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THE BEACHDaddy was quiet during the ride to the beach. He was unhappy about Baby Girl inviting Ricky along on a day that was supposed to be just for the two of them. Daddy didn’t like Ricky very much. He was too cozy with Baby Girl, and Daddy knew he wanted to be Baby Girl’s boyfriend, but Daddy secretly thought of Baby Girl as his woman. She was beautiful and sweet and sexy, and Daddy desired so many things with her. They went to the secluded area where sometimes Baby Girl even took off her bikini top, and Daddy sometimes even went naked. Of course they couldn’t do that with Ricky along. Daddy lay in the sun and tried to relax. Baby Girl went for a swim and Daddy was half asleep when he felt a pleasurable sensation. He opened his eyes to discover Ricky sneaking his hand into Daddy’s swimsuit and rubbing his nice, hard cock. It felt good, and Daddy laced his fingers behind his head and relaxed. Ricky had an expectant look in his eye, as if he was eager for Daddy’s approval. He noticed Ricky had a smooth, pretty body, and a nice looking cock beginning to bulge out of his own swimtrunks. “That’s good, Ricky,” said Daddy. “Very good.” Ricky looked very pleased with himself, and Daddy began to forget why he didn’t like him. He was beginning to think Baby Girl would soon be his woman for real…and the way it was looking…maybe Ricky would be his girl, too.Baby Girl came out of the water and stopped where the water swirled around her ankles. She flicked her hair back just in time to see Ricky lean over and wrap his girlish lips around her Daddy’s thick, throbbing cock. Her jaw dropped open for a brief moment before a mile wide grin spread across her full, pouty lips. ‘Well he certainly wasn’t wasting any time.’ Baby Girl thought to herself.She’d only brought Ricky along because she knew he had a major boy crush on her Daddy. Truth be told, she’d had a crush on her Daddy since, well since she knew what a crush really was. And even though she knew it was wrong Baby Girl could never shake it. Her Daddy was simply far too virile to be denied his dues. He had this sexual aura about him and this way of looking at her that made Baby Girl’s knees weak and her pussy wet, a look that said, ‘I am going to eat you until you scream my name Baby Girl.’ But she’d never had the guts to do anything about it… until now… she slowly reached behind her and pulled at the strings to her top. Baby Girl let it fall away from her body as her eyes remained glued to the sight before her. She felt her nipples pull tight and her young cunt begin to throb as she watched her best friend suck her Daddy off…Daddy growled with lust as he watched Ricky’s mouth enclose the bulbous head of his cock. This is so wrong, he thought, but so fucking good. Ricky sucked his pulsing meat like a carnivorous little bitch in heat. “You look pretty with Daddy’s cock in your mouth, Ricky,” Daddy groaned. Ricky’s eyes lit up at the compliment, and he rewarded Daddy with agile flicks of his tongue against his throbbing shaft.Ricky’s own cock was so hard now it was bulging out of his tight swimsuit. Daddy studied that smooth stalk of hard flesh and thought it not only looked pretty, but maybe even a little delicious, too. That’s when he caught sight of Baby Girl as she was coming out of the water. When he saw the way she was watching Ricky suck his cock, a wave of intense throbbing rocked through his shaft and he growled low in his throat. She was holding her bikini top in one hand, and when she caught him looking back at her, she ran her tongue around her lips and began tweezing her erect nipples with her free hand. Daddy had never seen such perfect nipples in his life, and he wanted to suck them even more than Ricky’s hard, juicy cock.Baby Girl was actually the most beautiful thing Daddy had ever seen. He loved her so much, there was no way he could look at her with anything but everything all the time in the core of his heart. Now she was walking toward them, her wet body glistening in the sun. Ricky was oblivious to them as he kept on sucking Daddy’s cock. Daddy and Baby Girl were staring at each other, and it was as if all the things they could never say to each other were welling up and building the kind of pressure that would finally decimate the dam.Baby Girl caught her breath when her eyes locked with Daddy’s. He’d caught her looking… seen her watching the spectacle of her best friend sucking Her Daddy’s throbbing dick and swallowing the thick length of it down like a tootsie pop. She remembered to breathe as she licked her lips, wishing with every cell in her body that it were her lips wrapped around her Daddy’s pulsing shaft rather than Ricky’s as she stared into Daddy’s eyes. Her hand found her nipples and squeezed them, plucking and flicking the hardened nubs as sensation tickled along her nerves. She felt her heart skip a beat as her body flooded through with an emotion Baby Girl couldn’t describe. ‘Love’ just wasn’t a big enough word to encompass the feeling that swelled in her as she saw the look in her Daddy’s eyes. She felt like her very essence was being pulled along a thread, out of her and into her Daddy – then returned tenfold back into her And the feeling set her veins on fire and flooded her pussy with sweet, sticky