The Baptist Ch. 07


Alfred Wallace kept normal hours at his church office. He was not surprised when Beth Anderson sheepishly walked into his office.

“Hi Beth, how are you?” he said as he stood up to greet her.

“Not too well Reverend Wallace,” she replied.

“Well tell me what I can do to help,” Reverend Wallace said.

“After our counseling session I felt worse than ever. I was so ashamed of you seeing me like that but I was also ashamed of being so weak that I could not let you help me,” Beth said and began to cry.

“Come on in and let’s talk about this,” Reverend Wallace replied and shut the office door. He also made a point to lock it.

Beth sat down in the chair next to his desk.

“I went home and tried to talk to Mike. I did not tell him anything about what we did other than I was thinking of having you counsel me. Mike thought it was a good idea. He said I had too many hang ups and this was hurting our marriage. He said sometimes he did not think we should have gotten married,” Beth said and tears began to flow down her cheeks.

“Okay Beth tell me what I can do to help you, What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“I want you to help me learn how to please Mike. I want to make him happy and be a good wife,” Beth pleaded.

“What do you want me to do Beth?”

“Can continue with what we began last week? Do you think it would help me be a good wife?” Beth whimpered.

“If you are you sure then we can proceed with the counseling.” he said.

“Yes, I am sure. I will do whatever it is that will allow you to help me with my problems at home,” Beth answered.

“Okay, if you are sure I have some time right now to work with you. It is up to you.”

“I am ready Reverend Wallace.”

“Okay Beth as I remembered I had instructed you on what we were going to do. I have to emphasize the fact that everything has to be confidential both for your protection and for mine. Do you understand?”


“Remember you can stop me at any point by simply telling me to stop.”

“Yes, I remember. I will do whatever you tell me.”

“We will begin where we left off.” Reverend Wallace noticed that Beth was wearing a loose fitting blouse and blue jeans. “Stand her before me.” Beth got up moved to where he sat. “Take off the blouse and the jeans,” he instructed as she stood directly before him.

Beth complied. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and laid it on the desk. She then unbuttoned her jeans and stepped out of them.

Reverend Wallace looked at Beth. She stood before him and a rather unflattering bra covering her 36C breasts. She also wore white cotton panties. She stood there with her sneakers and white socks.

“How do you feel Beth?” he asked.

“I feel very ashamed of standing here with you looking at my body.”

“Do you feel anything else?”

“Not really,” she answered.

“Search through your body. Do any parts of your body have any odd sensations such as tingling?”

Beth thought about this and was shocked to notice that her nipples were beginning to harden. The more she noticed this the more her nipples began to respond. Her anxiety level began to rise thinking maybe the Reverend would be able to see her nipples protruding through the bra.

Reverend Wallace watched Beth and knew that she had noticed something.

“What are you feeling Beth?”

“I don’t know. I feel kind of funny.” Beth almost whispered, “My breasts feel funny.”

“How do you breasts feel Beth?” he asked and leaned forward slightly.

“My nipples feel tinglely,” Beth said in complete embarrassment.

“Okay that is a good sign. Let me see them.”

“What did you say?” Beth asked in amazement.

“Show me your titties,” Reverend Wallace said using words that he knew would further shock Beth.

“It would not be right for you to see my titties, I mean my breasts,” Beth said quickly correcting her words.

“It would be very therapeutic for you to show me your titties.”

Beth looked at the floor and felt tears begin to form in her eyes.

“No Beth I don’t want to see tears, I want to see your titties,” he said with a tone that indicated his impatience.

Beth reached behind her and began to fumble with the bra. As Beth began to unclasp her bra she was shocked to notice again that her titties were becoming excited. She could not believe that she was excited by the fact she was going to show her minister her titties.

Beth let the bra dropped to the floor. She stood there and allowed Reverend Wallace to have a full view of her breasts.

“Beth, you have lovely titties,” Reverend Wallace said.

