That bitch Jordan


That little bitch Jordan!
By: TheBlackPedo/AKA Gen. Butt-Naked
M/f (14) rape, sex, mild violence

As a rule I do not rape or condone such an act, although of course, technically what I do is considered rape in today’s archaic laws (as they pertain to age of consent), I do not use force to have sex or make love with my little ones. This incident is out of character for me, but I was pissed, which is no excuse, and wanted to get even.

I worked on a voluntary basis at a local community center in Houston Texas, when I had time, which was usually 2-3 hours a day, during the after school care period. The center helped kids with homework and made efforts to help them improve in subjects of difficulty. Nearly all were from stereotypical single mother households, poor to impoverished, several had parents openly involved in some sort of substance abuse.

Jordan is 14, 5-6, 115, freaky teal green colored eyes, light brown skin, long black hair, and because of the baggy clothes she was made to wear, it was hard too gauge her body (besides her huge tits, those are hard to hide), but one thing for sure, she is stunningly beautiful. Jordan had a reputation of being a huge flirt, not fully understanding the power of her outwardly adult female physique, she has to often be told not to sit on adult male laps and stand between their legs, as well as those adults.

I was quite attracted to Jordan, she was in my class room, we got along real well, she is extremely intelligent, she rarely needed help with homework, often times helping others. Jordan talked to me regularly, asking a lot of personal questions, none inappropriate, mostly centering on my marital status and children. She learned I was single, so she tried to push her mother on me. Her mother is a nice looking lady, one can see where Jordan got her looks from, if you can get past the cigarette smoke, smell, the fact she walks around barefoot, and her loud mouth, she made me sick.

I played along with Jordan, because she would lean those big tits on my shoulder, every chance she could. Jordan loved candy, so I made sure to always have a pocket full, she realized I would always give her some after she put those tits on me. Man those things felt like football, they were so firm. Every so often, when the kids went on break she would stay behind, come to my desk and talk, she even sat on my lap several times. Now this is what got her in trouble before, she learned it was not that way with me, because she was not confronted by the staff or her mother. Jordan went to a private school, she had a day off, so her mother brought her to the center in the morning, I came up there early to check with the Director about making a financial donation, the place was struggling a bit with donations, due to the economic downturn, but he was tied up with a staff and board meeting, so everyone was behind closed doors and the phones were forwarded. I went to my room, as I walk in, Jordan is at her desk looking at her laptop. I spoke, she spoke, and asked why I was here, I explained and she said cool. I sat down to wait, Jordan got up and walked over to me, stepped between my legs, and started patting my pockets, looking for candy I’m sure. My
dick started to surge a bit, I told her she should not do that, she only needed to ask for what she wanted and Id give it to her, she said okay, can I have some candy, sure and gave her some, no sooner had she moved away, then one of the administrators turned the corner calling her name, she jumped as did I. The lady walked in, looked at us both and then left. That same lady spoke with me at the end of the day, telling me it was not a good idea to ever be alone with Jordan, she is a conniving little girl and has accused other men of being inappropriate with her, watch yourself! Yes ma’am was my response.

I took the ladies advice, Jordan recognized right away, she stopped talking as much, never asking for candy or rubbed those tits on me to get some. I get a call one day from the Director, he tells me Jordan told her mother, that she does not feel comfortable around me, never saying what was that made her feel that way, just that she did, in response to that, they had to speak with the other girls, all of whom said they did not feel that way.

As a result of their little investigation, they took Jordan and all of the older girls out of my class. Needless to say Jordan never spoke to me again, but I was pissed she lied on me, know I never touched her, escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan but I did nothing to stop her from touching me, some may say I was wrong. Jordan then went on a campaign to get her following of girls to say the same thing, so they would get rid of me. The other girls went to administrators and told them what Jordan was doing. Jordan was talked to by administrators and her mother apologized to me, damn near dropping to her knees, but not Jordan. I at this point started thanking about of revenge, this little girl caused problems for me, and she would have too pay!

I went about my plan of revenge. I knew where Jordan lived, so I started to survail the home, her, and the mother. I knew the lay out of the house, knew what time she took a shower, and more importantly when her mother left for her regular night out and the location. I knew her mother did not return until the next day about 6:00 am, which had been the pattern for a month.

Two weeks later on Wednesday, I followed the mother to her spot, which was a guys house located 20-30 minutes south in Missouri City. I knew she would not be home until 6:00 am, but still wanted to halt her movement, in case something went wrong and she returned early, so I placed little tactical spikes, underneath a tire on her and the guys car and drive back to the house. I arrive back near the home, readied my rape kit (lubricant, condoms, duct tape, Kevlar mask, handcuffs, Rambo knife) and moved off towards the house.