honey.Baby Girl had no control over her body, she felt herself moving toward her Daddy and Ricky and she didn’t even remember making the choice to move. She tugged on the strings of her bikini bottoms as she walked, slowly, sensuously pulling at the flimsy piece of material, inching it away and uncovering her hot, aching, bald little pussy for her Daddy to see. God how she wanted him to see! As she stepped closer she could feel herself dripping, the inside of her thighs slick with her own juices and salt water. Daddy’s eyes burned into Baby Girl’s and she bit her bottom lip as the image of stepping over his prone form and sinking down to smother his mouth with her young, warm, wet cunt, grinding down, telling him to stick his tongue inside her as she fucked herself with it… oh fuck! Her breath hitched as Baby Girl saw her father lick his lips like he was readying himself to devour a feast of epic proportions, like he knew what she was thinking, like he could read her mind… her whole body shivered and she dipped a finger along the slick line of her slit as she came to a standstill beside her Daddy’s shoulder…Daddy was spellbound. Baby Girl’s pussy was slick and wet and looked like the smoothest little piece of flesh Daddy had ever seen. He groaned and rocked his hips, pushing his throbbing cockshaft deeper into Ricky’s mouth as he watched his hot, beautiful Baby Girl finger her swollen cuntlips. Daddy didn’t know when he’d seen anything so beautiful or succulent, with the possible exception of watching her walk toward them, as if in a lustful trance, removing the tiny pieces of her bikini along the way.Daddy reached up and grabbed Baby Girl by the wrist of the hand she was rubbing her naked pussy with. He pulled her down and she dropped onto the blanket beside him. He pulled her pussy wet fingers into his mouth and sucked her sweet juices into mouth, barely able to satisfy his deep hunger for her.”Baby Girl, I guess you know how much Daddy loves you after all,” he said, gazing into her deep, beautiful eyes.Baby Girl smiled and looked away shyly. Daddy watched her look at Ricky sucking his hopelessly swollen cock. He groaned at the sight of her tongue sneaking out to wet her full, hungry lips. He pulled her by the wrist again until she was facing him, pulling her close until he could grip the back of her neck and kiss her the way he’d dreamt of for so long. Their mouths opened and their tongues swirled around each other in a delicious dance. Daddy gripped his Baby Girl’s naked breast and squeezed, rolling her nipple between his fingers. Baby Girl moaned out loud and their kiss finally broke.”You know I love you more than anything, don’t you, Baby Girl?” said Daddy.”Yeah, Daddy, and I want to show you how much I love you, too. That’s why I invited Ricky along today, too.”Daddy smiled. Baby Girl smiled back. Then Baby Girl looked back at her best friend and said, “Hey Ricky, how’s my Daddy’s cock?”Ricky looked up and let Daddy’s cock of out his mouth, but kept holding the big shaft upright in his hand. “Oh my god,” he said, “I could suck on your Daddy’s cock all day.””Then shut up and keep sucking, you slut,” said Baby Girl. “And save some for me. He’s my Daddy, after all.”Baby Girl and Daddy both chuckled, but Ricky already had one of Daddy’s balls in his mouth. Baby Girl gave Daddy another long, hot kiss, but then she straddled his head. She lowered her dripping pussy to Daddy’s face just as she leaned down and took his cockhead into her mouth. Daddy swiped his tongue eagerly along Baby Girl’s hot pussy, feeling the sensation of Ricky sucking his balls while his luscious Baby Girl started sucking his cock.Daddy was in heaven, and he had decided right then and there to take his beautiful Baby Girl along with him. It sure looked like Ricky was along for the ride, too.Baby Girl’s eyes locked with Ricky’s and glittered merrily. She tried to smile, but having her mouth full of Daddy’s beautiful, thick cock made that difficult. Ricky sucked back, gently letting Daddy’s ball sac pop out of his warm mouth and smiled at Baby Girl completely understanding. The moment was short lived however as Baby Girl’s eyes rolled up into her skull and a deep, gutteral groan rose up out of her throat and vibrated against the head of her Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s answering groan was matched with hips thrusting up, pushing the bulbous head of his long shaft deeper into the back of her throat and making her gag a little. God how she loved the feel of her Daddy’s cock sliding over her tongue… God how she loved her Daddy! She’d wanted this for so long now it almost seemed surreal. But Baby Girl knew it was really happening and that made her so happy… and Ricky had helped make it happen… Baby Girl gagged a bit and pulled back. Sitting up a little, she jacked her Daddy’s long shaft for a moment as she smiled properly at her best friend. “You gonna help me or what?” Ricky’s answering smile was wicked. “Thought you were gonna be a greedy little bitch and keep him all for yourself…” “Oh baby, you know I like to share.” Baby Girl replied in a girlish voice. “Now shut up and be a good slut and help me suck my Daddy’s big cock.”The banter died down in lieu of heavy moans and deep groans as Baby Girl and Ricky tongued Daddy’s hot piece