Temptations Ch. 04


Ok, here it is… part 4. I know it took forever and I had tons of email about it, but it’s done. I hope most people like it, though I did write on it at times when I was very tired or sleepy. It turned out different then when I started writing it, partly due to how long it took to write, but also it changed some due to some reader’s ideas. Near the end I was pulling my hair out, trying to make an ending for this part (not the story) too where I liked it. Please read up and try and enjoy. Please email me if you wish, I will read it.

After Ginger joined her husband in the living room, the both of them quietly watched TV for a while. Ginger had to continuously fight off her husbands roaming hands, as he playfully kept trying to cop feels off her. Ginger found it harder and harder to fight him off, as she was getting very hot and horny…even after what she and Linda had done earlier in the day.

“Ok Mr. Octopus…I guess I’m just going to have to take a seat over here in the chair, since you’re unable to control yourself.” Ginger said with a smile as she got up from the couch as her husband looked up at her and grinned. Ginger shook her finger in his direction as she stood out of his reach. “Remember mister…no hanky panky until later tonight. Don’t spoil the surprise Kenny!” Ginger said as she put her hands at her hip. Kenny gave her a sheepish shrug and smiled at her.

“Hey I can’t help it…it’s in my genes, Ginger.” Kenny said as he smiled at her.

“Well, just make sure it stays in your ‘jeans’ then…at least till later.” Ginger said as she seated herself down in the chair and grinned at her husband. Kenny seemed to mentally shrug and looked back at the television as he watched what was on. Ginger grinned evilly as she too started watching TV, but slowly she opened her legs and propped her knee on the arm of the large chair. She could now feel the air hitting her now fully exposed pussy…seeing as she was still without panties. It was a few minutes before Kenny just happened to glance her way and had to do a double take as he saw easily down her open skirt and noticed her open aired crotch. Kenny starred at her for a few seconds, feeling his member again expanding in his pants.

“Hey! No fair Ginger…if I can’t whip it out, you can’t flash me more beaver then a national geographic special!” Kenny said as he looked at her and gave her a lopsided grin. Ginger looked at him and tried to look innocent, but then lost it and started giggling.

“Sorry Kenny…I just couldn’t help myself, though it did feel good, the air on me down there. There is that better?” Ginger asked as she put her leg back down and closed them.

“Not really, if you want to make it better, let’s go to the bedroom and screw our brains out!” Kenny said with a grin as he looked at her.

“Ehh, not now mister…later tonight, but not now. If you’re good I’ll…” Ginger said, then she saw her son Nick walk into the room from the hallway. “Hello Nick…you finally decide to leave the cave.” Ginger said now looking at her son. He flashed her a smile that a lion would be proud of as he looked back at her. Kenny glanced back at him as Nick continued to walk into the room.

“Yeah, I’m out of the cave…though I’m sure I’ll be back in that cave later.” Nick said as he walked past his father and winked at his mother, making sure Kenny was unable to see his wink. A shiver ran through Ginger at her son’s innuendo and she stifled a giggle as she smiled at her son. “Hey dad, anything good on?” Nick asked as he now turned and looked at his father as he started to sit on the edge of the couch. Kenny looked at him, then over at Ginger.

“Well there was a really good show on earlier…but it went off the air, so we’re just watching this old movie till something comes up later.” Kenny said as he glanced over at his wife and he saw she certainly caught on to what he meant. Ginger had quite a time not laughing now over what her husband and son both said. The thought even now ran through her about how similar the two of them were….especially after tonight, because both of them will have fucked her. Another shiver ran through her as that thought passed her very excited mind.

“Well I was still going to see that movie, since we didn’t see it the other night. Dad already begged off of it mom, but do you want to go with me?” Nick asked his mother, though he already knew the answer. Kenny looked at her and Ginger found herself blushing as her thoughts raced, knowing what was coming later that night.

“No Nick…your father and I were just going to hang out here at the house, but you have fun tonight. Were you just going to the movie?” Ginger asked back, though she too already knew his answer.

“Probably not mom, I was thinking about going out afterward…maybe cruising for babes.” Nick said with a smile, and again winking at his mother. Ginger could tell that her husband caught his wink and she blushed very deeply. But Kenny was just thinking that maybe his son meant to meet his teacher buddy, and he grinned at his wife’s blushing figuring she was thinking the kartal escort same thing. “Hey, I’m kind of hungry…we haven’t eaten for awhile. How about I order up some pizzas and we chow down before I leave for the movie?” Nick suggested as he looked at the both of his parents. Kenny looked over at him and grinned.

