That First Night


That First Night

I was driving along the Lake Front the other night. Cars were parked all along the North side that faces the water. With my window down, I could hear the waves splashing against the seawall. Even though I couldn’t see them, I knew there were people in those dark shrouded cars and had a pretty good idea of what they were also doing in the darkness.

I pulled into a spot next to a shiny Dodge with its windows down about a half an inch. I rolled mine down and in the breeze of the night I could hear the panting and sighing of two people enjoying one another.

Quietly, I pulled the zipper down on my own jeans and pulled out my dripping dick. I ran my finger over its swollen head and then, ever so slowly I slid my hand down the shaft and stopped when I felt the tickle of my spirally red pubic hair. Sliding the hand back up to the cowl, a shiver ran up my belly and I sighed softly at the warmth this movement gave me.

I heard the voice of the female in the car beside me. “Oh, that feels so good!” she tried to whisper but spoke louder than she had expected.

Sitting there, quietly, I listened to them. I knew he was licking her pussy. I imagined it was me, sticking my tongue in and out of the musty slit of hers and tasting that salty fluid that made me wet enough for me to slip my thick cock head between those lips and plant my seed into her box.

I imagined her back arching, reaching for my prick as I rose over her and then quickly thrust my staff deep into her pussy.

Just as I completed that thought, she whimpered, “That’s it baby! Fuck me good! Make me a real woman! I want nothing but to please you as you please me!”

“That’s what I want baby, I want you to suck me and let my hot seed slide down your throat and then, I’ll take you in the ass,” he told her.

“Oh yes baby! Take me; make you your woman. Fuck me like I’m your whore!” she nearly screamed.

“Suck me first, make me hard so I can fill you pretty pussy with my seed!”

Looking out the corner of my eye, I saw her slip off her seat and him scoot into her side of the car.

In his hand, he held his pride and joy; he was still stroking it. She sat on the floor of the passenger side and opened her mouth wide. It was dark, but there was enough artificial light that I could see the red lipstick on her lips as she opened her mouth and sucked his prick between them.

I heard him sigh and her slurp in the wide head that glistened in the streetlight. I watched as his hands held her head between his legs and moved it back and forth over his thick tool.

She didn’t try to slip away; she seemed to really like him controlling her.

I closed my eyes, wet the palm of my hand with my tongue and started stroking my prick faster with the rhythm of her head bobbing back and forth. I didn’t watch her; just listened to her breathing.

When she was close to his pubic hairs, her breathing became shallow, and at the tip, it sped up. I imagined that she was rubbing her clit as she sucked his dick.

Suddenly, the guy placed both feet on the dash pulling his prick closer to the edge of the seat and said harshly, “Suck my balls. Suck’em good!”

I heard her take a deep breath and watched sort of cockeyed as she opened her mouth wide and sucked his full balls into her mouth. Her cheeks poked out full of his gonads.

I wondered how she was breathing. My hand moved faster and faster up and down my shaft and I started Side escort squeezing my own balls and fantasized that she was also sucking mine.

My breathing became shallow and deep as the excitement mounted in my groin. I could feel the pressure mounting as the seed headed to the tiny hole and then exploded over my legs.

My head fell backwards to the headrest and I sighed, closed my eyes and enjoyed the release.

But I didn’t feel satisfied.

In the car next to me; I heard the guy whispering, “That’s it baby, suck it good; I’m almost there. Just a little longer. Make it last baby! I want to spray all over that pretty face of your!”

I stroked faster and faster and tried to keep rhythm with them.

She was whining with excitement; he placed both hands on her head and moved it quickly back and forth faster and faster.

Her hair was flying all around her face and her breathing was very heavy. Then it happened. He pulled his prick out of her mouth and sprayed his seed all over her pretty face.

Then he kissed her sticky lips and she crawled off the floor and onto the seat.

