THE ASSISTANT (Part 2)THE ASSISTANT – PART 2« She left a message on my answering machine », said Jennifer as she walked into Rachel’s office.“Ah..good…I actually talked to Jill on the phone this morning and said we would both go…I hope you don’t mind”, answered Rachel with a somewhat dirty smile“What’s the occasion…or the excuse should I say ?”, asked Jennifer“A lesbian couple she knows are actually moving in together and they are having a little cosy party and we’re invited”, answered Rachel“What kind of party ?”, asked Jennifer rolling her eyes“You know what kind…and you’ll enjoy it ..or should I say “her””, said Rachel with a devilish smile.After the fuck in the motel room, Jennifer had been very impressed with Jill and was looking forward to something happening between them, at least some sniffing or fingering, if not the whole orchestra. To her surprise, it was Jill who had been pursuing her with notes, phone calls, and even an “accidental” meeting in the ladies room on SkinCare’s floor. As a matter of fact, that last event, went something like this:Jennifer had gone in to the ladies to pee (it had 6 stalls and wash basins), and when she came out of the stall, Jill was there washing her hands. “Oh my…Jennifer…what a surprise”, squeaked Jill“Your acting is very bad”, answered Jennifer“You think I wanted to run into you on purpose ?”, asked Jill looking terribly hurt“Yes..and in a washroom ..not too subtle”, answered Jennifer playing the cool girlBoth women were dressed in their business suits. The ladies room on that floor was used by only about 5 women aside from Rachel, Lin and Jennifer. Jill was hoping nobody would come in while she made her move. She dried her hands and took Jennifer by the shoulders and dragged her into a stall and locked the door. Jennifer was so surprised (or maybe she looked surprised) that she didn’t resist.“You’re driving me insane”, whispered Jill in the red head’s ear as she moved her mouth all over Jennifer’s face leaving traces of red lipstick.“What do you think you’re doing ?”, protested Jennifer, pushing her away. “Oh don’t play Miss Prissy with me lady”, snapped Jill who took off her jacket and hung it on the inside of the door.“You want to go at it here ? In a bathroom stall ? How romantic”, snickered Jennifer who was happy to see Jill lose control.“Just a quickie…I want you so badly”, pleaded Jill“Say please and don’t rip my clothes”, Answered Jennifer with a devilish smileBoth women had done this many times before with other partners and less private places. They knew what to do.They both hiked their tight skirt as high as it could go and pulled down their thong a few inches. Jill pushed Jennifer into the wall and kissed her while groping at her crotch. Rachel’s assistant was laughing to herself inside as she slid her fingers over the lawyer’s bare cunt. They knew how to rub a clit without cutting it with their long nails. Jennifer returned Jill’s kiss and both lesbians began to masturbate each other, breasts pressed together, and lipstick-colored saliva dropping on their blouse. Even when they heard someone come in, wash their hands, they didn’t stop fingering each other. Then eskişehir rus escort Jennifer grabbed Jill by the waist, twisted her around and pushed her against the wall.“Two can play this game”, hissed the red head.The two women kissed furiously, Jill even cutting her lip lightly against Jennifer’s teeth. Jill tried to regain control but Jennifer banged her back against the stall wall.“Is everything ok in there ?”, asked a feeble voice Jennifer recognized as Lin’s.“Get lost”, cried JenniferThen they heard the door close. Both women laughed then resumed their groping, Jill taking advantage of her position to slide her other hand behind the red head, up her skirt and squeeze her buttocks. They were just about there. Then they came and groaned, swore and pushed each other away.“Fucking nympho !”, cried Jennifer“Dyke !”, yelled Jill“We’re a fucking mess thanks to you”, continued Jennifer“Don’t tell me you weren’t willing”, argued JillPutting their thong back in place and their blouse inside their skirt, the two lesbians got out of their stall and spent some time in front of the large mirror, washing their face and hands, and putting their lipstick back on. Jennifer loaned Jill a special product in stick-form to close the cut on her lip. “Just tell them you bit yourself shaving”, joked Jennifer“Very funny. Who was the girl who came in ?”, asked Jill“It’s Lin, our secretary, don’t worry about it, she’s just jealous”, reassured JenniferJill left first. Jennifer waited a few minutes then went back to her office.“You girls can’t keep your pants on, can you ?”, remarked Rachel with a big smile.Jennifer glared at Lin. “Your red shoes gave you away”, Lin said as an apology.—————————————————————————————————————————-“Nice part of town”, commented Jennifer as the car approached the address Jill had given them for the party. “You didn’t expect Jill’s friends to live in a dump, did you ?”, said Rachel rolling her eyes“The place smells of money”, added Jennifer“I love that smell”, said Rachel, “pussy and money”.There were already 3 cars parked in the large circular driveway. Lots of room. The ladies had been told not to wear much as they were “not going to have it on for long”. Rachel and Jennifer were welcomed by one of the owners, they presumed, who was topless and were only a small apron tied around her waist.“Cute”, commented Rachel smiling her dirty smile and making sure she got a good look at the woman’s tits.This seemed to be the adopted costume. The two women from SkinCare were taken to a room where they disrobed and were given an apron similar to the one they had seen on the hostess.The apron was transparent. The dozen women who were gathered in a somewhat small living room all appeared naked to Rachel and Jennifer. Most stood and chatted with each other, most obviously friends or acquaintances. “This is Rachel and Jennifer”, announced Jill as the two cosmetics representative walked in. Nobody actually said anything but various sounds of approval were heard from the crowd. They ranged from age 25 to about eskişehir rus escort bayan 65, one woman obviously older than Rachel or maybe looking older. Jennifer and Rachel were the last to arrive and the party got under way with champagne being served. The living room was actually much larger than it appeared. It had a moveable partition which separated the area where the women were standing from the rest of the room which had been covered in mattresses covered with a soft material Jennifer could not identify. Part of that space was also covered by a plastic tarp and bottles of special oils were gathered on the edge of the windows (d****s obviously pulled). Two large bathrooms were on either side of the living room which had obviously been designed for special parties. Doors had been removed for easier access and visibility. The older woman put her glass on a table and approached Rachel slowly. Rachel put her glass down also. “It’s been awhile”, whispered the woman“Too long”, said Rachel loud enough for everyone to hear “Now that will be interesting”, whispered Jill who was already standing just behind Jennifer, and admiring her freckle-covered buttocks.