The Big Brother Hole Ch. 02


A cup of mint tea did nothing to lift my mood. I was trying really hard to get things into context, and having found one girl that killed herself down here and another that had come close I had to stay in control of me, if not the shitty situation I was in; no, the shitty situation that WE were in. ‘Problem solve you fuckhead,’ I snarled at myself as I walked around our earth prison.

I went to my car and pulled branches from around it and some of those that had broken when it had been lowered or dropped. Inside the car I looked for anything else that I could use. I thought about whether the car would be a warmer shelter than the tent, and looked to see if I could push the windscreen back in, and I figured I could, at least enough to block a draft.

As I looked around for anything else that might make our life more practical, there was the rear view mirror and I just popped it off and stashed it in with the wood. I took it back and dumped it close enough to the tent for me to grab it.

That tiny act of rebellion to whoever was running this helped to focus my mind; “What I have here,” I thought, ‘use what you have here,’ and my mind went to that large green bag at the back of the tent. How do you knock out someone for long enough to drop them down a hold in their car? Even more so, how do you knock out someone there already so they don’t hear it?

With me dropping the wood, Emma woke and popped her head out from under the tent flap smiling.

“Hey Harry,” she grinned, her breasts cleavaged and looking hot by her folded arms she rested on, “Aww you’ve covered up, that’s not fair.”

“You don’t want fucking again surely?”

“I could be convinced,” she said biting her bottom lip, “you are bloody good at it.”

“I think you should go easy for today,” I said, “you had some pretty intense treatment down there, I think we’ll give you a few hours off.”

“OK,” she said, “I must confess I do feel a bit road worn down there. Tea?”

“Yes please,” I said. The sun dropped and the hole was thrown into the shade so I put on my T-shirt and trousers. So did Emma.

We drank our tea and I guessed it was about two in the afternoon. I slid into the tent next to her and took her in my arms,

“Let’s have a bit of a nap Em,” I said. “When we wake up I’ll check the snares and the fish traps.” We’d performed for them and by my guessing they owed us.

“Oh damn, do I have to sleep with you again?” I nodded. “OK, you’ve convinced me.” Pulling the flap down on the tent. I reached a hand into my paramedic bag and felt for what I knew to be there.

Time passed; I fought off the feeling of sleep that threatened to creep over me. Then I smelled something funny. Feeling even sleepier I erred with caution and pulled the oxygen mask out of my bag, flicked the knob and put it over my face. I raised the flap the tiniest bit and saw a thin pale mist hanging in the air. It was entirely the wrong weather for this kind of mist and I was happy that I’d guessed right but scared as to what might happen next.

I shook Emma gently; nothing, totally out cold, but still breathing gently. I stretched across and under cover of the mist pulled the car mirror free of the wood pile and pointed it back into the clearing.

Then there was the most noise I’d heard in days. It was the starting of an engine!

I steadied my breathing and wondered how long I could hold my breath if they came into the tent. I looked into the mirror and saw a bright yellow cage lower into the centre of the clearing across from us. It contained three men, two of whom were carrying tool boxes, the third looked like he was armed. All three were wearing oxygen masks with small tanks like mine.

“Check our actors,” said the first in an south English accent and in my mirror I could see the security man coming towards us. I took a deep breath and hid the mask under my blanket. The flap opened.

“Both out cold,” said the voice, and it sounded Eastern European. He shook Emma by her leg, then kicked my foot. “Yes, sound asleep.” He stood up, then lifted the side of the tent and came forward, I crept an eye open and I saw him lift the blanket and feel around for Emma’s tits. He giggled.

I was beginning to fear that I’d have to take a breath,

“Leave the merchandise alone Viktor,” growled a voice that sounded like it came from a radio and the tent flap fell. I put the mask to face just in time and exhaled. I drew a lungful of clean clear oxygen and got back to watching what was going on outside via the mirror.

The two with tool boxes were messing around with the tree directly opposite the mouth of our tent, I was right, they couldn’t see what was going on and were putting in a camera so they could. Bastards.