I tried not to look, but she had no top on. Her breasts were full and erect. I could almost imagine how they would feel in my mouth. I wanted to suckle them and rub my fingers in the wetness between her legs.

The guy wasn’t finished with her though. He had her kneel on the seat and facing out of the car window.

She saw me there beside her and I turned my head away.

With quick glances, saw him kneel behind her and spread her cheeks open. With his dick in his hand, he lined it up with that little round target there and forced it deep into her ass.

Before she bowed her head, I saw tears form on her cheeks.

The guy saw me watching him; he smiled and slapped her ass really hard. Then he rocked back and forth as he forced his thick dick into her tight orifice and fucked her stretched butt hole.

I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. She had closed her eyes; I guessed so that she would not feel so humiliated.

His body slapped against hers over and over again. Each thrust pushed her closer and closer to the open window.

Finally, her head was out the window and she looked to me for help.

I didn’t know what I could do. So I turned my head away and stroked my throbbing cock faster and faster. Then I spewed all over my legs and fell limp on the seat. I couldn’t watch her be humiliated any longer.

I started the car and looking at her once more, I drove away.

Finding another parking place on the south side of the street, I parked once again. Not many cars on this side. It has a picnic area with tables and lots of grass.

Getting out of the car, I was careful where I walked. I didn’t want to stumble over any bodies. Never know when a couple will be laying on the grass.

I heard voices, male and female. I heard moans, mostly female. I wondered about the girl.

I found a dark corner close to the mock hill and sat down on the damp wet grass. Again I pulled out my dong and stroked it fast and furious. I had never been so horny!

I really wanted to have a woman sitting on my hard cock. Her hips moving up and down slowly at first, then faster and faster until her body shook so that her breasts bounced up and down with hard nipples touching my skin.

When we finished I wanted her to kiss me deep, with her tongue touching my tonsils and her hand Side escort bayan sliding up and down on my thick shaft. As my seed spilled from my prick, I wanted her to lick it up and swallow.

Then I would kiss her sticky lips and taste me on them. I’d lay her on the damp ground and spread her silky legs wide and lick her essence, making my dick harder and thicker.

I would spread those soft lips wide open and shove my arrow deep into her fluids as her back arched to meet me.

I would ride her like a stallion does a mare. I would have her begging me to never stop! I so want a woman to love me and let me do the things to her that the guy in the car was doing to his girlfriend.

I can almost feel my prick slipping into a wet pussy and feel the tightness in my groin as I push it deep in her warm cunt. Her lips finding mine in gratitude of my cock giving her so much pleasure.

In my dreams, I feel her sucking me; the warmth of her mouth as she sucks me and the heat in my loins as my seed rushes to the top and explodes all over her pretty face.

When she has finished and I’d wiped the sticky cum off her face, I kissed her and her tongue darted into my mouth, sharing with me the seed I gave her.

I sweep her off the floor and carry her to my bed where I fuck her all night long.

Lost in this dream, I’m laying here on the cool, wet grass; my cock in my hand; stroking it faster and faster. I can feel my seed heading for my head and I so want it to be in someone’s mouth or pussy.

I close my eyes waiting for the explosion. Just before I shoot, I feel wetness on my head. I open my eyes and there, leaning over me is a beautiful woman.

She licks her lips and smiles. Pushing my hand away from my swelling prick, she smiles. Then she leans over me and licks the precum off the head an sucks the arrow into her lips.

She sucks lightly; the tip of her tongue plays in the pee-hole and my pulse quickens as my seed explodes into my orifice.

She continues to suckle me as I spew in her mouth. Her head bobbing up and down trying to catch all of my manhood.

Finally, she falls backward, onto the dew-touched grass. Her legs splayed, her skirt just below her pussy.

I can see the fur there. I crawled closer and smelled the musk.

She lifted her head and smiled at me. “Your turn!” she whispered.