of cock meat. Working in tandem relaxbet güvenilirmi and then in opposition, their tongues and lips sliding, licking, wetting him down until he was so slick with spit he could have been oil. Baby girl sat back and let Ricky take over again as she groaned out loud, her young body trembling. Daddy used his tongue, like a finely honed weapon, to assault Baby Girl’s sweet little cunt and she panted heavily, grinding her hips hard onto his face. “Oh fuck Daddy, your tongue feels so good in my cunt! Fuck me with it please Daddy!” Baby Girl just about fainted as Daddy growled against her slick opening and his tongue went into overdrive. The hot, sinuous snake of his tongue felt like it was everywhere at once, driving her crazy, making her pussy ache like never before. He took her request seriously and brought her again and agan to the cusp of annihilation but at the last second pulled back, teasing her. After the fourth time of being forced toward that end only to be denied, Baby Girl growled in frustration. “Daddy! Fuck! Stop teasing me! My pussy is so hot and aching so bad, I need to cum Daddy, make me cum please…” The sharp sting of Daddy’s hand on her butt cheek made her gasp and her nipples bunch tight. She felt her Daddy’s fingers dig hard into the fleshy meat of her bottom and pull at her, lifting her hips off his face. He held her suspended over his mouth and she could feel his warm breath waft over her as Daddy panted. Daddy’s fingers bit deeper into Baby Girls’ ass cheeks and pulled against them, spreading her open even further, exposing her completely to his gaze. She could feel his eyes on her, burning into her as he devoured her now just with his look. “Such a pretty pussy…” She heard Daddy say breathlessly beneath her and blushed hard even as she pulled on a nipple. Baby Girl gasped and flinched a little as she felt her Daddy’s hot tongue flick quickly against her throbbing pearl. “Mmm, yes a very pretty pussy Baby Girl. So wet and soft and … perfect…” flick, this time slower… “mmm and all mine. I own it now Baby Girl you know that right?” Baby Girl gasped as Daddy licked the entire length of her dripping slit making the inner tendons of her legs tremble. When Baby Girl didn’t answer straight away she was rewarded with another sharp sting of Daddy’s hand. “Right?” Baby Girl sucked in a sharp breath, “Yes! Yes Daddy you own it..”Daddy’s tongue was in her folds again, slow and tormenting, teasing her but never quite giving her what she wanted. Ricky was lazily licking at her Daddy’s shaft, slidng a hand up and down the rigid length, as he watched their interchange. Baby Girl’s look was nearly depraved, somwhere between pleasure, pain and longing, and Ricky ate it up hoping that he’d have a look like that on his face soon.Baby Girl released a shuddering breath as Daddy’s tongue swirled slowly around her clit, once, twice, three times then flick. “Oh fuck! Daddy…” She begged again…”Mmm, all mine Baby Girl, right? I own it now, right?” Each question was emphasised with a flick or lick of his tongue.Baby Girl was strung so tight now she could snap any moment. “Yes Daddy!”Daddy’s fingers pulped in against the flesh of her young ass and she felt him blow a warm stream of air over her throbbing sex button before he answered, “Good, now get off…””Aw, Daddy, but I want more and more of your tongue up my pussy,” Baby Girl whined in a sing songy voice.”Move!” Daddy smacked her luscious ass once more, harder than the times before, and Baby Girl finally moved off.Ricky giggled while Baby Girl reluctantly dismounted Daddy’s honey smeared face.”Bitch,” she mock sneered at her girlish friend.Daddy rose up to his haunches and pulled Baby Girl into the hottest, most passionate kiss he’d ever known. Baby Girl threw it right back at him with her mouth open and her tongue swirling all around his. Daddy’s cock twitched with firey heat as he realized he was kissing his own, luscious Baby Girl the way he’d always dreamed, and the taste of his cock and her pussy were all over their mouths.Daddy’s brain felt like it was frying in the sun. There was nothing nor anyone on the planet he loved as much as his luscious Baby Girl, and finally being able to kiss her and explore her tight young body the way he always dreamed was almost too incredible to be real. Before he released her cock flavored mouth he had already decided he was going to mark her forever as completely his – his Baby Girl – his woman – right there on that beach that day, and he was going to do it by filling her hungry little pussy full of her own Daddy’s steaming cum. But one thing that had never been part of his dream was sharing her. The idea that her lips had been kissing Ricky’s while they were both sucking his cock made him feel dizzy with jealousy, but just as much, it made his cock pulse with nasty desires.There wasn’t much he could really say after letting Ricky suck his cock. It was the first time another man had so much as touched his naked cock since he was in college. And now, there was no way he could ever pretend he hadn’t been anything but intensely aroused. Ricky’s mouth had felt amazing, with his pretty, feminine lips and agile tongue. His body was fit, but slender and not unlike that of an athletic young woman. “Oh my god, you guys look so hot together,” Ricky said