The Camgirls’ Sexfight; A True Story


The Camgirls’ Sexfight; A True Story(I will not be using the names, usernames, or website of the actual event. I don’t want to possibly anger any beautiful camgirls out there) Something interesting happened last time I was browsing the webcams of my favorite porn site. See, one of the things I enjoy watching is two girls having fun on a camera. I never really pay, I just like to see how they flirt, and chat with their costumers. This time was different, though. I clicked on one of the cams I have never tried before. The picture drew me in;two black women, both large in size, with breasts bigger than their heads. One had long, curly hair, while the other was shaved almost bald. They both wore dark lipstick, and were only in matching white underwear. When I entered the room, they were happily feeling each others breasts through their lacy bras. There were a few men in the chatroom, and one other woman. I normally didn’t like crowded rooms, but the way these two were flirting with each other, and their patrons, just charmed me. Their gentle caresses were enough to make my mouth water, so, I decided to make myself known. “Hello there!” I typed. (Now, at this point I’d like to say that I simply don’t remember all of what was said, but I can kinda recreate the scene) “Hey, hey,” they waved as they replied, and blew a kiss at the screen. The room gave a list of what they would do for however much türbanlı aydın escort money. Such as anal for $25, or kissing for $5. I ignored it, like I always do. “How are the two of you beautiful girls doing tonight?” “Good. U? Lookin to skype?” “I was feeling kinda bored until I found your room. I love the way you two touch each other, and you both really seem to enjoy this! No, I’m not looking for skype, just enjoying the free show.” They then focus on a few more people that entered the room. People actually willing to pay. I go off and browse Tumblr a bit, and come back to find them giving each other cute kisses on the lips. Their makeup mixing as they press their plump lips together, and look each other in the eyes. It looked like they applied a thicker coating, because it was smearing all over their faces. I lick my lips at the display, hungry to see more. Their massive breasts pushing together as they faced each other with their arms around the others back. Breast comparison always brought out a fierce sense of competition in me. Ever since I was a little girl, and my older sister would brag about her budding breasts. Almost instantly, my deep love for sexfighting came to the surface. “I have a question:”I typed fast, wanting to take the time and get their attentions before anyone else.”Out of the two of you, who do you think could türbanlı aydın escort bayan outsex the other?” I kept it simple. I know most people don’t know about sexfights, but I didn’t want to take my time and explain. I wanted to see where this lead. After a few more seconds of kissing, they looked down at their screen, and saw my question. The shaved haired woman smiled a wide smile, showing us her clean, bright teeth. “Thatd b me bb.” She started to move back so the chat could she her wet underwear.”This pussy is the best pussy any1 can get!”The longer haired girl pushed her playfully and started to type. “Really tho that b me. My lips an tongue would make her cum n a second.” They looked at each other, both smiles fading. I smile. Looks like I sparked a competition between friends. Their sound was off, but they were clearly talking. Hands on hips, angry expressions, jiggling tits, tracing their bodies with their hands, smacking their asses. It was all things I’ve done myself, last time me and my ex met up and settled a personal matter, pussy to pussy. They were comparing and showing off. My heart started to beat, and I could feel my vulva moisten. Soon, they were on each other. They didn’t spend time with foreplay. Their underwear was practically ripped off, and the two heavy women fought for a higher position as they brought their türbanlı escort aydın dripping cunts together in a wet, steamy kiss. My fingers instantly shot to my own dripping mound, and I fumbled around my bed for a few of my personal toys. The other people in the chat started to encourage the pussy duel. These girls don’t normally give free shows, but here they were; slamming their fat pussies right into each other. Tits were grabbed, asses were swatted at, and it started to get pretty rough. Almost a catfight! But even as they started to swing, they stayed locked pussy to pussy. As these two goddesses battled it out, I was vigorously fingering myself. A buttplug deep in my ass, and my nipples clamped hard. I couldn’t help it, my mind flashed to my own sexfights. The most recent one came back, and an urge to outfuck my ex hit me like two tits slamming together! I took a video of my wet masturbation, and sent it to her with the caption “My sopping cunt is ready for round two, bitch. I hope you’re ready to get your pussy fucked dry!”I was screaming in pleasure when the two women separated. They had been grinding, slamming, punching, biting, and slapping each other for almost an hour. The shaved haired girl was the one to back off. Her pussy puffy, and raw from the grinding. The curly haired girl pushed her onto the bed, and turned to the camera. She looked tired, and sweaty, but I knew how she felt. She felt like an alpha, and it was one of the best feelings I know she has ever felt in her life. “That answer ur question?” It took me a while, but I eventually reached my own orgasm. I didn’t say anything else to the women, but I did get a text from my ex… Looks like I have my own sexfight set for next weekend. Time to train my pussy!

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