The American.


The American.Laying back lighting my first cigarette, I thought back to the day before, and the chance meeting that lead to me being here, in this bed, in this hotel room, with this lady by my side. I say lady, however I guess when you consider she is a mere 21 years of age, she probably like to be thought of as a girl, but as a older guy, as a gentleman, as an Englishman, I will think of her as a lady.Reaching forward to bring the ashtray closer, I feel her start to stir and gently her eyes flicker open. She looks to me with a smile, a welcoming and happy smile, and I return it willingly, echoing her silent blissfulness. She then reaches across my chest; pull herself closer to snuggle up, closing her eyes once more.I first saw her when I enter ‘We buy, We sell, We exchange’, crouched down by the second-hand DVDs. I glanced over at her and thought ‘wow you are cute’, but being in need of a firewire lead, and with the afternoon growing late, I immediately cross to the counter and waited to speak to one of the shop assistants.Having then established they had no such thing at that time, I turned and crossed to the entrance, stopping to loiter behind her for a moment. In her hand she had a copy of the Tom Cruise/PenopleCruz movie Vanilla Sky, and seemed to be debating the idea of purchasing it. Being a bit of a film buff, I felt this would be a good conversation starter and said, ‘It’s a good movie, if you are a Cruise fan.’She looked up, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling like a crystal lake on a summers day, and with a pause she then said ‘I know. I’ve seen it.’She was American, from which part I could not tell, but it raised my interest, gave her an extra sense of cuteness. I thought to question it, but feeling she was probably bored of all the questions it would lead to, I decided to ignore it, and continue as it I hadn’t noticed.’So do you wanna see it again, or do you fancy something new?’ I asked glancing to the shelf of discs beside her, quickly reading the titles of a few.’Do you have an suggestions?’ She asked, her question inviting my help and with that I crouch beside her and took a closer look at the selection available.’What about this one?’ I said as I reached forward to remove one of the casings, and then past it to her, the title on show.’Bound.’ she said. ‘That’s the mafia film? Right?’ she added questioning.’Yeah,’ I confirmed adding ‘but more famous for it’s lesbian scene, which last for no more than a few minutes.”Ah yeah, I remember now. Short but erotic.”You like the more erotic film?’ I asked, with a sly slightly naughty smile.’So long as it has a decent story,’ she answered ‘I want to be intrigued as well as excited.’ she added.I glanced back to the shelves and took another moment to look through the titles, feeling her expectant eyes watching me.’What about this one?’ I said once more reaching to remove another casing, ‘think it has what you are looking for.’ I passed her the case with the title facing upwards as with the last.’Room In Rome?”Yeah. It is centered around two girls who share a night together.”Oh yeah,’ she said, her voice lifted a little with interest.’I like the director. Julio Medem, I think he’s Spanish.”So the movie is in Spanish?”’Actually no, it’s mainly in English, but does use a couple of others with subtitles. Russian is one I think.’She looked at the cover, turning it over to briefly scan the back, and then nodded her head.’I think I will trust you’ she said with earnest, ‘you seem to know what you are talking about.”Thank you.’ I smiled, ‘By the way, my name is Dave.”My name is Alice.’ she smiled in return.’Nice to met you Alice,’ I said offering my hand.’Nice to meet you too Dave.’ she repeated taking my hand, shaking it.’Do you wanna get a drink?’ I ask my confidence excited.’Yeah, I would like that.’Sliding from me, and then from beneath the warmth and comfort of the duvet, Alice sat on the side of the bed, and stretched her petite frame before rising. At a mere 5ft 2 she looked as cute from the back as she did from the front. She crossed to the doorway of the en-suite and then with a quick glance back, she threw me a wink before disappearing from sight, the sound of the shower running following shortly after.I stubbed out the cigarette and pushed the ashtray away, as if disgusted by my own habit, and then picked up the phone.’Room service please.’ I asked the receptionist, and after a couple of clicks and a ringing tone, the phone was answered by what I presumed to be an older guy, who took his job seriously.’Room Service, how may I serve you Sir.’ he said, the deep voice almost growling at me.’Yeah, this is room 211, ‘ I began, ‘could I order a coffee and a tea?’ I then asked, as if to ask if it was possible.’One tea and one coffee. What type of tea Sir?’I hated it when they asked that. To me tea was tea, but these days there were so many, that you now had to define what kind of tea you wanted. ‘English Breakfast please. You know normal tea.’ I told him, my voice slightly reflecting my annoyance at having to specify.’And the coffee Sir?’The coffee? For a moment I was stumped. Having only met Alice the day before, we had yet to share a drink that didn’t contain alcohol, and I was only ordering coffee as a presumption as she was American. ‘Hold on.’ I asked the voice, and heard an audible sign of impatience in return, which I choose to ignore.Rising from the bed, I crossed with the handset in hand to the bathroom doorway, and glancing inside to see Alice washing her slim petite figure behind the frosted glass of the shower.’Do you want coffee?’ I asked.’Yes please babes.’ she answered, a little more affection in the tone of her voice than mine.’What type babes?’ I asked adding the same affection.’Black please.’ she replied misunderstanding the question.’No no, what type, as in what type of coffee?”Oh, just normal coffee, ground bean not instant if they can.’Putting the receiver to my ear I wandered back towards the bed, finishing the order.One drink had lead to a second and then a third, and riding on the crest of a wave of enjoying each others company, it then became a bottle of wine back at her hotel room. We had discovered we each had a passion for music as well as film, and the conversation has flowed beginning as a gentle stream, which then found its way to the sea.Entering the hotel lobby, Alice crossed to the reception desk and asked for her room key. The concierge turned removing a bunch of keys from his pocket, and unlocked and opened a large flat cabinet behind him, tracing his way down through the keys hanging within to 211. My attention was then stolen by the sound of the elevator, a single ding announcing its arrival, before the its shiny heavy looking doors slid open, and a couple in their mid 30’s exited. She giggled in reply to his unheard joke and then playfully slapped him on the arm, as they both smiled and wandered pass me towards the main entrance. I watched them for a moment, their casual step, and the way her dress lifted slightly as he opened the door, stepping aside to let her go before him. It was refreshing to see his chivalry in this modern word of wanting to be seen and treated as equals.’You ready?’ Alice asked, drawing my attention back to her, and the night ahead.’Yeah, sorry, distracted for a moment.’ I answered crossing to the lift, as Alice stood in the doorway, blocking the sensors from closing the doors.The room was spacious and bold in it’s colours, and although like with many hotel rooms it was of standard in shape, with its Victorian high ceilings and original styled sliding sash bay window (upvc copy of course), the room had character. The double bed was king-size, and the dark maroon thick quilted duvet complimented the dark wood colour of the furniture either side of it, and around the edges of the room. I crossed to the afore mentioned window and looked out, and saw a wonderful view of the park opposite, that probably meant they could charge a premium for this room. ‘This Alice wasn’t short of a few quid’, I thought as I turned to find tempobet yeni giriş her behind me, two glasses of wine in hand.’Fantastic room.’ I said taking one of the glasses, ‘got that real old-fashion feel.”Yeah, she said, turning to view the room with me, ‘I do love that old-fashion feel. It reminds me of a Victorian era I read about as a c***d, when men were gentlemen, and women were ladies.”Must cost a few quid.”Sorry.’ she questioned, confused by the slag term.”Must be expensive.’ I repeated upgrading my use of the English language.’Yeah, I guess.’ she said in a casual way as if the cost was unimportant, ‘I just like to be comfortable.’ She wandered across to the bed and sat on the corner.’So what do you do?’ I asked, having not discussed occupation all evening, it just hadn’t come up as a topic of conversation.’Well you might be surprised to find out, I am an actress.”An actress?’ I was surprised. Having had a deep conversation about films as well as music, I wondered why she had never said.’Don’t get too excited,’ she said with a smile, ‘I have yet to do something I am known for.”But,’ I began looking around, ‘you must be doing well to afford…”This is Daddy’s money, you might be disappointed to hear.’ she interrupted, a slightly defeated look in her eyes.’So what does your Father do?”He’s a producer.’ she said thinking the question and admission had spoilt the mood of the evening.’Wow,’ I said, ‘that’s really cool.’ My voice upbeat and drawing back her attention.’It is?”Yeah, fuck it, if you got it, use it.’ I realized my excitement had allowed my tongue to get careless, ‘sorry, didn’t mean to swear.”It’s okay.’ she smiled, ‘my ears are not so innocent.’Alice rose from the bed and crossed to me once more, a naughty look in her eyes, and smile that contradicted the sweetness of her face.’I like you.’ she said, ‘your not like the guys I meet back home. You more real.”Real?’ You mean they are fake?”As people they are. They feel they always have to impress, whereas you are just yourself. I don’t think you have said anything tonight to impress me, and as strange as that might sound, it has done exactly that.”Thank you.’ I said, unsure how to take such a compliment, especially one I hadn’t worked for. ‘I like you too.”You do?’ she asked in a playful way.’Yeah, you are gorgeous,”Really?”Yeah. 100%.”You don’t think I am too young for you?”Age is, as they all say, just a number.”But you are more than twice my age.”Only just.’ I argued, not wanting to seem to old, dirty old. ‘I guess you could say, I bring experience with me.”Experience?’ She said taking my glass from my hand, ‘experience in what way?’ her voice becoming more playful.’Life, love,’ I paused before adding ‘the ladies.’Having placed the glasses on a nearby cabinet, she then ran her small delicate hand down the length of my t.shirted chest.’So, would you offer me the benefit of your experience?’ her hand fell upon the button of my jeans, and I felt my manhood stiffen a little.’Would like to be a beneficiary?’ I asked playing with the words.She looked up at me, my 6ft frame looming over her slightly. I leaned in close, touching noses, toying with hers, before gently kissing her soft waiting lips.’Do you wanna close the curtains?’ she asked between kisses.For a moment I was confused, slow on the uptake.’I like somethings to be kept private,’ she said, crossing to the bed again, and climbing on.Drawing open the heavy thick curtain, and letting the morning rays flood the room, dancing as if searching out every corner, I looked out to the park I had seen in only a half-light the previous night. It was 10am and with the promising warmth of the day ahead already in the air, slowly the park was beginning to fill. I liked to watch people, to be a people-watcher; it could be interesting, trying to decide upon their character by their actions. He had shared this activity; that could be considered a hobby; with the occasional girlfriend, and it was surprising what kind of characters they had created together. There was the little old lady and her sausage dog, who by the time of leading the park had been a burlesques dancer, married three times, had five c***dren, and was now living her twilight years as an eccentric with a passion for old black and white naughty movies, that she watch with a ‘friend’ on Saturday nights, performance night in her dancing days. And then there was the businessman, who during his lunch break had been a d**g baron, a former punk, and a closet gay who liked to go cottaging on Hampstead Heath. Oh and there was the teenage girl, who has killed her parents, slept with an uncle, and was on the run with her big bad boyfriend, for whom she was waiting for in the park for now, once his latest d**g deal was over. And I won’t mention the vicar… However today there were no characters to be seen, just a few k**s playing football with clothing as goalposts, and a couple wandering hand in hand.I turned to the door upon hearing the knock and crossed to it. Realizing I was still naked, I then retraced my steps to the en-suite and removed one of the woolen bathrobes hanging on the back of the door. It was a little big on me, and I imagined Alice would be swamped in one, and I smiled at the image of a bathrobe exiting the en-suite as if walking by itself. I crossed back to the door and opened it.’Your beverages Sir.’ the porter said, a tray of cups, a coffee jug, a teapot and all the condiments required.’Thank you.’ I said taking the tray from him and turning to enter the room, and place it on the table beneath the mirror on the wall. I turned to the porter who was still stood there, and for a moment wondered if I had to pay now for it. ‘Please, add it to the bill.’ I said and then realized it was a tip he was after.Glancing around the room, I located my jeans and crossed to pick them up. Not having too much cash to my name at this time of my life I thought maybe I should be generous, and try and keep up appearances of the social standing he was no doubt affording me. So leafing through the receipts, cards and other miscellaneous pieces of paper within a back pocket, I found a five-pound note and crossed back to the door to hand it over with a slightly forced smile, and then closed the door.Laying there naked before me, like a banquet of pleasure, Alice looked amazing. Her little boobs were smaller then I thought, but being a fan of the smaller-chested girl I relished the sight, and they were crown by tiny little nipples that were slightly hard with expectation. Glancing down over her flat belly; my gaze stopping briefly at the stud in her belly button; I saw her little tight looking pussy. Shaved clean, with just a small slit as evidence of its existence, it looked so inviting and I had a desire, a hunger to open her legs and at that moment and taste the pleasure within. But I also wanted to wait, wanted to trace my way down, and with that thought in mind, I lowered myself down upon her, falling into her embrace and falling upon her lips, into a passionate full-on hungry kiss.Wrapping my arms around her, caressing and groping every inch of her silky soft skin, we rocked side-to-side locked in a French kiss, before she then rolled me over onto my back. Gradually removing her tongue from my mouth, and lips from mine, she traced a few kisses across my cheek and then down and around my neck, before lifting herself up to sit astride my groin. She looked amazing with the light of the chandelier in her hair, making the blond cascading locks look golden, and I could feel the opening of her pussy resting upon my stiffening cock. She smiled sweetly and then said, ‘can I tie you up, and then sit on your face?’ It was such a turn on to hear those dirty words drip from her lips, and I readily agreed, I would have agreed to anything at that point, if she had asked me to set fire to my pubic hair cause the smell got her off, I would have done it. Thankfully she didn’t and I watched her as she reached across to the drawer of the bedside table, opening tempobet giriş it to remove two white silk ties.’Prepared.’ I stated.’Always.’ she replied and then placed a finger to her lips to indicate no more talking.Curling her slender little fingers around my left hand wrist, she lifted it up and to the wooden headboard, taking a moment to concentrate as she tied it securely.’Not too tight no?’ she turned to me and asked.’No.’ I said.’I said shh, no talking.’I closed my mouth tight, indicating I understood.’So not too tight no?’ she asked again.I shook my head and then added a smile, and watched as she lifted my other wrist, and tied it to the headboard in the same fashion.’So tell me David, would you like to lick my pussy?’I nodded, hoping to convey my desire with my eyes.She lifted herself back and forth, her pussy rubbing against my stiff cock, and then leaned forward to come close to my ear.’Do you really want to lick my pussy?’ she whispered, her hot breath feeling a little damp, ‘Do you want me to rub it hard on your face, so your tongue will be deep inside?’I almost came hearing that, but no. If I was gonna cum, it would be in or on her and not just on myself through an embarrassing loss of control, so I nodded, trying to think of something to distract me for a moment; my mother catching me as a teenager pleasuring myself with a copy of ‘Fiesta’, yeah that will do it.Alice slowly leaned back up and then inched her way up my body from my hard cock towards my face, all the time rubbing her pussy against me, and repeating, ‘Here comes my pussy,’ and ‘I want you to lick and suck my tight little pussy.’ and ‘I wanna feel your tongue deep inside.’Lifting one leg to one side of my head, and then the other to the other side, I could see her pussy, a mere few inches from my face. It glistened with wetness and was open like a flower bud in the springtime, and I could smell her aroma, I could smell her sex.Once more she said, ‘ Do you want my pussy David? Do you want me to rub my tight wet little pink pussy on your face?’ and before I could reply, she lifted herself up and lower her pussy onto my face, rubbing it gently.She smelt so good and I quickly pushed my tongue inside wanting to taste her, and she tasted so sweet, like a fresh rosé wine. She moaned with the feel of my tongue licking, and glancing up I could see her with her eyes close and her hands in her hair. She began to rub her pussy harder, her clit brushing back and forth over my nose and for a moment I struggle to breath as I