The Bad Girl – The Clique


The Bad Girl (2 – The Clique)

This is chapter 2 in a trilogy of short stories. You may care to read the first episode, The Bad Boy, before reading this, but it isn’t necessary.


She pulled into the parking lot at 8:20, right on time. Traipsing through the exterior doors, she felt the thrill through her sinews, hoped tonight would be as divine as some of those in the past. Lisa was behind the desk. “Hey!”

“Hi, Mel, how are you tonight?”

“Fine, hope I’ll be doing better by the time I leave!” A little more small talk, Melynda tossed Lisa a twenty dollar bill, small price to pay to get her several itches scratched.

“Listen, just so you know, Reggie’s on the guest list tonight,” Lisa confided.

Ah, Reggie, it would be good to see him again. Melynda hadn’t had the pleasure of his company in almost a year now, although there’d been a few late night phone calls. Melynda could have fallen back into his spell, but she knew her future didn’t lie with him. “That’s great, tell him to say hi. Does he have a date?”

“No, he’s a single.”

“Okay, well thanks.”

Melynda strolled into the club, assessed the congregation. By this time, the crowd was usually around a quarter of what it would be later. Since there were maybe forty people around, mostly couples hanging at the bar or sitting at the tables with food in front of them, Melynda thought it should be a pretty good group. She headed for one of the private rooms, closed the door, threw her bag onto a bed, went to work. It didn’t take her long, she’d put on makeup, daubed her nails and such at home, all that remained was a quick refresh, a change of clothes. As she stripped out of her ordinary blouse and skirt, she felt the blaze of adrenaline hit her. It always started this way, pounding heart, quick breathing, metallic taste. It was perfect, the hormone alerted her to the fact that she was ready!

And she should be, she’d been as celibate as a monk for the past six days, denying herself any male company, not even bringing herself off in the tub or bed. It was part of her ritual, a preparation for a spiritual ceremony, one she felt was as astonishing as those of the pilgrims to Fatima. She stepped to a mirror, surveyed her naked body. Yes, she wasn’t bad for her thirty-four years. The short ginger hair fell straight around her oval face, the highlights of which were her powder blue eyes and deep dimples. Melynda didn’t think her body lived up to her face, but then age does have it’s impact. The breasts, either a B or C cup, depending on the fashion, were starting to sag, just a little, not enough to bother most guys. Her waist was still trim, although lately she’d been putting on just a little weight, she’d have to get serious about her diet again. The legs were still trim, muscular, but she wished they were a little longer. And, there was no hair south of her distinct collarbones. She wouldn’t be the best looking woman there that night, but many of the guys would think she was better than simply acceptable.

Out of her bag she drew her first outfit of the night. White blouse, sleeves that curled at the elbows, mid length crow black skirt, pink bra and g-string. She only buttoned four of the seven buttons, the guys always liked a good peek inside. A wide leather belt and svelte pumps completed the array. No pantyhose or nylons, that would just delay the fun when it started. She was ready, opened the door to her fate, strode the halls fronting the private rooms, entered the bar. “Hey, babe!” the bartender called.

“Hi, Jimmy, how’s it going?”

“Superb, now that you’re here. Seltzer with lemon?”

“Please.” Melynda never drank alcohol of any kind early in the evening. It didn’t do to dull your senses, not when they were what she was here for. A couple guys gathered round, she fell into mirthful conversation. It was what she expected, a single woman always drew the men. Fifteen minutes passed, all the while Melynda was assaying the prospects around her. She had a plan, and for tonight it was important to pick wisely at first. Not that one, he had too many tattoos. Nor that one, a thick beard, she didn’t know what it would smell like. Perhaps that one, a clean cut American patriot!

The mob around her ebbed and flowed, she was confident. If a guy made a joke, she’d return it, often with a double entendre, certainly with an inviting stare into his eyes. If they glanced away, Melynda thought it indicated a lack of confidence, not what she desired, not at first.

She picked one that seemed adequate, invited, “Dance with me.” The music at this hour was soft, jazz and rock mostly, themes to get people to warm to the evening, let them eat their dinner and converse in groups. The man and Melynda swayed on the floor, after a couple of songs she let another guy break in. Then she saw Rob, with his wife. What was her name? Elissa, yes that was it. She led her current partner over towards them, Elissa saw her, the dance turned into a foursome, a few minutes Escort Ankara later the DJ put a slow dance on, Melynda approached Rob, his arms surrounded her waist.

