisses my neck whilst stroking my thighs. Slowly he kneels between my outstretched knees and strokes my calves and ankles before catching my ankles and lifting them. I lean myself back to the couch, letting my legs come up easily, giving my knees free range to part fully, and he pushes my stocking clad feet back towards my head.He has my considerable pussy right in front of him, I’m 58, and it’s seen a lot of hard action through my sex life, its wet, it is gaping open slightly and my inner labia lips are swollen with excitement. His face, his face looks almost reverent and I smile, he looks up to my face, and says“That’s one hell of a pussy, and I’ve skimmed porn on the net looking at plenty! Can I lick it?”Johns not so shy now, inside I smile, it’s amazing how a little sex can make a man.“I’ll take that as a compliment, and what do you think? Don’t forget this is for you! You don’t have to accomplish anything for me!”He looks at me, I’m holding my legs back now, his fingers are fiddling around the edge of my hairy gash.“My dad told me you only cum if you are licked or use a vibe, is that true?“Yes.”I’d like to make you cum, see you cum, my dad said I only had today, and then never again with you?”“If you want, you can lick me, I’ll show you how to make me cum, and then whilst I am very wet, you can fuck me. You do know I’m a spurter? I’ll most likely wet myself when I cum, because I get very excited the pee will shoot out if I am in this position, wet your face, maybe get in your mouth!”John stares at me, then stares at my cunt, his fingers stop their jiggling around the edge, and he walks one hand on its fingertips into the mouth of my cunt, dips one fingertip in, and smiles.“It’s hot!”“What did you expect, you are reaching inside me, and I’m alive”.I giggle… several times“Go on, put more fingers in, put three in, I feel comfortable with that.”John slips his three longest fingers in, probes my depths, pulls them out, and puts them back in, and then he finger fucks me for a couple of minutes, not roughly, just gently.“Will I be able to put my cock in you, with no condom? And can I cum in you?” “Yes.”“Can I fuck you as long as I like, and as many times as I like?”“Yes”.John lowers his head to my cunt, laps at it experimentally, licks and sucks the inner lips, draws them deliciously between his lips into his mouth.He raises his head, looks at me.“It tastes sweet, it’s very sticky, a bit like a sweet.”“Stop talking, and if you want to make me cum, do more of what you were doing and then I’ll get there!”Obediently he lowers his head, keeping my legs back, I pull back my slot’s large fleshy outer lips, this makes my gash open further, allowing his probing tongue to enter me. For a while I encourage him with moans, to lick around the edge of my hole, and using one of my hands, as he pushes his tongue into me, I hold his head tight to my cunt, gorgeous. Gradually I pull samsun escort bayan his mouth higher on my sex organ, encourage him gently to lap at my clitoris, it’s not long before I’m getting very excited and my hips buck slightly, fucking his tongue. The wet sounds his mouth and my cunt are making, drive me to new heights, and then I feel those little butterflies in my stomach that herald an impending orgasm.And here it is, I cum long and hard, and then leave the peak only to rise and cum again, my orgasms arrive fast, in hot waves as my bladder lets go, all my control is gone now and I’m squirting full into his held mouth. He struggles a little, but I’m beyond caring now, and I keep holding him tight, cumming again and again, shouting out my passion, squealing like a stuck pig in my pleasure, and then it’s gone.I let go of John’s head, he sways back from my sopping cunt, my thighs are soaked, I can feel piss under my ass on the leather couch, his face is dripping, but he looks happy.“Was that good?”He blurts his question out!“Yes, if you do that to the young women you are going to meet, they’ll love you, and let you do just about anything you’d like to them.”John smiles broadly, shuffles on his knees closer to me, I see his cock waving, I think he wants to enter me now, I smile reassuringly, and go back to pulling my legs apart with my hands, pulling them back against my sides as hard as I can. I know my cunt is very attractive to men in this position. John is staring into it, comments quietly he can see right inside, asks what the lump is at the back, I tell him it is my cervix, he enquires if he can touch, I nod. He pushes two fingers deep into me, comments it feels fleshy, yet firm, and I inform John, that his cock will be hitting it shortly on each of his strokes, and when he cums, it will be flooded with his sticky man paste. His face changes, it looks harder, much more grown up, and then he lifts himself up, and rests his cock against my cunt, and I tell him to fuck me as hard as he likes, and he does. The sounds my cunt makes as he pounds me, tip to balls, in and out, in and out, over and over again, grunting in his exertions and indulgence. This is no leisurely fuck, this is a man full of vigour, his cock as hard as it’s ever going to get, fucking an old lady, because he can, and the fat old lady encourages him to go faster, harder, and he does until he almost screams, and cums. From my position, with my head held up by the couch back, I can see John’s cum erupt from the edges of my cunt, slicking his penis shaft, and yet still he pounds me. His balls are tight against his rod, and they are now wet with his, and my sex fluids, god I haven’t been fucked as hard as this in years! It’s certainly good to feel such enthusiasm for my cunt, my tits slap about, and as he continues, he leans forward to bite my nipples, snap at my breasts, and I’m well past caring, just hoping he can shag me for hours like this, and then he shouts and it’s over. He collapses on me, hot sweaty, breathing like a train. Ten minutes later, and I careful persuade him to get off, he rolls to one side of me, lying back on the couch, his T shirt wet with my piss and cunt lubrication. I do the dutiful thing, get on my knees and clean his cock and balls with my tongue, he doesn’t move until I swallow his cock, and then he almost tries to pull away, the end of his cock sensitive. I suck on him, he hardens, and I keep going gently, five minutes, ten minutes, and then he cums again, much less stressed, drained, but moaning in his excitement. I keep his cum in my mouth, and then let him watch as I let half out to flow over my bottom lip, run down my chin, hang in strings to my tits, the rest I show him in my mouth, making a big deal out of swallowing it as he watches.He grins and tells me.“You are just as good as my dad promised, I’ll never forget you taking my duck!”

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