There was a crackle from the radio, the same voice, which sounded refined English,

“We’re turning off the anaesthetic, so you have ten minutes before you have to come out. Find the power outage, sort the new camera and get the hell back up here again, make sure Escort Eryaman you put the rabbits in the snares…”

“OK boss,” replied the security man. I looked closer at him, he was wearing a Taser gun like the police carried, to incapacitate not kill, and more importantly, one shot. But he did look like he could do similar with his fists. Shit.

I watched where the new camera was fitted. It was in a tree not ten yards from the mouth of our tent. It was in a hole in the wood and looked like it was covered with a camouflaged mesh.

“Power on,” said one of the technicians, “Raise the tent flap, let’s check the view.” I held my breath and hid the mask again. The flap came up, “how’s that?”

There was the crackle of a radio,

“…Yeah that’s fine I can see in there quite nicely…” it was the same voice from before.

I crept an eye open the tinest fraction and saw the camera, shit it was filming me! I couldn’t get back to my mask without giving it away. I wanted desperately to know where the power cable was as well; if I could knock that out that they’d have to come down again. My breath was getting too close, and I was breathing out slowly to try and make it last longer.

Eventually I gasped and figured that at least I knew where the fucking camera that would be watching us was. I breathed in;

Nothing happened.

OK I felt a little dizzy but perhaps the gas had dissipated to an extent that if I wasn’t out cold I probably wouldn’t be. I saw the technician push something against the tree, it must have been power to that camera, it was camouflaged as a vine and invisible! Very cleverly done, the camera was hidden in the bough of the tree as well.

The radio crackled again,

“…will you have time to get a microphone into the tent? We can’t hear them in there…”

“Not really boss, not that they won’t find in any case. We have about seven minutes to check the main cable,” the voice took a deep breath, “look, we’ll come back one night next week and fit one, Viktor is changing the gas tanks so we can get another couple of shots in.” He shouted across the clearing, “You sorted that gas tank you dumb fuck?”

“Kiss my ass,” came the reply, “I change the gas tank while you still fuck around with the camera.”

The radio crackled again, “…just get on with it, you have four minutes, don’t forget to put the tent flap back down.”

“The mad professor seems really pissed off about something this afternoon?” said the first, “Don’t see why, the actors have finally started performing and the new management seem happy at last.”

“Insane bastard,” said the second, “I think that twat actually thinks these poor bastards enjoy being down here.”

They ran to the centre of the woods and started to scrape with a shovel then a hatch was lifted and one of them dropped down.

“Done!” screamed the voice, they dropped the hatch, flattened and stomped the earth down and head off to a “get back on the lift!” from the Eastern European.

As the sun started to set, the motor on the lift started and the crane lifted the yellow cage out of the clearing and the motor shut down as fast as it had started. I could hear voices.

It was clear someone was being paid in cash and it wasn’t enough. The words, ‘damned microphone in the tent’ and ‘we’ll see you on Tuesday’ came across the air as if getting further away.

Well that was that. It was a well organised scheme at the least. I put my mask back into the bag and turned off the oxygen. I was going to be needing it.

I decided that I would come round as expected and within three minutes of hearing the voices stop I was raising the tent flap and looking quite tired. I’d seen enough people come around from anaesthetic after all.

I threw open the tent flap exposing both Emma and I to the outside world I tried hard not to look at where I knew the new camera was. I climbed out of the tent, stoked the fire and walked to the stream to fill the cups.

Emma stretched, and looked bleary eyed at me.

“Your lovemaking really tired me out,” she said “I slept like a log.”

“No sleep like after sex sleep,” I said leaning back to kiss her lips. She beamed her big wonderful smile at me again. I made a play of kissing her face, cheeks, and neck, “they gassed us,” I hissed in her ear, “a heavy anaesthetic by the look.” She looked quizzically at me, “I was on oxygen, only just got away with it. Smile at me…”

She did, despite my revelations, and I carried on whispering sweet nothings to her, our faces millimetres apart, both grinning like love struck idiots as I told her about the yellow cage, the two technicians, the security man, the voice on the radio and the fact that there would be two rabbits in the snares, I even knew what colour they would be.

She sat up and kissed me again putting her arms around my neck, our tongues swirling and swishing together, and I no longer felt like this was part of the necessary act to keep our audience off of their toes. Eryaman Escort It was a wonderful feeling and was probably stopping both of us stressing and going to pieces over this latest revelation.

