The Amanda Story Ch. 03


After the best sex I had ever had, I walked home in a daze. We actually had mind blowing sex another 4 times before I left. As I got home I had a shower and decided to have an early night. As I lay in bed I reached over towards the bedside table to turn the lamp off when I saw Emma’s picture smiling at me. I felt a sudden wave of intense guilt wash over me which brought a tear to my eye.

I then wiped my eye, laughed and went to sleep.

Weird? Strange?

Before I continue, let me get something straight about me cheating on Emma. We are both 22 and been together for 4 years. We do love each other very much but I would like you to know something of our past before you judge me.

When we first got together at the tender age of 18, and the first year certainly had its ups and downs, one reason to do with Emma’s friend Carrie who you’ll hear about later. Emma cheated (snogging only) on me in that first year which upset me, but then again I had snogged 2 girls (one an ex!) as well.

I lost my virginity to Emma after 5 months into our relationship, and after that we were fucking almost every day. Things went smoothly, until 3 years in.

We live on quite a long road, probably about 200 houses. We live with Emma’s mother who as a matter of fact is a business woman and is away for months at a time. She has always seen us as responsible and are therefore trusted with the house. It is only the three of us.

Anyway, 3 years in and one night we both decided to go out one Saturday night separately with our respective friends. I told her not to wait up as I’d probably be very late. I got home around 11pm however due to my friends getting so drunk I had to take them home for their own good, I wasn’t too bothered about not being drunk. Emma wasn’t in and her mum was away in America. I went upstairs into our bedroom and leaned out of the window to look out at the street and the tranquillity of how quiet it was as sex izle the kids were in bed by now.

As I looked out I could hear a pair of footsteps walking down the road. It sounded like boots as that was what Emma was wearing. I leaned out further and could see it was Emma on the other side of the road and still about 10 houses away. She was wearing knee high boots, a short skirt and short blouse that showed her impressive cleavage.

Now in one of those houses she was to eventually pass lived a fat man. He would usually walk around his living room late at night completely naked and with the curtains wide open so all could see. Not such a pleasant sight as he was very hairy, had a very large stomach and was ugly.

I looked towards his house and I could see that he had some of his lamps on but I couldn’t see him. I think Emma had a feeling that he might be walking around naked as she kept looking apprehensively towards his house. I looked back to the house and sure enough he was there, but looking straight at Emma and it looked as though he was playing with himself.

“Dirty bastard”, I thought. Emma had the same thought I believe as she stopped and looked jaw dropped at him. With that she turned and proceeded to walk to his house. I thought she was going to have a right go at him, so I flung down the stairs and out the front door and jogged towards the house.

I saw Emma march straight up and knock on the door. The fat bloke opened the door still naked and to my complete amazement she walked straight into his house. I stopped and thought to myself what the fuck.

I wanted to see so I crept into his garden and crawled to his window and peeked over the window sill straight into the front room. He had 2 lamps on and a couch facing towards the window where I was and another couch sideways so his 2 couches looked like a corner sofa.

Emma walked straight into the front room followed by the fat fransız porno man. I looked down and saw that he was playing with a very large cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was huge, it had to of been about 12 inches long and thick with it! If I had a dick that big I’d probably walk around naked too it was that impressive.

I looked towards Emma who was saying something but I couldn’t hear, the fat bloke was just nodding and smiling. With that Emma started to unbutton her blouse. A million thoughts rushed through my mind, I didn’t know what to do. My legs wouldn’t move. I just knelt there glued to the window.

When unbuttoned, Emma took of her blouse and she was wearing her black push up bra that made her tits look big and perky. She reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down, over her knees then her sexy black boots and stepped out of them. She picked them up and threw them at him. He caught them and pushed them under his nose and took a good long whiff.

Emma turned around and knelt onto the couch and leaned forward in the doggy position. She pushed out her ass and I could just see her ass peeking out from under her skirt. The fat man walked over to her and placed his hand on her thigh. He slowly moved his hand up and started to rub her ass. He pushed her skirt just over her big ass and gave it a playful slap, Emma wiggled her bum in response.

I felt myself getting mad but also incredibly horny and my cock was rock hard and straining against my jeans.

He started to wank his cock a little and then aimed it for her pussy. He pushed forward and pushed his mammoth cock into her cunt. I was looking in sideways so I could see everything. Emma’s face whipped round with a look of pain as she appeared to be struggling with this 12 incher.

Bit by bit he pushed in and I could read Emma’s lips saying;

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

He soon had half his length buried teen porno in her cunt, when he slowly pulled back and then thrust back in again. Emma screamed and even I heard it but she didn’t appear to stop him. He was now starting to pound in and out of my girlfriends’ cunt, my cunt. I was overcome with pleasure seeing a big cock ravage my girlfriend.

As it wore on, it looked as though Emma was really enjoying it as he gave her a hard fucking. Her tits were swinging all over the place they had come flying out of her bra. It was a sight seeing his fat, hairy belly slap against her nice round ass as he pounded her.

He was really buried in her now, his entire 12 inches slid easily in and out of her as he slapped her ass too. She was really enjoying it by the look on her face and she was moaning so loud I could hear it as plain as day.

After a good 15 minutes of fucking my girlfriend, he pulled out and sat on the sofa. Emma looked as though she had had several orgasms as she was a bit weak legged.

She turned towards him and straddled him. She eased herself down on his massive member and I watched aghast as the whole 12 inches disappeared into what I can only imagine was one soaking wet cunt.

She rode him for another 15 minutes and she came again and again. Every time she came she flung her head back and ground down hard on his awesome cock. I was so overcome I had had 3 wanks already and was on my fourth.

With that she jumped off and he reached for her thong and unleashed his load into it, she stood there smiling. He handed it back to her and it was literally covered in cum. She stepped into them and pulled them up with a huge grin on her face. She started to push her boobs in and reached for her blouse. I decided I’d better leg it so I darted home.

2 minutes later she walked in.

“Oh hey baby, you’re early, I’ve had such a boring night. You?”

What could I say? “yeah it looked boring riding that fat blokes’ huge prick” was a thought that came to mind.

So I just went along with it. I thought I’ve got dirt on you now, so if I ever cheated, I’d have good cause to.

Am I such a bad guy now?

Look out for chapter 4

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