Teresa Scalia: Barbara and Michelle


Teresa Scalia: Barbara and Michelle Once Again

Roxanne Starr the redheaded strip club owner, in her continuing efforts to become a legitimate businessperson, had expanded her lingerie shop. Leaving the small Main Street storefront, she left the quaint shop behind and moved the business into a standalone building adjacent to a large shopping mall. With nearly quadruple the square footage in the new building, Roxanne’s lingerie venue could now rival even some of the larger retailers such as Victoria’s Secret. Many more displays, sample cases, and manikins filled the store. As well as double the number of dressing rooms. In the rear of the store there was a well-appointed employee lounge. Complete with sofas and easy chairs. Mindful of the ever-present shoplifters, Roxanne had installed a sophisticated security camera system. The monitors were in her office where she could easily keep track of things on the floor.

Perusing the inventory printouts on a late Wednesday afternoon, Roxanne took a break and looked up at the monitors just in time to see a most unexpected customer come through the door. Michelle Smithson had finished her workday as principal of the middle school and decided to check out the new womenswear store. Michelle had no clue that her former nemesis, Roxanne Starr, was the owner and proprietor. Smartly dressed in business attire, she was wearing a beige suit with white blouse, suntan colored stockings and brown heels. The skirt was at least 2 inches above the knee and sufficiently snug to leave no doubt of the voluptuousness of Michelle’s ass. She wore the coat portion of the suit unbuttoned which left no doubt to the bustiness of Ms. Smithson. In fact, it looked as though a few of the buttons of her blouse were straining to contain her chest. Michelle’s wavy, strawberry blonde hair was worn loosely just below her shoulders.

“Well, what do we have here?” Roxanne thought as she watched Michelle commence to browsing the store. Roxanne observed for a few minutes, switching from one camera to the other and using the remote to follow Michelle through the store. Not that she was concerned of Principal Smithson committing any pilfering, Roxanne just enjoyed watching her and reminiscing on their encounter some months past. Roxanne was so brazen; she even used the zoom function of one of the cameras to get a full-screen view of Michelle’s derrière. An admirer of the female form, Roxanne had fond memories of Michelle over her lap and giving that big butt some well-deserved spanks.

A good 10 minutes had passed, and Roxanne noticed on the video screen another of her former acquaintances entering the front door.

“Well hooray. Today must be my lucky day!” thought Roxanne as she observed the blonde suburban mother Barbara Anderson walk into the store. As Michelle had done, Barbara began casually browsing the merchandise. Of course, Barbara and Michelle did not notice each other given the large floor space of the store. Barbara was casually dressed in a powder blue T-shirt, knotted at the side and gray yoga pants. The yoga pants fit her more like a coat of paint than an article of clothing. Standing out were her very shapely legs and cute round bubble butt. And for the very observant, it could be noticed that there was the slightest hint of a VPL (visible panty line). Evidently today Barbara was not wearing a thong. The knot in the T-shirt supplied enough snugness to the fit that there was no doubt Barbara had a very respectable pair of breasts under that powder blue fabric. On her feet were a pair of white sneakers and her blonde hair was held back in a simple ponytail. Once again Roxanne began reminiscing. Her thoughts went back to the boxing ring when she stripped Barbara and aided Kathy Benson in Barbara’s debasement and punishment. Roxanne chuckled to herself at the memory.

Continuing her covert surveillance, Roxanne watched both women as they casually strolled through the store. After a couple minutes Roxanne observed that Michelle had frozen in her tracks and was staring in one direction. It was obvious Michelle had spotted Barbara. This went on for a couple minutes with Barbara none the wiser that she was being eyeballed by Michelle.

“You know, I might be able to have a little fun with this.” Roxanne schemed.

Leaving her office, Roxanne went out onto the store floor cautiously avoiding being seen by either Michelle or Barbara. She stopped about 10 feet behind Michelle and paused to make some observations. Michelle was following Barbara’s movements like a bird dog on a hot scent. Roxanne noticed how Michelle would shift her weight from one foot to the other every couple seconds. Her hips swaying slightly, and it appeared her thighs were rubbing together. Roxanne instantly knew what was going on in Michelle’s mind and decided to kickstart some events. And Roxanne’s instincts were right on target.