in a girlish twang as he watched the naked father and daughter hungrily kiss and fondle each other.”Poor little Ricky,” Baby Girl teased, when Daddy’s kiss finally broke.”Ricky isn’t all that “little”, Baby Girl,” Daddy chuckled.”Why, Daddy,” Baby Girl cooed playfully, “are you looking at Ricky’s hard cock?””He does have a pretty cock for being such a pretty girl,” Daddy said. “Of course he’s not as pretty as my Baby Girl.”Baby Girl grinned and kissed her Daddy again. Then she gave Daddy the wickedest look he’d ever seen. She grabbed Daddy by the wrist and placed his hand on Ricky’s thigh, slowly pushing it upward, toward the hard cock jutting out of Ricky’s little suit.”Wanna make me even hotter, Daddy?” Baby Girl cooed in a feline growl.”You know Daddy would do anything for you,” he said, kissing his Baby Girl hard and deep while he pushed his hand toward Ricky’s cock.”Oh god,” Baby Girl hissed, as she saw Daddy pull Ricky’s suit off his legs.As Daddy settled between Ricky’s widespread thighs and ran his hands up his smooth legs to fondle his young cock and balls with both hands, he smiled to himself as he thought he might tell them both sometime about those college days when he’d had a special friendship with another young man.”Is this what you wanted to see Daddy do, Baby Girl?” Daddy asked as his hand moved up and down Ricky’s rockhard cock.”Oh fuck, Daddy, yes!” cried Baby Girl as she boldly spread her dripping cunt open wide with one hand and started spanking her clit lightly with the other.Baby Girl’s eyes were riveted as her fingers swirled around her aching clit. She could hardly contain the excitement running through her. Today had far exceeded her wildest expectations and she could feel her sopping juices flowing freely from her pink slit as she watched her Daddy lick the length of Ricky’s long shaft.She felt like she was going to burst there were so many feelings running through her… lust, desire, hot, aching sexual fucking nastiness and wanton sluttiness but underlying all of that was the deep and abiding love Baby Girl held for her father. That flame burned hotter than any other emotion that swirled about in her body and she knew without a doubt that her Daddy felt the same way for her.Baby Girl groaned when she saw her Daddy’s tongue flick out to slide around the swollen head of Ricky’s pretty cock before wrapping his lips around it and taking it back into his mouth. ‘Holy fuck!’ Baby Girl thought, ‘that is so hot!’ She crammed two fingers inside her dripping sex and fingerfucked herself as she rubbed her clit almost raw. She licked her lips as her Daddy drew back and sank down on that young throbbing cock again, the shaft glistening with his spit, his tongue swirling about it almost like he knew what he was doing, like he’d done it before.Baby Girl was both amazed; that her most coveted fantasies and dreams were coming true, and unsurprised; that her Daddy seemed to so readily accepting of it.Baby Girl knew now that it was because he shared her feelings, that he felt that same intense attraction, even though it was wrong. She knew that he shared her want, there was no denying it and she didn’t want to anymore. She’d loved her Daddy in a way that society saw as wrong for so long she’d nearly forgotten what it was to feel normal. That her best friend Ricky was now along for the ride … well that was just a bonus, and Baby Girl had to agree, he was a ‘pretty’ bonus, with an even prettier boner.She licked her lips hungrily as she watched her hot, sexy Daddy sucking off her girlish looking best friend. Baby Girl gulped as her eyes locked with her Daddy’s again and she saw that sparkle of mischief in his eyes, as if to say, ‘Do you like seeing your Daddy suck someone else’s cock Baby Girl?’ and then, ‘Mmm you know you do, look at you, your cunt is practically dripping. You love watching that thick piece of cock meat slide into my mouth and fill my throat, don’t you Baby Girl?’ Baby Girl felt her stomach flutter and groaned.She knew that even though he was enjoying sucking on Ricky’s delicious cock, Daddy was really only doing it for her, because it made her really fucking hot. When Daddy let out a low groan as he bobbed his head down on Ricky’s throbbing member once again, Baby Girl couldn’t stop the small frustrated growl from escaping her. Ricky looked like he was having all the fun! And that wasn’t fair.Baby Girl pulled her fingers out of her sopping little pussy and licked them clean before she crawled over to the two men. She started out by running her hand up the back of her Daddy’s thigh, caressing the curve of his sun kissed ass cheek before leaning down and kissing it with her lips as well.Daddy was lying at an angle so Baby Girl could sneak her hand easily under his hip and grip Daddy’s thick, throbbing shaft. She pumped it gently as she licked all over her Daddy’s tight bottom and snuck her tongue into the crease of his ass. She used her other hand to push slightly at his butt cheeks, spreading them just a little so she could snake her tongue down further and lick that tight little puckered ring for Daddy and was rewarded with a deep groan.Baby Girl tongued at his asshole for a moment, only intent on teasing relaxbet yeni giriş him a little before she moved upward as her hand continued to gently stroke