That Man


“You let THAT MAN do horrible things to my body.”

That was the voice of my wife, Judy, yelling at me through the closed and locked bedroom door. The events of last evening were the proximate cause of the current situation. Let me recap.

Yesterday evening, Saturday, Judy and I were having dinner with Tony and Lily at their house. We’ve known them for all our lives and we’ve had regular Saturday evenings together whenever we could. Judy is a five foot seven inch, 47 year old, all female soul with long dark hair, in a very well put together body. She’s also the quiet one of our foursome.

Lily is about the same height, blonde, also 47, stacked, extroverted and always willing to stir the pot to create a little excitement on a calm Saturday night. Most times, she’s unable to create much of a stir but last night was different.

We had drinks before dinner. Tony prepared a pitcher of fruit juices and rum for the ladies and he and I had beer. We shared a bottle of wine with dinner and two or more drinks sitting around the table for an hour afterward.

We retired to the living room where Tony materialized two more drinks for the ladies. He and I carried our unfinished beers into the room and each sat on one of the two half-sofas in the room. The ladies sat next to their respective spouses. I could tell that Judy was nearing her limit of adult beverages. Much more and her actions would become unpredictable. When I looked at Lily, I got the feeling she was scheming something to add interest to the evening.

We talked about everything and nothing while the girls finished their drinks. Lily put her glass on the floor next to the sofa, got up and tuned the stereo to an easy listening station. As the music filled the room, she began to dance in front of us. As usual on these Saturday evenings in the summer together, she was wearing a sundress with spaghetti straps that came to just above her knees. As she danced, I determined that she wasn’t wearing a bra. When she spun, drunkenly, her dress spun out and rose but not high enough to determine if she was wearing panties.

Lily danced over in front of Judy. She put out her hand as an invitation to dance with her. Judy was reluctant and looked at me expectantly. I don’t know what she expected but I said, “Go ahead. Dance with her. Have fun.”

Still reluctant, Judy finished her drink, got up and joined Lily in the middle of the room. She was wearing a similar sundress to Lily but with both bra and panties. I knew this since I watched her get dressed before we left home. Slowly, with prompting by Lily, Judy began to dance in front of us. They were both barefoot having kicked off their flip-flops.

As the dance progressed, Lily added suggestive moves designed to stir the imaginations of her husband and me. I have to say, her efforts were having the desired effect on me. I can’t say what the impact on Tony was but, having known him for so long, I would guess he was in a similar condition.

Lily danced to a spot about equal distant between Tony and me. She stood there, shifting her hips in time with the music and the tip of her tongue visible between her lips. She pushed the straps of her dress off each of her shoulders and gave us a sinful smile. Without warning, she took the top of her dress in both hands, pulled it down over her breasts and shook her naked tits back and forth for several seconds before pulling her top back up and returning the straps to her shoulders.

I had an excellent view of her breasts with their small areola and hard, pencil eraser sized nipples. I was delighted with her display and looked at Tony for his reaction. To my surprise, he was smiling broadly, almost laughing, holding both hands with thumbs up, approving and encouraging Lily further. I didn’t think she needed much encouraging.

Lily danced back to Judy and said, in a voice loud enough for us to hear, “Your turn.”

“What?” stammered Judy. “I couldn’t”

“Sure you can. It’s easy. Just show off, have fun and feel the thrill.”

“I can’t. I’m wearing a bra. It just won’t work.”

“So, take the bra off. You know how to do it without revealing anything. Come here. I’ll help.”

Caught in a situation she couldn’t control, Judy moved over alongside Lily and, with her help, did that thing all women know how to do. She removed her bra under her clothing, pulling her arms inside her dress one at a time and tossed the bra over the back of a nearby chair.

“Go for it,” encouraged Lily.

“I can’t. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Sure you can. You saw me do it. It’s easy. Just, lower your dress, wiggle a bit and raise it back up. Nothing to it.”

“Easy for you to say and do. I’m not you.”

Lily thought for a moment and said, “I dare you.”

Bingo. The magic word. Judy may be the quiet one but she’s incredibly competitive. She will exert any effort, do almost anything to win. It’s her strongest attribute and her one major weakness. She’s never been able to escort kartal resist a dare. I’ve seen her do some incredible and funny things when dared but never anything quite like flashing her breasts.

