The Bar


The BarMy First Story (never write a story before)tell me what u think It all started about a month ago when I decided to take my 2 weeks vacation from work. The time was 11:35 pm and I was driving around trying to find a good bar to relax and drink because I was bored as hell. Come across this place about 7 blocks from my house. It looks nice enough so I went in. There was a bartender looks to be in his mid 30’s and about 9 people in here 4 guys and 5 women. I sat near the bartender and ask for something strong. We talked for while, his name was Mike he seem cool enough I thought. But at the corner of my eye there was this woman who was looking at me at a table near the window. I ask Mike who she was he said her name was Sarah, she started cominghere about a week or 2. She is wearing that black dress, she looks smoking hot but, i’m getting a little uneasy with her staring at me. So Igot up and walked to her table and ask her why are you staring at me. She smiled and told me to sit and she’ll tell me so, I did. We stared at each other for about a minute then out of the blue she said i look hot. That why you ikonbet giriş were staring at me i said. I can tell how she said itand the look on her face that she wanted something and i had a good idea what. We started talking some more. Her name was Sarah Fisher a model and i can see why. Sarah had everything looks, body, legs, and her tits were perfect.After that we talked for a long time, up until the bar was closing at 1 in the morning. After we finish talking she ask me to come to her place because the night is this young. We drove in her car a nice BMW. She couldn’t wait while driving she undid the zipper and buttons of my pants and she was special yet not special of the size ofmy cock. Its over 7in. long and not even hard yet. Sarah started stroking my cock while drinving and i got to say she was doing an amazing job. I guess i need to make it harder for her to drive. Thats when i lowered my hand under her dress pulled those panties down to play with that pussy. Damn, her pussy was extremely wet good thing Sarah place wasn’t far. As soon as the door closed she lifted her dress ikonbet yeni giriş over head and undid the bra. Fuck, what a sexy site looking at her. In no time we both were naked and both staring at each others bodies. Her tits perfect,pussy shaved how i like it. Me tall, dark and handsome with a monster size cock and not yet hard. We started kissing passionately but rough like a****ls. Sarah smiled and got on she knees and begin sucking my dick. She is amazing down at her sucking black cock. At the same time it was growing. While she sucking my dick i told her dick size when hard is 11 in. She looked up at me smiled and said FUCK YEAH. She could’t get all of it in so i helped her. So I grabbed her pretty blonde hair and started fucking her throat. Then told her to look at me while i’m fucking that beautiful throat. Seeing those eyes made me speed things up a bit. i was standing there fucking her throat for a good 15 to 20 minutes, that’s when i felt it. i was cumming hard. So i told her i was cumming and drink every last drop. I moan and cum, by the look she made it must have been ikonbet güvenilirmi a lot. My dick was this hard so picked her up threw her on her couch and got started eating that very wet pussy. I Love eating pussy seeing a woman going crazy with an orgasm from me make my dick harder. And Sarah was like a wild a****l. She screamed and moaned forever. Pullinggrabbing everything that was near. I can do this for a long time but its time for me to fuck that sweet pussy. Got on top of her and slide my 11 in. monster in. Hearing her moan is music to my ear. I started slow to see how far my cock could go. But it wasn’t long until i’m fucking her extremely rough. Faster and harder she said so i picked up the speed. Loving the sound my dick was making in her pussy and her moaning, FUCK. The sweat i was making could fill a bucket. i was thinking it was her turn to work my dick so, i laid back so she could sit on my cock. I’m just watching her and those tits go up and down. As soon as some of my energy was back i went doggy style in that ass. i wasn’t going very fast butit was fast enough for her to moan. and Sarah was playing with that perfect clit of hers. We did this until we both came together. After we both came we still was horny enough to lick her pussy and lick my on cock. Best night in years. Whats name she ask. i just remembered she never ask me my name. Its Chris, Chris Black.

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