“Thanks you avcılar escort Reverend,” Beth did not know what to say. She watched as the Reverend’s eyes drank in the sight of her almost perfect titties. Her brown nipples stood very erect and it was not because of the cold. Beth could feel her entire body tingle as Reverend Wallace’s eyes moved across her body.

“How do you feel Beth?”

“I feel really strange,” she replied.

“How does it feel for you to be standing here letting me look at your pretty titties?” he asked.

“It is very uncomfortable.”

Reverend Wallace had noticed Beth’s erect nipples. He had also noticed the change in Beth’s breath to more rapid shallow breathing. There was also a flush in her cheeks. He decided to push Beth a little.

“Beth, you looked like you are having some sexual feelings,” he suddenly said.

This took Beth off guard.

“No Reverend, I don’t have any of those feelings.” Even as Beth said this old issues resurfaced regarding her father and some of the mixed emotions she had then. This was becoming too much for Beth because she knew she was having sexual feelings and they were fast becoming more intense.

“Beth you know you can’t lie to me,” he said.

“Oh Reverend I don’t know what to say.”

“Take off your panties,” Reverend Wallace suddenly ordered.

Beth in her confused state simply responded by pulling down her panties and stepping out of them. She was now standing totally naked before Reverend Wallace.

Reverend Wallace noticed that Beth did not shave her pubic hair and had a rather large patch of dark hair covering her pubic area.

“How do you feel now that I am looking at your titties and your pussy?”

“I don’t know Reverend. I feel very confused. I don’t know how I feel.”

“Beth it is normal for a man to fully enjoy looking at woman’s body. You are confused due to some things your father said and did to you. It is not okay for a father to abuse his daughter. It is okay for a man to be sexually aroused looking at a pretty woman such as yourself. Even a minister gets turned on. Do you understand Beth?”

“I guess so,” Beth answered not knowing what was happening.

“Beth, as a woman you should be complimented that when a man looks upon your body he begins to feel things. Even a minister gets a hard dick when he looks at a pussy like yours,” Reverend Wallace continued feeling his hard dick poking against the fabric of his trousers.

Beth could hear his words but she felt as if she were in a dense fog. Her body was sending her mixed signals of sensations. She continued to feel very ashamed of what she was doing but as the Reverend gave her permission she began to experience other feelings as well.

“Beth you are a woman and it is natural for a woman to please her man,” Reverend Wallace told Beth expressing his own ideas about women and how they exist primarily to serve men. “Beth it is only natural that you would become sexually excited by showing me your body. Human beings are very sexual creatures,” he continued.

Beth was now beginning to experience her own sexuality. Long ago she had sublimated many of these feelings. Her father had scolded her on the evils of the body. Now she was wondering if her father had been wrong. Memories of her own young sexual explorations of herself began to emerge in her consciousness.

“Beth do you feel it?” the Reverend shouted in his most fervent minister’s voice.

“Beth do you feel it down deep, down deep in her pussy? Do you feel your button awakening, awakening to the spirit of your own animalistic desires? Do you feel it Beth?”

“Yes Reverend, I am feeling it,” surprised at her body’s reaction to the Reverend’s words. “It feels good. My pussy feels alive again.” Beth was shocked at her own words. But she was becoming lost in the sensations of sex.

“Beth do you want to continue, do you want to feel it?” Reverend Wallace continued.

“Yes, Reverend, I want to feel every bit of it!” Beth screamed.

“Beth it is okay for a woman to be her husband’s whore. A man likes for his wife to act like a slut at times. It really turns men on for a woman to parade herself in front of a man. It is also normal for her to be very excited by letting a man see her acting like a whore. Just like you are doing right now. Tell Beth is this turning you on? Is you pussy wet Beth? Is your pussy really wet?” Reverend Wallace said continuing to press Beth and watch her reactions. He also was well aware of the effect it was having on him.

“Yes, my pussy is wet,” she replied. ataköy escort Beth was still confused but now she had the Reverend’s permission to act like the slutty little girl that she always wanted to be. She wanted to play with her pussy. She wanted to fuck and suck and do all the things her daddy told her was wrong, things that good girls did not do.

