The Cabin


It was getting darker by the minute as my car slowly wound its way up the gravel road. I couldn’t believe how much it had snowed already, and I had really been pushing it hard to make it there before traveling got too dangerous. My stomach was doing somersaults, but that had nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with my nerves.

It felt like this…every time it felt like this. Always, right before I would get here, I would suffer a massive guilt ridden panic attack. I knew that at any moment the pure adrenaline pumping through my veins would make my heart explode, leaving my guilty corpse on the side of the road with absolutely no explanation for what I was doing fifty miles away from the hotel I was registered at for my “business trip.” I also knew that my heart would be beating for a whole other reason as soon as the cabin came into view.

You could set your watch by it, the exact second my heart would change its pace and purpose. All the way up the hill, my heart would steadily beat to the rhythm of “What am I doing, what am I doing, what am I doing” until the car would make its way around the final curve. Once the cabin came into view my heart would suddenly thump even faster, and it was so loud I couldn’t hear anything else. Ah…there it goes!


In two seconds flat I was out of my car and running, sloshing through the snow. My anxiety was completely forgotten, replaced by eagerness. I just knew that nothing in the world would feel right again until I was in his arms. As I reached the porch at breakneck speed, the door suddenly opened and there he was. Derek. I could feel my heart start to calm the moment I met his eyes, those piercing dark brown-almost black eyes. I was like a junkie that had finally gotten their fix. Now it was time for a whole new frenzy to begin.

I was in his arms again finally…I couldn’t remember how long it had been, I only knew that it was too long. No words were spoken. They rarely were the first time, we always had too much pent up need to bother with words. He grabbed my face and devoured my mouth. I felt his soft velvety lips sliding along mine, and his tongue was probing for entrance while his hands roamed over my body. Usually he liked to take his time with kissing, a slow erotic build up, but I could tell that he was hurting as bad as I was. I opened to his invasion gladly, meeting him thrust for silky thrust. I don’t really remember how we got inside…I vaguely recall him kicking the door shut while dragging me inside with his hands firmly squeezing my ass. I could feel his erection already poking at me through his jeans, and it sent me over the edge.

I started moaning and grinding against him, like I wanted to live in his skin. My fingers were clawing through his wavy chestnut hair as I pulled him even closer, and I began sucking his tongue deep into my mouth. He groaned loudly, squeezed me even harder, and then his hands began attacking my clothes. My sweater went one direction, my lacy bra went another. As soon as my large breasts were exposed to show him my engorged nipples, he went wild. His head bent, latching his mouth onto one nipple while firmly massaging the other breast. I tried to help remove his shirt as well, but he refused to let go of my breast long enough to get the shirt over his head. So there we were, frantically kicking our shoes off and hopping around, his mouth latched onto my nipple while he fought with getting my jeans over my hips. I was occupied with his belt buckle, and tugging at his fly. I couldn’t even concentrate on undoing a simple buckle, and it was making him crazy every time my hand rubbed against his swollen cock. I could tell that his final restraint had snapped when he gave out a loud groan, yanked me up against him and hauled me in front of the fireplace. We went down to the rug in a clumsy pile of limbs, still grinding and moaning and trying to peel away each other’s clothing. When he became fed up with the struggle, he reared back on his knees to yank off my cold wet jeans.

I could hear the fire crackling behind me and feel the heat of it on my bare back as I looked up at Derek with all the lust I’d stored up for him. I know that he could see it in my gaze because an answering gleam met my light green eyes. Only for a second, though. He couldn’t keep his eyes from being drawn to the fact that he had succeeded in shedding my jeans… couldn’t help but notice the cleanly shaven pussy that was on open display right in front of his face. I tried not to giggle when I heard the choked sounds coming from his throat.

“That’s….new,” he gasped. He stared openly now, entranced by my bare pussy. I had only been shaving this clean for a few weeks, and this was something that I knew he would like.

“Like it baby?” I purred as I slowly spread my thighs wider. “Notice how much more you can see like this?” I tortured him a bit more, reaching down to spread my outer lips wide with my fingertips. I knew that this was exposing everything that he loved…full, puffy outer lips, swollen and pink inner lips, not to mention my throbbing and engorged clit. To top things Bostancı Escort off, I slid one of those fingers down and let it disappear inside myself, only to draw forth a flood of juices when it reemerged to swirl around my clit.

