The Anonymous Gift Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – Payback

I trust you will find this story enjoyable on it’s own. However, for more background read my first installment of The Anonymous Gift.


I could hardly wait to get to the office. I was 80% certain that it was Jennifer who had given me a blowjob through the gloryhole in the adult bookstore yesterday. But did she know that it was me that she had blown?

I saw her leave the store only a few minutes after I had left. As I watched her leave the store the memory of the fantastic blowjob I had just received was very fresh in my mind. Knowing that it was very likely that my cum’s taste was still in her mouth and it’s substance in her stomach that very moment made me aroused all over again. I was feeling the urges of an 18 year old!

Before dropping off to sleep that night I had to whack off. Of course, it was my fantasies of the real Jennifer’s skin, tiny tits, lips, tongue, pussy and a myriad possibilities that got me off yet again. Not bad for 42.

I got to the office early the next morning. I wanted to be there when Jennifer arrived. A few minutes later Jennifer came by. She stopped by my cubicle with a cheerful, “Good morning Jason!”

Today she was wearing a red silk t-shirt, a white mini skirt, and strap sandals. The hint of her nipples made me sure there was nothing under her blouse. I did start to fantasize about what kind of panties she was wearing today.

“Hi Jen, how was your evening?” I replied.

“I had a good evening. I ran an errand after work, spent some time with the kids, did a few chores, and started a new novel.” she said. “How about you?”

“I had a great evening! My wife’s out of town so I took my time getting home last night, had a little dinner, watched some basketball…you know, man stuff.” I didn’t want to be too revealing.

“Man stuff? That sounds like an interesting conversation! Care to tell me more?” Was Jen fishing for info…did she know?

“Sure,” I said, “you may not find it too interesting, but let’s do lunch.”

Cheerily Jen said, “sounds like a date! Let’s do it today.”

“OK by me!” I was getting closer. I quietly willed my cock to stop poking up. I had work to do!

After hours of routine work, spiced with my fantasies, lunch time finally came. Jennifer stepped into my cubicle, “What do you want to do for lunch?”

Oh, if she knew the thoughts that were flowing through my mind!

I offered that I knew a bar with a decent menu that usually isn’t crowded at lunch. It was only about a five minute drive. She was up with that. I drove.

To my delight the bar wasn’t very crowded. We took a booth near the back and ordered some iced tea and sandwiches.

I wanted to know more about Jennifer and she seemed to want to know more about me. So we had the normal background conversation — hometowns, siblings, college stuff, etc.

Our food was delivered. I found myself watching her mouth and lips as she ate….chewed….swallowed.

I wanted to steer this conversation to things more intimate. “I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, but I want you to know that I think your husband is a very lucky man.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” she asked.

“You are a very attractive woman. I’m sure he is very happy to be married to you.” I complimented.

“Oh, Jason, that’s sweet.” She was beaming. “It isn’t often a woman is flattered like that.”

“Well, I mean it. You are really attractive. So, tell me about your husband.” I was truly curious.

Jen was quiet for a few seconds. I looked at her a bit questioningly.

She noticed my look, “Bill? Bill is a nice guy.” There wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm in her voice. “We have a great family and he is a wonderful daddy.”

Hmmm, that was certainly less than a ringing endorsement. “And…?” I wanted her to go further.

“Well, let’s just say he isn’t very adventuresome.” She confessed.

This could mean a lot of things. So I continued with this line of conversation. “So, does that mean he doesn’t like Thai food, doesn’t want to travel outside the state, or doesn’t go to orgies?” I figured this might open things a bit.

Jen chuckled, “Well, let me say that we both love Thai food and we are planning a trip to Jamaica for our anniversary.”

I gave her a look of mock pity, “Awwww, but he doesn’t take you to orgies.”

She flushed a bit, “As a matter of fact, no. He has never accompanied me to an orgy.”