licked her.She looked down and smiled, and placed her hands on the wall as she lifted herself up and down, allowing me to grab little breaths of air between licks. Her little gasps of pleasure visibly shivering through her body, from her pussy up through her ribcage and out of her mouth. Her clit was very erect, its head shiny with wetness and standing proud, and I tried to lick it with long slower licks, using all of my tongue.Sitting back on my face again, I unleashed my hungry tongue and licked her like a thirsty desert man who hadn’t tasted moisture in weeks.’I wanna suck your cock.’ she said between moans of pleasure, ‘I wanna taste your cum.’Rising from me, she turned around, and then lower her pussy to my face again, taking my hard cock in her small and delicate hand. She ran her hand up and down a few times as if stroking it, and then I felt her hot breath as she lowered her mouth to the helmet.I felt her lick as I licked, I felt her suck as I sucked, and I felt her take my throbbing manhood deep inside her mouth, as I pushed my tongue deep within her pussy, our chorus of pleasure echoing around the room. Using my hips I fucked her mouth, pushing myself deep inside, as she ground her pussy into my face. She suck faster and harder, and I felt my cum welling in the base of my cock, and then I heard her say, ‘lick me baby, I wanna cum on your face.’ This just turned me on more, and I felt my cum begin its journey up my shaft. I licked her deeper and faster, wanted her to cum with me. She moaned loudly as she ground her pussy harder and sucked deeper. I felt my cum nearing my helmet, and knew in seconds I would explode. I hoped she was also on the brink, and this was confirmed when she lifted her head up and said, ‘Fuck, I am gonna cuuuuummmmmm’, before taking my cock back into her mouth, just as I came too. I licked at her sweet wetness, feeling a small amount trickle down my cheek, as I spurt five times, giving her a creamy heavy load to swallow.Lifting her pussy to hover just above my mouth, I licked her clean as she did me, and then she crawled round back to face-to-face and kissed and licked my mouth, tasting herself.I picked up the white ties, discarded after the 69 and smiled. I had to admit it was one of the best and most intense 69’s I had ever experienced and I knew I would not forget it, or even probably better it for a long time to come. I put the ties in the drawer and turned as Alice exited the en-suite into the room. She stood there naked, with only a towel wrapped around her wet hair. I stood and crossed to her, and then unwrapped her hair. The previously golden locks that cascaded down either side of her face like waterfalls reflecting a summer sun, were now darker and damp, and fell like a wet morning in autumn. However I had always love the look of a wet lady, and I stood back to drink in her sexiness.’Can I take a picture of you?’ I asked.’But I am naked’ she said as if feeling the need to remind me.’I know.’ I smiled. ‘I want something to remember you by.”I thought I gave you that last night,’ she quickly said.’Oh you did,’ my smile became a naughty grin, ‘but I want something to look at.”Well promise me it is for your eyes only.”Of course.’ I said casually, turning to find my jacket and mobile phone.’No, I mean it,’ Alice said with a more serious tone, ‘I don’t want to see it being passed around on the net, it would embarrass my family and probably harm my career.”I promise,’ I repeated with a more serious tone. ‘I will probably never see you again, so just wanted a little souvenir.”Well I could just give you my knickers,’ she offered, ‘that would be a more intimate reminder.”True,’ I began, waiting for her to smile thinking that I may not want to picture, ‘So I’ll take them as well.’ I told her.’Ohh, you are cheeky.”Yeah, I know.’ I smiled. ‘So you ready?”Okay, but just one picture,’ she said reminding me, ‘so you better make it a good one. How do you want me?”Err…’ I looked around, ‘I guess the place we shared the most. The bed.’With no need to say more, she crossed and climbed onto the bed, and then turned to me. ‘In what position?”Well, it might sound a little boring, but what about on your back with all of your pleasures on show. I could shot from above.’Alice paused for a moment and I began to think she was having second thoughts again. Then with a slow look towards me, and a twinkle in her eye, she said’ You know, I always has a secret fantasy of playing the glamour model, but never really had the courage.’I smiled, unsure if I should speak or not, so I held my tongue to see if more was to come.’Shot at will,’ she then said, ‘but remember this is between you and I only.’Loosening the ties, and pulling my arms free, I was glad to be released and sat up into a kneeling position. Having rarely ever had a need to place myself in that ‘crucifixion position’, my arms ached and I briefly rubbed the insides of them as if I had magic healing hands. ‘So I am hands-free now.’ I stated with a smile.’You certainly are,’ Alice smiled in return, ‘so what you gonna do?”Something I been wanting to do since I got here.”And what is that?’ she asked with a naughty grin.’Play x-box with Mike on my mobile.’ I told her turning away.’What…’ Alice began, her smile disappearing and confusion inhabiting her expression instead.’I am only k**ding.’ I then added, turning back to her with a cheeky grin.’You.’ she said, playfully slapping my arm.’So we are gonna get physical with this then?’ I asked.’I thought we already tempobet güvenilirmi had.’ and then she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me back down onto the bed, falling once more lips upon lips.I wanted to feel her little pink pussy. Having seen and tasted it, I now wanted to push my fingers into it, and with that thought in mind, my groping and caressing hand made its way southward, and upon finding her waist, traced its way round to her groin and then a little further south to part her willing legs. And with our tongues entwines, our saliva mixing with the remains and fumes of our cum, I slowly pushed two fingers into her tight little hole, feeling it stretch a little as I did so.Removing her mouth from mine, she buried her head into the pillow, coming close to my ear, and began to sing her song of pleasure. Her damp wet moans and groans echoing as I slid my fingers in and out of her pussy, feeling her getting wetter with each thrust deeper.I wanted to taste her again, and I slid my way down, kissing and licking, leaving a damp snail-like trail behind me, and then repositioned myself between her legs. Alice caressed her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her fingers and continued to sing,I continued to finger fuck Alice’s pussy, as I kissed and licked my way up her inner thigh, the softness of her skin feeling like velvet beneath my lips. Removing my fingers, I ran my hungry tongue from the top of her inner thigh to the opening of her pink sweetness, and then into her slightly stretched hole, I held the pussy lips open and pushed my tongue deep inside, and listened to her slightly louder moans as she ran her small hands through my hair, pulling me deeper. Her excitement and wetness was exciting me more and more, and my manhood twitched back to life, growing with interest.’Fuck me David,’ I heard her say, ‘fuck my pussy, I wanna feel your cock inside me.’Flicking my tongue in and around her pussy for a moment longer, I then lifted myself up to my knees and shifted forward. Positioning my cock in hand at the entrance, the tip brushing her lips, I glanced up and locked eyes with Alice, pausing before pushing my hardness within.The pleasure was written all over her face, and she closed her eyes as I pushed deeper, before withdrawing to push in deep once more. Her pussy was very tight, and it felt so warm and inviting wrapped around my thick girth. Slowly I picked up the pace, gradually pumping her harder, my manhood as stiff as an iron bar. Her moans mixing with mine as a chorus of pleasure, and she reached down to my waist, grabbing me on either side dictating the speed. ‘Fuck me Dave,’ she said, ‘fuck me good.”With pleasure.’ I told her, removing her hands from my waist and placing them on my chest, before leaning forwards over her, a hand either side of her shoulders and then pumping her pussy harder and faster, driving my cock into her like a nail gun continuous firing.’Fuck that feels so good,’ she said as she moaned louder.’I wanna take you from behind,’ I told her, ‘I wanna get deeper.’ And with that request hanging in the air, I pulled my cock from within her, and she quickly turned around, offering me her pussy with her bum high in the air.Reaching forward, I felt and found the entrance to her sweetness once more, and then guided my manhood back inside, holding her buttocks as I pushed in to full length. I began to slide in and out again, feeling her wetness and then looking down seeing her wetness, as my thick shaft glistened in the artificial light. Alice buried her head in a pillow, muffling her moans as I pumped her faster, and I echoing her pleasure with mine. She widen her legs, lowering her bum, and I altered my position slightly to see if I could go deeper. ‘Fuck, your pussy feels so wet.’ I told her, ‘I wanna cum deep inside you.”Come in my mouth.’ I heard her say, as she tilted her head slightly so she could speak more clearly, ‘I wanna taste you again, you tasted good.’I continued to drive my manhood in and out of her, and in time with me, she began to thrust herself against my groin, our moans getting louder filling the room, and I hoped anyone passing would had stopped for a moment to listen, and then smiled before moving on.I’m gonna cum,’ she said, ‘keep fucking me with that big cock of yours.’ she added.Her dirty mouth turned me on more, and the harder we fucked, the dirtier it got.’Fuck yeah,’ she exclaimed, ‘fuck me, fuck me hard, I wanna come on you cock.’I pumped her harder, thrusting like a piston of an engine going at a 100mph. I could feel my new load beginning to well like the loading of a gun.’You better cum soon,’ I told her, ’cause I am almost ready to shot my load again.”Keep fucking me then, and I will,’ she managed to utter between her cries, ‘I am almost there.’Spurred on by her claim, I continued to pump her and then gave her a playful, slightly hard slap on the bum. She seemed to like it, so I slapped her again.’Slap me harder baby,’ she said.I slapped her harder; leaving a slightly red mark that glowed before fading away.’Again.’ Alice said.I slapped her again, harder than before, and again left a red mark, that lingered longer.’Again.’I slapped her twice, once on each buttock, the hand marks lingering like the breath on a windowpane.Agaaaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn,’ she said as I felt her cum, the warmth of her juices spilling from her satisfied pussy, almost triggering myself.I quickly withdrew and she spun around to take my dripping manhood into her mouth. Without hesitation she swallowed it deep and I took her head in my hands to fuck her mouth.My cum began to make it way up my shaft, collecting just below the helmet. I looked down and saw she had a hand in her pussy, and the other on my waist to steady herself. Seeing that she was playing with her pussy was all I needed to trigger my cum, and with a thrust deep into her mouth, I unloaded for the second time.Stepping from the shower and crossing to stand on the mat before the sink, I glanced up at myself in the mirror. I had always struggle to look myself straight in the face, as I didn’t recognize the man looking back. A lot had happen in the past couple of years, and it had changed me. But today was different. Here I was in a fancy bathroom, of a swanky hotel, showering after spending the night with one of the cutest ladies I had ever seen. Normally someone like Alice would be out of my league, wouldn’t even give me a second glance, but given the chance to be myself, to share my humour, to be the charming man I knew I could be, she had melted into my arms. So right this minute I could look at myself straight in the face, I could with pride.Grabbing the last of the fresh towels, I patted myself down and gave my hair a quick rub, before wrapping the towel around my waist. Then with a final glance up, a wink to myself, and a sly grin, I turned to exit the bathroom.Alice lay there on the bed, still naked, holding the camera before her, glancing through the pictures taken. She had a wide grin and then glanced to me as I crossed to her.‘Like what you see?’ I asked her.‘Loving it,’ she said, the grin becoming wider.‘Good,’ I replied, ‘cause I am loving what I’m seeing to.’ I added whilst looking her up and down.‘You don’t think my boobs are too small?’ she asked, a level of politeness returning to her language.‘Noooo.’ my eyes drawn to them and their little crowning nipples, ‘I think they are cute, and I love the smaller chested lady.’ I smiled glancing back to her face.Alice smiled broadly in return, ‘You say all the right things.’‘I say them with honesty too.’She put the camera down and then glanced to the clock on the bedside table.‘So what time do you have to leave?’ I asked her.‘Well my plane is at five, and need to be there an hour before,’ she paused briefly to calculate, ‘so I guess I need to leave by three.’I glanced at the clock myself, as if I couldn’t remember what time it had said, when her glance had direct me to it moments before. ‘So we have three hours then.’ I stated.‘Yeah, I guess,’ she replied. ‘What you thinking?’‘I could tell you…’ I began, tailing off.‘But then you would have to kill me?’ She answered offering an end to the sentence.‘No, I’d rather show you.’ I corrected with a grin, and leant in to kiss her, as my wandering hand finding its way to play with her slightly erect nipple.

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