I used the trash alley to walk over to my entry point into the house, a window opposite Jordan’s room. I enter the window, move towards her room, all is quite. I see her, lying on her back with a white sheet
covering her, she is asleep, looking like a angel, hair spread out against her pillow. I move around the house re-locking doors, then return to her room, locking the door behind me. I remove all my clothing, releasing my now hard dick, engorged with anticipation. I move closer, with the help of the moonlight, I can see the outline of her little body, it becomes apparent that she is naked underneath the sheet. My dick is pulsing with the rhythm of my heart beat, as I move closer. I sit down on the edge of her bed and look and look at her sweet form, she is truly a beautiful little girl, she was going to mine tonight, like it or not. I slowly pulled back the sheet, I was delighted to see her perfectly shaped, firm, tits, they are huge on her little frame, her nipples perfect. I was shaking with anticipation and fear, my hands, I could barely stop my hands from trembling. I guess it was my trembling or the cool night air, but Jordan’s nipples started to become erect and she started to stir, she came out of her sleep. Her eyes opened and as the fog left her eyes and she was able to focus, I had my hand over her mouth. A look of confusion and fear made her look even sexier. She looked around, up and down my body, crying immediately as she saw my hugely erect dick waving at her. My face was masked, so I knew she could not recognize me, but again I am tall and real muscular man, my fear was she may recognize my arms or chest, but her fear and the darkness made me dismiss those thoughts. I reached up and closed the blinds, it was now much darker in the room. I put a finger to my lips indicating I wanted her quiet, she nodded yes, so I removed my hand, she started to say something, but I halted her by raising my finger to my lips, she shut up!

I had mini miners light on my forehead which I turned on so I could look at her body. I peeled the rest of the sheet back, in her modesty, she tried to cover herself, I simply looked at her, she put her hands by her side and turned her head in shame. Her stomach was flat lightly muscled, lovely hip swell, her pussy shaved bald, much to my delight, wonderful legs, and her feet were nice and narrow, not to mention small. I mounted her, just to feel her body next to mine, she felt wonderful, soft, warm, and little. She closed her eyes as I ground my pelvis and penis against her pelvis, enjoying the feel of her pussy. My large frame completely covered her, it looked awesome and felt that much better. I spread her legs, hooked them with my arms, spreading her wide open, as I continued my simulated sexual gyrations, she had her eyes tightly shut, as she started to cry, I think she finally realized what was going to happen to her.

I was enjoying escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan my little bump and grind, when she began struggling and started yelling, pissed I covered her mouth again, she tried to bite my hand, so I violently yanked her up off the bed, while covering her mouth, got my duct tape out and covered her mouth, took out the knife and let her get a good look, she understood the meaning. I looked at her tiny frame, amazed at how someone so young could be blessed with such a amazing body. She is absolutely beautiful, standing there shaking and crying. It was time to get back to the job at hand, violating this little hottie. I turn her around, looking at her wonderful bubble butt, grab a cheek in each hand, before I sit down on the bed. I indicate she needs to lay down, she obeys the command. I reached between her legs, she reacted by squeezing her legs really tight, I slapped her thigh, but she still kept the vise like tightness, so I pinched her nipple real hard, her little legs flew open, and moved her hands to cover her tits. I licked my thumb and searched out her clit, finding it, I rubbed it, after a few minutes of stimulation it started to harden. I got between her legs, spread them open and pushed them up, took her hands and placed each on a foot, she was wide open, bumping my dick on her pretty pussy. I scooted down looking at her fresh little pussy. I take my fingers and pulled her labia lips wide, her pussy looked like key lime pie, and I love key lime pie, I flicked my tongue and tasted its sweetness, it really tasted good, her inside were bright pink, and she was getting moist, the more I licked. I can only imagine the feelings going through her mind, I bet she was hoping her mother came home, or maybe she wondering if she was supposed to like the feeling she was experiencing between her legs. I knew she was feeling something, her thighs were twitching and asshole puckering, not to mention her clit was bullet hard. I looked up from my desert, she was still crying, because I am sure, no one, not even her mother has seen her like this, not since she was a baby.

After feasting on her tasty little pussy, I was on my knees between her legs, lubing up my dick with KY, for the first time in a while she is looking at me, my dick, my chest, abs, she is slowly shaking her head side to side, pleading with her eyes to spare her. My dick was hard, hell, I was even impressed at it’s current state of firmness, I could not wait to sink my dick in this little pussy. She was probably wondering how I was going to get that big thing inside without hurting her or possibly injuring her. I removed the tape from her mouth, I wanted to hear her scream when I breached her hymen, and beg me to stop. Through her tears, she started pleading right away! Don’t do this to me! I’m a virgin! I don’t deserve this! It won’t fit, it is to big! Please sir! This was music to my ears, it only served to excite me even more. I ignored her, not giving a damn, I was too far gone by now, I needed to feel her pussy. I placed my dick at the entrance, she started to hit me with her tiny hands and fists. I could feel the lips of her pussy stretching open in an effort to accommodate my huge crown, I pushed harder to get in her tight wet pussy, as she tried to twist away, hoping to get me off and out, but I am far to heavy and strong for her, but she was trying, she screamed a blood curdling scream when I busted her little cherry, hell the crown was barely inside. Her hands and legs kicking and pushing at me, I’m sure she was terrified, she struggled even more as I am completely ignoring her kicking and hammering on my body, I just kept trying to push my dick further inside her pussy. I lay down on her my body now completely against those firm tits, I take a tit and start licking and sucking her tit and nipple, while massaging the other, thumbing her nipple, easing my dick inside. Crying and sobbing she moved her body as much as she could, hysterically trying to get away, but with no effect.

