Testing the Water


Despite being older than all the students in his year, Mark could not be said to be the most mature. He had barely gotten promoted to his second year in junior college. If he had failed, it would have been the third time in his academic life that he would have been retained. The school did not mind though, as Mark was an excellent rugby player. The longer they retained his services, the higher their chances of retaining the championship.

As luck would have it, Mark’s GP teacher was due to give birth, so the school brought in a replacement. Kelly had just graduated last year, and was waiting to enter university. As she had been one of the top scoring students in her year – not only for GP – the school brought her back to relief teach. Strange that Mark would be older than his teacher, but he did not dwell long on that thought.

As Kelly was new to the class, she did not want to get off on the wrong foot. However, being the academic slave driver that she was, she decided that she had to assign work, albeit creative one. The first assignment she gave was for the class to “re-write a classic movie theme in your own style, using yourself as a character.” It was due the following Monday.

Mark groaned. He didn’t watch movies much. He watched a bunch of crappy reality shows on television. He had, however, been watching a lot of porn on the iPad his father had given him for Christmas. He bought himself subscriptions to various porn sites, most of which dealt with taboo content. His favourite was “My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend”.

The due date for the assignment crept up on Mark, and he found himself with nothing written and no clue what to do. He glanced at the clock. “10.31pm”. He decided to take a break, took out his iPad and dropped his shorts. Two porn videos and one orgasm in, he finally had an epiphany.


My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, by Mark Chan.

I came home from school and sat down at the kitchen table to write an assignment my teacher had given me. She had big breasts and a nice butt and made me horny when I sat in class watching her, and it was hard to stop thinking about her when I got home. I took my prick out to rub it since no one was home. It got real big, and I didn’t want to mess up my dad’s floor, so I walked down the hall to the bathroom holding my pants up with one hand while I rubbed it with the other hand. I walked past my dad’s exercise room and his girlfriend was in there doing yoga. She saw me.

“Mark, you are home from school,” she said.

“Yes, I am,” I said.

“What have you got there in your hand?” she said.

I was embarrassed and she walked towards me.

“Don’t be embarrassed Mark, that is a nice one. It is bigger than your father’s. Can I touch it?” she said.

“I don’t think my dad would like it,” I said but she put her finger over my mouth and she started rubbing it for me.

“I like it very much and I want to lick it,” she said.

She licked it all over and it went into her mouth and then she took off her clothes. They were yoga clothes and she was nude underneath. She laid down and told me to do it to her and I did it. She yelled “It’s big! It’s big!”


Mark stopped writing. He wasn’t sure if he should use ‘bad words’ like fuck, and pussy, and jizz and ass. He thought about Kelly, and wondered if she knew about those words. Yes, she must, he thought, she had topped the level for Literature, and her command of English had to be good. Moreover, these weren’t foreign words. He wondered if Kelly read or wrote erotica, as his pen now glided across the paper almost on autopilot.


“Fuck me harder Mark!” dad’s girlfriend said, and I did. I had never fucked anyone before, except myself, and I liked it.

“I am going to show you how to do it lots of different ways,” she said.

“My father won’t like that,” I said.

“He will never know, will he Mark?” she said.

I fucked her on top of me, and I fucked her in front of me. I liked fucking her in front of me. Her ass was nice and round and reminded me of my English teacher.


Mark paused from his writing to decide if he should leave the references to Kelly in his story, and his mind drifted to thoughts of her sex izle pretty smile. Almost every boy in the level, and the level below for that matter, had a crush on her. What the heck, Mark thought, if he was going to fail this assignment, he may as well fail while having fun.


When we were through fucking, she made me hard again with her mouth.

“Your dad was never this good. I will have to fuck you more often,” she said.

“OK,” I said. “After school would be good, my teacher makes me horny.”

The end.


Mark smiled. He wondered how Kelly would react. He tore the foolscap paper off, put it into his file and climbed into bed. Even though he had only cum an hour ago, he began masturbating furiously as he thought about what he had just written. Wave after wave of pleasure hit him before he drifted off.


“Did you do your homework?” Mark’s mother asked the next morning, “I don’t want the school calling me up again.”

“Yup, Kelly had us write a movie,” he said.

His mother gave him a stern glance.

“Miss Tan.” Mark sighed as he corrected himself. He wolfed down his cereal, got in the car with his mother as she drove him to school. For once, he could not wait to submit a piece of work.


Mark’s friend Sarah took the seat next to him as the class filed in.

“What’s your excuse this time?” She teased.

“I’ll have you know, Sarah, that I actually did my work!”

“No way! You’re shitting me!”

“Yeah, it was kinda fun after I got going,” he said with a smile. “What did you do yours on?”

