Temptation Ch. 13


I want to express my deepest gratitude to those of you who have followed this series and kindly sent me feedbacks. In fact, I never thought this story would be longer than 12 chapters, but based on your requests I’ve written a bonus chapter.

To my readers: This one’s for you! Hope you’ll enjoy!


Amy was cleaning out her closets and packing everything she had. Only a few weeks ago she had been a happy and single woman – or at least she had thought herself to be happy. But now she knew happiness came in different levels, and being loved by the most wonderful man she had ever met was definitely the height of happiness as far as she was concerned.

That made leaving her old apartment that much easier. Only she wasn’t going far. Just across the hall to Nick’s larger apartment. They had decided to keep his. And now she just had to figure out a way to sneak her things in between his own. She dug into the closet and wondered how on earth she had managed to collect so many things in just the few years she had lived here?

She grabbed a familiar looking plastic bag and dragged it toward her. Did wonders ever cease… Her toys. Finally all her toys had surfaced again. She had almost forgotten all about them. She dug into the bag and lifted up a large and pink dildo. Her best friend for years, she chuckled.

“Romeo,” she said aloud. “Oh where is my Romeo?”

“I suggest you put that thing away immediately,” a deep voice interrupted her. “Or simply throw it in the garbage. You don’t need a plastic device now that you have me.” Nick gave her a heated look as he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway.

“Oh no? What about all those nights when you’re doing stakeouts – or simply working late? Who will entertain me then, eh?” She smiled at him. “I think I better keep Romeo here close by just in case his services is needed,” she said while moving her hand slowly along the dildo’s smooth surface, taking in the plastic smell, before circling her fingertip against the cock head.

A choking sound was heard from where Nick was standing and she looked up to meet his flaming eyes staring daggers at her. She swallowed hard.

“You were saying…?” she asked as lightly as she could, barely concealing the smile that wanted to come forward at the sight of Nick’s angry expression. She gave the dildo’s head a loud kiss.

“Stop that, for god’s sake,” Nick blurted out and shut the door behind him with a loud bang. “If you’re so desperate for a cock, why don’t you just say so?”

“What? Are you volunteering again?”

“I might, yes.”

“You sure it hasn’t anything to do with jealousy?”

“Huh? Jealous of what? A pink plastic container? Don’t make me laugh.”

“Maybe you’re simply envious?” she teased him.

“About the size, you mean? In that case I might have to refresh your memory right away.” He came forward slowly and methodically, his expression almost starved.

“Oops,” she thought, before she jumped up and moved behind a chair.

“Come here, honey,” Nick said in a sweetened tone. “Let me educate you.”

“Nope, I think I can grasp the aspect just fine from over here.” She winked at him as she stared at his abdomen and slowly licked her lips. “Besides, I think you can interrogate me quite easily from a distance.”

“I’m not going to interrogate you.”

“No? What a pity. I always enjoy those sessions.”

“I’m going to spank you.”

“No way!” And she ran toward the kitchen to get away from the maniac. “Spanking? How primitive escort ataşehir is that? And here I thought the police where using more modern methods than torture these days,” she said teasingly.

Nick followed her easily and they stood on opposite sides of her kitchen table. “Old methods works the best,” he explained. “Even on hardened arsonists.”

“You’re never going to let me forget that one, are you?”

“No, but I might be open for bribery, as long as it’s of the right kind” he teased her lightly.

“A ha. And what would you do for me then, officer?” Amy leaned over the table top and gave him a heated look. “Giving me some public service, perhaps?”

“If you like. But I most admit I prefer doing it in the private myself. So, it simply comes down to the bribery, doesn’t it?”

“I thought so. Oh well, you cops are always weak for something sweet so I’m just made some donuts. That should cover it, eh?”

“Donuts? Sorry, Missy. You’ve just seen too many movies. You’ll have to come up with something tastier than that.”

