The Assistant Ch. 04


“Good morning Dr. Grey!” Victoria exclaimed excitedly. “It sure is a beautiful Monday morning!”

“Well, isn’t someone in a good mood this morning? Are we back to ‘Dr. Grey’?”

Victoria got up from her desk and walked over to the coffee maker that sat in the corner. Adam noticed that she was wearing a very short, bright skirt with a flower pattern and a yellow tank-top blouse. “Yes I am! In a good mood that is.” she replied, as she poured Adam his first cup of coffee for the morning. Adam admired her legs and how the fabric of the skirt hugged her butt as she bent over to put a spoonful of sugar in the steaming black liquid. “As far as ‘Dr. Grey’, I think I’ll stick to that in the office and I’ll use ‘Adam’ for social events outside the office.”

“Maybe you should come over more often for social events,” Adam said as she handed him the cup. “Thank you.”

“I might just take you up on that offer. I could use some more social intercourse, if you know what I mean?”

Adam walked into his office, laid his briefcase on the desk, flipped on his computer, and started checking his e-mails. Adam had been very successful in bringing in grant funds to the department, so he was able to ‘buy out’ of some of his teaching duties. As such, he only had three courses this semester. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 AM he taught the sophomore history course for non-majors, History 101, Introduction to World History. On the same days but at 4 PM he taught the introductory history course for kids who thought they might major in history, History 110, Introduction to Twentieth Century History. On Thursday nights from 7 until 10, he taught an upperclassman course, History 490, Seminars in History, in which the students were expected to research a topic of interest to them and then present their findings to the class in a one-hour presentation. Typically, Adam would lecture for one hour, let the student lecture for one hour, and then the entire class would discuss the student’s presentation for an hour after that.

All in all, it was a very light semester as far as work was concerned and Adam had successfully received funding for his new book on the Manhattan Project. His plan was to spend Tuesday and Thursday in their library and also at the cross-town college library when necessary. He also planned to study the documents that had recently been unearthed by The Manhattan Project Preservation Society in Los Alamos. The society had agreed to make the new documents available to real historians for a period of two years, and then they planned on releasing them to the general public. He hoped to drive to Los Alamos on Friday afternoon, work into the evening, spend the night, work all day on Saturday, and then drive back to Albuquerque that evening.

“Vickie,” he yelled from his office to the outer office that Victoria occupied. “I forgot to get a class schedule from Miss Jameson on Friday after I interviewed her.” Actually, when she left I still had my dick in my hand! “Please pull her application and find her cell phone number. Then, call her and ask her to drop by today.”

“Okay. I still haven’t had time to file her application, so it’s right here on my desk.”

After a few seconds, he heard her dialing the phone, there was silence for about 10 seconds, and then he heard her hang-up. Next, he heard Victoria tapping away on her computer.

“Hey, what gives? I didn’t hear you speak to her.”

“I didn’t. Her cell phone is off, so I’m sending an e-mail to her phone. Her outgoing voice mail message said she preferred to receive text messages. She probably has the ringer off while she is in class and just receives text messages.”

“God save me from kids!” Adam said under his voice, while rolling his eyes to the ceiling.

Adam started gathering his class notes for his 10 o’clock class. Victoria yelled from her office into him, “She just replied to my e-mail from her phone. She said she would drop by right after her 9 o’clock class.” Victoria got up from her desk and walked into Adam’s office.

“Well, I won’t be here; I’ve got to teach in fifteen minutes. So, when she comes by, please get her class schedule. Let her know what my plans are for doing the research on this book.” Adam slid onto the corner of his desk some scribbled notes on his proposed schedule. Victoria walked around his desk and stood beside the chair that he was sitting in. She bent over to read his terrible handwriting. “If her schedule jives with this one, then we’ll spend Tuesday and Thursday in town, and we’ll travel up to Los Alamos for the next few weekends. I’m guessing that we can check out all the documents up there in six or seven weekends.”

“Okay. Do you want me to fill out the prior approval forms for authorized travel from the University so that you can get reimbursed?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s a real good idea. I’ll sign them after class. Oh yeah, also we are going to need a place to stay up in Los Alamos on Friday nights. See what you can work out.”

Victoria looked down at Adam with a gleam in her eyes. “Would that be one hotel room or two?”

“You’re güvenilir bahis being bad!” exclaimed Adam, as he reached back and slapped her hard on the butt.