“Oh, Fuck!” Derek cried. “I’m gonna cum in my fucking pants!” As desperate as he was, this didn’t stop him from leaning his face in closer. I could see him mere inches from my pussy, and when I saw him take a deep sniff and then start shuddering I got even wetter.

“You smell so fucking good baby. God, I want to fuck you so hard…but I have to taste you first. I thought I would do that later, but this is too fucking beautiful!” With that said, he shoved my hand out of the way and buried his face in my soaking wet pussy. This was another thing that he usually preferred to draw out and really take his time. He would normally make lazy licks all around, teasing the inner and outer lips before ever going near my clit. I could tell just how turned on he was by how greedily he was devouring me. The second his tongue touched my swollen flesh I knew that I wasn’t going to last long.

“Yessss! Oh fuck that feels good!” I moaned, writhing around as I felt his tongue sliding heavily on my clit in long, broad strokes. He then slid down further, and I felt his tongue penetrating my pussy in shallow thrusts. God, he knew this only drove me crazier, but it also drew things out, and I knew he wouldn’t stop until I came. As good as it was, I needed his cock inside me now!

“Please, baby! I’m so close!” He knew what I wanted, and he moved back up to give my clit the direct stimulation it needed. As soon as I felt it, I started shaking and bucking, and something inside me snapped. I grabbed onto his head and shoved it in deeper, grinding my soaking wet pussy against his whole face. I could literally feel his mouth and chin, even his nose at times. I felt him licking away, and right when I was worried that he didn’t like me being so forceful, he started groaning loudly. This only drove me more, and I held his head in place and fucked his face for all I was worth, bucking my hips into his eager mouth. It felt so fucking good, and it had never been this intense before.

“Oh God!” I screamed, “Don’t fucking stop! I’m gonna cum all over your fucking face!” I started screaming and thrusting and convulsing, and he just groaned louder and louder. As soon as I felt the blissful release wash over me, I was yanking him by the hair and yelling at him. “Now! Oh God, now! Please fuck me baby, I need that beautiful cock!”

He clambered up onto his knees again, yanking his shirt from around his neck and tossing it off to the side. I could see the enormous bulge in his jeans, and the telltale wet spot from all of the precum that had been leaking. As he ripped at his buckle and zipper, I could see my juices all over his face. I barely had a chance to see his large cock spring out before he grabbed hold of my ankles and yanked them up in the air, dragging me down and towards his aching shaft. Settling himself between my thighs, I felt him position the broad tip at my entrance and enter me in one forceful thrust that sank all the way home. We both screamed out at this: me, for that deeply full feeling; and him, for the sensation of my dripping wet pussy throbbing and squeezing him tightly.

“Oh God, Audrey…I don’t know how long I’m gonna make it. You feel so fucking good!” Derek rasped out as he began thrusting deeply, his swollen cock sliding against what felt like every nerve ending I had.

“Don’t worry baby,” I moaned, “I’m not gonna be long either. I missed your cock too much.” With that I started grinding back, and as he leaned in closer I kissed him deeply and tasted myself on his lips. That got me even hotter, tasting that musky tang that proved how much I needed him. Our tongues wrestled with each other again as I moved my hands down his back to slide them under his jeans and cup his firm ass. The thrusting got harder and deeper as I dug in my fingernails and pulled him inside me, grinding back into him. I could feel that hot, flushed feeling starting to spread over me again and when the second climax hit, my pussy clamped down on him hard and I started screaming.

“Oh fuck! Baby, I’m cumming so hard…oh fuck, cum with me!” He could feel my pussy milking him and he began pounding into me harder and harder. The grunts he was making were no longer human. I had never seen him this turned on, and he had never been this primal before. While I was still riding out one of the most intense orgasms of my life, Derek slammed into me one final time and exploded in a fiery hot flood of cum deep inside my body.

“Oh holy fuck!” He cried out, tensing all over before slumping against me in exhaustion. I cradled his sweaty head to my chest and dropped kisses all over his forehead while stroking his hair. “Audrey?” he whispered from somewhere between my tits.

“Yes baby?”

“Has it ever been that good before?” he asked in a sleepy daze.