She gave his hardened and well trained body a firm look. Oh well, she should have realised he wasn’t one for sweet cakes the way he looked. She stared at him, wishing his clothes would simply disappear and reveal the tempting body underneath the clothes.

“Hm, in that case I might have to rethink my strategy,” she said aloud as she contemplated her odds. “The chair or the table?”

“Huh?” He stared at her. “What happened to the bed in that equation of yours?”

“Who’s doing the bribing here? You or me?” She stepped up to him and gave him a slight push backwards. He landed on one of the kitchen chairs.

“Are you sure about this, honey? That soft bed of yours will give us many more alternatives.”

“Don’t tempt me. I’m saving that for later,” she smiled as she sank to her knees in front of him, roaming her eyes over his body from head to toe and up again before stopping at his tented trousers. “Nice view, Detective,” she smiled as she met his heated eyes.

“I think you should investigate it further, just to be sure,” he said hoarsely.

“Good idea.” She moved between his thighs and started to roam her hands from his knees and upwards across his thighs. “It’s getting warmer, don’t you think?” She teased him lightly. He reached for the front of his jeans and unbuttoned the top button before she could stop him. She reached for his hands. “Allow me,” she said while moving his hands to the back of the chair. “I’m buying, right?”

“Do your worst, darling,” he chuckled.

“Oh, I will. I definitely will.” She reached for his zipper and slowly unzipped his jeans, careful so as not to ruin his perfect hard-on. “Oh my,” she gasped as his cock sprang forward, freed from it’s containment.

“No underwear?” she asked surprised. Nick just smiled at her. “And here I thought the police was unarmed when they performed interviews.”

“Surprise tactic,” he murmured.

“Hm, I think I like that sort of surprises.” She moved her hands upwards and started unbuttoning his shirt as well.

“A little lower, thank you.”

“What? Are you questioning my skills?”

“Not at all, darling. Just helping you along.”

“Oh, I think I can manage quite well on my own,” she raised herself and bent forward and started showering his chest with kisses. Nick mumbled something incoherently before leaning backwards in the chair, giving her easier access. Gradually she moved down his chest, across his stomach until she reached kadıköy escort his hardened cock. She could feel him shivering as she reached for his hard flesh. He sucked in his breath as she opened her mouth and closed her lips around his cock head.

“Oh god,” she heard him groan as she enveloped him in her warmth, moving her tongue along the ridge of the cock head and teasing the fold on the underside. She felt Nick’s hands grab a hold on her hair, holding her tightly to him. She answered the unspoken plea and took him further into her mouth, sucking his flesh as she moved over him.

She looked up at him, loving the sight of his glazed eyes as he focused only on her and what she was doing to him. She really loved this man, she thought. Loved his weaknesses and especially his strengths, and the way he gave her permission to explore and play with him – trusting her completely. She had never felt this proud as when she knew he was getting pleasure from her touch. She sucked him hard and heard the responding hiss coming from his lips.

Moving her hand down underneath his cock, she massaged his balls slightly, knowing he liked being touched all over. She released his cock from her mouth and started licking his cock from top to bottom instead. Circling her hand around his root, she felt a tug every time she licked and kissed a new spot. She felt like screaming with joy by his inhibited responses and loud groans. She bent forward and gave his cock head a hard kiss.

“Oh my,” she heard him gasp. Then as she started to prepare another assault, he growled out. “Enjoying yourself, are you?”

“You bet,” she answered quickly while staring in fascination as some white liquid had gathered on top of his cock head. She placed her hand around the root again and tightened around him. Moving forward, she opened her mouth to give him the release he needed.

“Oh no, you don’t,” he cut in, and before she knew what was happening, he had lifted her up on her feet and started ripping off her clothes. She giggled at his desperation as blouse and trousers disappeared from her body.

“Body searching, Nick?” She teased him as her pulse increased just by thinking about taking his large cock inside of her.