Victoria picked up the piece of paper, and walked to her desk. She placed the paper down, closed the door to the hallway in the outer office, walked into Adam’s office and closed the door to his office. “If you’re going to spank me, you’d better do it right.” She turned around and kneeled on the couch that Adam kept in his office for the occasional long night at work. She placed her hands on the back of the couch and looked over her shoulder at him. “I’ve been a very bad girl.”

Adam got up from his desk bewildered. Apparently he had un-caged a sleeping monster. He had never seen the sexual side of Victoria, probably because she had hidden it away to protect herself after the divorce. “Yes you have,” he said. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to spank you. If you cry out, it will be worse for you.”

Adam walked behind her and lifted the fabric of her skirt high onto her back, exposing her bright yellow panties. He then hooked his fingers under her panties and pulled them down to her knees.

Whack! He slapped her hard on the right cheek. “Say, ‘Dr. Grey I’m very sorry to have accused you of having ill thoughts of Miss Jameson.'”

Victoria’s voice was a little shaky. “I’m sorry.”

Whack! He slapped her hard on the left cheek. “You forgot part of it.”

“Dr. Grey I’m sorry to have ill thoughts of Miss Jameson.”

Whack! “No, that’s not right. Say, ‘Dr. Grey I’m very sorry to have accused you of having ill thoughts of Miss Jameson.'”

“Dr. Grey I’m very sorry to have accused you of having ill thoughts of Miss Jameson.”

“That’s much better. Have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Okay, as further punishment, you will be required to give me your panties and go all day without any underwear.”

Victoria stood up, let the panties fall to the floor, and began to walk out of the room.

“Wait a second young lady! Do you expect me to reach down and pick up your panties off the floor? Get back into position!”

Victoria walked back over to the couch and kneeled down. Adam again reached and lifted the fabric of her skirt, exposing her red ass cheeks. Whack! This time he hit her square in the middle of her exposed butt, and let his fingers linger as he barely grazed the lips of her pussy. “Now, do you think you’ve lost that attitude?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well then, pick up your panties and bring them to me.”

As Victoria bent over to pick the panties off the floor, Adam could see the bottoms of her butt cheeks and the folds of her pussy as the fabric rode up her legs. She had a nice round butt that Adam appreciated. It was very different from Leslie’s, although he thought his wife had a great ass, too. It’s just that Vickie’s ass is made for fucking doggy style! She brought the panties to him and placed them in his hands.

“In fact, I’ve decided that as a future punishment, you are grounded all week. You will not wear panties at all this week, and you must wear a skirt everyday. Do you understand me young lady?”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry.”

“Okay, now. Go out there and get to work.”

Victoria reached over and gave Adam a light kiss on the lips. “I promise to be a good secretary from now on.”

It wasn’t until Victoria left his office that he realized he had a hard on and that he had to teach in five minutes. He grabbed his files and rushed out of the office.

When he was gone, Victoria sat down making sure that her naked butt was in contact with the cool leather of the chair. Man, he really whacked me! She began to transcribe some notes that Adam had made for her when Aimee came into the room.

“Hi. I’m Aimee Jameson. We met on Friday afternoon.”

“Yes, hi,” Victoria said, taking Aimee’s outthrust hand. “Nice to see you again.”

“I’m here to see Dr. Grey. I think he had you contact my phone.”

“Yes. But, sorry, he’s in class right now. He asked for me to get your class schedule.” Victoria pushed a blank pad of paper toward Aimee. “Also, if you have any other social events planned in the next couple of months, you’d better let us know.”

“Well, actually,” Aimee replied, “I keep my entire schedule on-line. May I use your computer?”

“Sure.” Victoria logged out of her administrative account and then called up her homepage. “Let me get out of your way.” As Victoria stood up, there was the obvious sound of skin peeling from moist leather. “Uh, I was a little warm earlier,” Victoria said, glancing up at Aimee while blushing.

Aimee plopped down into Victoria’s chair, logged onto her student account, and called up her schedule for the remainder of the semester. “Can I just print this?”

“Yeah, that would be great. Just choose ‘Print’ and it will send it to that printer.” Victoria pointed to the printer that sat on the desk behind her.

After the pages had been printed, Victoria compared Aimee’s schedule with the notes that Adam had written. “Okay, this looks türkçe bahis good. You only have an eight o’clock class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it looks like your last class on Friday is Dr. Grey’s class.”


