The Amazing Pizza Sex-Suit


Hi! My name is Cheri. I’m eighteen years old, a senior in high school, and about two months ago, I took a job delivering pizzas for Art’s Pizzeria. I’m driving this old car handed down from my older sister, Irene, so my main purpose in the job is to save up money for a new car, so I can hand this wreck down to my neighbor, Tim, who’s going to give me a token two hundred dollars for it (It’s worth maybe six hundred). The Dodge is a family tradition that leaks oil on the driveway and wheezes when you accelerate.

When I first took the job, I was more than a little horrified by the uniform they forced me to wear (Art is a perv!). The blouse is blue satin with a big pizza on the back with ‘Art’s’ written across it, and the shorts are blue spandex and so short, they’re not much longer than panties, in fact, unless I wore a thong, my underwear would peek out the bottom of the shorts. And with a thong, the top stretches over my butt in the top. We also had to wear pantyhose and high heels, both of which I hate, having been a tomboy all my life. So, I finally started using the skimpiest bikini panties I could find. Oh, I guess I should explain about my body and my boyfriend and my little neighbor so all this will make sense.

First, my body: I’m tall, really tall for a girl, I’m five ten barefoot, and so I’m about six feet wearing those stupid high heels. My hair is blond, that Nordic blond that is almost white – even my pubic hair, what little there is of it. My snatch isn’t quite the same color – a slightly more golden color – and somewhat sparse. I’m not at all hairy. In fact, except for my head and crotch, I’m practically hairless. Oh, I do have some really fine blond hair on my arms and legs, but it’s so tiny and thin that it’s nearly invisible.

I shave my legs and underarms anyway, but more because I’m a sensualist than anything else. My breasts are really unspectacular – nice enough for little tits, at least my nipples are large and a very pale tan color. Tim, who’s my age, loves to suck them while he beats off… but more about Tim later. My face is oval with a nice smile and eyelashes so blond that I have to color them with makeup to make them visible.

My best feature is my legs and ass, or so I’m frequently told. My legs are long, shapely and very heavily muscled from roller-skating, and my ass is round and hard. I have a great tan except for the bikini marks that I plan to lose when I leave home and can sun myself naked on my patio, roof or whatever. As I said, I’m very sensualistic, but oddly didn’t really discover sex until a couple of years ago, and proper fucking only very recently – it was always something I’d shied away from. I mean, who wants to get pregnant or catch a venereal disease! But I’ve always loved hot baths, massages, and just being touched in general.

I let my boyfriend, Bob, fuck me about six months ago, my first normal sex, and he does it at least once a week – basically whenever we have time. I’ve learned to like it a lot, but I actually get as much or more fun from sucking him off, I don’t know why, unless it’s just because it lasts longer. I’ve never had an orgasm except when I’m touching myself, but that brings up Tim. Ah yes, Tim. How to explain about Tim…

Tim, my little neighbor is a computer geek who wouldn’t have a prayer for a sex life it hadn’t been for me. He has never fucked my pussy because he’s so freaked out by the idea of making any girl pregnant or he’s gay and doesn’t know it yet – I really have no idea. I also think he feels insecure, like if I got pregnant, I might somehow make him marry me and then force him to work in a grocery store or something.

Well, let me explain how it started. Two years ago, I looked out my window, which is right across from Tim’s bedroom, and saw Tim sitting on the edge of his bed and beating off. Mind you, I didn’t have any sexual attraction for the squirt, in fact, that’s the whole reason I have sex with him – he’s absolutely no threat, and I wanted to experiment with sex. Anyway, I was still a virgin at the time and curious about sex in an intellectual way, and Tim and his father had only been living next door for a couple of weeks. So, I popped out my window and climbed in his before he knew what was happening.

He was a little freaked out and still clutching his pecker like a lifeline, so I told him not to be freaked out, but asked if I could watch. He told me I could watch if I took my shirt off, so that’s how it started – he would suck my tits and beat off and splash my legs with his come. He wanted to fuck me too, and we would talk about it, I mean, basically, I was willing because I wanted to see what it felt like, but he was scared I’d get pregnant (I had no birth control, and we’d heard rubbers weren’t reliable.)