Looking at the very fit blonde housewife, Michelle was recalling their history. “Oh, Mrs. ucuz escort Anderson. I’d love another crack at you, especially over my lap.” Michelle was also feeling a scratch she couldn’t itch, at least not in a public setting. The best she could do was rub her thighs together. Quietly walking up behind her, Roxanne placed her left hand on Michelle’s left shoulder and whispered into her ear.

“Hello Principal Smithson. So nice of you to visit my store. I see you’ve taken an interest in a particular blonde over there in the brassiere section.”

Michelle flinched at the touch of Roxanne’s hand on her shoulder. She looked to her right to see who it was. That question was answered when Roxanne began speaking.

“I believe you two know each other. Some very inappropriate goings-on at a school meeting? And I heard that Mrs. Anderson, over there, applied some corporal punishment. And you were the recipient. Pity she got her hands on you before I did, but then again, we did have our time together on Main Street. And with half the town watching as well.”

Roxanne paused her narration for a moment to let Michelle absorb what she had been told and to gauge her reaction. Michelle did indeed recall her incident with Roxanne. Stripped of her dress in public and down to her bra and panties, Michelle then was forced to endure the humiliation of a bare bottom spanking courtesy of Roxanne. With most of the town witnessing it. Michelle also remembered how she felt being dominated by the statuesque redhead. A humbling experience for the haughty principal to be sure, but an experience that uncovered some suppressed urges. Secretly Michelle had wished that her time with Roxanne had not ended with just a spanking. Just as she had wanted more from her time with Barbara. Which of course was not possible given the public setting of the Hoedown.

Roxanne then continued. “Maria gave me a full report on how you and Mrs. Anderson had a go at the Hoedown. As I understand it you certainly got the best of her and I think you both got some enjoyment out of it.”

Michelle was speechless and did not respond to Roxanne’s comments. Her mind was racing back to that time when Roxanne gave her a public spanking. And there was more than a little truth in the fact that when Michelle punished Barbara, Michelle was getting turned on.

“What are you getting at?” hissed Michelle. “What went on between that pushy blonde and I is none of your business.” Michelle was struggling to keep her voice in a whisper. Roxanne had hit some buttons. The main one being Michelle’s repressed thoughts concerning Barbara Anderson.

“Well my dear, although she’ll never admit to it, we both know that Mrs. Anderson longs to be dominated by a strong woman. And unless I miss my guess, there’s some smoldering unfinished business concerning that blonde within you. I’m just offering to give you a hand so to speak.”

With that Roxanne rested her right hand on Michelle’s waist. She slowly dropped her hand and worked it under the tail of Michelle’s suit coat. Finding her target of opportunity, Roxanne gave Michelle’s round butt cheek a firm squeeze.

Michelle jumped at Roxanne’s caress and quickly turned to face her directly. Already somewhat aroused, Roxanne’s suggestions fed the fire. Now that she was facing her, Roxanne made a quick visual appraisal of the busty school administrator.

“Well I’d say I call this one correctly.” Roxanne thought to herself when she saw Michelle’s gumdrop nipples straining against her bra and blouse. “She is horny as hell for that blonde.”

“What’s in this for you?” Michelle questioned.

“Oh, maybe a little entertainment.” Roxanne said quite flippantly. “And I’d like to see the goody-goody blonde taken down a few pegs. The question is are you woman enough?” Roxanne knew few equals in manipulation and Michelle Smithson was falling for all her skills.

Michelle turned to look across the store at Barbara. She took in the sight of Barbara’s skintight yoga pants leaving nothing to the imagination and what was under that powder blue T-shirt. She also began to imagine what it would be like to have the fit blonde mother over her lap once again, bare bottom up, receiving sharp smacks from her. And after the spanking, Michelle imagined things could go further. Michelle was making a mental tally. She was balancing risk versus reward. And the more she thought about what could potentially take place, the more aroused she became. Her building arousal caused her impulses to overrule her good judgment. Michelle convinced herself to take Roxanne up on her offer and assistance.

Sighing deeply she turned to face Roxanne “All right” Michelle said with a degree of determination. “Here, in your shop?”

“Of course. You need to take advantage of this opportunity. Give me a couple minutes to clear out the store and then you go ahead and get things started dearie. And leave the rest to me. ümraniye escort When the time comes for privacy, I’ll take care of everything.” Roxanne said with a slight grin.