“Okay. Dr. Grey’s plan is for you and he to spend most of Tuesday and Thursday in our library and, when necessary, at the library across town. Also, there are some new documents that are being held at Los Alamos. Dr. Grey wants to drive to Los Alamos on Friday afternoon after your last class, work into the evening, spend the night there in Los Alamos, work all day on Saturday, and then drive back to Albuquerque that evening. How does that fit into your schedule?”

“Sounds good.”

“Okay. You’d be paid, of course, for all of the time you are working. You’d also receive the standard per diem rate while you are out of town, which is $75 per day for food, and $120 per day for lodging. I can assure you that you will be able to eat and sleep in Los Alamos for far less than $195, so the rest is yours to keep. I will make all of the lodging arrangements. You and Dr. Grey will drive up in his car. It will only take about two hours. “

“That sounds fine to me.”

“Okay. Good. I need you to sign some blank travel forms before you leave and I’ll fill in all the other information when I get it. I’ll make sure you see the final form before I turn it in.” Victoria walked over to the filing cabinet across the office and bent over to get a form out of the bottom drawer, completely forgetting that she was wearing a short skirt with no panties. Too late she felt the cool air on her behind. Without looking back to see if Aimee had noticed, she bent her knees and kneeled down to retrieve the forms. When she rose and turned to bring the forms to Aimee, the look on her face was obvious. She had noticed. Oh, what the hell does it matter if she thinks I’m a slut?

“Okay, please sign all of these forms on this line here marked, ‘Signature of Traveler.'” Victoria indicated the line. “Good. Okay, I’ll take care of everything.”

“Thanks, Mrs….uh, I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”

“Actually, it is Miss. Miss Victoria Twinings. But you can call me ‘Vickie’.”

“Thanks, Vickie.” Aimee shook Victoria’s hand, turned and walked toward the door of the office, and then suddenly stopped. Turning she said in a very low voice, “Sometimes I go without panties too when I wear a short skirt. It makes me feel sexy.”

Victoria blushed and replied, “Yeah, it makes me feel sexy, too.”

“But,” Aimee pressed on, “You must have been a pretty bad girl to end up with a handprint whelp like that on your bottom!”

“Yeah, I guess I was a pretty bad girl. But, I’ve learned my lesson!”

“Vickie, I think we’re going to get along real well.”

“Yes, Aimee, I think we will!”


Adam pulled his Jeep into his driveway about 4 PM. Beaux met him at the door as usual, accepting the scratches behind his ears. “Hey, man. Where’s mom?”

“I’m in here, honey,” Leslie yelled from the den. “I was just about to leave for the club.”

Adam walked into the den and found his wife wearing a white, collared pullover shirt, a short white tennis skirt, and white socks and tennis shoes. She had put her dark hair into a ponytail, and had pulled it through the hole in the back of the white baseball cap that sat on her head. “I thought you played tennis on Tuesday and Thursday.”

“Well, yes, you’re right. There isn’t any league today and I’m not meeting anyone there. I didn’t expect you home this early, so I thought I’d just run out to the club to see if I can find someone to play with me. Would you rather I stay home with you?”

“No, that’s not necessary.”

“You sure you won’t think I’m a bad girl for leaving you home by yourself?”

“I’m not by myself. Beaux is here too, you know?”

Beaux raised his ears when he heard Adam say his name.

“By the way, speaking of bad girls, I think we may have created a monster with Vickie.”

“Oh, yeah? What do you mean?”

“It was the weirdest thing today. You know we’ve always had this ‘boss-employee’ relationship. I mean, hell, she calls me ‘Dr. Grey’ even though I’ve asked her to call me ‘Adam’. Anyway, I’ve never even had the first sexual thought about her…well, before I fucked her this weekend that is. Anyway, today I asked her to set up some hotel rooms for my new assistant and me up in Los Alamos.”

“You mean your new assistant, Miss Hoover?”

“Yes, and her name is Aimee Jameson, wiseass. Don’t make me spank you, too.”

“Too?” Leslie raised her eyebrows.

“Well, I was getting to that. So when I asked her to make the arrangements, she asked me, ‘Do you want one room or two,’ so I gave her a slap on the butt and told her she was being bad. She left my office without saying a word, closed the outer door to her office, and then my inner door. She climbed up on my couch backwards…”

“Backwards? You mean like this?” Leslie kneeled down on the couch with her butt pointing back at Adam.”

“Yes, just like that. Then she told güvenilir bahis siteleri me she had been a very bad girl and that I should spank her to teach her a lesson.”

“And, did you?”

