The Argument


It was another argument, one that left both of us angry and heated. Sitting on the bed, simmering down from the pent up emotions, I watched as you played on your computer, ignoring the rest of the world. I knew it was a way for you to release stress but I still didn’t like it. Watching you play the keys on the keyboard and move the mouse around was always an erotic sight. Always I wondered why you couldn’t play me like that.

Getting off the bed, setting the laptop aside, I walked over to the computer chair, just standing there to watch. League was up on the screen, as usual, and I could tell you were also playing with your friends. However, I wanted some fun. I wanted the angry sex we used to have when we got mad at each other.

Leaning down, I started kissing the back of your neck, going up to your ear and back down. My hands went over your shoulders pressing against your chest.

I felt a small shudder but couldn’t tell if it was just from you playing the game or from my motions. I decided to take it up a notch and started going around to the front. Shimmying my way in between the desk and the chair, I looked up at you as you gazed at me. A delicious grin graced my face and I started kissing your thighs. I worked my way up to your growing cock, loving the fact that I could turn you on. I wondered briefly how the game was going but erased the thought as I decided I wanted to torture you while you played.

Slowly I slid my hand up your leg to your zipper and button. I quickly undid the snap and slid down the zipper, pressing purposely against your erection. I traced you through your boxers, softly teasing and stroking. My eyes slid up to yours and smirked lightly as I saw that you were starting to breathe heavier. Leaning up on my knees, I took your cock out and slid my hand over the Maltepe Esmer Escort full length, up and down twice before letting go. My mouth soon replaced it.

I bobbed up and down a couple of times, licking and sucking as much as I could. I held the base of your cock in my hand and licked from the bottom to the top. Playing with the head, I nibbled lightly, not hurting you. Half of your cock went into my mouth while the rest my hand stroked while I bobbed. My other hand went up to your balls and started to play with them. I knew I was getting turned on by it, enjoying the fact that you could hardly concentrate.

I continued torturing for what felt like forever to me: switching between taking you fully in my mouth, using my hand, and using a mixture of both. As soon as I knew you were close to cumming, I would stop and move slower just to keep teasing you.

Soon I felt you move and looked up with your cock in my mouth. You were looking at me with hooded eyes with the headphones off. Smirking I let you pop out of my mouth and tried to wiggle my way back out of my position. However, you closed my escaped route and moved me back onto my knees. I looked at you slightly confused, wondering what you planned on doing. Whereas I once had control, it had shifted immediately.

You stroked yourself a couple of times before grabbing my hand and using it. I started up a slow rhythm but you didn’t like it, growling and moving my hand faster. Soon my mouth was over your cock again, tongue swirling around the girth, bobbing up and down. The only sound that could be heard was the slick of my mouth and you moaning. Not much longer you came in my mouth, squirting hard and much as you held onto my head, keeping me in place. I swallowed your cum and licked my lips after you let me go.

You Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort grabbed my hand, leading me to the bed. The black nightie I was wearing plumped my breasts up and showed the fact that I was wearing lacy underwear. I landed on the bed on my back with you still standing. Leaning down, you kissed up my leg to the apex of my thigh and moved your hand to feel the wetness that was my underwear. I heard you say something but the pleasure was more than your words as I arched up as you pressed my sex, teasing me. Your hand left and your mouth went down the other thigh, kissing and nibbling as you went. Both hands came up to my breasts, moving the fabric as you touched. My breasts feel out heavy, aching to be touched, the nipples erect. Playing with them, kneading and pinching the pink buds, you kissed over my stomach.

Your mouth soon replaced your hands, licking and biting on the tender flesh. While your mouth was busy, your hands went south, moving the fabric of my panties aside and brushing your fingers against my clit. I arched up, moaning silently, and shivered a bit. I knew I was wet which slightly caused me to want to cover myself. Your other hand grabbed both of mine causing me to fight a bit until I realized that you weren’t budging. The fingers touching my clit soon went down, entering my canal, while your thumb traced over my clit. I arched harder, moaning louder, and started to move my hips. The hand let go of mine and pinned my hips to the bed, making it so I couldn’t move. I growled and wiggled, trying to free myself but there was no freedom to be found as you started to move your fingers in and out slowly while your thumb circled at the same pace. My growls turned into breathy moans.

Your pace started to get faster and when I felt like Maltepe Evi Olan Escort I would cum, you would stop and go slow again. I felt like I was kept on the edge forever, dancing to a tune that only you played. My thighs shook, my breathing was fast, and I kept trying to move my hips whenever you stopped to create some form of friction. After a while of dancing on the edge, you completely removed your fingers, bringing them up to my mouth were I licked them clean. The panties were removed completely and you removed your pants and boxers. In one swift motion you were inside me, causing me to gasp as my walls contracted around you. You went fast, causing me to cling to you as my orgasm came closer and closer. I clawed at you back, and screamed out as the orgasm overcame me. However, you weren’t done.

You moved, flipping me over to my hands and knees and made sure that the height was good for you to enter. This time, you slowly eased into me, making me moan as each inch caused ripples in my body. After you were in to the hilt, you grabbed my hair, pulling my head back while your other hand went around and played with my clit. You moved slowly, torturing me again as my body spasmed around you, edging closer and closer to the cliff again. As I felt closer and closer to my second orgasm, you picked up until I was almost to the edge. Then you went slowly again, leaning close to me and asking me if I wanted to cum. I grunted at first and you yanked softly on my hair. You asked again and I made a noise of agreement. This time you slapped my ass in response. The third time you asked, I said yes and you started slamming into me, making me go over the edge and screaming into the bed. I felt you spasm inside me and shivered.

I collapsed onto the bed with you pulling out and looking down at me with a grin on your face. You softly looked at my body and at me and grabbed me to your body. Making sure I was alright and letting me come back down, I leaned against you tired. I could hear your friends in the background, shouting and screaming something or the other. However, I was content right where I was.

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