“You buying Nick?” Kenny asked, not being serious…he usually paid for any food they ordered out.

“Ya sure, why not.” Nick said offhand, as he smiled at both of them.

“Ok then…sure. Man this is a first!” Kenny said jokingly to his son as he looked at him. Nick grinned back at him, thinking this wouldn’t be the only first tonight. Nick used the phone and ordered the pizzas. The three of them ate and talked while they watched TV, until it was getting closer to when the movie started.

“Ok, well I need to shower up before I go out…just in case.” Nick said as he winked at them, causing Kenny to chuckle, but Ginger just gave him a huge smile. As he left the room, Kenny leaned over to his wife on the couch and whispered into her ear.

“You sure you don’t want to join him in the shower…maybe he needs to have his back washed.” Kenny said teasingly to his wife and she gasped, not believing his suggestion. Ginger held back from smiling…even laughing as she playfully slapped her husbands arm in mock shock.

“Kenny! Please stop making such suggestions, I already told you…I’m not interested in our son like that!” Ginger said as she lied to her husband. She frowned at her husband now, still feeling dual emotions at what she knew was going to happen tonight even though, now more then ever, she knew that was what Kenny wanted…for her to fuck her son. Part of her did want to tell Kenny right now, ‘Alright, Ill go join him’, but Ginger still felt partly ashamed at her lust toward her son…that and the fact that Nick wanted her not to say anything. She looked at her husband as he grinned at her, again shrugging his shoulders. “Besides, wouldn’t you rather that I save my energies for later tonight, or don’t you want your surprise?” Ginger asked him with a knowing smile what her ‘surprise’ entailed. Kenny gave her a big grin as leaned over and kissed his wife.

“Always baby, you know I love doing everything with you.” Kenny said as he broke the kiss. Ginger grinned back at him as he said those words.

“Really! Everything…we’ll see later if you mean everything.” Ginger said teasingly, causing Kenny to give her a lopsided smile, not knowing her game but figuring something kinky was in store for tonight. Ginger continued to fight off his octopus arms until they both heard their son opening the hallway door. They both looked over at their son as he walked over and stood in front of them still wearing his towel from the shower.

“You two want me to pick anything up while I’m gone?” Nick asked, trying his best not to bust out smiling, knowing what his mother was going to be doing in a short while after he left. He noticed his mothers gaze as he stood in front of them in only his towel, and had to really fight hard not to become just that. Kenny also noticed her stare and smiled as he looked to his son.

“Nah, I think we’ll be fine tonight Nick, you go have some fun.” Kenny said to his son and Ginger nodded her head, still glimpsing at her sons near naked form.

“Ok then, I’m going to get dressed and leave. Have fun here at the house.” Nick said as he left the room and closed the hall door behind him. Kenny didn’t notice the sarcastic tone in his son’s voice as he left the room; he was too busy still thinking about his wife ogling over their son.

“You were so staring at your half naked son!” Kenny chuckled as he said that to his wife. Ginger snapped her head around to look at her husband, her face flushed…mixing lust and embarrassment.

“I…I…so what, he was almost nude like you said.” Ginger blurted out.

“You know you could always open the hallway door…maybe he left his bedroom door open and you can get another peak.” Kenny said teasingly to her.

“Kenny, stop it!” Ginger said, genuinely irritated now with her husband, because she was secretly thinking something along those lines.

“Or maybe you could help him get dressed!” Kenny said with a grin, prepared to make a mad dash for the kitchen if she started throwing things at him. But Ginger had something else in mind.

“You shit!” Ginger uttered as she threw her body onto her husbands, knocking the breath from him as he fell back onto the floor. Ginger came to rest on top of her husband, as he was momentarily stunned, she took advantage of the situation and pulled her legs up and sat on his chest. Ginger began tickling his side and Kenny couldn’t help but laugh, being unable to stop her or her tickling “You’re gonna pay for that teasing Kenny!” Ginger laughed and continued to tickle her husband. Kenny gave one huge jolt with his back and Ginger was flung up into the air and Kenny tried to squirm out quickly, but she came down too fast…her open legs falling flat on his chin, causing him to bite his lip.

“Ouch” maltepe escort bayan Kenny muffled as Gingers weight now rested on his face and he found his nose planted firmly in her bush and his lips being covered by lips of her own.