his wonderful, hot cock. She licked up his spine, tasting his salty skin and enjoying the smooth texture of it beneath her tongue. When she reached his neck, she stretched out and Baby Girl laid her body along the length of Daddy’s naked form.Baby Girl mashed her breasts against his ribs and spine and pressed her mound in against the fleshy orb of his buttocks. She ground down against his ass cheek, stimulating her aching clit even as she nibbled up Daddy’s neck and licked his ear lobe. Baby Girl released a small whimper in his ear as her head moved in time with his bobbing one while her hand never stopped its’ slow business of wanking Daddy’s cock. “Fuck me, you are such a nasty Daddy,” Baby Girl moaned lightly in his ear, “But you make me so fucking hot Daddy, and I love you so much!”She humped her hips against his bottom again and pulled back on his cock, jerking her hand steadily, squeezing down on its thickness as she felt precum dribble over her knuckles. She moaned again as she entwined her legs with his and kissed her way along his jaw to his lips, always moving in time with his bobbing head.Daddy groaned low in his throat as Baby Girl pushed her tongue out and made it snake into the corner of his mouth, breaking the seal he had around Ricky’s cock. Ricky gasped and groaned hard as his fingers dipped into Baby Girls’ damp hair. “Oh Fuck! Yes, suck my cock too baby!” But just for the moment, Baby Girl and Daddy forgot Ricky was there as they pulled back from his cock and let their tongues meet again in a kiss that was everything and more than it ever should be. Their lips melded and their tongues danced against each other, and it felt like each of them was consuming the others being into themselves and becoming one.Baby Girl whimpered as she shifted off her Daddy’s body and fell down beside him between Ricky’s legs. They were chest to chest, as Daddy threw an arm over her and pulled her hard against his body. She maintained her grip on his throbbing cock and slid her leg over Daddy’s hip as they continued to suck each other’s tongues into their mouths.Their kiss finally broke apart when the undeniably ecstatic feeling of Daddy’s dripping cockhead came into contact with Baby Girl’s equally throbbing clit…Daddy groaned while a flood of sensations rushed through him. It hardly felt real to be looking into Baby Girl’s beautiful eyes while a current of intense love and white hot lust flowed between them. Her eyes hooded over when she pressed the bulbous dome of his cock to the sodden crease of her pussy.”Daddy?” she barely whispered.”Oh Baby Girl, yes…it’s finally going to happen. Now,” he groaned, grinding his cockshaft into her tight young pussy while she kept him trained with her hand.There was a dreamy look of disbelief in their eyes as Daddy’s cock slipped deeper and deeper into his beautiful daughter’s tight, wet core.”I love you so much, Baby Girl,” Daddy groaned.”Oh, Daddy, I love you just the same,” his ideal woman replied.For those moments when Daddy’s cock first pushed in to fill his precious Baby Girl’s hot pussy, Ricky almost ceased to exist. Something momentous was finally happening between Daddy and his Baby Girl, and the fact that they each had one of Ricky’s thighs for a pillow was something they barely noticed. Ricky’s big, wet cock was bobbing hard so close to their faces, but all they could see in these moments were each other.Daddy gripped Baby Girl’s perky ass cheek and squeezed her firmly as he kissed her deeply and thrust his cock all the way home. Baby Girl whimpered into his mouth and rolled her hips as he drew back and thrust again.”Oh god, Daddy’s really fucking you,” Ricky said in a breathless tone. “Just like you always wanted.”Daddy’s eyes opened in surprise and he gazed at his beautiful daughter with his cock pulsating deep inside her luscious body.”You told Ricky about your feelings?”Baby Girl just nodded, looking bashful. Daddy drew his cock back and thrust back in.”I’m glad you had someone to talk to,” he finally said. “I thought I’d going insane, not having anyone to tell, but now you know, and Ricky knows, too.”Baby Girl giggled happily. Daddy kissed her hard and began pumping his thick cock into her tight pussy with long, hard thrusts. Ricky pushed his own cock between their faces, a not so subtle ploy to get Daddy and Baby Girl to share their love with him, too. Daddy and Baby Girl’s tongues flicked and slurped all over Ricky’s dripping pole. His cock was oozing, and Daddy and Baby Girl caught the head between their mouths in a nasty wet kiss of hungry desire.”Oh fuck, that feels good,” Ricky moaned. “But I gotta see you two up close and verrrrry personal.Daddy rolled onto his back, pulling Baby Girl with him, but keeping his cock buried deep inside her. He gripped her sumptuous ass cheeks in both hands, squeezing them hard and pulling them apart while Ricky moved down between their legs. When Daddy felt Ricky’s hand rubbing his balls, he growled like an a****l and fucked his loving daughter even harder. Baby Girl yowled with heat, and Daddy could tell Ricky must have been doing something to her, too. His cock was rippling hard and pounding into her harder and harder while her tits mashed against his sweaty chest. He was dying to know what else Ricky was doing to his Baby Girl’s body to