“It’s great to see you again,” Rob smiled.

“You, too. You guys with anybody tonight?”

“No, we’re here just on a whim. Is Jerry her?”

“I’m all alone.”

The questions brought back a memory. A few months ago, Melynda had been here with Jerry. They’d wound up chatting with Rob and Elissa, things had wound up well in a private room.

Melynda and Rob undulated together, she remembered the attentions he paid to her that night, perhaps he thought about the joys he’d found. When the song ended, Melynda converged on Elissa, together they headed to the ladies room. While they powdered their noses, there was a bit of small talk, then Elissa confided, “I don’t know what you’ve got, but Rob couldn’t stop talking about you that time.”

“I think he’s pretty dreamy, you’re lucky to have him. Listen, if you don’t want to I’d understand, but would you mind if I borrowed him for a while?”

“No, that’d be great. But listen, there’s a single guy here that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Rob isn’t that into threesomes, so I’ve had to bide my time. Can you wait, see if I can’t seal the deal with this guy? If I can, then we can do a foursome in a room. If not, you can have Rob to yourself.”

“Sounds good to me,” Melynda agreed.

The two women headed back out, both aware of what was likely to transpire. Rob, of course, had no clue, but Melynda grabbed him back out onto the dance floor while Elissa made herself scarce. The music had quickened a little, light techno. They twirled around each other, Rob was the first to make a serious advance, cupping one of her lower cheeks. She parried, turning her back to him, forcing her ass into his groin. Off to the side, she spied Elissa chatting with a good looking black man. So, that’s the way it went! She turned to Rob, kissed him,”I want you,” she whispered into his ear.

“Fine by me,” Rob responded. “Let me go ask Elissa.”

“I’ll find a place,” Melynda suggested. “Meet me there, okay?”

They parted, Melynda found a room, two beds. Just a few moments later, Elissa was at the threshold, dragging her new toy with her. “Mel, this is Jamal,” she introduced.

“Hi,” Melynda said, to which Jamal responded, “Hey.” He was an interesting specimen, tall, slender, perhaps 30 years old. The look he gave Melynda indicated boldness, brazenness, for a moment she envied Elissa her plaything, but behind them was Rob. Melynda approached him for that first kiss of the night, the promise of a savory evening. Rob’s mouth was open to her, the taste sweet of breath mints. His hands went to a breast, her ass, she placed hers around his neck.

In a typical date, at her apartment perhaps, with a man she’d been intimate with even, Melynda would expect a modicum of groundwork; kissing, words of passion, a workup to the shedding of clothing. But in this club, most seemed to take that part of the act as inevitable, and so the formalities were dispensed with. Elissa, for example, had already stripped down to panties, folding her blouse and slacks neatly; Jamal, less tidy, was already in the nude.

As the other couple reclined on one of the beds, Melynda started a little less hurriedly, kneeling on the bed, letting Rob watch her as she stripped of her outerwear. Rob got down to his undies, a pretty pair of dark scarlet low rise briefs. They bowed onto the altar, Rob unclasped the bra, started gnawing at her nipples pleasantly. As Melynda took his prick into her palm she watched the action of the other couple. Elissa already had Jamal’s erection in her mouth, it seemed a bit bulkier than normal, the mocha colored organ contrasted nicely with Elissa’s vanilla skin, the rose of her lips.

Melynda returned from her espionage to concentrate on her own situation and that of Rob’s. His finger was now inside her panties, the clit was being stroked, the desired stage of her ardor was approaching. Now he was drawing the satin over her knees, his tongue was there, at the opening, upon the button. Melynda felt the orgasm nearing, tried to resist it – that always made it better when it finally got there. She was successful for perhaps three minutes, in the interim she was watching the other couple. They were in sixty-nine, Elissa’s pale frame resting on top of Jamal’s dark body. Coos came from her throat, Jamal was obviously adept at the art.

Then it came, that first roar of the evening, and for some strange reason Melynda found that her forearms were shuddering in the euphoria. The eruption rolled over her body, Rob stayed with her even as she bucked, for a brief second the sensation dulled then started again, even more ferociously, Melynda had no sense of time or place. The passion ultimately dialed down, she absorbed that Rob was stroking her entire body mildly, Jamal was watching, his huge brown eyes locked into hers.