“Rachel doesn’t usually go for the older ones”, whispered Jennifer feeling Jill’s stare burning holes on her ass. “Apparently they were lovers way back when”, informed JillThe two older women were already lying down on a mattress and making out like two teenagers. The others joined them and there were about 10 women in all on the floor. It was mainly a small orgy with 5 couples going at it and bringing each other to orgasm. There were daisy chains and choo-choo trains, and much moving around. Women tasted as much as possible of what was available, mouth, tits, cunt, ass. Rachel and her friend got caught up in an ass-licking choo-choo train involving 3 other women and that caterpillar lasted quite a while. While this was going on, Jennifer and Jill had remained in the other part of the living room (the partition had been moved away). The two naked athletic women were standing, embracing, sniffing each other, kissing, licking face, nibbling earlobes. The other women were glancing at them often, trying to guess when the time bomb would explode. Suddenly, hand in hand, they walked over to one of the bathrooms. Rachel and a few other women approached the room since they had left the door open.“I sometimes get into this stuff”, said Rachel looking in“These two had certainly saved up for a long session”, a woman laughed“The champagne sweetie. If ever one of you is up to it later, I’m game”, said another lady“Let’s look for each other later”, answered RachelThen the shower curtain was pulled and the shower turned on. One could hear the two ladies shrieking at the cold water. Rachel warned a few of the other ladies to watch out for Jill and Jennifer when they emerged from the washroom, since she figured they would put on quite a show.When the two women did emerge, they walked hand in and to the mattress-covered area and the ladies gave them some room. As soon as Jill sat down, Jennifer jumped her and the two lesbians began rus escort eskişehir a rough wrestling match which consisted of squeezing, grabbing, and poking any erogenous zone which was within reach. But they got tired of this rather quickly and retreated to a different part of the available cushiony space. They were both breathing heavily. The women present, all very experienced lesbians, recognized women who had been on the verge of orgasm ever since they had groped and kissed soon after they arrived. It was Jill who stood up first and began making humping motions. Jennifer stood also and the two women were soon toe to toe both undulating their hips so that their bellies touched each time. “Scissor ?”, suggested Jill“Ok…but on the wooden floor”, added JenniferThe two lesbians moved back to the living room part and quickly got into position. They had obviously done that before. Legs over legs, arms outstretched, they slid on their ass towards each other until the “V” closed up. The other women were all standing around them eagerly watching. “That is NOT going to take much time”, whispered Rachel into her friend’s ear“They could cum just looking at each other”, agreed the friend, taking advantage of the situation and grabbing Rachel’s soft buttock. “Fuck her Jennifer”, cried Rachel, as everyone laughed since nobody had taken sides.The two lesbians grabbed a handful of the other’s hair as shaved cunts bumped hard. They both were hurting which was also part of the sexfight. Both women got off with pain, and both had learned this about their rival through the channels. The spitting began and the thrash talk.“It’s my clit you’re feeling honey, not my big toe”, hissed Jill“It felt more like your piss slit”, responded the red headJill let go of the red hair and dug her nails into Jennifer’s small hard tits. “Arrrghhhh….”, cried the red head, who quickly hooked her opponent’s larger jugs. “Fucking bitch”, cried Jill as she felt the pain go through her upper bodyA trickle of blood from each breast was making its way down the combatants’ belly, mixing with sweat and spit. Later Rachel was heard commenting that she could actually see the two clits touching. It was the advantage of watching shaved cunts clashing. Both lesbians were lifting their ass off the wooden floor and pushing into the other’s cunt. The finish was wild with both women screaming and swearing, their asscheeks thumping the floor and their tits getting cut up even more. They obviously both came hard but all the women present, some watching closely on all fours, agreed that Jennifer had had the first orgasm. Rachel and her friend were probably the first couple to run to the mattress section and start humping each other. “I’m so excited. Fuck me you old butch”, cried Rachel who opened her legs to her friend’s hot cunt“I’ll fuck you into the ground, you gorgeous doll”, screamed her 65-year old lover, before both tongue-kissed and rubbed tits. Rachel and the friend were soon surrounded by 5 other humping lesbian couples who had been so turned on by the sexfight.A female servant walked out of nowhere and handed Jill and Jennifer a box of handkerchiefs so that they could wipe off the blood from their tits. The two women glared at each other.“You won”, hissed Jennifer“Good fight”, answered Jill smiling“Rachel is being fucked into the ground by the old lady”, remarked Jennifer, pointing to the other side of the living room.“I know. The old lady is my “old lady”, answered Jill, blushing slightly.END OF PART 2

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