send her into another level of lustful dizziness.From the moment Daddy entered her, Baby Girl’s higher brain functions shut down. She was operating on a baser level, one filled with sensation and deep seated emotional need. Baby Girl had needed her Daddy far more than she ever fully understood, until this very moment. The minute Daddy had pressed himself inside her slick, aching core, she knew with a surety that this was meant to be. Daddy completed her in a way that couldn’t be described… and she knew that from now on there could only ever be one man for her and that was her Daddy.There might sometimes be other men, hell other women in her life, like Ricky, but none of them would ever hold her heart the way her Daddy did. Baby Girl felt it like the blood in her veins; it was simply a fact that could not be changed.Daddy’s thick cock plundered her depths, thrusting in, touching her deeper and deeper on the inside as she whimpered and panted. Baby Girl had groaned hard when they shared that hot, nasty kiss around Ricky’s fat, purple cockhead. Their tongues licking and joining, slurping up his dripping precum as they worshiped his cock, nearly as much as they worshiped each other’s mouths.Baby Girl rolled her hips, trying to force every last inch of her Daddy inside her clasping wetness. She’d wanted this for so long, as Ricky had just told her Daddy, that she was going to make the most of every second, every millimetre, of wonderful, hot, throbbing flesh and wet wicked kisses.Ricky shifted around behind Baby Girl and Daddy, saying he wanted to see more. Well he definitely got to see more and do more as well. Daddy had a firm grip on her ass cheeks, using them to pull her hips down harder onto his thick cock as he pumped up into her. The squelchy sound of fucking and the slap of skin against skin was enough to push her close to the edge. But when she felt her best friends tongue slide over her puckered little rear hole, Baby Girl groaned hard as her whole body trembled.Ricky knew so many of her naughty, nasty fantasies and desires, and it looked like he was hell bent on making at least a few of them happen today. Of course that went both ways. Baby Girl knew a lot of his nastiest desires as well, the least of which was having her Daddy’s cock buried balls deep in his quivering little asshole! So when she felt his tongue in her ass, she knew he was jockeying for one of her most talked about fantasies. To have two cocks in her at once…However Baby Girl wasn’t sure how her Daddy would feel about that so she hesitated to let Ricky go ahead. Reaching back she pushed on his head, pushing it further down so his hot tongue could lick at her Daddy’s hot shaft as it plunged into her steaming pussy. “Be a good little slut and lick my Daddy’s hot cock while he fucks me with it!” Baby Girl heard Ricky give a little frustrated growl but did as she told him as her Daddy’s groans intensified.”Fuck Baby Girl! Ricky sounds a little frustrated! But fuck that feels so good! Our pretty little Ricky has a very talented tongue.”Baby Girl half shrugged, “Maybe he is, but he knows the wait will be worth it. For now his tongue is there to make you feel good, so you can make me feel good, then we can both make him feel good together!” Baby Girl grinned wickedly. “Besides, I know you’ll repay the favour next time round.”Daddy’s hand came up and grabbed the back of her head as he pulled her down into one of those heart stopping kisses. “You know I will. But only for you, Baby Girl.” He said when he dropped his head back.His hand slid back down to Baby Girl’s ass and she felt his fingers slide along the crack of her butt. Still slick from Ricky’s tongue, Daddy’s fingers found her little rosy bud and fingered it lightly. He teased at it, circling his fingers round and round until he pressed them in slowly, penetrating her tight ass with a single digit. Baby Girl whimpered and then gasped as she felt Ricky’s hot tongue swirl around her asshole and her Daddy’s finger at the same time. He wasn’t wasting ‘any’ time!”Oh yeah!” Baby Girl heard Daddy growl in her ear. “Lick her asshole you little bitch!” Baby Girl gasped and shivered at the sensation as Ricky’s hot tongue went to work. When she felt another set of fingers sliding over her ass, moving in to probe at her tight anus, she nearly protested but was forestalled by her Daddy’s hoarse voice. “Fuck yeah! Finger my Baby’s ass while you suck my balls nice and wet, Ricky. God your mouth is so fucking amazing!”Baby Girl felt Ricky’s fingers slide into her asshole, right alongside her Daddy’s and she moaned hard in her throat as she felt both their fingers stretching out her tight little puckered ring. “Fuck Daddy!””Oh yeah Baby Girl. That feels fucking fantastic! Your ass feels so hot and tight. Your pussy is even hotter and tighter and feels like fucking magic! And Ricky’s sweet little mouth is just too much. I am going to cum inside your tight little cunt Baby Girl, you know that right!””Oh God Daddy, yes please.. please cum inside me!” Baby Girl begged as she felt her clit throbbing hard, building relaxbet giriş towards her release. She felt dizzy as her heart swelled with love and lust for her sexy Daddy. “You know what that means don’t you Baby? Daddy’s going to fill your sweet little pussy full of hot Daddy