The Addictions To Mature Swapping Part 1

The Addictions To Mature Swapping Part 1My wife is a very sexy and hot looking 54 years old. 5’5″ 127 lbs, 34DD’s and a size 4/5. It takes a lot to keep her satisfied sexually; as an example, being fucked 3-4 times a week just does not keep her content. During one hot fuck session as she was bouncing up and down my hard, thick, Italian shaft I asked what more she wanted and needed to be happy sexually. When I first heard her say she wanted me to watch another man fuck her I was taken back, but when she added that I should get to do another woman as well that truly spark my openness to her suggestion.So Trisha went on her quest to find another couple in our age range that was also classy and professional but had some dark sexual desires. After several emails and picture exchanges we found a suitable ödemiş escort couple. Shelly and Tom had done this before and were excited to get back into the swing/swap world again. Our first encounter after drinks was at an upscale hotel. Trisha could not have look any hotter and Shelly was equally hot and sexy. She was a size 7/8, dark tan, incredible tits and was so very ready for another adventure. As we went up the elevator to the room the swap had already begun, Trisha was hanging onto to Tom and I was clinging close to Shelly. The minute we got into the room Trisha just attacks Tom and there clothes were off in a matter of minutes, that was really making me hot seeing my wife being overtaken by Tom, me and Shelly began our slow disrobing process and once I saw those incredible ödemiş escort bayan tits my mouth and lips went all over them, thank god she likes her nipples sucked hard, twisted and pinched. While that is going on Tom has Trisha on the bed and is eating her pussy and she is already getting loud with her moans, you can hear her say fuck me, fuck me right now. As excited as I was to be playing with Shelly to see Tom get on top of Trisha and slide his long hard dick, (at least 7.5 inches) into Trish was a turn on for me, and as he started pounding her pussy she was spreading her legs very wide so he could go deep inside her, she was screaming so loud, she was pinching and twisting his nipples and that only made him fuck her faster and deeper. Me and Shelly now are right at the beside escort ödemiş as Tom fucks Trisha, she looks up at me and says “OMG OMG I want this all the time, tell him to fuck your slut wife, tell him to fuck me harder, deeper. This was so hot and I was so hard and Shelly was so ready to be fucked but we both knew those two were going to go at for awhile, so while Tom was punishing my wife’s pussy me and Shelly began to suck on her nipples which made her even louder. Tom had been filling her pussy for about 30 minutes and Trish wanted to feel his cum, Shelly then grabs my rock hard cock and looks at Trisha and says open your loud screaming mouth you slut and while Tom is getting ready to cum in her soaking wet pussy Shelly is jacking my cock off and as soon as Tom started to cum Shelly was able to get me to cum in my wife’s mouth while her hubby filled Trisha’s pussy with hot cum. I was shooting my cum into Trish’s mouth and Tom kept pounding her, the hot moaning, screaming was off the charts.So are you ready for Part 2?????

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