Now that Ankara Escort she was back with the mortals again, she understood that the time had come to amuse her partner, she squiggled down, the already hard rod was suckled by her mouth. His precum was mild, she liked the way it coated her tongue, the way the baton twitched as she sucked and licked. Rob seemed ready, it was he that pushed her away, then dragged her until they were facing each other. “You’re sexier than hell,” he complimented, to which she replied, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

She rolled on top of him, her breasts fell onto his chest, her legs splayed to either side, the private parts were inches from being linked. Without using hands she attempted penetration, but the skin was too slippery, fingers were needed to guide the missile into the dock, rendezvous was complete. As the upper partner, Melynda knew she was most responsible for movement, and she rubbed and squished pleasantly. Rob had his eyes closed, he was savoring every moment with his strange partner. Realizing that her g-spot was being missed, Melynda rose to nearly vertical, that was better. On the other bed, the couple was linked, Elissa on her back, Jamal was inside her, beside her, his movements were quick, Elissa’s breasts bounced forwards and back with the lunges, shrieks foaming from her lips.

And now, Melynda felt the wonderful tingle returning, another set of orgasms hit her, she caromed on top of her crony. Without waiting for her to finish, Rob pulled her off and into a kneeling position, positioned himself behind her, inserted again. This was even better, he reached around to cup a nipple, she somehow remained up on that wondrous plateau. Through the mist, she heard the cries of the other woman, and raucous squawks from Jamal; it was obvious that Elissa’s dreams had come true. And quickly after, a rumbling within her vagina warned Melynda that Rob was soon to spray, she pushed back to give him a firm target. A sense of moist warmth spread around her genitals as she heard a low roar from her partner, she’d given him what he wanted, needed.

Bodies rearranged, a cool front spread through the room, the two couples becalmed. Whispers of appreciation, compliments were heard, the married couple asked each other if it was good, the strangers told of a wondrous experience. In true swinger fashion, the entire escapade lasted less than three-quarters of an hour, Elissa was the first to grab her panties, Rob followed suit in dressing, Melynda felt no compulsion to follow, although Jamal sat on the side of the bed and put his boxers on, he donned no other clothes. After he was cloaked, Rob gave Melynda a final kiss, pet and word of appreciation, Elissa did the same for her lover, then they were out the door.

Jamal looked to the naked woman on the opposite bed, said, “How you doin’?”

“Just fine, how about you?”

“Perfect. You mind if I come over there?”

“Come ahead,” she invited.

As he approached, Melynda felt no shame that in a few moments she would take her second man of the night, a complete stranger at that. All she knew about Jamal was his name, that he was of a different race, and that his cock looked beautiful as he was screwing Elissa. And she wanted what the other woman had had. The first kiss was rough, when he grabbed at her breast Melynda felt the heat, his prick was in her hand, still amazingly hard. He pushed her back, she uncoiled her legs, the penetration was quick and complete. Melynda didn’t mind that moments before Jamal had been with another woman, didn’t think about it, couldn’t care less.

Perhaps his dick was bigger than Rob’s, she couldn’t really tell in this position. She knew only that it felt good inside her, different, as all men were, one from the other. His movements were stronger, his need greater, and she responded in kind, letting him sweep her into orgasm, a long, thorough apogee. She felt his firm, hard rump, the brawniness of his arms, the hardness of his breastbone upon her bosom, their pubic bones met with violence. From time to time Jamal would slow, rearrange a knee or arm, they’d kiss, but soon Jamal would return to his assault, if Melynda came down from the mesa for a moment she’d return quickly.

Did he come, add his dross to that of Rob’s? Melynda wasn’t sure, she only knew that Jamal seemed to tire of the bawdy exertion, his thrusts slowed, he rolled from her. “That was good, baby,” he praised.

“Yeah, you too,” she responded, and meant.

“You come by here often? Or maybe you can give me your number?”

“If you see me here again, make sure you come by and say hello.”

“You got a man?”

“Sort of,” she agreed.

“Well, he’s a lucky son of a bitch.” Jamal sat, began to dress himself. Melynda walked into the bathroom with her bag, shut the door behind her, took ten minutes to cleanse herself, pretty herself again and change into her second outfit, a tight fitting tank top with black and sheer alternating stripes. Ankara Escort Bayan One solid streak disguised the lower part of her breasts, the height perfect for sporadically revealing an aureole. Below it she donned a lacy red boy short, a pair of black pumps, she was ready. Two couples were looking for a room, she smiled as they filed past her. Then it was out to the dance floor.