Again, I led her to the toilet pit, this time I had no hesitation to watch her drop her trousers. She had nothing I hadn’t seen very close up. She didn’t seem to mind so I reciprocated and peed a long stream into the square hole.

We walked back to camp area by way of the rabbit hill and there were two rabbits – Dutch black and whites from my memory as a kid, caught in Sean’s original snares. I’d learned about rabbit snaring and it was obvious that this was set up. Rabbits are snared on ‘runs’ – faint tracks that show were they are going.

These had their necks broken and were put into the snares for us to find. I took them out and reset the snares.

Whatever had happened, I could remember enough from my survival training about what to do with them. I headed back to our camp and got Sean’s sharpened flint and proceeded to cut, no hack them about. I gutted them, and had I had a mess tin I’d have kept the entrails, but they both ended up in the soil pit. Then the heads and the skin leaving the dark pink flesh just begging to be spit roasted over our fire.

That was what we did.

With our bottle of port, we dined well that night, and I’ll confess we got a little tipsy. I broke pieces of cooked meat from the bones and fed them to her. Emma purred in that way she had about her and we had sips of port from our Coke tin mugs. Once finished I threw the bones into the spoil heap and threw more soil over the top.

Back at the camp she took my hand and then pulled me to her,

“Dance with me Harry,” she said, “this has been one of the most romantic days of my life.” I pulled her into my arms and we danced. She sang.

“And sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much and I have to close my eyes and hide. I want to hold you till I die, till we both break down and cry, I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides…”

She was pitch perfect and I felt the emotion in the song.

“I love you Harry,” she whispered in my ear, “Please, never leave me, ev…”

I put a finger to her lips,

“Hey, hold on,” I said quietly, but in a voice as loud as hers, “Let’s find a way out first.” The hurt in her face was heart-breaking, and I pulled her to me. “Tent,” I hissed.

“I don’t…”

“Tent Emma, please.”

She walked quietly to the tent and slipped off her shoes, something we had both started doing that day. She slid in and pulled the blankets and coats over her.

I stacked the fire, pulled down the flap and slid in behind her.

I pulled her to me, a finger to my lips.

“I’m sorry Harry,” she said, “I’m just a bit… you know, I shouldn’t have said…”

I cut her short with a kiss, and she turned to face me; we adopted our mouth to ear position that was so comfy.

“Emma, I’ll never leave you, I promise; why? Because I love you too.” She hugged me, and we kissed again, “I said those things, because… because I don’t want whichever psycho is running this to decide to send another bloke down here and split us up, or carry out some sick experiment, find another Sean to send down here to fight for you.”

“I get it,” she said, “what do we do now?”

“We carry on like we did today. From what I heard today, whoever is running this is either selling the images on the internet, or doing some crazy fucking research into human behaviour, my money is on the selling the pictures.”


“This is the twenty first century Baby,” I said, “there is always someone that will pay money for live feed. This is just a porn version of Big Brother meets Naked and Afraid,” I pulled her close, “I don’t want them to send some more talent in just to liven up the scripts. The technical people said that the ‘new management would be happy’. Viktor sounded East European so…”

“OK Harry,” she sniffed wiping her eyes, “I get it; being a porn star might take some getting used to.” She giggled.

“No, you looked like you were enjoying yourself,” I said. “If you think about it, we had some great sex and next thing we are eating spit roasted rabbit. We’ll need to keep the mad professor and the new management happy til we work out some way of getting on to that cage that they lower in here.”

“Thanks Harry.”

“Sorry I ruined your most romantic night ever.” I hissed, “I love you Emma.”

“Love you Harry.” We wrapped ourselves in covers and rolled over to sleep.

I woke the next morning and Emma was laying half across me again. Even though I know it had only been washed in some of my shower gel but her hair smelled wonderful. So did she…

What the fuck? What effect was this place having on me; I’d been involved with half a dozen women in my life, one of which was hot, 23 year old, 36 26 36 Army nurse Kim who I had spent the best part of three months and more hot nights than I care to Eryaman Escort Bayan mention, but I didn’t have a tenth of the feelings I had for this girl, who I’d known for four days and made love to once.