“No Derek. It’s never that good. That is always the answer, you know that. Every new time is always the best it’s ever been.” I could Kadıköy Escort feel him smile as I answered the age old answer to his age old question.

“Audrey?” he whispered again.

“Yes?” I could feel him steel himself for the next one, and even I didn’t know what he was going to ask.

“Why can’t it be like this with her? Things would be so much easier. I still love her so much.” He sounded so sad, and I knew that his guilt was setting in. This was our pattern. I always felt it right before the first time, he always felt it right after. I pulled his face up to meet my eyes, and smiled deeply.

“Sweetheart, I wish I could answer that one. If I could, I would know the answer to why I can’t have this with him either. I still love him too. I still love him, and I wish I didn’t need this…wish I didn’t need you. I don’t want to lose all that I’ve built with him, but that doesn’t make me love you any less.” I could see him mull that over a bit, then he returned an even bigger smile.

“I love you too. So much. How can someone else know exactly what’s in my head?”

“Because…we are going through the same thing, and we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t worth it.” I leaned down and kissed him softly, and he rested his head back on my chest and fell asleep. I let him rest for a bit while I laid there and thought about us.

We had been seeing each other for over a year now, whenever we could manage to sneak in these weekend “business trips.” We had both been married a number of years, and we were happy in most ways other than the physical. Neither one of us had married someone who shared our sex drives, and we had denied ourselves for as long as possible. We had actually met in a chat room about mismatched couples, where he had responded to something I had posted because it was hauntingly similar to his own situation.

When we began talking, we found how much we really had in common, and those things that were different just made us that more interesting to each other. Neither of us had ever stepped outside our relationship before, and that almost made us feel better about it. We knew that it was deeper than just sex…that we had somehow managed to wait for each other to share this desperate need. We weren’t ready for anything else yet, we both really wanted to make our marriages work. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? We tried to help each other through rough patch after rough patch. Neither one of us wanted our marriages to end. We didn’t want to punish the other spouse for not sharing our need when we still loved them.

Of course, if either of them ever found out it would be over anyway. As much as we didn’t want that to happen, we couldn’t give up these times with each other yet. We both needed just a little more life, a little more mutual need and appreciation. Maybe we were kidding ourselves, hoping things would work out with our spouses, but every time we both left here with so much hope of feeling that again. We weren’t ready to give up until we knew that any chance was dead and gone.

So here we were back at our secluded cabin in the mountains. Derek had found this place to rent after one particularly hot cyber session we had shared, in which we both revealed that a romantic cabin in the wilderness would be one of the sexiest places to indulge ourselves with unlimited access to each other’s bodies. I was amazed when I saw this place for the first time, it was like a fantasy come to life. Even now as I looked around us it made my breath catch. The warm fire, the cozy atmosphere…everything was absolutely perfect. Before long I was nodding off as well.

After a small nap, I awoke to find us tangled up together on the floor…pretty much how we landed. I quietly detangled myself from him and slowly stripped off the rest of his clothing, then crept off to get my bag of goodies. Now, for one of these trips, I always packed light. Clothes were really not a necessity here. If I was ever covered, it was usually in the lavender silk robe I was putting on now. I loved the feel of the silk draping across my erect nipples, it clung to me in all the right places and made me feel very feminine.

Once I was covered, I went to the kitchen and put on some coffee for us. I knew that we would only be napping off and on for the next two days, so the coffee would do us some good in the energy department. While that brewed, I searched through the cabinets to find something I had seen the last time we were here. After looking for a few minutes, I found the large silver serving tray and put it on the counter. Now for the rest of my goodies.

Once I had carefully arranged the tray and finished it off with two steaming hot cups of coffee, I slowly carried it into the den where my beautiful lover still lay sleeping. I set the tray down on the coffee table a few feet from Derek and took a seat on the sofa facing the fire. I blew on my cup and took a few sips of liquid heaven before carrying his cup to him and whispering in his ear that I had something for him. It was so cute to watch him stir and sniff the air, catching the scent of coffee as I waved the cup near his face. I saw Göztepe Escort one dark eye peek open slightly, quickly followed by the other. As soon as he saw the cup his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Oh, you angel!” he gasped as he reached out greedily for the mug. Sitting up slowly, he drank in his surroundings like he drank in his coffee. Slowly, sure to savor every drop. He took in the fire, the fact that he was now completely nude, and then he let his eyes wander over me. They stroked me, as sure as if they were his hands, his eyes stroked me everywhere, settling on the very exposed cleavage my robe created. They lingered there lovingly, taking in my perky nipples that would not behave. I saw his eyes glance to the side and I could tell the exact moment he realized what I had laid out for us on the table. His eyes grew bigger and bigger as they took in each new object.

