The Bus Boy Ch. 01


Ted hated his job.

The job itself was bad enough. Busing tables was a low-paying job to begin with. But he needed the money desperately. College started in the fall and Ted’s scholarship covered only part of the expenses. He was determined to get his education. Once he had that diploma in his hand, there would be no more jobs like this — ever. That thought was the only thing that dragged him out of bed each day to work eight grueling hours cleaning up other people’s messes for a pay that was only marginally better than minimum.

What made it worse was that he’d had a good job lined up working in a hospital — some sort of computer thing. But the hospital had cut jobs at the last minute and left him standing in June, high school diploma in hand, with nothing to do. So he’d taken the first job he could find.

So the job was bad enough. Lynn made it worse.

At first, Lynn had been the best part of the job. What guy wouldn’t like working with her? Lynn was tall and slim, with short red hair and a cute face. Her 34B breasts were high and firm and prominent. She had a narrow waist, full generous hips and a round ass that he couldn’t take his eyes off of. Her legs were long and slender, but still shapely and womanly.

Normally, any guy would have killed to work with her — walking around in a short black skirt that showed off her legs while clinging to her round hips — her bras ghosting faintly through her white shirts. But Ted had made the mistake of asking Lynn out. She’d declined nicely enough but since then, had teased him relentlessly — making fun of just about anything he said.

For most people, it might have been kind of fun — trading barbs with a sexy coworker. But Ted had never been any good at that game. Instead, he just stood there with his mouth open while she burned him again and again — only thinking up witty retorts hours later while lying in bed — often after masturbating to the thought of her.

And that made it worse. The more she teased him, the more he wanted her. It almost seemed that she’d stepped up her looks, wearing darker bras that he could see through her shirt, wiggling her hips just a little bit more, licking her sensuous lips more often. Masturbating to the thought of her was becoming an almost nightly event. He would have given anything to have his hands on her delightfully curvaceous body. He tried to think of anything else but then, unbidden, the image of taking her from behind or having her ride him like a crazed cowgirl would take over his mind.

Saturday night was as tough as it got. The restaurant was packed, one busboy had failed to turn up and Ted was being run ragged cleaning tables. Lynn was busy as hell and, as a result, tormenting him more than usual.

Ted thought thing had reached a lull and had just gone into the storage room to bolt down his own dinner when he heard Lynn call out, “Hey, Teddy!”

He hated being called that. He’d made the mistake of telling her that. Now she called him by no other name.


She appeared around in the open doorway.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Could you stop staring at my ass long enough to clean up table three?”

Ted blushed. He *had* been looking at her ass a lot. It was a nice view under most circumstances. But tonight was something special. Her shirt didn’t go down quite far enough and anytime she bent over, he got a glimpse of her red panties. It had been keeping him at least semi-hard all night long. Ted rushed out and cleaned the table, cased the restaurant quickly to see if had a few minutes to eat. Just when he about to dig in, he heard Lynn.

“Hey Teddy, could you quit ‘eating’ back there and do table six?”

He couldn’t see her, but he could hear the quotation marks around “eating”. Any time he was in the storage room — eating, fetching boxes, whatever — she would make a joke implying that he was jacking off back there.

He raced out and cleaned off table six. He cased the restaurant once more — this time looking for anyone who was clearly done — paying the bill, whatever. Nothing. He went back to the storage room and realized he needed to use the bathroom. Just as he was opening the door …

“Teddy, table ten!” It was Lynn again.

Back out. Clean. Check the restaurant.

Just as he was going through the swinging door, Lynn was coming out. They crashed into each other and the load of silverware that Lynn was carrying fell to the ground, splaying all over the kitchen.

“Dammit, Teddy! Can’t you watch where you’re going? Or are you going blind from ‘eating’ too much back there?”

Ted tried to mumble an apology but Lynn wasn’t listening. She was on the ground, gathering up the spilled silverware. Ted gaped at the spectacular view of his 20-year old coworker. The skirt and shirt parted and he could see more of her underwear. She was wearing a red thong, stretched tightly by her round bottom. He was instantly hard as a rock.

She stood up and shoved the silverware into his hands. “Here, güvenilir bahis go throw these in the dishwasher before you mess something else up.”