The way we finally settled it was I would raise my knees really high while lying on his bed, and he would fuck my bottom while sucking my tits. It hurt at first, until I learned to ‘let go’ and let it in, but even when it hurt, I liked it – having his dick up my ass gave me a really warm feeling down there that bayrampaşa escort would spread up me like lava or something, and I would touch myself and come really easy. Also, it made me feel dirty and cheap, and that seems sexy to me.

Nowadays, it doesn’t hurt me at all, and I let him fuck my ass from every position imaginable. So, anyway, you get the idea – I’m sort of a sex maniac sensualist with little or no interest in having sex with anyone else. Perhaps I’m a narcissist? Like I said, Tim doesn’t count, and Bob, well, I like the sex okay, but I only do it so he won’t break up with me. It is important social status in high school to have a boyfriend.

Anyway, back to my stupid uniform. I hadn’t worn it a week when I came down with a yeast infection. I went to the doctor and he told me that I wasn’t getting enough oxygen down there – which, between the spandex, pantyhose and nylon panties is no surprise. So, I stopped wearing panties and cut out the crotch of my pantyhose. Well, this made my lower lips really obviously visible through the spandex, but my tips started going up.

I felt like a trashy slut, but I stopped wearing my bra as well for the way my nipples were so clearly delineated by my satin blouse – my tips got even better. People started ordering more pizza. Soon I was making a hundred bucks a day, and well on my way to that new car. That’s how things were when I delivered a pizza to Selma Shepard.

Selma was a friend of my mom’s from her job. Selma was in her late twenties, medium height and what they called voluptuous before it meant fat. She wasn’t fat, just real curved everywhere – big tits, wide hips, thick calves, a slim waist and long thighs and narrow ankles. She was really good looking, you know, only she sort of hid it by dressing severely, wearing business suits, and she had her blond hair cut short. She was not a natural blond, but she was certainly beautiful, in a severe, perfect sort of way.

So, there I am at her door, and she opens it, smoking a cigarette, and she looks me up and down with some surprise and invites me in. I follow her into her living room where she’s fumbling with her purse to pay me, which she did, and then looking at me intensely with her big brown eyes, she says, “I always thought you were more conservative than to dress like that. You look like a whore.” She said this calmly, with no malice, even a friendly tone, so I wasn’t greatly offended, although I did blush.

“Yeah, I know, but I get really good tips, and I’m hoping to get enough to buy a decent car.” She sat down on the sofa and patted the cushion beside her. I sat. I was a little nervous because my mother didn’t have a clue what I dressed like at work – she’d have died! So I said, “Could we keep this our little secret? I’d really appreciate it.”

She gave a quick little smile – she doesn’t smile much or for long when she does, “Sure, Cheri, but maybe you could do something for me?” She took another puff on the cigarette and squinted at me through the smoke, “You need money, right?” I nodded, thinking, how could she smoke a cigarette and still keep that lipstick perfect? She stubbed out the cigarette and looked at me very seriously, “Well, I have a little secret, too. In this town, it would be bad if people knew, you know what I mean?”

I shook my head; I had no idea what she meant. She leaned toward me, “I mean, your trashy outfit really turns me on, Cheri. What do you say to coming by to see me when you get off work? I’ll give you a hundred dollars. I make pretty good money. I can afford to have you over two or three nights a week, and you’ll be able to buy that car all that much sooner.”

Now I’m pretty cool, pretty hard to surprise, but now I was shocked. “Y-you mean?” I stammered, still unable to really cope with the idea. “But, Ms. Shepard, I’ve never even considered…”

“Prostitution? Sex with a woman?” at least she was cool about it, “You might even like it. The important thing for you to think about is the hundred dollars. You don’t have to answer now, just come by and tell me your answer after you get off work. What time do you get off?”

I swallowed, “Eight o’clock, but honestly I haven’t much sexual experience at all…” I was trying to find a way to tell her no, but I was also having trouble not looking at her body for some reason, I mean, things were different now, and I was seeing her in a completely different way, and my damned curiosity was acting up.

That’s when she leaned closer and kissed me right on the mouth, and not a “pals” kind of kiss either, a real kiss with her tongue licking at mine. I could smell her perfume and taste the cigarette on her breath. At first, I didn’t pull away because I was too surprised, couldn’t believe it was happening. I even kissed her back, mainly just out of an automatic response to an intimate kiss. I mean, I did them all the time with Bob.

Then came the point a couple of heartbeats later, when I realized I wasn’t pulling away, which made me really curious, so I kind of went passive and let her beykoz escort keep kissing me, and even though it horrified me on one level, I realized I was really liking this kiss. I mean, it felt so different from Bob.

