The Babysitter’s Surprise Ch. 04


After our last love making session in the tub, we had taken a quick shower before I announced that I need to eat. Jake had laughed and told me he was hungry too. Dinner was nothing complicated; heated up Stouffer’s meals, but it didn’t matter, I wasn’t there for the food. We laughed, we talked, we kissed, we touched, and eventually, we turned to more serious matters.

Jake told me that he and Mrs. Miller were taking a break, which had been initiated by her. I’d thought it was weird that she had taken Madison to New York, without Jake, and told me it would be for an entire month, but as their babysitter it wasn’t like I could ask questions. As Jake’s lover, I was provided details I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

He explained to me that Leila had been his older brothers fiancee. Jake’s older brother was killed in a skiing accident when Jake was twenty-five. After the funeral, Jake and Leila had gotten closer. He felt it was his responsibility to make sure she was ok, and he thought she felt the same about him. As I mentioned before, Leila is seven years older than Jake. Apparently, her biological clock had really started ticking around the time she turned thirty-two. She’d told Jake she wanted a baby, and he asked her to marry him.

He said having Madison was the best thing that ever happened to him, and that he genuinely loved Leila, but that after Madison things had changed, for Leila. She had told him that something was missing, but they hadn’t been able to figure out what it pendik escort was. He told me that if Leila wanted to stay married, he intended to stay with her. All he knew right now was what she told him when she left; she loved him, but needed something more and she wanted the month to consider her options.

During dinner Jake also revealed to me that he’d been jerking off while thinking about me for well over a year. Turns out that while I’d been so worked up over him, he’d been wanting me too. It made me so hot, to think of him jerking off while imagining me! I leaned across the table and told him he could do whatever he wanted with me, whenever he wanted, because now the fantasy was reality.

Jake wasted no time in taking me up on my offer. He grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs, back in to the bedroom. When we reached the bed, he gently laid me down. The shirt I was wearing was gone in an instant. He removed his boxers, and I felt myself release some juices as soon as I saw his hardening cock. Coming down on to the bed with me, he took me in his arms and began to kiss me. What a kiss! We were slowly grinding together, licking and nipping each others mouths, when he broke the kiss and moved down to nip, suck, and kiss my neck. Turns out my neck is extremely sensitive, because with each nip and suckle of was sending jolts of pure pleasure through my body.

He continued licking and sucking his way down to my now erect nipples, taking time to love each one of them. My breath maltepe escort was coming quicker and quicker, and by now I was drenched. I scratched my nails up his back, into his hair and pulled his head up so he was looking in to my eyes. “Jake, I need you to put your cock in me now and make me cum!”

Setting my legs apart, he began rubbing the outside of my pussy with his cock. I loved that feeling, knowing that soon he would be in me, enjoying the feel of the heat of his cock head rubbing all over my slippery clit. I raised my hands and began playing with my tits, which turned us both on even more.

With a low growl, he placed the tip of his cock in the opening of my pussy and began to slide in, inch by inch. It felt so good as he began to fill me up. He had his head bent down to watch himself disappear in to me, and it made me so hot to think about what he was seeing. I clenched my inner muscles several times in quick succession to stimulate us both a little bit more, and let out a moan as I did so.
Jake kept steadily feeding his dick in to my wet snatch until finally he was in me as far as he could be. I raised my hips and locked my ankles around his ass as he began pumping in and out of me, setting up a great in and out pace.

He stopped for a moment to adjust himself in to a position where he could put my legs over his shoulders, and then really began thrusting in and out of me. With each thrust he was hitting me in that perfect sensitive area in my kartal escort pussy, making me pant and moan with the heady feeling of it all.

“Look at it Rachel,” he said as he fucked in and out of me. “Look at your tight little pussy wrapped around my dick. Feel what you do to me baby!”

I was half out of my mind now with the need to cum, and every thrust and sound he was making, he was getting me closer and closer. “Oh yeah Jake! Right there!” My head was thrashing from side to side as he fucked me. I was pulling on my nipples which was sending jolts of pleasure down to my already overwhelmed pussy. All I could do was scream “FUCK!” as I came.

Jake kept pounding and pounding me, not letting up one bit. I could feel myself going for number two, so turned on as he continued throwing his fuck in to me.

“Rach, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum on your pussy!” With that, he pulled out of me, started jerking his dick with his right hand, spread my pussy lips with his left hand, and sent jet after jet of hot cum on to my already drenched clit. Sliding his hand down his dick, he started rubbing my clit again with the head which made me cum all over again, my hips sliding up and down, hitting the hot spot on my clit as my world exploded.

Cuddling up to Jake in bed after that, as we got in to comfortable positions to go to sleep, was one of my fantasies come to true. Not only had I fucked Mr. Miller, now I was officially sleeping with him!

All I knew in that moment was that we had three more weeks until Leila came home, and I intended to spend as much of that time with Jake inside of me as possible. After that, we’d have to find a way to be together whenever we could, because I had no intention of giving this up….

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