The Big Game


It started out as a few friends getting together to watch a football game; have a bite to eat and possibly a drink or two. It became a hall of fame event.

Dan was the odd man out this year. Work constraints and family commitments made it impossible for him to travel with his buddies to attend the championship game. It was a tradition with these guys, and one not taken lightly, but Dan just couldn’t get away. I felt bad for him, because I know what this trip meant to him. As a way to restore his mood, I offered to cook for him whatever tailgate party foods he wished, while we watched the game on TV at home.

His friends may be away, but mine were close by, so I invited Cassie and Laura to come over and watch the game with us. Besides, I usually end up cooking way more food than the two of us can eat, so why not make our own tailgate party a little bigger. As an added bonus, I provided all of us girls with official team jerseys that Dan had collected over the years. Once we changed into them, he had his own private cheering section.

Dan took the drink orders, while we loaded up our plates for the pre-game festivities. I wanted some wine, while Cassie and Laura challenged Dan to make, by his own admission, the world’s best Cosmopolitans. There were also plenty of Dan’s favorite lager and ale on ice.

Way too many calories later, and perhaps a bit too much alcohol, the teams were ready for kickoff. As the ball sailed off the tee, Laura asked Dan how much he had wagered on the game.

“Nothing,” he replied. “We usually place little bets on all sorts of things as the day and game progress. Since I’m not there, I don’t have a stake in it today.”

“Well where’s the fun in that?” Laura chided. “Nothing like the fear of losing your shirt to really keep you focused on the game.”

“Losing your shirt?” Cassie laughed. “What game are we watching – football or strip poker?”

“Unfortunately, looks like just football for now,” Laura sighed.

“We could combine the two,” I offered, surprising everyone, including myself, as soon as I said it.

“Just what do you have in mind, Shannon,” Laura cooed.

“I think I’m afraid to find out,” echoed Cassie, as Dan just sat there with a wicked, evil grin on his face.

“Forget it,” I backpedaled. “It’s the Cabernet talking.”

Laura was having none of that. “Hey, we’re all over 21,” she giggled. “Why not have a little extra fun? What were you going to say?”

I looked closely at each of my companions. Laura had a mischievous glint in her eyes. Cassie, although trying to look reluctant, was biting her lip expectantly. Dan was sitting perfectly still, as if the slightest move or even a breath would ruin the moment. I swear he was whispering, ‘oh please, oh please, oh please.’ It wouldn’t be the first time I threw caution to the wind and likely not the last either, so I drained my wine glass and laid out my plan.

“The game is too long to do anything sustainable throughout,” I started. “But it is broken up into quarters. Why don’t we all just pick which team we think will be ahead at the end of each quarter? If you’re right, you keep your clothes on. If you’re wrong, you take off one item of clothing each time. Just to make it a little more fun, we’ll add the teams being tied as a third choice. We write all our choices down now, so there’s no squabbling later. Anybody wants Escort bayan out at anytime and the whole thing’s off – no hard feelings.”

“Now that’s a game I can get into,” Laura exclaimed. “Where’s a pen and some paper?” she said, as she stood and began searching the end tables.

“I’m in,” Cassie offered, as she drained her drink. “Dan, mix me another before I lose my nerve.”

“Right away,” he replied and quickly set about his task. “You know I’m in,” he added. “No guy would ever turn down that game.”

Laura took down all our predictions as Dan replenished everyone’s drinks. All that was left was to watch the game and count down the minutes. The teams battled back and forth and we cheered and screamed through the first quarter. At the end, the teams were tied. Dan and I had guessed correctly. Cassie and Laura each picked that a different team would be ahead, but both lost.

Cassie fidgeted a little in her seat but then smiled brightly. Reaching under her jersey, she wriggled out of her bra and tossed it on the end table.

“Ha!” she exclaimed. “Nobody said it had to be an outer layer first. Did they?”