She was gentler, more sensual, smooth, exotic tasting, wet and that’s when it hit me. Another person was sexually arousing me!

You see, before, my own body – really almost indifferent to Bob or Tim – sexually aroused me. When I had sex with them, I was just enjoying the sensual things that were happening to my body. This was different. This woman was turning me on! I felt her hand touch my breast, and I flinched. It felt so good, so powerful, that it acted like an electric shock. Selma misunderstood my flinch.

Selma broke the kiss immediately and pulled away, “I’m sorry about that, you’re just so hot!” She was practically panting. She swiped at her short blond hair, trying to compose herself, “Honestly, just decide and let me know. It would really be worth a hundred bucks to me, and that’s for each time. And either way, our secrets are safe with each other?”

“Yeah, of course, Ms. Shepard,” I said as I stood and headed for the door.

“Cheri,” she said softly, and I turned and she gave me that quick little smile again, “After that kiss, you can call me Selma.” I didn’t mean to be rude, but I just left, I mean, I was like pretty freaked out and confused, you know? And my heart was pounding and my legs felt weak. God! I had a damp spot on my spandex shorts. I still don’t remember my next hour and a half of work. Just suddenly there I was, a little after eight, parked back in front of Selma’s house and still trying to decide what I was going to do.

Honestly, I’d never really thought about women that way, in fact, like I said, I’d never really even thought of other people that way. Which made me feel kind of sad, you know, like Bob and Tim were just like a couple of different names for my dildos. But then I realized, I really didn’t have much choice, I was too much of a curious cat not to check this out. Besides, that was the best kiss I’d ever had, and the most sexually aroused I’ve ever been.

So I started walking up the sidewalk, wondering how I felt about her body, and once more comparing her to Tim and Bob. I mean sure, I liked their bodies; they were both good-looking guys. I loved the feel of Tim’s smaller penis sliding in and out of my ass, and I loved slurping on Bob’s bigger dick, I even like the taste of his salty-mushroom come sliding around in my mouth. I always swallowed it. How would I feel about going down on a woman? Would I have to do that?

I raised my hand to knock. Right now, I felt very curious about Selma’s pussy. The first time I’d ever wondered about what a woman had between her legs. I was definitely kind of attracted to her big breasts, which felt weird because I’d never really thought much about breasts, except for how good mine felt when Tim sucked on them so worshipfully. But as nice as that felt, it was nothing like the erotic shock I’d gotten when Selma’s palm brushed my nipple. And I have to admit, that deep down I was excited about this new adventure – not to mention the hundred bucks it would bring me.

Selma answered the door, no longer in the severe business suit, but wearing a man’s white dress shirt, her legs and feet bare. I wondered if she was wearing panties. She had a nice tan on her legs and I thought her thick calf muscles were very, very sexy. She looked at me intensely and then wordlessly turned and walked away. I followed her in and shut the door, feeling nervous and gawky, looking again at her thick, tanned calf muscles and the rhythmic bunching of her butt muscles under the shirt tail as she walked.

I felt my mouth getting dry and realized I was starting to get aroused again. Suddenly I suspected that I wasn’t going to have too much of a problem going down on this woman if she insisted that I do that. And that made me feel much less worried, which is silly, really. I mean, Bob had never gone down on me seriously, so it’s not like I knew what to do. I mean Bob would kiss me between the legs a few times before fucking and it felt really nice when he did, but I was pretty sure there was more to it than that. “You want a drink?” she asked over her shoulder as she walked over to her bar. This was a really classy house.

“Yes, I mean, I don’t know,” I said feeling stupid, “I mean, yes, I guess. I just never had one before.”

She gave me a friendly look and said, “Okay, two seven and sevens coming up.” I had no idea what that meant, but I sat on the couch while she made the drinks and when she handed me a glass, I slurped on mine gratefully. It wasn’t bad, and within a minute, I was feeling less like I was having a panic attack. She sat quietly beside me for a minute or two, then spoke softly, still not looking at me, “Look, I know you’re a little scared, and if you don’t like it, we don’t have to do it again, but like I said before, it’s worth a hundred bucks to you for just trying it out, and I promise it won’t beylikdüzü escort hurt.”