Lily knows about Judy and her inability to resist a dare, so her provocation was calculated.

I watched as Judy’s demeanor changed. She gritted her teeth, determined, and danced over to the same place Judy had stood. Her hips and body were constantly in motion. She had my attention and Tony was frozen watching her. She pushed the shoulder straps down, grabbed the top of her dress and quickly flashed her tits. Maybe a total of half a second. If you blinked, you missed it. I doubt that Tony was able to appreciate the symmetrical, large, dark nipples that I knew she had.

Judy danced back near Lily. “That’s it?” asked Lily.

“Wasn’t it enough?” asked Judy in return.

“No, it wasn’t. How about we do it together.”

“I guess I could … “

“No quitting early. You do what I do and for the same length of time.”

“I guess.”

“Should I dare you?”

“No. I can do it if you do it too.”

“Pinky swear?”

“Pinky swear!”

Lily danced over in front of us and Judy joined her. Judy watched as Lily put her hands under her breasts and lifted them inside her dress. As promised, Judy aped Lily’s actions. Together they danced and bounced their breasts in front of us.

Lily removed her hands and turned to Judy. “Ready.”


Lily pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and grabbed the top of her dress. She waited as Judy did the same. “Here goes,” she said.

Lily pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and began to shift side to side, swinging her tits in front of us. Judy hesitated and then, shutting her eyes tightly, pulled her top down to her waist as well. Judy opened her eyes, saw how intense Tony and I were watching them and began to shimmy her body, causing her tits to move in seductive ways.

After several, too short minutes, Lily turned and danced away. Judy pulled her top up and danced toward Lily. Lily looked at her naked breasts and at Judy’s covered breasts. Exasperated, she moved in front of Judy. She reached out, took the top of Judy’s dress in her hands and pulled it down to her waist again. “Feel the power,” she whispered into Judy’s ear.

Together, they danced back in front of us. I could see the change in Judy’s demeanor. She was smiling. There was a confidence about her. Her back was arched and her tits pushed out in front of her, proud and erect. Lily noticed and reproduced Judy’s posture. The effect on me as they danced was predictable. I had an erection that was becoming an uncomfortable problem. When I looked at Tony, I could see he was in the same condition.

Lily pointed at Tony and then at me. “See,” she said to Judy.

“Yeah,” exclaimed Judy.

They danced away from us until they were in the middle of the room. “Take a quick break,” said Lily as she headed for the stereo. Tony headed for the kitchen. Lily tuned to a station playing dance tunes. Music suitable for a gentlemen’s club filled the room.

When Lily returned to Judy’s side, opportunistically, Tony arrived with two more drinks for the ladies and sat back on his sofa. The women began to dance rhythmically to the sultry music. Lily leaned in to Judy and said, “Let’s take off our panties.”

“Perfect,” answered Judy. I was shocked by her quick and positive answer.

Lily took a large swallow of her drink, put the glass on a nearby end table and began to run her hands up her legs under her dress. Judy downed the entire glass in one swallow and began to mimic Lily. They moved closer to us as they slowly lifted the sides of their dresses as their hands progressed upwards. When they had their hands on their waists, the fronts of their dresses hung down in front of them high enough to tease but not reveal anything.

In perfect synchrony, they began to slide their hands down their hips and thighs while continuing to dance seductively. I watched intently as the bottoms of their dresses moved down with their hands. As the fabric reached its limit, I could see the gussets of their panties confirming they had been sliding their panties down with their hands. Lily’s panties appeared to be a floral print and Judy’s, as I already knew, where solid white. Both panties had focus enhancing damp spots.

They bent over in front of us, treating us to a mind blowing treat of hanging and swinging tits, and removed their panties one leg at a time before straightening up. Lily held her panties in her left hand, held them to her nose and breathed deeply. I was in pain watching her. I knew she knew exactly what she was doing and the effect it had on me. She tossed her panties to me with a huge smile. I caught them in one hand, held them to my face, copied her deep breath and rolled my eyes back in my head. She laughed and danced away as I put the fragrant panties on the arm of the maltepe escort sofa.

