The Beginning of the Domination of Randi 11


Chapter Eleven:Randi introduces Jill to Sir.When they arrived at Sir’s house, they went in and Randi immediately stripped to her stockings and heels. Jill looked at her shocked, but then smiled, as she realized by this action that her Mom was owned by Sir.They went to the kitchen, where they found Sir preparing some coffee.He turned and smiled, not just by seeing Kitten submit to him, but also to the fact she had the beautiful 18-year old sweetheart standing next to her.“Who do we have here, Kitten?”“Sir, may I introduce you to my daughter, Jill. Jill this is Sir.”“Nice to meet you, Jill. Did you and your Mom have a good time last night?”Jill blushed as she did not know Sir would have any idea what happened last night.“Nice to meet you, Sir. And to answer your question, yes, I had a great time. But, if I can ask, how did you know about that?”Mike started to laugh and then answered Jill.“Well, you see, I commanded your Mom to seduce you and bring you to me today. You are going to be my teen slut. I hope that does not shock you too much, but if it does, you are free to leave right now and this will all be forgotten. Oh, and one more thing, your Mom will be off-limits to you, so no more playing with each other. Your choice, Slut.”Jill cringed when he called her that, but also felt herself start to get wet.“I think I will stay for now. What do I call you? Sir, like Mom, does, or do you want me to call you something else?”“I think Daddy would work just fine and now strip-like your mother. Go up to the spare room and you will find some heels up there. Pick a pair and return to me in only them.”Jill did as she was told and returned with Lefkoşa Escort a pair of clear stripper platform heels on. They made her a couple of inches taller.When she walked in both Sir and Kitten were smiling.“I take it you both approve.”“Did I tell you to speak? Now come here and prepare to be punished.”Jill looked to her Mom for help but all she saw were sad eyes, as she could not help her at all, or risk being punished as well.When Jill put herself over Sir’s lap, Kitten saw her tattoo.“When did you get that?” Randi asked.“A few weeks ago. I did it on a dare from a friend at school. Do you like it?”It was a butterfly on her right ass cheek and Kitten had to agree it was cute.“Yes, I do. Maybe I should get one.”This caused Sir to smile because he was thinking of a tattoo for her but not that small or placed there. It was going to be above her pussy, where Bill would see it every time, he saw her naked.“Yes, I think you should, but I have an idea of what and where it will be.”“Really, Sir? You want me to get a tattoo?”“Yes, Kitten, I do. But it will be bigger and be above your pussy to state you belong to me and that it is my pussy.”This caused Kitten to blush and look at Jill to see what she thought of it.Jill had a shocked look on her face, which disappeared when she felt Sir spank her hard, on her tattoo.She screamed out and tried to getaway.“Hold still, Slut. The more you fight it the worst it will be. Now, every time I spank you, you will count it, and say ‘Thank you, Sir, may I have another.’ Do you understand?”“Yes, Daddy.”“Good, now get ready as each cheek will get five swats Girne Escort each. If you fail to respond correctly, we will start over.”And with that, the first swat was landed.“One, thank you, Sir, may I have another,” was Jill’s response.“Very good, Slut, now let’s continue. Oh, one more thing, don’t you dare cum while I am doing this. It is a punishment, not enjoyment. Understand?”“Yes, Daddy.”This pattern continued until Daddy had smacked each cheek five times and her ass cheeks were a very rosy red.“You did very well, Slut. Now go to the bathroom and bring me the lotion you find there. And don’t be slow about it, or you get some more.”Jill ran to the bathroom and returned quickly with the lotion.“Lay face down on the couch and Kitten, you apply it to her. Make sure you check to see how wet she is and let her cum if need be.”“Yes, Sir.”Randi took the lotion from him and proceeded to apply the lotion on Jill’s ass cheeks, rubbing it in deeply, as instructed by Sir.“Now, while Kitten is doing that, I will explain to you, Slut, what is expected and required of you.”“Yes, Daddy. I like calling you that.”“Very good, Slut. Now when you come to my house you will strip to nothing but your heels. Kitten will take you shopping to get some more of them, as I am sure you don’t have many of them if any.”Jill’s ass was starting to feel good and she could feel herself getting wet. She so badly wanted her Mom to lick her or maybe she would get her first fuck from Daddy.Daddy continued, “Do you have a boyfriend?”“Yes, Daddy, I do. Is that a problem?”“Not really, but you will need to let him know his sex Magosa Escort life is going to decline, as I will control, if and when, he can be with you. From this point forward I own you, just like I own Kitten.”This caused Jill to cringe a little as she really enjoyed her boyfriend’s cock a lot. It was not overly big but did have some girth to it, that stretched her very nicely.“I understand sir. What are your plans for me then?”“Glad you asked. I will collar you, and you will wear it 24/7, along with an anklet, to show you have a Master.”“I have seen both on Mom and I think they are very exciting. Daddy, can I ask something?”“Yes, Slut, what is it?”“I am so horny right now. Can you fuck me? Please.”“Kitten I thought I told you to make her cum if she needed it. Why have you disobeyed me?”“Sorry, Sir, I was so enjoying hearing what you planned for Jill so, I got lax in my efforts. I promise it will not happen again.”And with that said, Kitten proceeded to slide 2 fingers into her daughter’s cunt and start pounding her to a climax.“Very good, Slut. I will let it pass this time, but be sure this will not be the case in the future.”Kitten lowered her head and said. “Thank you, Sir. And yes, I do understand.”Sir, grinned at her and patted her head, to show he was glad she understood.Jill was so caught up in her Mom’s fingering of her, that she did not realize that her Mom had dodged a bullet here by not getting punished.“Now, let me continue.” Daddy said. “I am going to claim all three of your holes and spray my cum in each one. I do hope you are on the pill, as I hate to pull out unless I desire to cover you in my cum. I will also mark you with a hickie on your ass, tits, and above your pussy.”Just at that moment, Jill screamed and came very hard.“Thank you, Mom, I really needed that. Sorry, Daddy, you were saying?”Mike started laughing at how Jill acted like it was no big deal she just came. Then he started his talk again.

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