Ted did so, then hurried to the employee bathroom to relieve the pressure on his bladder. He closed the door and pulled down his pants. With his dick hard, though, it took a while. He thought of unappealing things until he was finally soft enough to pee.

Just as Ted finished, the door flew open. It was Lynn.

For a moment, they stood there in mutual shock. Ted could have sworn he’d locked the door. But here he was, dick hanging out in full view. Lynn gasped and covered her mouth.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t . . .”

Her gaze drifted lower and she had to stifle another gasp.

“Oh, my you . . .”

“Can I help you?” asked Ted, finally finding his voice. He put his hands to his crotch to cover up.

Lynn blushed furiously and slammed the door. Ted pulled his pants up and washed his hands, then looked in the mirror.

“As if she needed any more ammunition.”

Lynn walked into the storage room in a little daze. She stopped in the kitchen to collect her wits. A few seconds later, Ted hurried out. He glanced at her briefly and they both blushed furiously.

Lynn headed back to the bathroom to relieve her own need. She was still a little dazed. As she was washing up in the sink, she looked herself in the mirror. Her gaze drifted down and she could just make out her hard nipples through her shirt.

“No,” she said to her reflection. “That did not turn you on.”

But it had. Her shock had given way to a subtle arousal. She couldn’t wrap her mind around having so unexpectedly seen Ted nude. She’d never thought of him that way — as a man. He wasn’t supposed to be a man the way she thought of him — he was just this boy that followed her around like a puppy — a kid, really. He wasn’t supposed to have a penis. And he definitely wasn’t supposed to be hung like that. Even soft, his cock had been bigger than anything she’d ever seen.

“Ick,” she said, disgusted by her arousal. She finished washing and hurried out.

They ran into each other again in the kitchen. Ted stopped abruptly and a dish tumbled off the tray and shattered on the floor. Lynn felt herself blush again. And as usual, she covered it up with sarcasm.

“You know Ted, with three legs, you’d think you’d be able to balance.” And she flounced out of the kitchen.

Ted stood there in shock. He didn’t think of himself as being endowed. So he thought Lynn was mocking him. He ran back to get a mop to clean up the broken dish, cursing his luck the whole way.


The week that followed was hell on wheels for Ted. The missing busboy had shown up just long enough to quit and the position had not been refilled. So almost every night, he was being overworked. His boss was paying him a little extra plus overtime, which made it marginally worth it.

Of course, the real hell was Lynn. He had no idea what to make of her since the bathroom incident. At times, she was almost hostile, rewriting the incident as having ‘caught him jacking off’ and making jokes about it. But then she’d make a joke about his endowment that was almost flirtatious. And when no one was around, she’d strike up conversation with him like they were friends. Oddly, her behavior made him even more attracted to her, a feeling only enhanced by her seeming to now be dressing even sexier than before.

As he came into work Sunday night, he was filled with dread. He and Lynn were scheduled to close the place tonight — do a thorough cleaning, inventory and so forth. He had no idea what was going to happen. Would he get friendly Lynn or vicious Lynn? If the latter, it would be pure hell. At least during the week, someone else had occasionally been around to blunt the sharpness of Lynn’s tongue. Who knew what would happen with her unfettered?


Lynn wasn’t looking forward to tonight, either but for a different reason. She was scared what she might do given time alone with Ted.

Lynn couldn’t believe how obsessed she had become with him over the last week. Penis size was not a thing she’d honestly given much thought to before. She’d lost her virginity her first week of college and slept with four men since then. They’d all been around the same size. Two of them had been terrible, the other two OK. One had been spectacular — the only one who’d made her orgasm from sex. And he’d been the smallest. She was convinced that size didn’t matter. But, of course, she never taken anything as big as Ted.

Maybe it wasn’t his size, maybe it was just that she’d never thought of him in that way. She liked Ted as a friend. He was sweet and shy and smart — and maybe a little cute. She knew he was attracted to her and enjoying teasing him. But he wasn’t someone she wanted to *date*. He was just this guy at work.