Judy watched Lily’s moves and my reaction, intently and, as Lily danced away twirled her panties around the fingers of her hand. She lifted them to her face and took and even larger breath than Lily before she tossed them to Tony. He put them to his face and took several large breaths before putting them on sofa arm.

Judy laughed silently and stumbled slightly as she danced back alongside Lily. There was only one more act in this drama and I could see that Tony was as watchful as I was to see it play out. The women danced with each other to the music creating a stressful intermission for me as I waited. They danced in front of us again, looking the same as before, topless with sundress bottoms but we all knew that this time it was only the fabric of their dress between us and naked pussies.

“Ready for the finale?” asked Lily.

Judy paused, picked up Lily’s half-empty glass, downed the remaining liquid and said, “Damn straight.”

The danced up in front of us again. They never stopped moving as they pushed the sides of their dresses down a half inch at a time. A half-inch down on the left and then a half inch down on the right. They repeated the motion several times until the dresses were balanced on the edge of their hips. One more push on either side and the dresses would fall around their ankles. The pressure on my trousers was as intense as the moment.

I could see the top of Judy’s neatly trimmed bush at the edge of her dress. Lily appeared to be completely shaven, at least at the upper edge.

Lily looked at Judy. “On three,” she said. “One. … Two.”

“Three,” yelled Judy as they pushed on their dresses and, as predicted, the dresses fell to the floor at their feet. They never stopped moving as they kicked their dresses aside and began to undulate in front of us. They pirouetted. They twerked. They squatted down, spread their legs and squeezed their breasts in front of us. Judy had a neatly trimmed triangle of dense pubic hair pointing to the space between her very engorged labia. Lily was completely shaved and I could see the knob of her erect clitoris between her equally swollen pussy lips.

When the music paused between selections, both women stood silently next to each other. I think Judy thought the show was over and was wondering how to exit the stage. Lily, obviously, had other ideas. When the music started again, she reached out and cupped Judy’s right breast in her right hand. Judy’s gasping intake of air punctuated her initial reaction but, as Lily gently squeezed her breast and rubbed her thumb over her nipple, she closed her eyes, exhaled and pushed her chest into Lily’s hand.

Soon the women were dancing together. Their moves were more impulsive than choreographed. They pressed their breasts and genitals against each other. The music was forgotten as they moved for several minutes grinding with a leg against the other woman’s pussy and kissing each other. At one point, Judy got behind Lily, reached around her body and cupped both her breasts in her hands while rubbing her pussy against Lily’s ass. Lily repeated the process with Judy only she moved one hand to Judy’s pussy and pushed her back against her own pussy. They both worked up a sweaty glow from the intense activity.

I watched fascinated and knowing that none of what I was seeing would have been possible without help from Tony’s fruit juice and rum cocktail and his prophetic ability keep the women’s glasses full.

Three tunes later, when the music paused again, the glowing, aroused and slightly drunk women stood in front of us again. “Something’s not quite right about this picture,” opined Lily.

“What?” asked Judy.

“We’re naked, sweaty, horny and drunk and they’re just sitting there comfortably enjoying the show.”

“What do you propose we do about it?” asked Judy.

“First, we have to get them naked.”


Lily went to Tony and pulled him to his feet. Judy did the same to me. Before either of them made the next move, Lily asked, “Can I do Alex? You can do Tony.”

“Why the hell not,” said Judy. “We’ve already broken every taboo in the book.”

They switched places and each proceeded to disrobe their assigned man without fanfare or subtlety. I helped Lily wherever I could to speed up the process. When I was standing naked in front of her, Lily let out a generous sigh and said quietly, “Nice.” So nice, she reached out and took my erection in her right hand, hefting it and testing its flexibility.

I looked over at Judy and Tony to see their reaction. Judy had Tony’s erection in her right hand and was stroking it slowly. Tony had one hand on Judy’s breast and they were kissing, searching for each other’s tongue.

I whispered to Lily, “Check it out.”

She looked at Tony and Judy. By that time, Judy was in Tony’s lap obviously absorbing what he had to offer. “That was quick,” she whispered back. pendik escort bayan She immediately slid down my body to her knees and took my erection into her mouth. It was my turn to react. It felt incredible. She knew what she was doing and she was doing it all. I almost lost my load right there. Somehow I kept it all together. I fell back on the sofa and Lily fell with me without missing a beat, or a suck.

