The Black Power Virus Ch. 04


Thank you for continuing to read my story. I got lots of feedback and I just wanted to say that this is a complete work of fantasy. I’m obviously not advocating for anything political and if you are offended by heavy racial themes, you should probably not be reading this. I do not hate white guys; they simply don’t have a dignified place in the story, so I took them out of the equation. Deal with it. I will delete any comments that don’t pertain directly to the story.

As for the positive comments, it seems everyone wants to know what happens to black women. I have a plan for a later chapter. I’ll touch on it a little here, so don’t worry. I also plan on going into the distant future, but I want to cover society’s transition first. I encourage you all to send more feedback and maybe write your own stories set in this universe. For example: I got some comments about gay/bi characters and am sad to say I’m not interested in writing about them, but am willing to provide advice if someone else wanted to write that story. I’m very open and responsive, so feel free to contact me. I want to hear more ideas.

DISCLAIMER: All of the characters depicted are over the age of 18. Do not practice unprotected or non-consensual sex. This is a fantasy where STDs don’t exist.



5 years after initial exposure

VIP Quarantine Zone

First Daughter Stacey Edwards took a walk around the quarantine zone. Cabin fever kept her restless and she didn’t know if she’d ever get used to her surroundings. She felt guilty whenever she complained. If she weren’t the President’s daughter, she could be stuck in the tent city outside of the facility or, even worse, she could be trapped outside with the infected. She could have her God given freewill taken away and become some black man’s plaything. She never felt animosity towards them before, but she just couldn’t buy that they are ‘just as much of a victim’ as everyone else. Stacey used to be a leading feminist. She used her celebrity to push for women’s rights and equality, but the World went completely haywire and made her life’s work a sad joke.

Stacey walked by the visitation center and saw two black men meeting with one of the female scientists. She seemed to be giving them medicine. The scientists looking for the cure were her only hope, but Stacey felt uneasy about allowing their families, especially black family members, to stay in the VIP area. ‘Couldn’t they get a separate area of their own?..’ Stacey thought before realizing that she caught herself advocating for segregation. Stacey groaned in frustration at her own thoughts and from a headache starting to cause pain. She returned to her room and plopped onto the bed. She looked at the remote control and knew she shouldn’t, but she turned on the TV that continued to broadcast from the outside World. The reports got worse and worse. Stacey almost wanted to see riots and chaos, but it was a surprisingly bloodless take over. Women in the reports seemed more willing and excited than terrified. It made her sick to see how easily women could give up centuries of progress. Her mother, the First Lady, included. She was infected before the evacuation could begin.

Stacey’s girlfriend Adrianna walked in and snuggled close to Stacey. Before the pandemic, Stacey had to keep her orientation a secret (despite the constant internet rumors), but now that seemed completely pointless. Stacey kissed Adrianna and the two watched the news.

“I remember when she reported from war zones.” Adrianna noted as she looked at the news broadcaster. Nicollet Vandenberg, now simply going by ‘Nikki’, used to downplay her looks and report from the most dangerous places in the World. The blonde was now the main anchor wearing a slim black choker and showing an outrageous amount of cleavage. She even had a little glitter decorating her exposed skin.

“The stock market continues to plummet from lack of productivity, World demographics radically shift and Nation’s with low African populations fight to provide the most generous immigration packages… But does anyone really care anymore? Ever since the emergence of Bio… Progi… shit, I always forget.” Nikki giggled “Ever since the emergence of BPV, public polling shows that satisfaction in everyday life among women has shot through the roof. Joining me now is sociology expert Edith Bloom.”

Edith sat with Nikki and the camera showed off an angle in which you could see both of their legs under the table. Adrianna gasped as she saw Edith not wearing any panties. The sociology ‘expert’ was almost as curvy as the bombshell anchor. She had a small tattoo over her left breast that no doubt was the mark of her ‘owner’. “Hey Nikki, the study shows that women especially are finding more satisfaction in their daily lives than they thought was even possible. It’s not just the crazy sex, but women are enjoying simpler lives and the greater sense of community as they work together to please their man. And don’t get me started on the Escort bayan physical effects. What woman doesn’t want to look younger and sexier?”