“Just give me a hand here,” he said hoarsely as he struggled to remove her bra. She unclasped her bra and quickly rid herself of her panties. Standing before him she breathed heavily. Feeling the wetness between her legs and wondering how to proceed. She had meant to please him. To let her own orgasm wait until the next time, but instead he had turned the tables on her – again. But, she wasn’t going to stop him. She really wanted – no, she craved him inside of her.

“Come here, darling.” She moved toward him and immediately he grabbed her and lifted her on top of him. Straddling his body. Feeling his hard cock against her stomach and looking up to see his heated expression.

“You’re the boss. Do what you want,” he panted out at the same time as he contradicted himself by raising his thighs, moving her closer to his cock and giving her directions as to where she should proceed.

“In that case…,” she raised herself and angled her hungry pussy directly over his large cock head, before slowly sinking down on him. Feeling his large cock coming inside of her tightness. Lifting herself slightly, she sank further down on him, taking him further inside as they moaned in unison.

“God, you’re killing me here,” Nick said in a choked voice. Holding her tightly, he kissed maltepe escort bayan her hard on the mouth and she continued moving up and then down again, fucking herself on his cock as the kiss deepened. She felt him push his tongue into her mouth and she sucked him slowly and leisurely, as the thought of her being double filled by him merged in her brain. She gasped by the hotness the image created in her and felt her cunt becoming even more moist.

She impaled herself all the way on his cock and sat still on his lap as she enjoyed the feeling of him filling her to the rim. She adjusted the angle slightly and tightened her muscles around his hard flesh and grinned as she heard him breath harshly. He grabbed her waist and lifted her body slightly away from his own, before letting go off her and making her slam down on top of him again.

She let go of his mouth. Needing the extra air just to keep breathing. Naked need was taking over her body and she moved herself up and down on his cock as she tightened and relaxed her muscles, feeling his heat and warmth where she needed it the most. He bent his head forward and took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked her hard. She screamed in joy as she felt every nerve ending has moved to her breasts. Lifting herself up away his cock, she let go and impaled herself on his hard flesh, feeling the pleasure having moved to her cunt instead.

She gasped and bent her upper body slightly backwards, trying to take him even deeper than before, feeling him touching her g-spot as well and making the ultimate plunge come even nearer. She held on to his shoulders as she moved slowly up and down his cock a few more times. Making sure every texture, every fold of his cock was planted on her memory. He lifted her toward him and moved to suck her right breast instead. Immediately she felt her breath hitch and she increased the pace in which she was riding his body.

“Yes,” he groaned. “Faster, darling.”

She held on to his shoulders and moved faster and harder. All thoughts and needs had disappeared, except for the one need to quench the fire in her cunt, and to take him along with her. She tightened around him and impaled herself in one hard motion and she heard his moans as she felt him following her to the finish line.

Sinking down on him one last time, she screamed out her joy as her entire body was enveloped in shudders and warmth spread across her entire skin. She held on for dear life to Nick as she heard his responding screams and felt him shake as the orgasm took him. Sinking down on top of him in a heap of tired flesh she felt his arms curl around her waist as he pushed his cock inside of her a few more times as their bodies were gradually coming down.

They sat quietly for a few minutes. Each breathing deeply and contently as they clung to one another. Amy held on tightly as she felt Nick’s cock still embedded in her cunt. A few tugs was felt against her inner walls and she smiled by the thought of simply staying where she was until Nick hardened again. Yes, that would be something, she thought. She wanted to keep him exactly where he was. Keep him and never let him leave her.

“What’s so funny?” her prisoner asked finally.

“I was just thinking about staying here for another round as well,” she answered truthfully and smiled at him.

At the same time she felt another tug inside of her and she smiled as she felt the wetness seeping from her, coating the way for him. She moved slowly upwards, before sinking down again.

He looked at her. A frown had developed in his forehead. “Keep that up and you’ll get your wish.”

“Is that a promise?” she teased him.

“You bet it is. But this time I’m choosing the furniture,” he said as he lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

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