The Best Day


Jessica woke up feeling a bit groggy. It was already early morning and sunlight was filtering through the curtains. She saw Peter sleeping by her side and did not want to disturb. She did not know if he was going for work, but she did not want him to. Not today, out of all days.

She climbed down from the bed and walked towards the bathroom still rubbing her eyes. Without caring to close the door, she went in and did the morning chores and washed her face to rub off the sleep. Then she silently left the bedroom.

She looked around the living room on her way to the kitchen but did not see anything out of place. Disappointed a little bit, she walked towards the kitchen. On the pantry she found what she was looking for. There was the parcel, wrapped in pink colored wrapping paper, and tied with a red colored ribbon.

Leaning against the pantry, she unwrapped the parcel gently. It opened to reveal few items, a small cookery booklet and two envelops. Inside the first one Jessica found the card.

“To my lovely girl, with many wishes for today, and all other birthdays to come,” it said. She kissed the card gently, and kept it aside.

The other envelope had a dinner reservation for the night at a high class restaurant. “Shame!” she thought. “I will have to tell Peter to change it for another day.”

Leaving her new cookery book on the kitchen table, Jessica took the rest and walked back to the bedroom, as silently as she could. She kept the stuff on her small table and looked at the bed. Peter was still sleeping. Her lips produced a slight smile as she conspired in her mind to prevent him waking up. She felt confused, whether she could behave herself.

She felt like rubbing herself to ecstasy, but ruled out it for the time being. She wanted to save the best times for her love and also wanted to relish on the anticipation. Therefore, Jessica reluctantly went back to the kitchen.

She put on water to boil to make some coffee and started turning over the pages of her new book. She would try and make some of these for Peter one day, she was sure. But today was not a day for that. Her anticipations were running high. She realized only after a few moments that she was actually fingering her pussy.

“What the hell? Can’t I control myself a bit?” Jessica admonished herself and kept her book aside. She walked to the living room and pushed the curtain back a little bit to look down at the street below. It was a busy day outside.

The kettle whistled, bringing Jessica back to her home. She rushed to the kitchen and started making coffee. She made a cup for herself and put the rest of the water slowly into a Thermos flask. Taking a gentle sip, Jessica felt the heat gradually moving down her body.

She walked to the sitting room again and sat on a cushioned chair. Although it was quite late into the morning, it still felt cold when she sat. She drew back her legs together. As she drank her coffee she felt the warmth once again. Throwing her legs apart slightly, she smiled to herself.

Once again she felt the urge to finger herself. Anticipation was growing inside her mind, sending sparks of electricity through her five foot six inches from her feet to her head. She could not wait too long without her man. She wanted him to wake up and come to her.

She stood up, walked over to the Escort Sincan kitchen and kept the cup in the sink. Thereafter she walked to the bedroom, stopping at the door. Sunlight filtering through the curtains had illuminated the bedroom. Peter was still sleeping, lying on his side, half covered in a bed sheet. It had slipped to his waist from where it was in the morning.

Leaning against the door, Jessica kept her gaze on her lover for a while. Her fingers ran over her body, brushing against a nipple, rubbing against her clitoris, reaching towards the vagina which was eagerly asking for trouble and returning via the clitoris to the nipples.

Jessica observed a slight movement in Peter. He turned slightly, offering a better access for what she was planning. Her mind had conspired this ever since she got the idea while the hot coffee was warming up her body.

She moved towards the bed like a predator and pulled down the bed sheet wrapped around Peter, baring his naked crotch. His flaccid penis rested on his thigh. Climbing on the bed with a smirk in her face, Jessica fell on her knees and gently raised his penis with her hand. Bending towards it, she gobbled it up greedily.

She applied a generous amount of saliva and made slurping sounds as she sucked it with love, making it grow. For her, the smell and taste of Peter’s cock was something close to divine. For some reason, it continued to attract her to him. Even when they had a fight, she will soon remember his smell.

Jessica did not see Peter waking up soon after she started her ministrations on his member. He felt something wet and saw the pretty girl of his doing something they both loved. He closed his eyes and enjoyed for a little while as he felt his penis growing in size while she moved to and fro. Once she held his cock from the base and gently moved her mouth from the base to the tip. She took it out and playfully touched the underside of its tip with the point of her tongue, making him squirm. Peter had to open his eyes. Jessica looked at him as their eyes met.

“Good morning my love” she said smiling.

“Good morning and happy birthday!”

“Thank you dear. Thank you very much for the presents.”

“You liked them?”

“Yeah, sure I did. Now it’s my turn to reciprocate,” she said. “Lay back and enjoy.”

Peter saw that Jessica was naked. He thought she had just woken up. It did not occur to him that she must have been awake for some time.

But as she returned to her work, it occurred to Peter that her presents had been at the kitchen.

“Were you awake for long?” he asked.

“Yeah. Now lay back without asking silly questions,” Jessica playfully snapped.

She went back to his work as Peter lay back to relax. He could feel her wet tongue travelling all over his shaft. He closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations which started from his crotch and moved all over her body.

“Time to move on,” Jessica said taking her mouth out of his penis. She sat up, straddled him and gently eased herself on his member. She had been feeling this urge from the moment she woke up. Wet from her saliva, his shaft slid nicely into her already moist pussy. She bent over, kissing him on his lips tenderly. After a few tender kisses, their lips met in a prolonged and intense union. When they parted, she straightened Sincan Escort up and started riding him.

Peter watched intently as her breasts wobbled when she rose up and down on his rigid member. While Jessica was not a chubby girl, her breasts were of quite ample proportions. She occasionally rubbed her nipples which had hardened already. Peter regularly had visions of Jessica as a mother, feeding their baby, simply because of her breasts.