I giggled, partly out of nervousness, and partly because I was starting to feel the alcohol, “I just hope you realize, I don’t even know what to do, I mean… you know? I’ve only been fucked a few times by my boyfriend, and I suspect he isn’t even very good at it. As for a woman, I never even considered it. I wouldn’t have a clue…” I was having a lot of trouble stopping the babbling that was pouring out of my face.

She looked at me then, a little surprise showing on her face for once, “Don’t worry about that, sugar,” she sat down her drink and turned fully toward me, and I looked down, trying to see if she was wearing panties. The shirt was too long, but her long tanned thighs were nice. I could see tiny dark hairs sparsely spread over them above her shaving line. I felt myself blush as I realized I was staring at the woman’s legs, and I looked up.

She gave no sign of noticing the objects of my gaze and was still gazing at me earnestly. “You don’t have to know anything, or for that matter, do anything that you don’t want to,” She licked her lips and ran her eyes down my chest to my lap, down my legs and back up to my eyes. I have to confess the lust in her burning look was really thrilling me, making me feel, well… really sexy, beautiful and lusted after, you know?

“No, honey, the hundred bucks is for the pleasure of enjoying your pretty body, and believe me, I’m going to enjoy it a lot!” I gulped the last of my drink – definitely feeling a little wild and careless now, instead of just scared. I also had this sense of wonder as I realized that I was really looking forward to whatever she was going to do next.

She took my glass and set it on the coffee table, and I was surprised to hear myself say, “I’m sorry I was staring at your legs, I was mainly just wondering if you were wearing panties or not.”

She turned toward me and leaned close, “Why? Do you want to see my pussy?” She said it softly, getting so close she was breathing in my mouth. I was getting that heady feeling of arousal again, and didn’t know how to answer, because I didn’t want to just blurt out ‘Yes,’ so I just closed my eyes, my mouth open just a little – a clear invitation to kiss me, and she did, very softly, very briefly.

I barely had time to feel her tongue flick across my lips before she pulled back a fraction of an inch and spoke again, still so close her lips were brushing against mine as she murmured, “I’m going to suck your sweet little titties, Cheri,” and she kissed me ever so softly again, and I felt her fingers unbuttoning my blouse. This time the kiss went on really sweet until I felt cool air against my nipples and realized she was slipping off my blouse. Then she leaned back a little to look at my breasts – a bit on the small side, as I’ve said, but round, pretty and perky.

My nipples were already hard, but I swear they got harder when she leaned over and started sucking on them, one then the other, back and forth. It was like I had a hot wire running from my nipples down to my clit and butt, I mean, her sucking on my tits felt good there on my breasts, but it felt really warm in other places down below. And then, like it was a natural development or something, I shifted my weight and raised my hips a little, and at the same time she was tugging my shorts and pantyhose down my legs and over my feet.

She let out this little moan looking at my sparse-haired blond pussy, and with no other preamble, practically dove into my groin. Penetrating me with her tongue, lapping my juices and slavering them all over groin, nibbling around inside my pussy, and finally settling into a rapid-flick routine on my little clit. I can’t begin to describe how this felt, this woman’s face worshiping between my legs, it was like I’d never had a clue what sex was about before now.

I started to orgasm much sooner than usual, and it just went on and on. She left no part of me unexplored, I mean, several times I felt her tongue penetrate my ass for several pumps at a time. I whooped and even hollered a few times, and I even grabbed her by the hair and fucked my pussy over her face a few times before I kind of lost it for a while, kind of like I fainted, only was partly there. It was fantastic! Finally, I was aware she was kissing me again, and I think part of what brought me to my senses was realizing the new smell on her face was my pussy juice mixed with her perfume. It was a beautiful smell – a powerfully erotic smell.

“So,” she said, still cool, and at the same time, in her sudden way, and in between kisses at that, she says, “Should I just take care of myself now, or do you still want to see my pussy?” I suddenly became conscious of her weight on top of me, her large breasts pressing against mine through her shirt.

I still didn’t really know how to answer that, so you can imagine my surprise to hear myself saying, “Sure, I guess so.” Whereupon, she just leaned back on the couch, lying down away from me with her head propped by the arm at the other end of the couch. She pulled her shirt up, baring her hips as she stretched out and spread her legs, just like that. It seems that Selma had this ability to shock me, but not that it was unpleasant, oh no, I was fascinated by the view, especially of her dark-haired pussy.

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