“I know just what you mean. Before, I stressed out about my career, journalism, being professional… I had no idea that my bodyguard Shane was the answer to everything. Now all I have to do is what he tells me. If he didn’t want me to make him money, I wouldn’t even be here.” Nikki laughed “By the way, I just wanted to make a quick plug.” Nikki pulled out a picture of her master Shane wearing nothing but a speedo that looked like it could rip open at any moment. “Shane and I are looking for a new bitch to help maintain the landscaping at his estate. We already have plenty of sluts running around cleaning, but they lack the skill set. If you’re hot, have landscaping experience and think you can handle ‘this’ (Nikki motioned at the picture), then feel free to e-mail me at…”

Stacey shut the TV off in disgust.

“You have to admit, they do look hot.” Adrianna joked.

“Don’t even go there!” Stacey gasped in exaggerated outrage.

Suddenly, her father busted into the room. The President looked weak “Honey, it got in..” he warned before slumping onto the ground. The two girls rushed to him. Stacey hugged him tight and almost cried, but quickly pulled away “Oh my God, I’ll get it from you!” Stacey made the realization and cursed at herself and her father for being so stupid. Stacey thought for a moment and headed to the media room. The facility had equipment that could pre-empt all broadcasts so that the government in quarantine could make major announcements. Stacey turned on the equipment, looked at the camera and began a nation-wide broadcast. It would be the last time in human history that a white person would attempt to speak to the nation or the World with any authority.

“Citizens of the World, my fellow Americans, and women everywhere, I am saddened to report that our research facility and quarantine zone has been compromised. You can no longer rely on the government riding to the rescue. It is up to each and every one of you to stand up for your rights and free will. Do not let anyone own you, resist the…” Stacey started to feel lightheaded, sweat beaded on her forehead and she passed out for a few minutes. When she woke up, she could see herself in the monitor. The brunette’s frumpy looks were gone. Her curly hair straightened and lengthened, her skin cleared and her breasts struggled to burst through her once oversized shirt. Even her eyes transformed from a bland brown to dark pools that anyone could get lost gazing in. Stacey was dumbfounded. It usually took weeks to show symptoms, so the only explanation was that it was a new, faster strain. The shock of how fast she changed wore off and she continued to give her address “Ummm yeah, sooo women’s rights…” Stacey shifted and her now sensitive nipples elicited a loud groan from the first daughter. Stacey blushed “don’t let this thing beat you.” Stacey might have inspired more people if James hadn’t showed up.

James heard some noise and took a peek into the media room. “Da fuck you up to in here?” James asked.

Stacey jumped out of her skin “Oh my God… Stay back!” This was the moment that Stacey feared the most. Her body quickly betrayed her and her eyes wandered over the black man’s body. She knew he was the man from earlier, but he was ripped and had a huge log growing down his pants. She gripped a chair and held it over her head. She wanted to hit him with it, but the sight of him made her feel warm and feminine. Her whole body tingled just by having him in the room. She stood there shaking. The adrenaline pumped into her system and she had to admit that the excitement wasn’t fear. Her grip on the chair relaxed and she set it back down “Just get out. I like girls.” She pouted weakly.

James moved slowly into the room, completely unaware that he was being watched by millions. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m sorry I startled you. Are you ok?”

Stacey wanted to hate him so much, but she could see real concern in his eyes. Suddenly, the emotions of the day and the last few years washed over her and she couldn’t help but cry. James moved closer and gave her a reassuring hug. Stacey just cried into James’ shoulder for a moment. His touch made her feel safe, despite the turmoil of the situation. Her new body definitely responded to James and she suppressed the urge to moan from the pleasant new feelings. “I’m sorry, I’m a mess” Stacey wiped away tears.

James pressed his black snake against Stacey so she could feel it growing. Stacey had used toys before, but never anything like that. “Now what are you so scared of? No one’s going to hurt you.”

“I just… I didn’t want to be someone’s happy little bimbo. I have to finish my college education, get my PhD, argue with opponents, work hard for 50 years, keep my partner a secret, be a political prop for my Dad…” As she thought about her life’s plan (designed for a World that Bayan escort no longer existed), she got more and more exhausted. ‘Do I really want that?’ She asked herself. Those things all seemed like a tremendous amount of work for an intellectual payoff in the distant future that is in no way guaranteed.