And yet Ted was still occupying her thoughts. Anytime he talked to her or smiled at her, she felt herself get a little wet. In the past week, she’d had türkçe bahis three dreams in which he’d come to her with this enormous phallus and simply taken her. She was masturbating in the shower almost every morning, trying not to think of him. But then he’d pop into her mind right as she climaxed. She kept sneaking little glances at his crotch, trying to catch another glimpse — but his pants were too baggy.

For the last two days, a positively naughty train of thought had been circling through her mind concerning their night alone in the restaurant. She had imagined a thousand ways of getting another peek at him while they were alone. She imagined busting in on him in the bathroom again but it seemed too obvious. The most likely plan seemed to be to contrive a way to bump into his crotch and feel him.

One night, lying in bed, she’d even had a fantasy about just going up to him, kneeling and unzipping. This had led to a series of fantasies about blowing him and fucking him that she’d masturbated until she came ferociously, her fingers becoming saturated with her juices.

And her arousal had stimulated her to be more vicious in her teasing. She felt worse about that. She was acting like a schoolgirl. It was almost as if she was scared of what might happen and burying it in feigned hostility.

“Nothing,” she said to herself as she exited her car and walked toward the restaurant. “Nothing’s going to happen.”

“Yeah,” said a voice in her head. “That’s why you’re wearing your best underwear. That’s why you’ve been wet for a week.”

She put her head down and walked in, trying hard not to blush.


By closing time, they were both at absurd levels of frustration. It wasn’t just the last few customers lingering endlessly over their meals. It was that the sexual tension between them was reaching astronomical levels. They were both scared of what might happen once they were alone. Their nervousness translated into action — whenever they had to talk, it involved at least five minutes of blushing, mumbling, stammering and shifting from foot to foot. And, of course, they both misinterpreted this as hostility. Yet they both remained incredibly aroused by each other. Ted found his eyes wandering all over her body. Lynn was getting wet just from the sound of his voice.

Finally, the last few customers left. The chef and remaining staff did a little bit of cleaning before hustling out. The boss stopped to go over with them what they must do and remind them that their own dinners were in the fridge. Then they were alone.

Once the door closed over their boss, the tension was palpable. Ted finally broke the silence.

“Um, if you want, uh, Lynn, you can, um, you known, eat dinner now, um, and, you know, I’ll, uh, do some inventory . . . or something.”

All she could do was nod with relief. She hurried into the kitchen, grabbed her meal from the fridge and hurried back into the dining room to bolt it down. She was so nervous she could barely eat.

Ted went into the storage room, then realized he’d left the inventory sheet in the dining room. He shook his head. No way he’d avoid Lynn. Better make it quick.

Lynn started when Ted came back into the dining room. He mumbled something about the sheet and hurried over.

Before she knew what she was doing, Lynn felt her legs part. She spread them widely until she could feel the air on her panties. When Ted grabbed the inventory clipboard, he turned back and stopped dead in his tracks. Lynn’s long sleek legs had caught his eyes. His eyes roved upward to find that her skirt was pulled up just enough for him to get a good look at the silver material covering her crotch. He looked up and Lynn’s eyes locked with his.

They stood there for almost a minute, just looking at each other. Finally, Lynn regained voluntary control of her legs and snapped them shut.

“What are you looking at?” she hissed.

“Sorry,” mumbled Ted, blushing like a maniac. He hurried back to the storage room.

Lynn threw her for fork down, her appetite gone. She wasn’t sure what pissed her off more. That she’d made an unmistakable come-on to Ted or that he hadn’t responded at all.

Ted stopped in the kitchen to gather his thoughts. For his part, Ted was utterly and hopelessly confused. No matter what he did regarding Lynn, it seemed wrong. Had that been a come on? Why had she gotten so hostile then? He kicked himself for his cluelessness. Maybe if he knew more about women, he’d have known what to do.

Just then, the door to the kitchen slammed open and Lynn walked in, carrying the barely-touched dinner. Once again, they froze and stared at each other.

Lynn was about to unload with another blast of verbal abuse, but her tongue froze when she got a good look at Ted. The expression on his face was one of utter confusion. Was it possible he didn’t know she’d come onto him? She shifted her gaze briefly to his crotch and could see a noticeable bulge. He’d definitely been turned on. So why hadn’t he done güvenilir bahis siteleri anything?