spunk. The same hot, steaming Daddy spunk that made you is gonna fill you up to the brim. Daddy is going to spray his thick, creamy cum all over your insides till you overflow and it drips out to cover my balls for Ricky to lick up…”Baby Girl nearly cried with joy… “Oh…oh fuck Daddy yes please …”Daddy and Baby Girl’s rocking and thrusting had reached a steady, rolling pace as they talked. At the same time, Ricky’s busy little tongue was flicking all over Daddy’s balls and cock, and all around Baby Girl’s pussy where it stretched around his shaft. Their fingers were moving steadily in and out of Baby Girl’s ass, and Daddy got a strong feeling he had a very good idea what his horny daughter was thinking.”Baby,” Daddy whispered so Ricky wouldn’t overhear, “you should know I’m out to make you mine…really really woman.””Oh fuck, Daddy, yes,” Baby Girl whispered back. “Make me yours with all that hot cum you have for me. But you’re going to have to be mine, too, you know.”Daddy smiled and thrust hard and deep in Baby Girl’s hot pussy. “That’s what I want more than anything in the world, my darling.”Daddy started wishing he could be in two places at once. He felt envious of Ricky being able to tasted Baby Girl’s cock filled pussy. Daddy wanted that so bad, even though part of him hated the idea of anyone else shoving their cock inside his precious girl. But he also knew Baby Girl hadn’t even reached her full stride yet, and he knew at the peak of her nasty passions she would be a true marvel to behold. He loved her so much, another part of him wanted her to be able to reach the crest of her own desires, and he wanted to be there right alongside her to hold her and love her as she reached her highest peak.And then there was another part. Sordid. Without limits or restraint. The part of him that just wanted to bang her sopping wet fuckhole full of spunk. The part of him that wanted to cum so hard his skull would go numb. The same part that made him want to make his slut Baby Girl cum every bit as hard and nasty.Daddy started to chuckle deviously as he pumped his cock into Baby Girl’s snatch with long, hard thrusts, giving her the stroke of his whole, throbbing length with every lunge.”Ricky,” Daddy called over his baby’s shoulder, “I think my Baby Girl deserves something better than just our fingers up her tight, horny little asshole…and right at the moment…you’re just the…ummmm…man…to do it.”He winked at Baby Girl when he referred to Ricky as a man, and she chuckled. While Ricky had a luscious, long, thick, gorgeous cock, he was slender and built much like an athletic young woman..with smooth, shapely legs and an ass a man could fuck for days. He had lusciously feminine mouth, and Daddy had loved the way he’d used it on his cock. In fact, Daddy was already feeling eager to get another taste of Ricky’s cock, but right now, Baby Girl was all that mattered.Ricky didn’t need a second invitation. He and Daddy both pulled their fingers from Baby Girl’s ass at the same time, and the horny young sex freak shifted position. Daddy could feel Ricky rub the wet knob of his cock upward, starting from his balls until he was pressing his tip against Baby Girl’s ass. He quickly grabbed the tanning oil nearby on the blanket and dribbled a stream of it down the crease between Baby Girl’s ass cheeks while his rigid pole began to press through her taut, tiny rimhole.”Yowwww, fuck!” Baby Girl cried. “Yes, Ricky! Get that hard, fucking cock up my ass now, you horny little fucking bitch!”Daddy laughed, but his own cock was throbbing with need. He could feel the change of pressure inside Baby Girl’s pussy when Ricky’s cock went deeper. And now Baby Girl was glaring at him with a devilish lust the like of which he’d never seen in the eyes of any woman ever before.Daddy laughed, but his own cock was throbbing with need. He could feel the change of pressure inside Baby Girl’s pussy when Ricky’s cock went deeper. And now Baby Girl was glaring at him with a devilish lust the like of which he’d never seen in the eyes of any woman ever before.The pain was exquisite pleasure and Baby Girl bit at the flesh of her Daddy’s shoulder as Ricky pushed his hard cock deep into her hot ass. Baby Girl used her Daddy’s shoulder to muffle her cries of ecstasy as she felt her tight asshole being stretched open while her pussy was crammed full of her Daddy’s cock.She had never entertained the reality of her wildest fantasy ever coming true. And to have it suddenly manifest in such a quick and shocking way was almost too much for Baby Girl to take. She cried out over and over again as her Daddy and Ricky began fucking her holes in earnest.They plunged their full lengths into her, every stroke hard and deep, pulling right back so only the tip remained embedded in her soft folds and clasping ring before driving back in again. Sound was ripped from her throat, inarticulate noise that only reiterated the fine eloquence of fucking.Baby Girl’s breath caught as she panted hard, sensation flooding through her young body and pulling her down into that primal place where pleasure ruled. She gave herself over to it completely, aware only that her Daddy loved her and that he’d told Ricky to give her what she wanted. Her heart felt ready to explode with the force of emotion that welled in her