There were only two other customers in the store and Roxanne subtly ushered them out the door giving them a fabricated tale of closing early for inventory. The three retail clerks, working that day, were delighted to be informed that they had the rest of the afternoon off with pay. True to her word, other than our three ladies, the store was empty. All the while Barbara was oblivious to what was being set up. She had moved from the brassiere displays to the panty area. Michelle circled her like a lioness stalking an antelope. All the while concealing herself from Barbara’s view. Barbara was looking over the panty display as Michelle stealthily came up behind her. Getting a good look at Barbara’s ass, Michelle saw the panty lines under Barbara’s yoga pants and decided to use that as an opening. Barbara had picked up a pair of bikini panties to examine.

“You know Mrs. Anderson, if you’re going to flaunt yourself in these overly tight stretch pants the least you could do is check yourself before leaving the house. Visible panty lines, really how tacky.” Michelle taunted.

Barbara dropped the panties onto the table at the sound of Michelle’s voice, knowing exactly who was speaking. She turned to face Michelle and as she did she lightly brushed her bottom with her right hand. Her fingers did detect the raised hem of her panties under her pants.

“Principal Smithson, I don’t think my choice of attire is any of your business.” Barbara countered.

“Perhaps not, but I couldn’t help myself. And that T-shirt you’re wearing knotted at the waist. Are you trying to look like a teenager? Maybe you’re trying to snag one of your son’s friends?” Michelle answered with another insult.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t know what your problem is but I’m not listening to anymore of your cheap insults. And if I were you I wouldn’t talk too much. As I recall most of the middle school football team has seen you in your underwear.”

“And most of the town saw your oil covered bottom paddled by a stripper, of all people. Which reminds me Barbara, what really went on that day on the beach when Teresa and I surprised you? Those two girls were leaving on the jet skis and you appeared to be adjusting your bikini bottoms. And I also recall your ass was quite red and it wasn’t from the sun.”

Barbara didn’t have a quick come back for Michelle’s latest taunt. Her reference to that day on the beach when Barbara had her intense interlude with Jenna gave her pause. Barbara had endured a spanking from Kathy Benson with Jenna Myers assisting but also being sympathetic to the blonde spankee. And afterwards a torrid lovemaking session with the caramel skinned dancer.

“Although I wasn’t there, I’ve been told you showed some serious arousal when that stripper was tanning your bottom. Do you two have a history, Barb?” Michelle continued her taunting.

Barbara bit her lip in anxiety. Not because Michelle’s comments were particularly vehement, but because they were accurate. Barbara scanned the store to see if there were other customers, or more importantly, did Michelle have someone there to help her. Seeing no one else in the store and feeling vulnerable, Barbara made the decision to mount a strategic retreat.

“I’m not listening anymore of this. Goodbye.” Barbara said with finality. She then turned to walk to the exit of the store.

“Not just yet Mrs. Anderson.” Michelle said as she quickly snatched a grip on the knot of Barbara’s T-shirt, halting Barbara’s forward progress, Michelle pulled her back towards her. Stumbling backwards towards Michelle, Barbara turned to face her.

“What do you think you’re doing! Let go of me.” Barbara grabbed Michelle’s wrist and tried to get free. Michelle was determined to maintain her hold and Barbara was having no success in breaking it. Barbara began forcefully backing away. Michelle saw an opportunity in this. Her right hand grasping Barbara’s T-shirt, Michelle put her left hand behind Barbara’s head and grabbed her ponytail. Barbara took her free hand and grabbed Michelle’s other wrist. Barbara found herself looking at the floor bent at the waist. Now that she had Barbara in position, Michelle completed her plan. Pulling backward on the knot, Barbara’s T-shirt quickly peeled off over her head and shoulders and down her arms. Feeling her exposure Barbara released Michelle’s wrists. With a bit of a flourish, Michelle yanked the T-shirt completely off and tossed it over her shoulder. Barbara stumbled back a few steps and looked down at herself. Her very perky rack, enclosed in a pink lace bra, was on display. At first Barbara tried to cover herself. Then she had to endure another verbal jab from Michelle.

“Ooopsy daisy Barbie. Did you lose something?” Michelle üsküdar escort was not about to let an opportunity go by without tossing a verbal barb. But the sight of Barbara sans T-shirt was not lost on Ms. Smithson. The nicely filled out pink bra drew Michelle’s attention. However, she would not have long to enjoy the sight.