“Touch yourself Beth. Run your fingers around your pussy. Feel your clit and rub it,” Reverend Wallace commanded.

“Oh God yes, I feel it and it feels fantastic.” Beth could not believe the sensations she was experiencing. It was a part of her that she had forgotten existed.

Then the reality of the situation struck Beth. Here she was totally naked, rubbing her pussy in front of Reverend Wallace. What’s more she loved it.

“I am such a terrible person. I can’t believe what I’m doing Reverend. Please forgive me,” Beth pleaded returning once again to her previous thinking patterns.

“There is nothing to forgive. Listen to me Beth. It is okay that your pussy is feeling so hot and wet. That is a natural state for a woman. You are a bitch in heat. It is nature,” Reverend Wallace explained.

Reverend Wallace watched as Beth swayed unsteady on her feet. Her hand was between her legs exploring passions that she had never known. Reverend Wallace knew it was time for him to complete his overall mission.

“Beth there is one more thing you have to do before we can finish this session. Do you want to complete it?”

“Yes, oh yes, I want to do whatever you tell me,” Beth moaned still rubbing her pussy.

“Beth for a woman to recapture her sexuality she needs to have the seed of a man flowing into her. Since Mike is not here I will have to complete the process.”

“What do you mean Reverend? I don’t understand.” Beth gasped as a wave of passion flowed through her.

“Your husband is the only man who can rightfully fuck your pussy. However, it will also suffice for you to ingest the seed of a man to fuel your passion. Do you understand?” the Reverend explained.

“No, please help me Reverend. I don’t want to loose what I have gained. Please help me,” Beth pleaded knowing she liked the way she was feeling and wanted to experience this with Mike, her husband.

“Ok then you will have to suck my cock and ingest my cum. That will keep the process alive. A woman must have cum flowing somehow into her body in order to keep the sexual libido flowing. Do you understand that Beth.”

Beth felt very confused. It sounded like Reverend Wallace was telling her she had to suck him off in order to be healed. When Beth look at Reverend Wallace holding his hard cock in his hand Beth understood what was expected of her. Beth had never sucked a guy off and did not know what to expect.

“Come here Beth,” Reverend Wallace commanded.

Beth approached the Reverend.

“Kneel down before me woman,” Reverend commanded.

Beth knelt down before her minister.

Reverend Wallace rubbed his cock around Beth’s face. Beth could feel the texture of the head of his penis and felt a droplet of precum as his dickhead rubbed her soft skin.

“Open you mouth Beth!”

Beth opened mouth.

“Now lick the head of my cock.”

Beth began to lick the head of his cock. She tasted some of the precum and the salt of his skin. She could not believe what this was doing to her.

“Be careful with your teeth,” Reverend instructed as he pushed his cock into her mouth.

Beth took most of his cock into her mouth as she continued to minister to her own pussy.

“Beth I want you to lick and suck on my cock. Pay special attention to the pee hole and to the head. That is where all the pleasure points are.”

Beth did the best she could and from Reverend Wallace’s moans it appeared she was doing a good job. As she continued to nurse on his cock Reverend Wallace began to fuck Beth’s mouth, pushing it in and out. Beth accepted his cock into her mouth and it even intruded into her throat. Beth gagged a few times but was able to tolerate the Reverend’s thrusting down her throat.

“Beth it will not be long till I shoot my seed into you. Take every drop. Never waste any of a man’s cum. It is very good for you whether to make babies or for you to nurse yourself on. Babies nurse on titties but women should nurse on cocks,” Reverend Wallace explained again indoctrinating Beth to his own philosophy of women.

“Mgggggg,” Beth said in agreement as she had most of his cock in her mouth.

“I’m about to cum. Ahhhhh!”

Beth braced herself.

“Ohhhhh!” Reverend bahçelievler escort Wallace screamed.