“Yes, really!” She pulled up her skirt and there, in the moonlight was a beautiful pussy with fine hairs all over it. I could see droplets of water glistening on them.

First, I crawled between her legs and ran my tongue from the back of the slit to the little clit there. She shivered.

She tasted salty and smelled sweet.

I reached under her soft sweater and felt her breast. They were full and firm. Their nipples were hard.

I unbuttoned her sweater and took one of them in my hand. At first, I just felt its weight in my fingers then I pinched one of the nipples.

She looked into my eyes and smiled.

I licked my lips and then sucked one hard nipple into my mouth. I immediately got a hard-on and nearly fell.

She caught me; but I stayed on my knees. I slipped one and under her skirt and felt the soft fur of her pussy. Then I placed a finger between the lips that were wet. I slipped it in and out feeling the hot moisture there.

She moaned with pleasure and her nipples grew hard and pressed against her sweater. “Don’t Escort side stop,” she whispered softly.

Using my tongue, I lapped at her fluids and her hands supported her on my shoulders. Her hips slid in and out on my tongue.

“Please take me!” she whispered. “I haven’t had a man in so long!”

Reaching under her skirt, she slipped of the thin panties and then lay on the damp grass.

I knelt between her legs; my cock in my hand, stroking it; making it harder and harder until it hurt.

Precum had already formed on the head and I used my other hand to open the doors of her pussy so I could slip it in the warmth of her womanhood.

My body shook as she willingly let me through the gate into the pool of pleasure.

I knew I wouldn’t last long. After all, it was the first time my dick had ever met a woman’s skin.

My excitement level was dangerously high. I didn’t want to spill it as soon as I made it in. I wanted to please her as the guy had on the other side of the street. I wanted to fuck her until her pleasure exceeded mine.

Finally, I slipped my dick into her wetness.

“Slowly,” she whispered and pulled me closer to her. “We’re in no hurry here. I want it to last. I want you to fill me full of your seed. I want you to take your time and fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!”

Since I have never fucked anyone but my hand before; I wasn’t quiet sure what that meant. I just hoped I could go more than two minutes with this wonderful woman.

She pushed me back onto the grass and took my prick in her hand. She licked the shimmering head, and then rubbed it along the seam of her pussy.

I thought I would lose it right then and there. But I was able to control my desires. My cock head was wet from her juices.

She bent over me and swallowed my dick. Darkness came over me; I was so excited. My mind kept saying; ‘Not yet, Not yet, Wait, Wait, Wait!”

Then I felt her slide down my throbbing pole and her wetness landed in my pubic hairs. I was so excited but I forced myself to wait. I didn’t want her to know it was my first time. I hoped I could pull it off as if I was experienced.

She definitely had some experience because she took it slow and easy. She touched me in all of the right places. And when she sucked my dick she was so gentle.

When she finally had me hard enough to mount me, I watched as she slowly opened her pussy lips and sat on top of my now rock hard cock. Hitting my pubic bone, she pushed herself back up and then down.

Soon she had a rhythm that made my entire body burn with desire and my seed slowly made its way up the shaft.

It was better than masturbating and daydreaming. It was warm and silky. My balls pulled close to my body and my breathing became deeper and deeper.

I reached for her full breast and squeezed her nipples. Her head fell back and I reached between her legs and felt her heard clit as she rode me like a bronco.

This was better than any porn movie I had ever watched. This was real! I knew because I had never felt so warm and content after a porn movie.

Finally, my seed met her pussy and filled her to overflowing. Her body shook with ecstasy and mine blew its mind. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening to me. But I knew that it was.

She fell to my chest and her body shivered, her breathing fast and erratic. Then she fell quiet. Her breathing calmed and became consistent with sleep.

I lay there beside her, our bodies sharing warmth. She laid with me the rest to the night on the cold ground.

The morning’s first light woke me. She was gone. But there was a note. “Yes, I was here and I’ll be here tomorrow too… will you? ^fantasex13

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