Did her choice of words mean something? “Never accompanied…so you go by yourself?” I teased with pendik escort a grin.

She knew where I was going. “No, I don’t do orgies either. I’m a married woman. Enough about me. Tell me about your last orgy.”

She thought she would shut me up! Little did she know.

“Well, admittedly it has been a few months. But the last one Shirley and I attended was last Halloween.” I shared honestly.

“Oh, bull shit. You didn’t go to an orgy last Halloween.” She thought I was pulling her leg.

I turned serious. “Yes, we did. And it was a lot of fun.”

Jen’s voice changed. “Really now…I would have never figured you and Shirley for being kinky.” But she was obviously interested in more.

I noticed that her nipples were growing and her face was a bit flushed.

“Well, I don’t know if you would call pursuing your own pleasure kinky, but if it is, so be it. We are very committed to the marriage but we do play around with other willing people.” I was sharing some of our private lives and that in itself can be a very intimate thing. “So, Jen, you and your husband don’t play?”

“Don’t play?!?! HA! Unless you call once a week missionary position in the dark play, no, we don’t play.”

I could tell she was frustrated. “Is that enough for you?”

“Hell no, that isn’t enough!” She was a little mad.

“Well, what do you do?” I really wanted to know.

“Oh, I remember back to some of the experiences of my college days, pull out my toys and take care of myself….you know, things like that.” her voice trailed off.

“Do you play around, Jen?”

“Me? A mom? C’mon, my tummy isn’t flat anymore and I have surgery scars…who would want me?” Jen was hedging.

“Jen, you are a beautiful, sexy, desirable woman. There is nothing sexier than a 30-something mom with a little roundness to her belly. Do … you … play … around?” I wasn’t about to back off.

“Not really?”

“Hmmmm… evasive. OK, I won’t push you. But I’ll bet you’ve had some interesting encounters that you would love to share with someone. I’m willing to listen.” I was now trying to become the trusted friend. God, I wanted to have sex with this woman.

“You share first.” She said coyly.

“Hmmm… where shall I start?” I was saying this more rhetorically but she took the question seriously.

“Tell me about your most recent incident that included someone other than your wife Shirley.”

Well, now. This is interesting. I decided to share in general terms rather than my specific experience of the day before.

“OK, I’ll tell you, but I trust you to tell me too. Sometimes I get the urge to get my rocks off in a very uncomplicated way. You know, no relationship, no game playing, just put it in and get it off. So at times I will stop by an adult bookstore that has a video arcade with gloryholes.” I knew she knew about them but I wondered what she was thinking.

“Hey, I’ve heard of those!” was all she said.

“I go the arcade, find a booth with a gloryhole, wait for someone to enter the neighboring booth, stick my cock in and hope it gets sucked off. Usually it does and I leave happy. This is what I’ve done most recently.” Those were all the details I was going to share.

“Is that safe?” Jen queried.

“I’ve always found it so,” was my honest answer.

“Do you do this often?” Jen was genuinely interested.

“I don’t keep a record, but I’ve done it several times. In fact, I’ve done it a couple of times this month.” This was the truth.

Her eyes opened a bit wider. “Here in town? You go to them here in town?”

“Sure, it is close and handy. Besides, there is only one business in town that has gloryholes,” I said. But of course, I knew she knew.

“You mean out at Jake’s on Western Avenue?” Jen asked with a nice smile.

“That’s the place. Sounds like you know of it.” I pushed.

“Hold that thought. I have to go to the little girl’s room,” and Jen scooted out of the booth and stepped to the restroom. I watched her ass as she moved away wishing she wasn’t wearing her skirt.

I toyed with the remaining French fries on my plate plotting where this might go.

When she returned she had a new gleam in her eye.

“I’m really so glad we are having this conversation. The way things are at home I can’t even talk to my husband about sexual things. He just is so….BORING… that way!”

“I’m sorry you have that at home,” I was sincere, “but that won’t get you out of telling me about your most recent exciting sexual maltepe escort encounter. We have a deal.”