“Wait!” Peter said holding to Jessica’s waist tightly. Then he rose up, taking her with him until she hit the bed. Now it was his turn to take control of the proceedings. He made love to her with such intensity that she cried out of sheer pleasure as he drove straight into her depths. Her vagina wanted to embrace his member tightly but he gave her no respite. He was so pumped up by her ministrations of his member that he drove on relentlessly until he reached climax, shooting his load right into her womb. She cried of pleasure, fingering herself until she too climaxed just a moment after her man.

Still inside her, Peter lay on top of her and kissed her lips tightly. They spent some time together with his flagging penis still inside her until it finally popped out on its own.

“Mmmm… Your guy was so good today,” Jessica mumbled at Peter’s year.

“So was your girl” he responded.


“Let’s go now, you need some nourishment” Jessica said after they had been cuddling on bed for some time. Peter stood up and climbed off the bed, walking towards the bathroom. Jessica heard him peeing and climbed off the bed. She left the bedroom without worrying about getting dressed.

She was making coffee when Peter came to the kitchen. Dressed in a pair of shorts, he was mildly surprised to see Jessica stark naked.

“Oh, I see a nice ass in the kitchen,” he said humorously, walking over to Jessica and squeezing her bum.

Jessica touched his genitals in return and said “I don’t see a nice cock here. I feel it”

They kissed passionately. “I am dealing with hot water. Be careful” she said after disentangling herself from the kiss.

“Dealing with hot water, eh?” Peter mocked. “I’m sure it’s a hot ass” he said, slapping her bottom and leaving her. He sat on the sofa in the living room. When Jessica walked towards him with a cup of coffee in hand, he stared at her shaved pussy with some interest.

“Stop staring at my pussy and drink this,” Jessica said mockingly. “You stare as if you have not seen it before.”

Handing over her the cup, she sat by his side. Waiting for him to take a sip of the coffee, she leaned on his shoulder and spoke.

“I love you so much Pete,” she mumbled. “You remembered my birthday. It’s the first we celebrate together.”

“That is true, Jess. That is why I wanted you to enjoy the day.”

“But I’m afraid you will have to change the dinner reservation for another day, if you don’t want me to go to the dinner naked.”

“What do you mean?” Peter asked, perplexed.

“Well, since it’s my birthday, I decided to spend the day in my birthday suit” Jessica said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t mind,” Peter replied, stroking her smooth thigh. “It is actually a pretty good idea. Only issue is the dinner reservation.”

“Yeah, I know it costs a fortune. I am sorry about Sincan Escort Bayan it.”

“We’ll see,” Pater said. “I am in two minds actually.”

“Why?” asked Jessica.

“Well, a part of me is telling me that we should go for dinner. But then, I do not want the world to see you naked. They will envy me.”

“Oh, so, you are not worried about me feeling ashamed of being naked in public, are you?”

Peter chuckled. “I am, but it’s a minor concern,” he jokingly said.

“Fool!” Jessica said, standing up. As she walked to the kitchen, she was aware that he was staring at her wobbling buttocks.

“What are you staring at?” she said turning back.

“I was staring at that birthday ass.”

“You haven’t had enough of me, have you?” she asked.

“Not at all Jess, we are just beginning.”

Privately, Jessica was elated. She took pride in the fact that she was the center of attraction of this wonderful man. Peter was responsible and caring and extremely good in pleasing her in more than one way. She had decided to live naked on her birthday, partly as a ploy to keep him at home and partly to bask in the glow of his attention.

“So, am I supposed to stay at home too?” he asked suddenly aware that it was getting late.

Jessica looked at him from the kitchen. “You can go for work if you want.”

“I’d rather not,” Peter said standing up. He came to the kitchen and kept the cup on the pantry. Gently patting Jessica’s bottom, he left the kitchen to herself and went to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, he called up the restaurant to cancel the reservation for that night.

When he left the bedroom, Jessica had already prepared some toast for breakfast and was sitting on the living room sofa, listening to music in her smart phone. It struck Peter odd to see a naked woman with earplugs and a smart phone. He walked over to her and kissed her forehead.

“It’s time for breakfast,” she said.

“Great,” Peter relied. “I called the restaurant. They will refund 75 percent only.”

“Oh, that is too bad. Shall we make it a go then?”

“No need.” Peter said. “But please inform me before such surprises, okay?”

“Well, then it is not a surprise.” Jessica jokingly said.

“Foolish girl,” Peter said, pinching her nipple.

“Ow!,” she cried. “Was that punishment?”

“Kind of,” Peter replied.

“You nutcase,” she said standing up. “Wait here. I’ll bring breakfast.”


“And, don’t stare at my ass!”

“Okay,” he said and duly disobeyed her. Once she entered the kitchen, depriving him of her view of her bottom, Peter spoke again.

“I think you deserve a punishment for the loss I had to incur,” he said.

“Oh really?” she responded, half jokingly. “That’s too bad. I wonder what that is going to be.”

“Well, since I lost 25 percent, I guess I should spank you 25 times.”

“Twenty five times only?”

“Twenty five for each ass cheek,” Peter joked, standing up.

“Oooh! My poor ass,” Jessica said slapping her bottom hard. Peter walked up to her and grabbed her waist. Jessica looked back and he kissed her lips.

“Breakfast can wait. Let’s go,” he said.

Jessica dropped what she was doing and turned back to embrace him. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he placed her gently. Jessica turned over, exposing her posterior to her lover.

“Punish me my love,” she cooed.

This time Peter complied her request gladly. As the first slap fell on her bottom, a sharp electric spark went all over her body.

It was going to be a very long birthday for Jessica.

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