The party was seething, the dance floor full with gyrating bodies, Melynda joined them. She flitted from partner to partner, a woman she didn’t know flowed to her, Melynda accepted the kiss and crush of breasts. After nearly half an hour during which she’d been groped by almost everyone there – she’d groped back, felt the girth of perhaps twenty penises – her legs tired, she needed liquid. Jimmy presented her with another glass, she sucked it greedily, let him refill it. The crush at the bar had dwindled, Melynda assumed that most of the guys were either in a room with someone or off hoping that a girl in the public room would wink at them.

Distantly, she became aware that she was being watched by a man sitting at a table in a darkened corner. Yes, it was Reggie! She hadn’t seen him in months, a flash of recollection coursed through her mind, and yes, her body. He’d been a good teacher, introduced her to the elations of debauchery. Now he’d seen her recognize him, he rose and approached her. “Hi.”

“Hello,” she replied, allowing him a kiss on the cheek. He was looking older, a bit heavier, some grey was approaching his temples. “How have you been?”

“Pretty good.” A few scraps of small talk, he asked, “Would you like to go somewhere?”

There was a small area in the club walled off with easy chairs and love seats, a place for relaxing, neither complete nudity or licentious behavior was encouraged there. They sat across from each other. “So, how’s Pam?” That was the woman who’d replaced Melynda as Reggie’s student, Melynda hadn’t been jealous or angry, at that time she’d felt for weeks that it had been time to move on.

“Oh, she left me. Got very upset when I told her I wanted to watch her screw another guy. She was never as open as you were. Turns out she didn’t even like anal.”

“Hmmmm. So what are you doing for fun now?”

“Ah, just hanging out. I’m so glad you’re here. I don’t suppose there’s any chance for a rematch, is there?”

Melynda thought about letting him have a mercy fuck, decided no. “That would be a little redundant, wouldn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

“There’s plenty of other girls here, I’m sure you won’t be lonely.”

“Probably not. But I know they won’t be as good as you. You still with Jerry?”

“Yes. Big news there, we’re engaged.”

“And you’re here? Congratulations.”

“Oh, he knows where I’m at. He’s got his daughter this weekend, told me I should come by myself and have fun.” Melynda had come to the club one night, nineteen months previously, with Reggie. He’d wanted to have a threesome, Melynda had picked out Jerry, it had been a marvelous screw, they exchanged phone numbers. It had been somewhat a impetuous affair, half romantic dates, half swapping with other couples or singles, nights at the club joyfully screwing whomever. Melynda was certain her marriage wouldn’t be the standard until-death-do-us-part, but she was sure they would make it work.

“Where’s the honeymoon going to be?” he asked.

“Hedonism, I absolutely insisted.” In reality, there were round trip tickets to Rome in her future, but she thought Reggie would prefer the deception.

Reggie and Melynda continued to catch up, jobs and such, and minutes later the conversation petered out; they’d never had that much in common, save the surge of melding their bodies. Melynda went back to the dance floor, Reggie disappeared. While resting, Melynda was approached by a couple she’d never met, they were pleasant and after a few minutes of talk it was obvious that the woman was attracted to Mel. Melynda considered her option, but the female was somehow savorless, the man just a little shoddy. No, Melynda could do better, she politely left them.

What now, Melynda considered, and she headed for the pool. She disrobed, entered the balmy water, stretched her muscles in the depth, surrounded by four or five couples playing together. Two young men entered, both enticing, as they stripped she observed them straightforwardly. One, the shorter one, had a considerable dong even when limp, the other had most inviting lips. After they began to soak gazes developed, when they attempted to catch her eye she stared back brazenly. Then she swam to them, stopped between them. “Hi guys!”


“I’m Mel.”



“What brings you here tonight?” It was a sassy question, begged for a similar reply.

“We heard about this place, decided to come see for ourselves if it was true.”

“And is it?”

“Don’t know yet. We’re still hoping.”

“Oh, well, let’s see what we can do.” Melynda had already decided that these two would make a fine caucus. Standing between them, she placed a hand on both their necks. “Have you two ever had a girl at the same time?”

“We had a couple of girls in the same room one time, then we switched. But it sounds like fun.”

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