“Oh you bitch!” Barbara exclaimed and then charged at Michelle. Michelle thought she was ready, but Barbara made an unexpected move. Instead of trying to deliver slaps or grabbing a handful of hair, Barbara came in low wrapping her arms around Michelle’s waist. Barbara’s hands were busy looking for something to grip on Michelle’s clothing. Finding nothing but the smooth fabric of Michelle’s suit coat, both of Barbara’s hands traveled below Michelle’s waist and over her butt. Barbara made a couple of futile efforts at scratching the well-rounded cheeks of the principal. Realizing that Michelle’s clothing was protecting her from the scratches, Barbara moved her hands lower and discovered the hem of Michelle’s skirt. With a couple forceful tugs, Barbara yanked the tight skirt up and over Michelle’s big butt, all the way up to her waist. Quickly taking advantage, Barbara did her best to claw the exposed derrière. Michelle’s dark rose colored thong offered little protection.

“Ow, ow, God dammit!” Michelle screamed as Barbara went to work on her ass. Michelle knew she had to launch a quick counterattack. With Barbara bent over in front of her, Michelle spotted her objective. With a quick motion she slipped her right hand down the middle of Barbara’s bare back and plunged her hand down the back of her stretch pants. Michelle’s fingers quickly found the waistband of Barbara’s panties. Getting a good grip on the fabric, Michelle pulled back with all her strength. The panties stretched and stretched until the pink silk fabric and elastic waistband was nearly to the middle of Barbara’s back. Barbara screamed in pain as the wedgy dug into her nether regions. Michelle’s left hand joined her right gripping Barbara’s panties. Conceding to the painful wedgy, Barbara ceased the assault on Michelle’s ass and made a concerted effort to escape. Barbara stood straight up and was face to face with Michelle. Michelle kept her grip on Barbara’s panties continuing to apply the pressure and pulling Barbara chest to chest. Barbara had to take the offensive and went after Michelle’s blouse. With both hands occupied with Barbara’s panties, Michelle could do nothing to defend herself. Buttons flew through the air as Barbara ripped open Michelle’s white blouse. Michelle’s matching rose colored lace bra made its debut. With Michelle’s blouse open, Barbara went after the principal’s bra with intentions of revealing what that bra was containing. Her hands slipped under the blouse and cupped each lace covered breast. Fingertips frantically searching for the edge of the bra cup. Michelle was not about to let Barbara get the advantage. She released the wedgy and made a grab for Barbara’s ponytail. Securing Barbara’s hair in a firm grasp, Michelle yanked Barbara’s head back. Barbara’s hands swiftly departed Michelle’s boobs and grabbed her wrists trying to relieve the pressure on her hair.

Meanwhile, while the middle school principal and the soccer mom were engaged in their battle, Roxanne had been busy. First off she made sure that her security system was recording HD video, complete with sound, of all that was going on. Then she went to the front of the store and unlocked the entrance. A nearby women’s apparel store was having a sidewalk sale. Roxanne casually walked over to the outdoor displays and subtly announced that the middle school principal and a well-known local mother were having a dustup in her store. The history of these two women was well-known and some of the ladies at the sidewalk sale were witnesses to Roxanne and Barbara’s past encounters.

“Oh I’m not gonna miss this.” One woman said to another. “Come on let’s go!”

Word spread rapidly through the crowd and at least 20 of the shoppers followed Roxanne over to the lingerie shop. Roxanne cautioned all the ladies to be quiet so as not to disturb the combatants. She then let the group enter. The ladies were treated to the sight of Roxanne, whose skirt was pulled up to her waist exposing her rose lace thong and suntan colored pull-up stockings. Her suit coat was pulled back and her blouse was wide open. Roxanne’s expansive bust, contained in a matching rose lace bra, was fully visible. She had both hands on Barbara’s ponytail. Barbara’s hands were busily engaged holding onto Michelle’s wrists and trying to relieve the pull on her hair. Stripped to the waist, Barbara’s pink bra and matching panties were seen. Her panties, of course were at an unnatural position. This did not go unnoticed by the spectators.

One woman commented to her companion with a chuckle “Well my goodness! It seems Barbara Anderson has taken 80s style high waisted panties to new heights.” The other ladies who were in close proximity laughed in agreement. It didn’t take long for the cell phones to appear with personal still photos and video recorded for posterity.

As their struggles continued, the girls were circling in their position. The crowd was afforded a view of Michelle’s exposed derrière.

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