Beth felt the head of Reverend Wallace’s cock expand and felt him thrust even deeper into her throat. Suddenly her throat was flooded with cum. Beth gagged but continued to suck and swallow all of his cum that she could.

“Ahhhhh,” Reverend Wallace moaned as he continued to fuck Beth’s face.

As Beth felt the first load of cum go down her throat her pussy exploded. She had the most intense orgasm she had ever known. In fact she did not know one could feel this way and live. It seems her whole body exploded and the center point was her clitoris. It protruded out like never before and Beth pinched and rubbed it raw.

“Oh my Goddddd!” Beth screamed into Reverend Wallace’s cock as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Reverend Wallace could feel the vibrations from Beth’s vocal chords on his cock and this served to increase the stimulation he was feeling.

As Reverend emptied his last load of cum he collapsed in the chair behind him.

Beth collapsed on the floor in front on him, her hand still rubbing her cunt. She continued to moan with several after shocks of orgasm as Reverend Wallace watch.

“Beth, I think we have accomplished a lot today,” he said.

Beth just looked up at him from where she lay on the floor.

“Beth spread your legs like a slut and let me see your cunt,” Reverend Wallace commanded. He was enjoying the power that he now had over Beth.

“Beth how does it feel that I am sitting and you are spreading your legs revealing you pussy to me?” he asked.

“I feel like a slut. I feel like a real whore and I am so ashamed,” Beth whimpered.

“Beth, you are a slut and you are a whore but that is what you are. All women are whores and sluts. It the way things are. You do not have to be ashamed of it. You can feel good about being a slut. You are also a fine person and you can be happy being both a slut and a good person. Do you understand Beth?” he asked.

“Yes, I think so. It is okay for me to act like a slut and whore with Mike, my husband but it does not mean I am a bad person,” Beth replied.

“That is exactly what I mean,” Reverend Wallace said with a big smile on his face. He was still sitting above Beth looking at her lying before him with her legs spread in a very obscene manner.

“Beth, get on your knees and come here. Lick the head of my dick and clean it off good.”

Beth climbed to her knees and began to lick the head of Reverend Wallace’s cock. There was still some cum in the hole and she sucked all of it out.

“Clean my balls too,” the Reverend instructed.

Beth reach under Reverend Wallace’s cock and cupped his balls in her hands. She then proceeded to give them a good licking.

“Very nice Beth, you have now passed the test. You are ready to be a good wife and slut to Mike. When you go home and I want you to present yourself to your husband and tell him you will do anything that he wants. How do you think he will react?”

“I don’t know what he will say. He probably won’t believe me when I say that.”

“I want you to tell him that and then to show him I want you to undress in front of him. Before you do this I want you to shave all the hair off your pussy. Men like that. Then when you present yourself to your husband he will see that you mean what you say. Will you do this for Mike?”

“It will be hard for me to do but I promise I will do it,” she replied.

“Okay then I want to see you again in a week and I want a full report. I expect that you will have several injections of cum during that time. This can be oral, vaginal, or anal. It does not matter as long as you get it,” Reverend Wallace explained.

“Anal?” Beth asked.

“Yes, anywhere your husband wants to fuck is okay. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.”

“I will teach you some more things about sex since it is obvious you do not know much about what men like. But for right now the show you put on for me today will be plenty for Mike. I think he will really like what you do for him and you will totally reawaken his interest in sex.”

“Now put your clothes on and I will see you next week.

As Beth dressed she began to wonder how things would go with Mike. It was one thing to be with the Reverend. He was such a wise man and could tell her what to do. With Mike it would be different but she felt a surge of excitement at the thought of sucking and fucking her husband in her new whorish fashion.

“Bye Beth,” Reverend Wallace said as Beth left his office. He sat back in his chair and felt very good. He had helped Beth and his own cock had its needs satisfied in the process. It had been a very good session indeed. He also looked forward to the next session and Beth’s revelations on how she satisfied her husband. Reverend Wallace laughed at the surprised Mike was going to have when he saw his wife standing before him like the slut she wanted to be.

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