I reached forward and began to play with her tits. She moaned around my cock, disengaged, slid up my body and impaled herself on my erection. I slid in like silk and she worked her hips in a way that only a woman can. I sucked and kissed her breasts and, when she leaned in, I kissed her open mouth. I pushed a hand between our bodies and found her clitoris. I used my fingers to circle it and squeeze it. My efforts paid off and Lily had an orgasm before I did. The feeling of her muscles tightening against my pushing inside her was too much and I erupted inside her as strongly as I could remember.

Lily rested her body on mine with her head on my shoulder. I stayed inside her as I lost my erection until I slipped out when she shifted her hips. She looked over at the other sofa and whispered, “Look.”

Judy was on her back on the sofa and Tony was pumping away inside her like he was digging for treasure.

Lily said, “Let them be. Follow me.”

She got off my lap, helped me up with one hand and led me to the master bedroom. For the next two hours we experimented with each other. I got a close up touch and taste tour of her pussy, I fucked her in at least three positions and came twice, once in her mouth. Lily got equally familiar with my body, including the entrance to my ass which seemed to fascinate her.

It was late when Lily and I wandered down to the living room. Tony and Judy were already there, or had never left. I don’t know where they spent the time but it was obvious how they had spent it. Judy had drying cum on her tits, face and in her hair. Lily and I sat on the other sofa. We looked at each other and laughed.

“Best evening ever,” said Lily.

“Agreed,” said Judy between hiccups. “But I think its time for Alex and me to leave before we do something stupid.”

Judy found her dress, put it on and gathered the rest of her stuff, bra, panties, flip-flops and purse. I put on my pants, shirt and shoes. I hand carried my boxers and socks. Judy gave Tony, who was still naked, a very personal good-bye hug and an even better hug to Lily. I hugged and kissed the still naked Lily and after an awkward moment, I gave a manly, three pats on the back, hug to Tony.

Judy was a manic mess on the twenty-five minute ride home. She was clearly still intoxicated and alternated between crazy horny and depressively introspective. I pulled the car into the garage. Judy was out of the car and into the kitchen almost before the engine stopped. I waited for the garage door to close and followed her inside. The first thing I saw upon entering the kitchen was Judy’s bra, panties, shoes and purse on the floor. The next pile on the floor was her dress.

Judy was up on the kitchen counter, naked with her arms and legs spread. “Get those clothes off, come over here and fuck me,” she ordered.

As a dutiful husband, I did as she demanded.

We went to bed hand in hand and fell asleep in each others arms.

When I woke this morning, Judy was sound asleep on the side of the bed with her back to me. I got up, brushed my teeth, twice, put on a robe and headed for the kitchen. I put on a pot of coffee. I picked up the various articles of clothing scattered over the floor, put them in the hamper in the bathroom and cleaned up the mess on the kitchen counter.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, reading a James Patterson novel and drinking my second mug of coffee when Judy came into the kitchen wearing a terry robe and a towel on her head. She had obviously taken a shower. Not an easy task given how she obviously felt. She sat at the table with her head in her hands and moaned. I got her a mug of coffee and set it in front of her. I’d never seen her like this. She’s usually fastidious about her appearance, even in the morning. This morning she looked like the loser in a cockfight in spite of the shower.

When she continued to moan, I asked her, “Judy, are you okay?”

“No. No I’m not. I’ve got a headache the size of Everest, my mouth is dry as the Sahara and my stomach is knotted up. I feel like I want to throw up but nothing happens.”

“Hangover,” I thought. “Probably not unexpected after how much she drank last night. I wonder if she remembers anything.”

“Let me help,” I said. I replaced the coffee with some warm tea and managed to get a couple of pieces of dry toast, some Pepto-Bismol and three extra strength ibuprofen into her.

She sat at the table, holding the mug of tea with both hands and asked, “What happened last night?”

“How much can I safely tell her?” I asked myself.

“You and Lily got a little shit-faced,” I started.

“I’ve got that much,” she said. “It was that damn mixture Tony kept feeding us. It tasted sooo good.”

“After dinner, Lily put on some music and you and she danced for us and took off all your clothes,” I ventured.

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