The Beat


I awoke feeling extremely horny, I got up and put on a pair of running shorts & t-shirt and went for a jog, well a jog to the local beat! As I walked in I saw 2 pairs of feet in the end stall, both facing the same way. I stood at the urinal, waiting for some trade. I didn’t have to wait long, before a furry bear walked in and stood at the next urinal within arms length of me. I tried to piss, but my cock was getting hard in anticipation. The bear looked at my rising cock and smiled at me. With his cock still hanging out of his fly, he slowly turned to face me and then walked to the middle stall, pausing to look back at me. I followed him to the stall, and closed the door. There was no latch, so the door was left slightly ajar. I could hear muffled moans from the next stall.

I fell to my knees and began rubbing his cock all over my face, hypnotized by the heady scent of cock. He grabbed my head and fed his cock into my open mouth, giving me a second to lick & suck on the head before he pulled my mouth onto his meat until my nose was being tickled by his pubic hair. As I sucked on his member, I felt it twitch and stiffen in my mouth, slithering along my tongue, all the while getting thicker. I moaned onto his cock as he began slowly thrusting in & out of my suctioning mouth. With each thrust he became longer and thicker. He pulled out of my mouth, tilted my head back and draped sikiş izle his ball sack over my mouth. I sucked in one, feeling it with my tongue, it was one of the biggest balls I had ever encountered. I tried sucking the second one in, but my mouth wasn’t big enough. As I swapped to sucking his other ball, he started slapping me with his cock, the fat head hitting me in the forehead.

I extended my tongue, snaking towards his perineum and caressing it with the tip of my tongue. His eyes rolled back and he groaned. From the next stall I could now hear the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh and grunting. The bear pulled his ball sack away, aimed his cock at my open mouth and drove it into the hilt and held my head there for a few seconds before resuming humping my mouth as I slurped on him and I again began moaning onto his hard cock.

I became vaguely aware of someone watching as I worshipped the cock before me. I caught a flash of a face outside the ajar stall door. The man fucking my face opened the door, I turned my eyes to see a another man standing there, he was rubbing his cock through his pants. There wasn’t enough room in the stall for 3 people, so the bear pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked over to the sinks, before turning around and waving his cock at me. I followed his cock and bent over and resumed sucking it, my ass inviting the newcomer. brazzers The newcomer knelt down and pulled my shorts to the side and started eating my horny hole, occasionally dipping his tongue inside.

I was floating in space, unaware of anything except the cock fucking my face, and the mouth eating my ass. Now that I was nice and wet, the newcomer stood up & positioned himself at my anus as I pushed back toward him, inviting him inside. He pushed his half hard cock past my muscle ring, then stopped and began pissing, filling my guts with warm liquid. The sensation was incredible, it was like having 100 hot loads being pumped into my hole all at once. Once he finished pissing in my bowels, he began slowly pumping and his cock stiffened, quickly stretching my hole. With every thrust it pressed a little harder onto my prostate, causing my cock to start dribbling cum every time he drove his cock into me.

The two men now began alternating their strokes, bouncing me back and forth on their cocks. I was completely helpless and I was loving every second of it. After a few minutes of this bliss, I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell & I knew I was about to receive his creamy load. I sucked and slurped harder on his cock as he held my ears and fucked my face, before holding my face against his groin as I felt his cock pulsing and pumping his load fake taxi porno into my mouth & down my throat. As a shot hit the back of my throat, I gagged and cum ran down the sides of my mouth and dripped off my chin onto the floor. Once I had sucked his cock clean, he pulled his softening cock from my mouth, stuffed it back into his pants and left without a word.

I slightly straightened my back and the man in my ass grabbed my shoulders and began pounding me hard and deep. Every time he slammed his cock into me, piss was leaking out of me, running down my legs and soaking my shorts, shoes and socks. His cock began to swell, indicating his impending orgasm, pressing even harder onto my prostate, triggering my orgasm. My legs began shaking and my vision blurred as he continued his barrage on my hungry hole and my prostate. Every time he drove his cock into my hole, my cock spurted and I saw stars. Finally he buried his cock in me, pulling my shoulders down so I couldn’t escape, not that I wanted to, and began pumping his seed deep inside me. I was still cumming as his cock pulsed against my prostate. Finally our orgasms subsided and he pulled his cock out of me. It was like removing a plug. His piss and cum flooded out of me onto the floor. I turned around and began gently licking and sucking his cock clean. When he was satisfied, he pulled from my mouth, pushing his cock back into his shorts and zipped up his fly. He said “Thanks”, and winked at me and left, leaving me with drenched jogging shorts, socks and shoes. I wrung some of the piss out of my shorts and put them back on & began walking home thoroughly satisfied.

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