“Do you like my buffet of perversion?” I giggled. On the silver serving tray, laid out with loving care, sat a few of my favorite toys. He knew I had a few things, but many of these were new, purchased with this weekend in mind. His eyes landed on a set of handcuffs, a blindfold, some silk scarves, some long feathers, a paddle, a small bullet vibrator, my favorite “rabbit” model vibrator, and a can of whipped cream.

“Oh my…what have you got in store for us?” he asked with a wicked gleam in his eye.

“Anything and everything darling, just depends on how much sleep you need,” I laughed even harder at the determined look this brought to his face.

“Sleep? What the hell is that? Who needs sleep?” he continued to examine the objects on the tray. I noticed that his eyes kept returning to my vibrator and with a decisive nod he pointed to it. “That one…I need to see you use that one before we do anything else.”

“Wonderful choice baby! I knew you’d like that one.” I leaned over and delicately picked up the vibe, letting my fingers stroke it lovingly. “This is my best friend when you aren’t around, you know. I thought it was about time you two were introduced.”

I sat back against the sofa cushions, allowing the firelight to bathe my body. Slowly parting my robe, I ran my fingers over my rapidly growing nipples. As his eyes followed me, I took the vibe in hand and brought it to my full pink lips. Meeting his gaze from across the table, I placed the thick tip of my vibrator inside my moist mouth, swirling my tongue around it and sucking it in deeper. I could see that he was entranced, and while I had his attention I slowly began to lower the vibe to my nipples. I switched it on and began making lazy circles around my large, swollen flesh. The vibrations felt so good, so decadent, traveling from my nipples all the way down to my throbbing core.

“Oh God, Audrey…I don’t know how long I’ll be able to just sit here and watch.”

“Well Derek, you are going to do just that…you are going to watch every penetration, every thrust…until I give you permission to touch me.” As I told him his orders, I parted my legs fully so that he would see every movement. I began dragging the vibe down towards my aching pussy, lingering here and there, making a jagged path towards Heaven.

“Then you better fuck yourself hard for me, I want to watch you cum all over that thing. I want your fingers drenched with your juices.”

“Mmmmm, your command is my wish,” I giggled as the blunt tip reached my moist folds. I threw my head back at the sensation, moaning low in my throat. I continued on, swirling it around in my fluids before slowly inserting it into my pulsating hole. As it sank in further, I positioned the rabbit attachment so that the ears were right up against my swollen clitoris. With the toy turned on, I could feel the vibrations directly on my clit as the rabbit ears tickled me. There was such direct stimulation this way I never lasted very long, and it was sure to make a delightful show.

Feeling the vibe enter me deeper, I wanted to get the best angle for penetration and also give Derek the best view possible. As I slowly thrust the pink toy in a bit more, I raised my legs so that my feet were now up on the couch on either side of me. I scooted forward so that my ass was barely on the cushion and my pussy was now wide open and on display. Looking up quickly, I could see he was entranced. His eyes were dilated with lust and I could tell that he was taking quick, shallow breaths. While he was staring openly at my pussy, I began thrusting back into my hand, really grinding my toy for all I was worth. This felt so fucking good, my moans started getting away from me.

“Oh yesssss……Derek….can you see? Oh God…my pussy is squeezing this so tight!” And it was. I could feel my inner walls clamping down on it, making my deeper thrusts almost difficult. The blood was flowing, rushing to my clit, making my moist lips even more full and swollen. The pink flesh was taking on a deeper hue, the color of pure lust. I looked down and saw that my nipples were beginning to do the same. They were hard, almost painful. As my right hand continued pumping my vibe, my left made its way to my nipples, pinching and squeezing each one over and over, mimicking my lover’s mouth. I could feel the trembling beginning, starting deep inside my body and spreading outward, making my legs shake. I thrust against it harder and harder, all the while moaning loudly.

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