“Yeah, that sounds way better than being happy.” James noted sarcastically.

Stacey gave James a playful hit on the shoulder. She looked up into James’s eyes and she just couldn’t help it. She got on her tippy toes and kissed the complete stranger. She wanted comfort so bad and her body knew what kind she needed. James was the exact opposite of her lofty goals. Satisfaction would be easy, primal, immediate and guaranteed.

James kissed back, but didn’t make any other moves. He wanted her to break down all on her own. He’s seen her look down on him before.

Stacey broke the kiss and looked up with anticipation and anxiety. She saw restraint on James and knew that she was the one that had to impress him. The dynamic had completely flipped and women now had to work for male attention. Timidly, she moved her shirt over her head and her new tits bounced free. She hefted them up and couldn’t believe their weight. When there was still no reaction from James, she started to massage her tits. Her eyes shut and a smile spread across her face at the simple joy of feeling her sensitive new tits. They felt incredible and she just wanted someone to suck on them. She looked at James “Please…” she groaned.

“Please what?” James responded coolly.

Her pride made her hesitate. ‘What the Hell am I doing?’ Stacey asked herself. She stood topless in front of a stranger and her body screamed for her to cheat on her girlfriend. She somehow knew Adrianna wouldn’t do the job for her. He smelled so masculine and it made her nipples hard. Then her eyes dropped to his crotch and she sealed her fate by stroking his concealed weapon. Her hand moved up and down his leg and then into his pants. She struggled to pull the monster out and her eyes went wide when she finally saw it in all its glory.

Desperation shot across her face as James tucked his cock back in his pants. “I asked you a question, please what?” James looked down on the poor girl.

“God damn it! You know what I’m talking about you asshole! Just fuck me and stop teasing!” Stacey threw a tiny temper tantrum. To her surprise, James responded immediately.

James gripped her hair roughly, turned her around, ripped her pants/panties down and gave her ass a strong *SMACK*. Stacey looked straight into the camera and to her horror realized that it was still broadcasting. Before she could say anything, James plunged his giant black cock straight into her slick and needy pussy.

The Country watched Stacey’s eyes roll up into her skull and her tits bouncing with James’ thrusts. The pleasure and relentless orgasms made Stacey forget about the camera and the pair rutted like animals. James fucked her bent over the desk, on the desk, against the wall and in mid-air. Stacey screamed in pleasure and lust the whole time.

At some point, James put two and two together and realized what the camera was for and decided to make the best of it. He slowly pulled his cock out until only the head remained inside. Stacey’s juices decorated the giant shaft “Tell me what you want again, I forgot.” James teased.

Stacey groaned in frustration “I don’t want… I fucking need!” Stacey groaned. She tried to hump back at James, but it didn’t work. “C’mon, I need you to fuck me some more.” Stacey whined, but she knew James wanted her to humiliate herself some more. “Grrr… Fine! I’m a slutty white girl and I need your sweet nigger fucking!” the once innocent First Daughter screamed at the stranger and played with her tits.

James decided to shut the camera off and carry Stacey to a bed. James laid down and let Stacey ride his big black cock.

Soon after, Stacey saw a younger version of the scientist and James’ brother. She heard them talking about ‘the plan’ and knew that these three were responsible for everything. However, that didn’t stop her from crying and begging James to cum deep inside her and all over her sensitive tits. Stacey just laid there exhausted and covered in thick black cum. Soon after, Stacey saw someone hiding in the closet and told James to go check it out.

Adrianna struggled to stay as James pulled her out. “Stacey, how could you?!”

Stacey wiped cum off her cheek and lapped it up “James just fuck the slut. Make her understand how things work now.”

Adrianna was horrified, but couldn’t deny that her newly infected body was starting to tingle from being so close to James. She could smell her cheating girlfriend on his powerful looking cock. She felt his hand on the back of her head and did not put up a lot of resistance as he made it disappear down her throat.

About an hour later, Adrianna and Stacey snuggled again in bed. The two thoroughly satisfied love slaves stayed Escort behind as James went hunting for new conquests. They watched TV again and all the news could talk about was the now infamous ‘Edwards Address’. Stacey watched the news play clip after clip of her broadcast. Stacey watched herself bitch and moan about rights or something, before James put her in her proper place.

