The Chair


You told me you had a surprise for me as you slipped from our hotel bed into the bathroom. Our afternoon had been filled with lovemaking but we both knew that we had dinner reservations tonight and you had finally forced me to let you get ready. I thoroughly enjoyed the view as you walked toward the bathroom door. You body moved smoothly, your shapely hips moving with each stride as you turned the corner .. paused to give me that smile that melts my heart every time .. then disappeared from view.

I could hear the water cascading off of the shower wall and had the typical male response … so I arose to come and join you. I was more that slightly disappointed to find the door locked. Seemed like a funny time to suddenly become shy after an afternoon of exploring each other in every way we could. Reluctantly, I pulled my dress clothes from the closet and got myself ready for the evening. I was dressed and sitting on the hotel desk chair before I heard the shower turn off.

I knocked on the door, hoping you would let me in but no luck. “Be patient, dear,” you called through the door. “I told you, I have a surprise for you. Go watch television or something.”

I could hear those noises that always occur when women are getting ready; blow dryers running, small metal utensils landing on the counter top, water turning on and off. I busied myself around the hotel room, trying to occupy my time until you were ready. I had just sat down in the chair again when I heard the bathroom lock click.

As I looked toward the door, the light from the bathroom showed on you like a spotlight at a movie premiere. Your dress was dark, not quite black or red but a color that showed highlights of both. I could see the material was thin and it hugged every luscious curve of your body. The straps were thin, barely able to support your breasts as they seemed to struggle to escape. The cut of your neckline displayed them proudly as you leaned slightly forward. Your nipples were outlined as they displayed themselves through the material.

“I picked this one especially for you, honey. I hope you like it,” you said softly. It was obvious Escort Eryaman to you from the condition of my pants that I did.

As you spoke you slowly turned so I could take in the entire view. The thin straps hugged your shoulders while the silky material clung to your waist and hips. It fit you snugly but not tightly as it emphasized each of your wonderful curves. Still seated, I admired your body .. as sexy in this dress as it looks to me when you are naked.

As you finished and were again facing me, I stretched a hand out to you. You stepped closer and took my hand in yours, your newly polished nails lightly brushing my palm along the way. I pulled you closer and my free hand reached out to caress your thigh .. smooth in your silky nylons. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on your stomach thru the material as my hand ran up your leg. I turned my face so that my cheek was against you.

You moaned softly as I released your hand so both of mine were now on your legs. My fingertips moved from your thighs down to your calves and back up. When we are in bed together, you always enjoy a good leg massage and this seemed the perfect opportunity. My feet planted on the floor, you stepped so that your legs were around mine. You were inches away as my hands moved up your thighs.

As my hands slid higher, your dress bunched before them. My fingers soon felt the texture of skin as I realized that you have no panties underneath your dress. My hands each found the firmness of your ass as I pulled you toward me, my lips again kissing your belly through your dress. You wanted more this time and reached to lift the front hem of your dress for me. The hem moved slowly upward as you revealed yourself to me inch my inch until you held it at your waist. My lips moved forward now to kiss the skin of your abdomen and my tongue traced circles around your belly button. My hands pulled you more tightly toward me.

Despite my best efforts to hold you there, you stepped away from me. I assumed you were going to remind me about the dinner reservations but you just stood there and smiled, hour skirt still Eryaman Escort raised in front of you. I’m sure my eyes told you I was unsure what to do next as I started to rise from the chair. A gentle touch of your hand on my chest sat me back down.

You moved your hand to my lap, squeezing my erection through the linen material of my slacks. “Just checking,” you whispered as your fingers found the tang of my zipper and pulled it downward. Your skirt dropped as your other hand joined the first and released the waist button and tugged insistently at my slacks. I raised my hips and you pulled harder, sliding my pants and briefs down my thighs, my calves and to the floor. My cock stood erect in front of you, pulsing with each beat of my heart. Your hands wrapped around it gently, slowly stroking up and down. With each motion, it grew harder.

As you leaned forward, your breasts were fully displayed to me as they hung in the opening at the neckline of your dress. I was hoping you would take my cock into your mouth as you have done so many times before .. caressing it with your lips as you know I loved you to do. But instead, you gave it a soft kiss on the tip. I knew you could taste me leaking from the opening. As you moved your head away, you pulled a string of cum away with you. It was only when you smiled that it broke away.

As you rose in front of me, you stepped forward again. Your legs again were astride my thighs. As you raised your hem again, I could see your freshly shaven pussy glistening with your juices; a small trail of fluid dripping down the inside of one thigh. I was about to reach up to touch you when you leaned toward me and lowered our hips toward mine. You reached between your legs to spread your lips, then in one smooth motion lowered yourself completely onto my hard cock. I gasped with excitement as I felt your weight totally on my hips and my cock touching the upper reaches of your pussy.

“Oh baby, so good,” you whispered over and over as you rose then lowered yourself on me over and over. I had told you before how much that phrase turns me on and that night was no exception. Eryaman Escort Bayan You hands were on the back of the chair as you leaned forward to kiss me.

Your legs are muscular but I did not know how strong they were until that night. Occasionally you would raise yourself until I was completely removed from you, making me think that you were done or that you were worrying about making our dinner reservations. But you would smile at me and lower yourself onto me again, moving slowly down so that you could feel every inch making its way inside you. You made sounds that were not words as you rode me slowly. Just as your breathing would calm, you would pick up the pace; moving forcefully on me. My hands on your hips were more resting than guiding you; you were totally in control.

I could hear your breathing becoming more rapid as you exhaled with every stroke of your pussy on me. I had heard that sound before and knew that you were reaching your peak. I tried to raise my hips in time with yours but you were moving too rapidly for me to keep up with you. The only sounds in the room were our breathing and the sound of your hips slapping against mine.

“Yessss!” was all that you said as you pushed yourself down on me and leaned all of your body weight onto my chest. I felt your body tense and shiver lightly as your orgasm washed over you. I felt the warmth on my thighs as your juices flowed from you and onto me, bathing my cock and balls with your love for me. You held me tightly and I felt your body shudder. I wrapped my arms around your waist and held you tightly to me; not wanting to let you go or for this moment to end. As your excitement subsided, you laid your head on my shoulder. I could hear your breathing slow as you rested there.

After an eternal moment, you raised your head and kissed me. With one press of your muscles, you raised yourself off of me. Your thighs and mine both glistened with your juices. Your hands lowered the hem of your skirt, once again concealing you from me as they smoothed the material of your dress.

“Time for dinner, my love,” you said as you turned to pick up your purse and headed to the door.

“Don’t you want to clean up first?” I asked.

“No honey. Just something else for you to think about during dinner,” you said with a twinkle in your eyes. “Now tuck that hard on in those pants and lets go. I’ll take care of that later.”

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