at that moment. But it was quickly quelled as Ricky jammed his hips forward again and again.That thin membrane of flesh inside her did its job and kept the two cocks from touching skin on skin, but she could feel them as they rubbed against each other inside her. Daddy and Ricky were both moaning like men possessed and Baby Girl knew that they could feel it just as well as she could. Her young body began to shudder as her breasts and nipples rubbed incessantly against her Daddy’s lightly haired chest. Her clit was being mashed down hard against Daddy’s pelvic bone and her tight ass was taking the pounding of a lifetime. She was getting close… Her breath caught again, this time in gasps as each thrust rushed through her as a shock of tingling sensation. Her clit pulsed hard, making it even harder on her to speak. “Oh… oh God… oh fuck… Daddy!”Daddy growled in answer. “Fuck yes Baby Girl, are you gonna cum for Daddy Baby?” His hands moved against her skin and she felt them grab at her breasts. His fingers squeezed at her nipples, plucking and flicking at them as he turned his head and found her mouth. His lips clamped over hers and his tongue speared in to suck her breath away. Baby Girl could only whimper in answer as she felt the new sensation of pleasure as almost pain where it shot down her chest and found the bunch of nerve endings in her clit. Her body bucked and jerked uncontrollably as became small aching clits in her Daddy’s fingertips. She broke the kiss and clenched her jaw tight as she squealed, “Ooooooohhhhh fuck Daddy!!!!!”Her body jerked even harder, her breaths short and sharp as she fought for air. Sensation drowned her so completely that her scalp tingled and she lost all feeling in her extremities. “Oh… God… oh Da.. Dad-dy… I… ca… can’t… can’t…”Baby Girl needn’t have worried trying to explain, her Daddy knew what was coming… and it was his Baby Girl! “Oh fuck yeah! Ricky, fuck my slutty little Baby Girl’s ass hard, ram that cock in there and make my li’l Girl scream for me. I want to feel my little Girl’s cunt clamp down so hard when she cums that I think I’ve jammed my cock in a vice!””Oh fuck Daddy!” Ricky gasped breathlessly as his hips pumped even harder into Baby Girl’s ass. “Oh fuck!”Daddy’s fingers never stopped for a minute, neither did his hips, and though he was just as breathless as everybody else, he still managed to whisper in his Baby Girl’s ear, “Cum for Daddy Baby… Let it all go and give it to me, be mine…””Oh Daddy…ffffffuck!” Baby Girl shrieked.Daddy grunted and shoved his cock hard and deep into his precious baby. Giving her hypersensitive nipples one more good pinch, he reached behind her and grabbed the spheres of her naked ass, squeezing them and prying them open wide while Ricky plowed his stone hard cock into Baby Girl’s chute.”Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck!” Ricky cried. “Pull Baby Girl open nice and wide for both of us! Fuck yeahhhhh!”Hearing Ricky call him Daddy, too, send Daddy’s pounding cock into a whole new level of throbbing heat. He fucked into Baby Girl’s sopping wet slash with all his fiercesome might. The stroke of Ricky’s cock along his own only made him want to cum harder, longer and deeper in his baby’s clasping hole.Daddy lifted his right hand and smacked Baby Girl’s ass cheek firmly with his open palm. He could feel her teeth dig deeper into his shoulder while Ricky cried out grunting and gasping with lust.”Owwww, fuck!” Ricky wailed as his cock started to twitch violently up Baby Girl’s asshole, spewing hot, forceful jets of scalding cum deep in her snug channel. “Take it, Baby Girl. Take my fucking cum..oh fuck!”Baby Girl’s head came up as she gasped for air with a deep, feral growl of lust. Her body started shaking on top of Daddy’s as Ricky’s cum spurting cock drove her over the edge. Her churning cunt was rippling inside, all along the length of Daddy’s furiously pumping cock. And the moment she wailed out in agonizing pleasure, Daddy could hold back the gushing flood of his steaming spunk no longer. Pounding into his luscious Baby Girl’s fuckhole as hard as he could, he unleashed a torrent of spuming cum deep inside her violently heaving body.It was as if all three of them were having mutual convulsions of lustful overload. No one could say how long it went on before they were finally all gasping for air. Daddy rolled them both over to the side, and they lay together sideways on the beach blanket, with Baby Girl sandwiched between Ricky and her deeply in love Daddy.Both cocks were still embedded in her body, and Daddy was kissing his Baby Girl’s sweet mouth just as deep and hungrily as he’d ever kissed any woman in his life.”I love you more than anything, Baby Girl. I love you sweet and nasty…and one thing I can always promise you…I love you forever.”Baby Girl smiled and buried her face in her Daddy’s chest. They lay together for quite some time before getting up to all run naked together into the water for a nice, refreshing swim. It was getting late in the day, but somehow, there was a mood of beginning in the air…a beautiful beginning to something that had been too long in coming, but now that it was here, nothing would stop the course of Daddy and Baby Girl’s hot, unstoppable love.

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