I pushed my dick further into her, surely she could hear my labored breathing in her ear, as I continued to push forth with considerable difficulty. I hooked her legs with my arms, she is spread wide, it is time to fuck this sweet baby. I push forward slowly, I wanted to enjoy the feeling of raping her, I liked listening to her whimpers and screams of pain as I penetrate her with my thick long dick. I could escort bayan oğuzeli feel her pussy widen, because she let me know by loudly moaning as she felt my the large cock trying to fit into her tightness.

Her eyes now closed, surely thinking of something else, she gave up kicking and hammering, she had to be exhausted, maybe she thought I would stop if she didn’t fight, she was wrong. She laid there limp, ah, ah, ah is all I hear coming from her as I slowly pump the two inches of dick I have in her. I played with her, by stopping and starting, but always pushed a little further in, with each inward stroke, she kept still as I pushed further, forcing her pussy to take a little more of my dick. I had played enough, I thrust hard into her, she cried out in agony, gave one last fight with her arms and legs, crying and squirming. I had 6 inches inside her pussy, it was grabbing my dick like a lubricated surgeons glove. I looked down between us, her pussy was grotesquely stretched around my dick. I pushed again getting the last of my dick inside, she screamed and then fainted. I was being rough, but not violent, never have I had a girl faint, not even a much younger one, it was funny. I started a steady stroke, long dicking her, as she lay passed out, working her little pussy for all it was worth. I was really enjoying her young tight pussy. I had no desire to humiliate her or pretend like she was enjoying herself, because she wasn’t, yes her pussy was wet, but it was not her fault, nor did it mean she was excited, she had no control over that function. I may be a freak, but I am far from delusional. I
only wanted to fuck her, her being passed out made it much easier to deal with.

My dick was all the way inside, I released her legs and hugged her small body against, I wanted feel her body and get into a better position for the pounding I was going to give her, so I could reach my orgasm. Finding that position I started pushing in and out of her vise grip tightness, my dick grinding against her, I moaned with pleasure against the pillow, not thinking it was possible, but my dick got even harder. I groaned, pushing in harder and faster, her sexual innocence was gone, I was only concerned with my pleasure. I finally begin to feel my balls tighten, cum boiling, starting it’s push up my shaft, so I repeatedly thrust deeply inside pussy. I decide I want rear entry, getting even deeper, so I pull out, quickly turn her
over and thrust back inside, cushioned by her bubble butt, oh what a feeling. Again I am nearing orgasm, it is building into a huge one, I prolong as much as possible, but it was too late. I continue my thrusting, when it hits, I scream out, bottom out in her, and I shoot salvos of my seed deep inside her pussy, filling it. My dick pulsed no less then 20 times, it was a very intense orgasm, as lay spent across her sweat soaked body. I come out of my blissful exhaustion, because I feel her moving beneath me. My dick had grown soft inside of her, I pull out and roll off her, laying next to her in bed, she is looking at me, maybe wondering what is next. I want her ass, but I know I have done enough. She rolled onto her back, reached down to her pussy, she felt around, feeling the wetness and fluid leaking from her, she wiped her fingers on her spread as i had done to my dick. I quickly dress as I watch her on the bed, she is looking at me.

I wrapped her in bed spread, carried her to the bathroom, ran her bath water with Clorox, as she peed. Gave her a morning after pill, pays to have like minded friends in the medical field. I give her a bath. I leave her naked, as we strip her bed down, placing everything in the washer. I mix 90% Clorox with water solution in a cup, go back to her bedroom, and clean her mattress. Folks, I am getting rid of any trace evidence, lack of makes for a very difficult prosecution, despite what you see on CSI and LW SUV. I am sure to collect everything I brought and exit the house.

I made it to my car, where I realized I had spent 2 hours with her, I
changed again and waited. Her mother arrived at 6:00 as usual, nothing strange, until 7:00, when Jordan and her mom come outside, she is dressed for school and her mother for work. I follow, she is dropped off at school, I smile as she walks slightly bow-legged with her friends into the school. I go to work, check her address, the schools, and find no calls to the police to report a sexual assault. I knew for sure she would cry out to her mother about the rape, but she hadn’t. I saw her that same day at the center, she went about her way, not speaking or looking at me directly, quite honest, I was a bit worried. I continued to watch her house, nothing changed, her mom stayed with her routine. So about six months later I decide to pay Jordan another visit, tell you about that another time!

The end

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