“Mmm, talk about out of the fire and into the frying pan…I think I like this better!” Ginger moaned out as she noticed where her open legs were and began rubbing her now exposed pussy over her husband’s mouth. At first Kenny, didn’t respond, his lip being rather sore and bleeding. But after a few seconds he figured the hell with the pain and began to use his tongue on her pussy. “Ohh god yes Kenny…lick my pussy!” Ginger moaned, now forgetting in her lust about her promise to Nick not to cum with Kenny. But she didn’t have to worry much about keeping her word.

“Uhh…ahem….I don’t think I have to wonder what you two are going to be doing while I’m gone!” Nick muttered out as he entered the room to leave and catching the scene before him. He actually began laughing as Ginger flew off Kenny’s face, leaving him on the floor gasping for breath, his pants tented in front and only now noticing their son in the room. “I’m sorry you two…didn’t mean to interrupt, but I’m…well I’m gone…bye!” Nick said quickly before his parents could say anything, them being still stunned by his interruption. Ginger looked pale, and then looked at her husband, who was still on the floor. She then burst out laughing at her husbands face, covered in pussy goo and saliva, still looking very much startled. Kenny started chuckling as well as he sat up and looked at her.

“Somehow I don’t think he minded seeing that?” Kenny said as he kept chuckling.

“You’re probably right, though I wish he hadn’t seen it.” Ginger said, hoping she sounded sincere, because after her initial shock, the thought that her son had watched them, even for a short time sent chills of delight through her body. Kenny got off the floor as she talked and pulled her to his body.

“Too bad he couldn’t have seen these…” Kenny said as he pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts. He moved his hands over both of them as he looked at his wife. “I’m sure he would have really filled out his jeans then.” Kenny suggestively to his wife.

“By that big hard cock maybe!” Ginger finished the thought, as she played her husband’s game, making him grin at her. Kenny looked a bit surprised as he smiled at his wife, his fingers finding her nipples and making her moan.

“Damn Ginger, you’re really thinking about Nicks cock aren’t you?” Kenny asked as his fingers pulled and played with Gingers nipples and breasts.

“Umm, maybe just a little… but just thinking Kenny. Understand?” Ginger asked with a sultry voice, causing Kenny’s cock to almost pop the zipper on his pants.

“Ah shit baby, I gotta let the man out!” Kenny grunted out as he began to unzipped his pants, but Ginger reached down and stopped him.

“Not here honey… in the bedroom for your surprise.” Ginger said and motioned with her head to their bedroom. While Kenny just wanted to fuck the shit out of Ginger here in the living room, he was curious about her surprise she had come up with and followed as she turned and walked quickly into the bedroom. Kenny walked into the room and saw that she was already striping out of her dress, but when he moved to kiss her, again she stopped him. “Take off your clothes and get on the bed.” Ginger said in a slightly demanding voice, expecting compliance. Kenny gave her a sly grin, having played the master/slave role a few times with his wife in the past.

“Alright Ginger…or should I say mistress.” Kenny said, a smile crossing his lips as he began to strip in front of her now nude form.

“Yes, mistress will do nicely for tonight slave. Now hurry and do as your lady commands. Now strip!” Ginger growled, a grin covering her face as she ran her hands over her body. As Kenny was finishing up removing his underwear, Ginger stepped forward and pushed him onto the bed. “Now, you will stay where you are on the bed. Do not move OR touch yourself, and I will be back in a moment.” Ginger commanded to him as she went to the closet and pulled down the shopping bag from earlier today and took it into the living room, away from Kenny’s eyes. Kenny saw the bag as she took it and wondered what it contained, guessing he would find out soon. He shivered, wondering what she had cooked up while she had been out.

In a few minutes, he heard footsteps coming from the kitchen and looked up from the bed and saw his wife encased in her leather outfit and high boots. Kenny was indeed impressed with her outfit…usually in the past she just tied him up with handkerchiefs or belts and did things too him. But Kenny could tell by her look, stance, the whip and handcuffs at her belt that she was going all out on her role tonight. Ginger pulled the whip off of her belt and snapped it across the bed as she walked closer to him.

“Now slave, you will hold still as I cuff you to the bed…and no squealing if I cuff you escort pendik too tight!” Ginger growled with a grin as she replaced the whip and grabbed the handcuffs. Kenny held still but raised his arms as she came around the bed. He kept grinning until she placed her knee into his armpit as she grabbed his arm and slapped the cuff around his wrist. Kenny grunted out as her knee squeezed the tender flesh under his arm. She looked down at him, dropping his arm and grabbing the whip at her belt again.