She suddenly felt a wave of both sympathy and guilt. She had gotten used to dealing with college men who, even if they knew nothing about women, at least knew what they wanted. But Ted was hopelessly clueless 18-year-old. She bit her lip to keep from blurting out an apology.

But then a wicked train of thought emerged. She thought about what it would be like to break in an innocent young man; how surprised and delighted he would be to suddenly get lucky. The thought made all the frustration, hostility and confusion of the last week melt away. And right there, in the silent space of a few seconds, she knew what was going to happen.

She refused to let herself think about it too much. She just acted. She walked over to the sink, right in front of Ted, letting him turn to stare at her. Then she put her tray down on the edge, hard. A fork popped off and bounced into the sink. Carefully avoiding any attempt to rethink her strategy, Lynn bent into the sink to fetch the fork. She heard Ted’s breath catch as he took in the sight of her ass. The skirt rode up just enough so that he could see the bottom of her cheeks and a trace of the silver thong that covered them. Lynn didn’t like her wide bottom. It made her feel fat. But she knew the effect it had on some men — and she knew the effect it was having on Ted. She pretended to fish around, letting him get a good look, giving his cock time to get fully erect. Then she stood, pretended to stumble and reached out her hand, “accidentally” touching Ted’s crotch.

Ted reacted quickly. He caught her and helped her up, his hands on her arms. Lynn had turned around and they were face to face. The moment lingered, their faces so close they could feel each other’s warmth. And then, before he could even think, she kissed him.

Ted’s mind spent the next few seconds trying to find a coherent thought. He was convinced he must be dreaming. He’d long fantasized about a scenario just like this — where it turned out she wanted him badly and suddenly seduced him. But the smart part of his mind — the part that took the SAT’s — knew this was a fantasy. Lynn liked him enough to tease him, but that was it. He’d accepted, in his mind if not in his cock, that she’d never want him. Yet suddenly here she was, in his arms.

But while his mind circled, his body responded. He pulled Lynn in close. He’d never made out with a girl before — barely kissed a girl. But he tried not to think about it, let Lynn lead, let his lips and tongue respond to her in a way that felt perfectly natural.

Lynn couldn’t believe what she’d done. She’d never ever made the first move on a man. But this was better than she could have imagined. It made her feel powerful to take control like this.

And now that the dam had burst, she was rapidly getting horny as hell. All the built up frustration and arousal of the last week was infusing her body. Her pussy began to tingle and she rubbed her legs together.

They kissed and kissed for what felt like an endless time. Finally, she broke from Ted and smiled softly at him.

“You are a really good kisser.”

Ted mumbled something.

“Let’s go somewhere more quiet.”

Lynn grasped his hand and dragged the dazed Ted back to the storage room. Again, taking control like this thrilled her. She felt like a cavewoman dragging a man back to her lair to have her way with him. She closed the door and dragged him behind a pile of boxes. Then she was in his arms again and time slowed down.

Ted put his hands on her waist, then let them trail down the steep hourglass curve of her full hips before circling around until he was squeezing her beautiful ass. Lynn moaned from his strong grip. He was massaging her ass to perfection, relaxing her and turning her on at the same time. When Ted pulled her hips close to him, she lewdly ground her mons against him and moaned again at the feel of something huge and hard against her.

After many minutes of this exquisite fondling, Ted’s hands began to move again, trailing across her hips and up her torso. He stopped at her belly and lightly rubbed her flesh — eliciting a deep moan and even more intense kissing. She shook slightly in anticipation as his hands slowly moved upward, closing in on her sensitive breasts. She was getting wetter with every second; her level of arousal was quickly reaching dangerous levels.

“I should slow this down,” she thought. But the thought quickly melted away.

Moving his hands up her slender torso made Ted almost frantic. And he almost creamed his pants when he finally touched the lower edge of her bra. It was smooth and silky, stretched over her firm breasts. He gradually raised his hands until he was encircling them, his thumbs touching her nipples, which were so hard he could feel them through the spandex. He was amazed at how nice her breasts felt — firm but soft and yielding. He was even more surprised at Lynn’s reaction. Her mouth melted against his. She moaned deeply and began exploring his body with her hands. He held his breath as she ran her hands down his chest, over his belly and onto his pants. His hips jerked, trying to put his cock into her hands.

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