“Hell yes, I did! I lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and gave her several hard smacks on the ass. I think she enjoyed it, and I know I did. But, that’s not all. I told her that she was not allowed to wear panties all day and to leave them with me. But, she just started to walk out of the room without handing them to me, so I made her get back into position and slapped her again. When I was done, I told her to hand me the panties and that she was grounded for the week. She has to wear short skirts without panties all week.”

“You’re kidding me? How hard did you slap her?”

“Pretty hard. Her ass cheeks were really red when I was done.”

“And she liked it, huh?”

“Yeah, I think she really did.”

Leslie put on her best baby voice. “Honey, did I tell you that I got a speeding ticket today? I was a really bad girl, too.”

“A speeding ticket, huh? That is much worse than what Vickie did. I think your punishment will have to be much worse.”

Still in the baby voice she said, “Oh, please Adam. Please don’t punish me too hard.”

“I’m sorry, honey, but if I don’t teach you a lesson, who knows what might happen? You might go off and get speeding tickets everyday!”

Adam walked to the couch and sat down. “Okay young lady, stand up and walk over here.”

Leslie did as directed. “Now, turn around and face away from me.” Adam reached under her tennis skirt and pulled her tennis underpants to the floor. Then, he reached up and pulled her white panties to the floor. “Now, come her and lay across my lap.” Leslie did so, placing her hips on his legs, her butt peaking out from under the short tennis skirt. Adam raised the fabric of the skirt and slapped her several times on each butt cheek until her olive skin began to become rosy. “Have you learned to slow down yet?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll slow down.”

“Well that’s not good enough missy. We still have the speeding fine to deal with. You march into your room, take off all of your clothes, and stand in the corner until I get there.”

With that, Leslie got up and marched back to their bedroom. Adam waited a full five minutes, while he got naked in the den. His cock was rock hard when he walked into their bedroom. Leslie was completely naked, standing, facing one of the corners. “You stay right there, missy, until I tell you to move.”

“Yes, sir.”

Adam walked into their bathroom and got a handkerchief from the pantry, a bottle of baby oil from the cupboard, and two of Leslie’s scarves from her closet. He walked behind Leslie and placed the handkerchief over her eyes as a blindfold. “Now, come here.” He led her to the edge of the bed. She started to climb onto the bed when he said, “No one told you to lay down.”

“Sorry, sir.”

“Now, you can start by sucking on my cock. But, if I feel any teeth at all, I’m going to spank you again.”

“Yes, sir. No teeth.”

Leslie felt her way down his body, kneeled in front of him, and hungrily sucked his fully erect dick into her mouth. He let her work on him for about five minutes when he lifted her up.

“Okay, for your next round of punishment, we will try something new.” Adam took her wrist and tied her right hand to her right leg, about mid thigh. He then did the same with the other wrist. In this way, Leslie was free to move around, but she could not use her hands. “Now, lean over the corner of the bed.” Leslie found that without the use of her hands, all she could do was place her weight on her feet and on her chest; her butt was thrust high in the air.

“Oh, god, I hope he doesn’t spank me some more. I don’t think I can keep playing this game if he spanks me. My butt hurts!” Leslies thought to herself.

Adam picked up the baby oil and started massaging it into her burning ass cheeks. Then, he began to lube her butthole. He placed a copious amount of oil on and in her butthole. “I know where this is leading. He hasn’t fucked me in the ass in years,” Leslie thought as her pussy began to flow. He stuck his index finger in her butthole and asked, “Do you understand why I have to punish you?”

“Yes, sir, I do.”

He then inserted his middle finger in her ass, using both finger like a dick to fuck her ass. “Can you think of an appropriate punishment? I mean, how bad were you?”

“I was really bad, sir. But, I don’t think I was so bad that you have to stick you dick in my ass.”

“Well, I disagree.” With that, Adam picked up the bottle of oil and liberally applied it to his dick. He placed the head of his dick against her tiny pink hole. “You’d better relax and this will go a lot easier for you.”

“Yes, sir. I know.”

Adam slowly, ever so slowly as not to hurt her, began to push forward. At first her anal muscles resisted his thrust, but eventually his persistence paid off as she began to relax. His well-oiled dick began to easily slide into her ass. Oh, man, is that tight! I forgot how good this feels! I won’t last long in here! Adam began to slowly thrust his dick in and out of Leslie’s butthole, taking short slow thrusts at first. Nice and easy so I don’t hurt her. If I hurt her, this game will end really fast.

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