“You can’t even follow simple directions slave! You will have to be punished! Roll over onto your stomach…NOW!” Ginger yelled at him after he hesitated rolling over. Kenny was a bit taken aback that she was getting a bit too much into the role, but rolled over quickly after her yell. “Raise your ass slave!” Ginger uttered and Kenny complied. Kenny then felt a very sharp sting across his ass and almost cried out in surprise but held it back, just in time to feel another sharp sting on his butt, and then a third. Kenny was just about to say something to her when she spoke. “If you speak without me asking you a question or telling you too, you will be punished even worse slave! Now roll over!” Ginger uttered to him and surprisingly Kenny found himself turning over without even thinking about it. Again she placed her knee into his armpit and cuffed his arm to the bed rail. She moved to the other side of the bed and repeated the cuffing, knee and everything.

“Jesus Ginger, this is a bit much!” Kenny said, after she removed her knee from his other armpit. Ginger gave him a sharp look then took out her whip again. Without speaking she forced open his legs and whipped quickly across each inner thigh, causing him to kick his legs and cry out in shock. “Ginger…!” Kenny started to say, but was interrupted when she placed her other hand over his mouth.

“Not another word slave…this is your last warning!” Ginger said sternly but without raising her voice. Kenny hesitated, and then shrugged his shoulders as much as he could being cuffed, figuring to wait and see what she had planned. He knew the whip hadn’t done real harm, just minor stinging, so he decided to play along for now. Ginger, seeing him relax and nod slightly, sighed deeply. She didn’t really have a plan if he had resisted more; she wasn’t going to really hurt him…though she had to make a mental note to ease up some on any whipping. The ones she had given him would leave really nice welts later, she thought with a mental wince. Ginger noticed that Kenny’s erection had gone down a bit after her whipping and warning, and she looked up at her husbands face.

“Do I not make you excited slave, why is your cock almost limp?” Ginger asked him, a smile across her lips. Kenny glanced down at his member; he hadn’t even noticed he had gone a bit soft during what his wife had done.

“I don’t know mistress.” Kenny replied wondering what to say, still being a bit flustered by his wife’s immersion in her role. Ginger grinned at him.

“Hmmm, maybe I need to show my slave what he has to be excited over, then.” Ginger said as she slowly reached down and opened the zipper covering her crotch in the leather suit. She could feel how wet she was as her fingers got wet with her juices as her pussy was opened to the air…and her husbands view. Ginger looked at her husband, then reached down and took off the whip again, holding it out in front of her husband. Kenny braced himself for another whipping, but then his eyes widen as Ginger lowered the handle and began rubbing it into her pussy hair. Ginger moaned softly as she looked at Kenny, she then moved the whip handle, rubbing the rough textured leather handle between her dripping wet pussy lips. Ginger noticed Kenny’s cock as it began to rise to fullness with her show. “Does that excite my little man…well how about this?” Ginger moaned out, then turning the whip handle and bringing it in line with her pussy, began pushing it into herself.

“Holy shit!” Kenny uttered, forgetting he was suppose to be silent. Ginger also forgot, as she felt the odd sensation of the now wet, rough leather handle as she pushed it deeper into herself. The handle and tether felt very rough sliding between her pussy lips, but the pain just made her more excited with the situation. She began to pant deeply as she started to really fuck herself with the whip.

“Ooohhh god…hhuhh…uuhhh yes! Uhhh this feels so good…sooo fucking slutty…uhhhh!” Ginger groaned aloud as she continued to play the handle deeper into herself, and then began stroking it in and out of her soaking pussy. Ginger quickly felt her orgasm approach with the odd feeling of the whip handle inside her and the knowledge of why she was really doing all of this. She then thought about Nick’s big cock and then felt her pussy spasm as her orgasm rushed over her.

“Huuuhhh….uuhh…goodd… uuhhh…deeper… yes…aaahhh…ahhhh… ARRGGHHH!” Ginger cried out as her orgasm wracked her body, as she thrust the whip handle deep into her pussy, imagining her sons cock doing the same later. Her body jerked and swayed and she would have fallen off the bed but Kenny flung his leg up to stop her. She then flopped forward and continued to cum as she lay against his leg. Shortly her pussy quit contracting and she began giggling as she started to pull the whip handle from herself.

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