“Nope,” answered Laura, “but it is more fun that way.” She shucked her jersey in one deft motion and set it atop Cassie’s bra on the table. Her marvelous breasts were on now on display, encased in a delicate, lacey bra that left nothing to the imagination. Her dark areolas were clearly visible through the detailed netting of the cups. Anyone glancing below Dan’s beltline would also clearly see that he was enjoying the game much more at home than he ever could in the stadium.

The second quarter ended with Laura and Dan winning, but Cassie and I lost. I joined Laura in her bra top look, while Cassie pulled another surprise. She slipped her jeans off and added them to the pile of clothes. At 5′ 3″ tall, Dan’s football jersey was a mid-thigh dress on her. She giggled and congratulated herself on not showing off anything she couldn’t show in public. At least not yet, anyway.

Cassie was the only winner at the end of the third quarter. Dan made a big show of losing his shirt. The sight of his bare chest always sends a chill through me, and I could tell my friends liked it too. I added my jeans to the pile and did a slow ‘runway turn’ to show off my matching underthings. I expected a similar show from Laura, when much to my surprise her bra was added to the clothes pile.

“It’s not like that bra was hiding anything anyway,” she said. “At least now they’re comfortable.” Comfortable was one description for them. Outstanding and breathtaking were others. I found myself looking more at them than at the TV for the rest of the game.

The game came down to the final drive, and at the end not only did our team win, but so did Dan and I. Cassie gave a shrug and laughed as she relieved herself of her thong and added it to the pile. Still wearing Dan’s jersey, but nothing else, she triumphantly held her hands aloft for not having to show anything.

“Glad my strategy paid off,” Laura chimed as she unbuttoned the waistband of her shorts. “I was hoping to get out of these too.” When her shorts hit the floor, so did Dan’s jaw. Laura stood before us completely nude. “No law say’s you have to wear panties.” We all took in her toned form as she stood with her hands on her hips. Firm breasts, hardened nipples, Bayan escort flat tummy, and a completely shaved mound came together to take our breath away.

“Dan, my drink’s empty. Any chance I can get filled up?” she asked, offering him her glass. He stumbled his way to the bar, never quite looking at her, but never quite taking his eyes from her either. “Might as well bring one for everybody,” she added. “One game’s over, but another is about to begin.”

“Laura,” I whispered. “What are you up to?”

“Hey,” she whispered back. “The game was your idea. I’m just playing all the way to the end.” Turning to Cassie she said, “You, my dear, look very alluring in that ‘dress’, but I’ll just bet you’re totally yummy out of it.” With one big motion, Laura pulled the jersey from Cassie’s thighs straight up over her head and tossed it on the pile.

“Hmmmmmmmmm,” Laura growled. “Even better than I imagined.”

Cassie’s slightly disheveled locks framed her lovely face. Her pert 32 B’s jutted proudly from her chest, the nipples hard and long enough to drape a hand towel from them. Her small frame was dotted with perspiration from anticipation and excitement; several shiny beads intermingled in her perfectly sculpted mound.

Laura’s voice chiming, “Your turn,” brings me out of my staring at Cassie as I feel her unclasp the front hook of my bra. She swiftly slips her hand inside the cups and releases my 34 C’s from their lair. The shoulder straps are simultaneously dragged from their perch, Laura firmly tracing her fingers down my upper arms as she does so. A wry smile and a wink from Laura and I begin to slide out of my panties, all the while admiring the grin on Cassie’s lovely face and the blush beginning to redden her cheeks.

Dan must have been watching the whole time. When he returned with the next round of drinks, he was just as undressed as we were, and was sporting a formidable erection.

“To Game Two!” he proclaimed, raising his glass in the air. We all echoed his toast and drank eagerly.

Laura, to no one’s surprise, moved first. Turning toward Cassie, she cupped her face in her hands and planted an ardent kiss on her lips. Cassie reciprocated fully and her hands drifted to Laura’s firm, perfectly heart-shaped ass. Laura, in kind, dropped her hands and gave Cassie’s tight, rounded bottom a full squeeze. Without breaking their embrace or their kiss, Laura guided Cassie backwards over the arm of the sofa. Her back on the cushions and her legs over the arm, Cassie’s charms were now prominently displayed to us all.