“I did like a Harry Potter kind of thing, with me in the female lead,” she said. “It’s really hard writing fantasy, I don’t know how Ms. Tan’s gonna like it. She always grades us girls lower than you guys anyway…”

Sarah’s voice got cut off as Kelly began her lesson.


When GP class ended, Kelly asked the students to turn in their assignments, and they all tossed them into her inbox as they passed her desk on the way out. She smiled at Mark as he and Sarah walked by.

“See, I told you!” Sarah said as they joined the noise and chaos in the hallway between classes.

“Told me what?” Mark asked.

“Ms. Tan. She likes you,” she said.

“Grow a brain,” Mark retorted.

“So what’s that movie you said you wrote about?” she asked. “I didn’t get the chance to ask you about it earlier.”

Mark could not hide his excitement. “You watch porn, right?”

Sarah’s eyes got huge, and her mouth opened wide.

“PORN?” she asked, way too loudly, and their classmates turned back to stare at them disapprovingly. “Mark, tell me you didn’t write a porn movie!”

“Yeah,” he said, suddenly second guessing himself. “But it’s cool though. I put Ms. Tan in it… she’ll like that, right?”

“Fuck Mark!” Sarah said, looking horrified. “You should go get it back. I’m late, I gotta go to Econs.” She shook her head in disbelief and walked away with the steady stream of students. She knew Mark was a little slow on the uptake, but this took the cake.

Mark stood there, starting to worry he had crossed a line he shouldn’t have. He decided to go and ask Kelly for it and try and write another one by the end of the day, but her room was locked and she was gone. He went off to the canteen and quickly convinced himself Sarah had overreacted.


Kelly sat in the staff room, snacking on waffle and a cup of coffee as she graded papers. Sarah’s fantasy movie theme was only good enough for a C minus grade, and Mark’s paper was next on the pile. She saw his name as she reached for it.

“WHAT?!” she said out loud as she began to read the first passage of Mark’s story…

I came home from school and sat down at the kitchen table to write an assignment my teacher had given me. She had big breasts and a nice butt and made me horny when I sat in class watching her, and it was hard to stop thinking about her when I got home. I took my prick out to rub it…

“You all right Kelly?” one of the other teachers asked.

“Oh… yeah,” Laura said, obviously flustered.

She looked at the paper again and a tremble went through her. What was Mark thinking when he wrote alt yazılı porno this? His command of English certainly wasn’t surprising, but the audacity! She read the story once through, tucked it back within the pile of assignments and made her way to the washroom to gather her thoughts.

Was Mark writing about her? Yes, she thought he was cute, but he was also a no-brainer jock. From her own foray into porn, Kelly knew the title reference was unmistakable. As she looked in the mirror in the ladies room the words he’d written flooded back to her again—it was hard to stop thinking about her when I got home. I took my prick out to rub it. She knew she had to reread the rest.

Walking back through the staff room, she picked up his script, tucked it in her bag and walked out. She had half an hour before her next class and needed privacy. The sixth floor handicap toilet would suffice. As she read the rest of the story her body had another visceral reaction—her pussy was wet. A few simple words on a page had succeeded in making her horny.

She put the paper away and tried to think what to do. She knew what she wanted to do—she wanted to fuck Mark every possible way a person could. But the story Mark wrote —could that have actually happened with his father’s girlfriend? She doubted it, but the whole thing was just crazy, and she had a class to teach. She got herself together and made her way to her next class.

As she taught the rest of her classes that day Kelly’s mind wandered. Mark’s words—’big breasts’, ‘nice butt’, ‘my English teacher makes me horny’—kept coming back to her, and she suddenly saw her male students differently. Were they looking at her body? Were they thinking about her sexually? Now that she was looking for it, she noticed some of her more mature eighteen-year-old boys were indeed looking at her ‘that way,’ and it made her tingle a little. Not as much as Mark’s paper did, but a little, and it was a whole new feeling for her in the classroom.

By the end of the day she was exhausted. Her mind had been working feverishly all day and it wore her out. She wasn’t thinking clearly and needed to get home. A staff meeting after school had only made things worse. As she walked to her car she noticed Mark sitting on the curb, waiting for his mother to pick him up after rugby practice, his hair wet from a shower and a gym bag by his side. Without even thinking about what she was doing she walked to him.

“Hey Ms. Tan, what’s up,” Mark said in his usual friendly way. The casual sexiness of his manner disarmed her, as it usually did.

“Mark, that story you wrote…” she said without thinking through how to continue.

“That one’s worth an ‘A’, right?” Mark said with a smile. “I mean it’s not often you find yourself in someone’s story right? Or maybe guys write about you all the time…that wouldn’t surprise me much.”

His smile grabbed a hold of her brain and twisted it into knots.

“Mark you can’t write that kind of thing for an assignment,” Kelly said. “I’m going to grade you on it, because you did the work, but I’m not going to give it back to you. We can’t risk having anybody see it, okay?”