“Hmmmm…OK. Well, it is funny you mentioned gloryholes. I too like gloryholes. I have been known to frequent those adult bookstores too. Sometimes I am the mouth on the other side of the wall.” She looked at me like she was a bit embarrassed to admit this.

“Oh REEEEALLY,” I responded while my cock was stirring. “And how recently have you done this?”

“Very recently!” As she said this I felt something brushing my crotch. I looked down to see Jen’s foot in my lap.

I looked at her. Jen was smiling. “Here, I have something for you.” She reached into the pocket of skirt, pulled out her bright red thong panties and handed them to me. “This is just a little gift for an enjoyable lunch. By the way, you’re buying! We gotta go or we’re gonna be late.”

I gladly paid and followed her out of the bar. I reached into my pocket and fingered the material that was just minutes before was pressed into her ass and molded on her pussy. I was not surprised to find that the thong was damp.

As we were driving back to the office Jen scooted down in her seat, spread her legs, and started fingering herself.

“Jason, I have a confession,” she said while pleasuring herself.

My mouth was a little dry but my cock was more than stirring. I was hoping that I didn’t stain my pants before walking into the office.

“I followed you to Jake’s last night. I was the mouth on the other side of the gloryhole. I’ve been dying to tell you.”

“You knew it was me?” I was honestly a bit surprised.

“Yeah,” her fingers kept working at her crotch, “and thanks for the nice gift yesterday morning.”

“You knew the butterfly was from me!?!?” Again, I was surprised.

Jen smiled through her half closed eyelids as I heard the juices of her cunt slurping, “I wasn’t 100% sure until right now. But I suspected.” Jen’s face clenched, her body stiffened just a bit, and she sighed. Matter of factly she continued, “you owe me an orgasm. I intend to collect.”

“It will be my pleasure.” Oh man, and did I mean it! I pulled the car into its place on the office lot.

“Yes it will be.” She said slyly. She pulled her finger from her crotch and wiped it on my upper lip just under my nostrils. Then she quickly slipped out of the car and made her way in as I sat there stunned, delighted, and breathing deeply. I may never wash my face again.

All afternoon I kept pulling her thong out of my pocket and holding it under my nose. The damp, musky sweetness kept my balls and cock stirring.

About an hour before the end of the work day, which happened to be a Friday, Jen slipped behind me in my cubicle. I turn my head and she pressed her tiny tit into my cheek while reaching over my shoulders. She gave my nipples a sharp tweak. Immediately I had goose bumps all over.

She whispered into my ear, “don’t leave early today.”

“Anything you say!” I was putty in her hands. I would have said “yes” to anything.

Traditionally on Friday afternoons, especially in the summer, people would slip out of the office early. For sure no one would stay late to work.

As expected, by 5:00pm, the place was pretty empty. By 5:10pm the rest of our co-workers were gone.

Jen came into my office. “They’re all gone. I walked through the building to check and the doors are locked. We’re all alone.”

I twisted around my office chair to face her. Jen kicked off her sandals. Then she reached the bottom of her shirt with both hands and slipped it quickly up and over her head.

I was in awe. I’d had peeks at her tiny tits before, but never full access like this. Her nipples were exquisite. They were shaped like Hershey’s kisses with the pointy little curly-q melted off. They were pinkish brown in color. The breasts themselves were very small, almost nonexistent. What was there was pointed.

She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. “You really like these little things?”

“Absolutely! What is more important, though is who is wearing them!” I truly meant this. If the woman knows how to carry herself in a confident sexy way the breasts of any size and shape will be perfect.

“My hubby keeps telling me I should have them made bigger,” she pouted.

“He’s a fool.” I just couldn’t imagine.

My eyes wandered down. Her skin was smooth and looked soft. She did have the slightly poofy stomach of a woman with children. I reached forward and grabbed her kartal escort by her hips. I pulled her to me so she was standing with her legs straddling my lap. I nuzzled her belly and kissed my way up to her nipples.