Laura took almost no time to exclaim, “Pardon us, won’t you?” and began to place soft, moist kisses down Cassie’s supple body. I watched intently as she maneuvered herself from Cassie’s neck, to her breasts, down her stomach until her mouth came to rest on her shimmering sex. Cassie gasped loudly as Laura’s lips closed around her labia. Only then did I realize that Dan had positioned himself behind me and, reaching around, was vigorously massaging my breasts.

“Before we get all too involved,” Laura said, reluctantly releasing Cassie’s prize from her lips. “Take the velvet pouch from my bag and put its contents to good use. Please!” She quickly set her tongue firmly against Cassie’s wonder button and ground against it in earnest.

Reaching into her bag, I quickly found the Escort pouch. Inside was a long, double headed, flexible silicone cock and a bottle of lube. I showed it to Dan. Arched eyebrows and a Cheshire cat grin told me he approved. Grasping his own cock, he tapped my moist sex with it to hint at what I should do next. I thought to myself, we’d gotten this far, so what’s the point in stopping? So I didn’t.

Placing a generous amount of lube on each end of the dildo, I slipped one end into Laura as she was still bent over the sofa arm devouring Cassie. A loud moan of approval greeted its entry, and then she redoubled her oral assault. Cassie’s little shriek was counted as a vote in favor and she arched up to intensify Laura’s efforts.

I rubbed the other end of the dual ended cock against my own pleasure nub a few times before plunging it as deep as I could into my sex. It took only a few thrusts before my knees weakened and bent in response. Laura wriggled her lovely ass back at me, driving her half as deep into her vault as it could go.

“Can I take a turn?” Dan asked, reaching down and rubbing my clit while I ground the pliant shaft in and out of myself.

“Seems a waste to let this end go unused,” I teased. “What’s a girl to do?”

Spanking my ass lightly, he then gestured to Laura’s. She was still simultaneously feasting on Cassie’s treats and grinding her end of the dildo inside herself. I smeared the combination of my juices and the lube from my end of the dildo against Laura’s rosebud. Gentle pressure against it brought a high pitched sigh from Laura. Her breathing rate increased as did the force of her tongue. Cassie’s moans were beginning to blend with Laura’s and my clit throbbed in response to their song. Inch by inch I glided the second half of the silicone cock into Laura’s ass. As I doubled her up, Dan filled me with his own rigid, throbbing shaft.

We made quite the portrait. Cassie lying on her back over the arm of the sofa, arching up as Laura hungrily feasted on her clit. Laura’s nude body bent over Cassie while I was manually double penetrating her with a two headed cock and Dan eagerly fucking me standing doggie style. Our “big game” was building to its own conclusion.

In very short order, Cassie was the first to cum. Laura’s unrelenting oral massage culminated in a boisterous outburst from her. Clutching her hands to her breasts she squeezed; her joyful gasps resounding in our ears.

Laura came almost immediately after she heard and felt Cassie climax. Her knees buckled and I could feel her muscles clamping on the dildo that was still firm in my grasp. She furiously rubbed herself, working every little contraction out of her clit. Once she was fully spent, she collapsed onto the sofa and lay next to Cassie.

Watching two sexy women cum had a predictable effect. Dan’s thrusts became more forceful and quick. I could feel his cock start to swell inside me. I squeezed his shaft inside me as hard as I could, and he grasped my hips even more firmly. He bucked and grunted and I felt the first blast fill me. My own orgasm built quickly in response and crashed over me in two waves, first in my clit and then throughout my quaking slot.

Rhythmically he continued to shoot his warm, white prize into me. Each thrust drove some of the previous blast out of my slot and soon my legs were just dripping with moisture.

As Dan and I sat on the couch next to them, Laura ran a finger up my inner thigh. She sucked on her finger, savoring our combined cum, and then deeply kissed Cassie.

“What do say Cass?” she teased. “Isn’t that the best drink Dan’s mixed all night, or what?”

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