“Okay, I guess,” Mark said. “So you didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that. It’s very flattering that you wrote about me that way,” she said and a red blush flushed across her face and neck. Her nipples hardened, and she was glad she had on a thick bra.

Mark’s handphone buzzed, and he looked at his text.

“Fuck,” he cursed under his breath, hoping she wouldn’t hear. “My dad’s working late again. I’ll just take the bus home.”

“I can drop you off,” Kelly blurted out without thinking. “Where are you going?”

He told her where he stayed, only for her to realise she lived several streets away. They got into Kelly’s Mini Cooper – a present from her family for doing exceptionally well for her A-Levels – and zoomed out of the parking lot, getting a few looks from some students that were loitering around.

“So Mark, I’m afraid my curiosity’s got the best of me,” Kelly said as she drove, knowing she was pushing the boundaries out even farther. “Is the story you wrote true?”

Mark though for a moment altyazılı sex izle and realized there was no time like the present to come clean on his attraction to Ms. Tan.

“No, except for the stuff about you,” he said.

“Oh,” Kelly said quietly as her face flushed red again, and that same tremble she felt earlier rippled through her body. The combination was the closest she’d been to an orgasm today, and she took a deep breath and said something she immediately knew she shouldn’t have said. “Would you like to come home with me for a little while?”

She looked over at Mark, with the seatbelt crossing his muscular chest and his eyes twinkling. He nodded and smiled, and her heart just about leapt from her chest. This was dangerous ground, but the ball was rolling, and it was gaining momentum.


“Oh fuck Mark! Give it to be baby!” Kelly said, nearly unable to speak through her panting breaths.

Her head was spinning and she didn’t even know the words were forming or being said—they just flowed out of her mouth without thinking.

“Your fucking cock! Oh my god I love your fucking cock!” she said as Mark thrusted deep into her from behind.

Mark’s head was spinning too. His sexy teacher’s naked hips were in his hands. He was lasting pretty well because he had already cum, a violent gush that exploded out of him when Kelly’s hand first touched him. Two soft strokes with her slender fingers was all it took, and he gushed all over the dress she had worn to school. It felt so much better than when he did it himself, and he was overwhelmed by the sensation and couldn’t even begin to hold back—the powerful orgasm ripped through him and even Kelly was taken aback by how deeply it rocked him.

The first thrusts into her pussy were overwhelming too—if her hand felt so much better than his own, how could her pussy feel ten times better than that? It didn’t make sense, but he soon stopped thinking about it and let instinct take over. After the quick hand-job, Kelly had stripped off her soiled dress and knelt in front of Mark, taking his sticky, semi-soft cock into her mouth. It all happened so fast Mark could hardly keep up with the sensations, and then, without him even knowing quite how it happened, she was down on the rug and he was fucking her from behind, holding tight to her hips.

“I love your cock!” she whimpered again.

Mark didn’t even realize he had an above average sized organ, but Kelly knew as soon as she saw it. “Oh Mark!” she said when his pants first came down. She knew letting him fuck her from behind—with her ass in the air and her head on the soft rug—would take full advantage of his length, and she was loving every millimeter of it.

“God!…Oh God!” she groaned as an orgasm started to build. A real orgasm, from a real cock, not some squirming from a dildo stored in a box in her room.

“Don’t stop Mark! Don’t fucking stop!” she said in a breathless whimper.

Mark didn’t plan on stopping. He had already cum again deep inside his teacher, but the heat of the moment kept him hard and he pumped on, hoping he could keep going forever. His long cock plumbed Kelly’s depths, and his pelvis slapped into her ass in a loud rhythm as all the stamina training his rugby coach had put him through finally came into use.

Kelly was flying inside, her body on autopilot, spinning wildly, one moment in control, the next moment completely out of it. Mark kept going and going and going, and she’d never felt such a powerful windup to an orgasm before. When it finally overwhelmed her it was monumental, all sense of what was happening left her, and she mumbled and drooled saliva on her rug like someone having a stroke. Mark had never seen anything like it. When she stopped moving he slowed his assault, and her exhausted body finally went flat on the rug, leaving Mark on his knees with his bright red cock bouncing youthfully in the air.

“Ms. Tan? Are you okay?” Mark asked.

“Kelly, Mark,” she giggled, barely able to speak. “Call me Kelly when we’re alone.”

Mark stood over her body, his hand beating his cock furiously. He knew the earlier action had brought him close.

“Cum for me.” Kelly urged him on. “Cum all over my face.”

Mark grunted as he blew his second load over Kelly’s face. The first stream hit her forehand, coating her face all the way down to her lips. He smeared his cockhead over her lips and she licked him clean. Kelly then took his hand and led him to the shower.

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