My tongue flicked over her left nipple and she gasped. I just love a woman with sensitive nipples. I kneaded her ass through her skirt with one hand, pinched her right nipple with my left fingers, and licked, nibbled and sucked on her left nipple with my lips and tongue. Jen wrapped her arms around my head and held me close.

I felt her breathing quicken. “Oh my, I’ve been waiting for this all day,” she whispered right before she stiffened, sucked in a lung full of air and stopped breathing for a full ten seconds. She then sighed and her whole body shook as she let out a low moan. “That’s good for a starter. But now it is time for real payback.” I was ready to oblige.

When she caught her breath she stepped back and pulled her skirt up so it was bunched around her hips. She was neatly trimmed but not so close that one couldn’t tell she was not a real blond. I have no quibbles with a woman who dyes her hair!

She positioned herself so her butt was on the front of my desk. She leaned back on her arms with her beautiful nipples pointing up proudly. She lifted one leg and set her heel on my shoulder. I was now faced with a full on view of her wet open pussy. It was framed by loose labia petals and topped off by a little bud of a clit.

She raised her other foot to my other shoulder. Jen pulled my head to her pussy with her feet. As she walked her feet down my back my face was pulled directly into her wet cunt. The first thing I did was to inhale deeply. The scent was musky, warm, fresh.

I kissed her labia. I started working my tongue into the wet smoothness. All the while my nose was teasing her clit. She pressed her thighs against my ears and lifted her hips to squirm her pussy around my face. I was in bliss. Tiny tits, a hot wet pussy, both on a willing sexy woman. What could be better?

Jen could not be classified as a moaner or a screamer or a squealer. She did a combination of all three. She squealed with delight, moaned in pleasure, and screamed like no one could hear.

The vocals were interspersed with occasional commentary. Like…Oh god, I love your tongue…suck my clit…do you like my pussy juice?…shit I wish I could get this at home…etc.

I was eating her pussy like a starving man. I placed each of my hands under each of her ass cheeks and kept her ass well spread and kneaded. I moved down so that my tongue was flicking against her puckered rosebud and my nose was buried deeply in her pussy. This was the right combination for the time. I looked up as she threw her head back and her face grimaced in a silent scream of pleasure. Her hips were bouncing up and down as if she was fucking my face. She looked down at me, her wide eyes meeting mine. I started humming in a low bass. She went into involuntary convulsions for a while as her pussy flooded my face.

Jen went limp and passed out on my desk with my face in her pussy and her legs wrapped around my head. I just gently kissed her pussy as she lay silently.

My cock was standing at full attention but cramped in my pants. I opened my pants and began stroking my cock. I was in need of release. I untangled her legs from around my neck so I could lean back and stroke myself more freely.

Jen came out of her pleasure coma and realized what I was doing. She pushed me back with her foot, slipped off my desk, and knelt before me. She grabbed the base of my cock and slipped her lips over the tip. She began furiously sucking and stroking me. Her blowjob was even better without the bookstore wall between us!

It took her less that two minutes to get my load. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth showing me my cum. She let about half of the load dribble over her lips and drip down onto her chest. She made a production of swallowing the remainder declaring how delicious it was.

She stood and presented her chest to my face. I licked my cum off her nipples and chest. Mmmmm…. I did taste pretty good! What a perfect way to end a long and stimulating day.



“Can we do this again sometime soon?”

“Oh yes, Jason. This and so much more. But now I must leave and go home to feed my kids and boring hubby.”

She kissed me long and sweet. She dropped her skirt and slipped on her sandals. Before she put her shirt back on she looked over to me and said, “I’m glad you like my tiny tits. They like you too.”

She walked out of the office and I heard the front door close.

I lay there for several minutes recovering and was already beginning to fantasize about our next encounter.

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