“You’re the most famous black cock bitch ever now!” Adrianna laughed hysterically.

“Shut up!” Stacey play hit her sister slave. She watched News Nikki talk about the broadcast “You’re totally right, she’s fuckin’ hot. I wish James could steal her away from that Shane guy.”

Within the next few days, the gates came crashing down. Vanessa and her sons raided the facility. James and Samuel took years of pent up energy out on dozens of women and kept the best slave girls for themselves. James and Samuel loaded the spoils of conquest into buses and finally rejoined the outside World.

Stacey moaned as Adrianna ate her pussy on the crowded bus. She looked at the 40 other infected women on the bus and got so turned on that one black cock could control so many once brilliant women. Soon, they would pool their resources, find an estate, serve their beloved master and be a family.

Vanessa let her sons go and decided to not be tied down to her old family. The mad scientist headed out on her own to join the playground that she created.


Linda-May watched the Edwards Address and her heart sank. Unlike the major cities, the virus had not ravaged some rural areas and Linda-May thought she could hold out for a cure. ‘Serves me right for depending on big government; this is just all part of the UN’s plan to take over the World through Negroes and fluoride in the water.’ Linda-May’s paranoid thoughts ran through her head as she lit her 6th cigarette of the hour. Her husband Dale was at a treatment center with all the other infected white men.

At that moment, Linda-May’s daughter Mary-Sue walked into the trailer “*COUGH* *COUGH* Lord Jesus Momma, it’s a smoke room in here. What’s got you upset?”

“Edwards’ lezzie daughter got infected on TV and acted the fool.” Linda-May explained. She watched her daughter as she watched the news to check for any physical changes. Mary-Sue looked just like her mother at her age. She had pale white skin, dark blue eyes and long blonde hair. She wore a white tank top, and tight blue jean shorts. Her daughter was a natural beauty, but she didn’t notice any special changes. Linda-May noticed a look of curiosity on her daughter’s face and not disgust. Linda-May shut off the TV so her daughter couldn’t see any more of that dirty race traitor fucking that black man. “Why you dressed like that? You wanna get yourself into trouble?” Linda-May asked her daughter.

“Momma, it’s just how the girls are dressin’. It ain’t a thing. Trust me, coverin’ yourself up gets you into even more trouble. Some boys love the chase.” Mary-Sue responded.

The news played in the background “We’ll have continuing coverage of the Edward’s address at the top of the hour, local news is next… BPV has remained mostly in the cities, but it is now quickly spreading to small towns, despite preventative measures. The main reason? Black men are specifically targeting white southern women, or ‘Daisy Dukes’ as they are known on the streets.” The news anchor reported.

The news played a street interview of a black man with several white women around him “You can’t be a proper pimp if you ain’t got a Southern belle in your stable. Bitches can straight up suck a tennis ball through a garden hose.” The man smiled. The TV flashed pictures of women wearing daisy dukes and Linda-May was furious.

“That’s it! I’m pulling you outta school!” Linda-May shouted. Mary-Sue argued with her mother, but had no chance of matching her raw fury and emotion. In the end, Mary-Sue was forced to stay home, quit her part-time job and drop her beautician courses. Linda-May decided to take her old job back at the mall to make ends meet. She couldn’t have her daughter out there, while she stayed safely at home.

Within a week, Linda-May started again at her old job. Her best friend ran the shop and just so happened to need someone with experience to run the shop, while she took time off.

Linda-May stood outside the mall. She knew it would be the town’s primary meeting spot for horny, potentially-infected teens, but she had to do it. She put on a surgical mask and took her first steps into enemy territory. She expected Sodom and Gomorrah, but to her surprise, everything seemed rather normal. There were a few kids milling about. She even saw a white couple holding hands. It made her feel hopeful, but she kept her mask on. Under the circumstances, it wasn’t the ideal place to work, but no one else would hire her. She entered the mall’s maternity dress shop and saw her friend Sheila.

Sheila sat behind the counter, but when she saw Linda-May she stood up and exposed her own filled out maternity dress. “Linda!” she said excited to see her friend. She wanted to hug her, but Linda backed away to keep from making physical contact. “Oh, right. I forgot you hadn’t caught ‘the bug’ yet. How you been doin’?”

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