Weird. I guessed it was just this shitty situation we found ourselves in and the certain knowledge that we were prisoners, with no more control over our lives than someone in Wormwood Scrubs doing life for murder. I thought about what we did the previous day and once we’d performed we were thrown some scraps of food that we had to scrape and clean and cook ourselves. At least real pornstars were well fed.

As I lay there I contemplated what our real options were. We could play along and survive and see what happened. I lifted the side of the tent feeling down, I threw wood on the fire and thought about our lack of firewood. I pushed the two cans of water towards the fire as usual, they would take some time to warm up. I listened for the whirring sound to let me know I was being watched.

I guessed we were pretty much on view all of the time. The whirring of the many cameras I’d heard around our small hole led me to believe that every inch could be covered and if it wasn’t I guessed that they just wait for an evening and gas us again and make sure it was.

I thought about if we just stopped having sex or stopped performing in any kind of way.

We wouldn’t get fed I pretty much guessed. The previous evening I’d asked Emma how she’d filled her time. She said that she had wandered blindly around looking for food and escape. Sean had shown her where the fish traps were, Sean had set the snares, Sean had dug the latrine pit and built the shelter.

Sean must have been dropped in to set up this camp, otherwise the pretty parish priest they had kidnapped would starve to death or commit suicide as their previous guest had done. I guessed that they took her glasses to make the viewing a bit more interesting.

I tried to play the scene in my head. Sean is Bear Grylls and shows the poor girl the ropes. The scene doesn’t play out as he imagines and eventually he starts to take advantage. She fights him off and he is lifted out of the scenario. I was intrigued to know what had happened to him.

After this, there wasn’t much of an option to release the two hole dwellers back where they’d been found as if nothing had happened after all. Someone was responsible for the death of a young woman, probably called Tina, and because of my insistence on checking out the corpse we now both knew about it and our captors knew that we knew.

I’d either signed our death warrants or imprisoned us both for life.


No scenario I could imagine ended well here. The soldier in me was furious, I couldn’t fight my way out of this one, and the best I could hope for would be a gradual weakening of one of both of us living in a cold wet hole, waiting for starvation, infection, dysentery, pneumonia or the flu to carry us off. All the time did interesting things, including having sex we’d be kept alive in our fish tank for the pleasure of our viewers, and if we stopped doing that, just stopped being interesting that would be that. Our hosts could just switch off the cameras, bugger off and come back two years later to what was left of our skeletons, and then fill the hole up.

I did remember the most important message our mad major had taught us though in survival situations; to win the war with our own morale, be that in a survival situation or as Prisoners of War – Gulf War one had brought that home to everyone. I shook my head, prisoner of war… hmm… I couldn’t fight my way out, so I’d have to use everything else I had and take my chance when it arrived.

“Hey handsome,” said the voice from my chest, “penny for your thoughts?”

“Hey baby,” I kissed her, “They aren’t worth that much sadly.”

“Oh I bet they are,” she said tapping the end of my nose.

“Nah,” I said, “I’ve been going over our options, and we don’t seem to have any.”

“Harry,” she said, “don’t go down that road please,” she said. She rested her forehead against mine, “I’ve been there – it’s very long and there’s no way out at the end of it. I know it seems that all’s lost but in less than a week you proved to me that I still have something to live for,” her eyes lit up, “you!” She beamed a huge smile, “You brought me back, and I’m not going to let you go where I went.” She put her hands to either side of my face. “We both have something to live for now – each other. Whether that ‘each other’ will ever see us out of this hole, I don’t know, but you’ve given me hope Harry, you’ve given me warmth, affection, care, compassion and love. I made a promise to Mum and Dad that I would see them again, and so I will.”

She flipped up the side of the tent, and threw the covers off of us both, she had removed her trousers and knickers. “And if me ever seeing them again or ever taking you back to my lovely vicarage and making you a cup of tea and a bacon and egg sandwich means we have to be tame rats that make wonderful love to each other in the Big Brother hole, then I’m prepared to bloody do it.” She took hold of the belt from my jeans and started to undo it, “I want something nice for supper darling,” she whispered, “so get ’em off!”

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