The Chair Ch. 36


It had been several weeks since he had taken the redhead out for a night on the town. Plus they had just heard about a new strip club that sounded interesting. As they were getting ready for their evening out, he had the opportunity to watch her get dressed. Earlier he had been granted the privilege of shaving her pussy, leaving just a small red landing strip. Of course that had gotten them both so excited that they had topped the shaving off with a heated round of 69. Now she had put on a light white cotton top that was so thin you could make out her areolas through the material. There was also a split up the center that was spread apart to expose the inside curved surface of each breast. If she leaned forward just right, anyone in front of her would be treated to the site of her full wonderful breasts. She then slipped on a short green skirt that stopped 8 inches above her knees. On her feet was a black pair of short Steve Madden boots. Of course, as almost always, she decided to forgo any underwear this evening.

It was only a thirty minute drive to get to the new club. As they entered he noted that it was slightly larger than the club where the redhead dances, yet it was by far not the largest in the area. There were 5 stages scattered around the building with 2 girls dancing on each stage.

As he paid his cover, the redhead got in for free, the hostess explained the club’s nightly contests. For $5 they would be given a remote control. She explained that the device controls the vibrating panties that one of the dancers is wearing. Each dancer is wearing a pair, but each remote only controls a single pair. To win the contest, they would need to find the dancer whose panties matched their control. They could do this by varying the speed and intensity as the dancers were dancing on stage, walking around, sitting at the bar, or even when performing a lap dance for a customer. When the customer believes he knows who matches his control, he has a waitress deliver his remote to the DJ along with a note containing the name of the dancer. If the customer is correct, he wins one of several prizes such as a photo with that dancer, a free lap dance from that dancer, adult videos, adult magazines, and even occasionally a worn pair of the dancers panties (if he desires). If his guess is wrong, the remote is forfeited and returned to the bin at the entrance. He gave her the five dollars and ironically picked the remote with the number 69 marked on the back. He and the redhead were then led to a plush booth where they had an excellent view of all 5 stages.

When the waitress took their drink orders he got a beer while the redhead requested vodka. He knew that this now had the potential of being a wild night as the redhead frequently gets “very frisky” when she drinks vodka. They took their time watching each dancer on stage to get a feel for how they danced before turning on the vibrator that one of them might be wearing. They tried to watch all of them as they turned it on but it was impossible. One blonde girl on the nearest stage might have flinched a little, but they couldn’t be certain. They left the vibrator on low until the blonde was stepping off the stage, then they turned it on full. They didn’t see any reaction from the blonde so they mentally ruled her out for now. As any dancer walked in front of their booth they would again turn the vibrator to full, hoping to see a reaction or possibly hear the subtle hum.

Two drinks and 10 dancers later they still hadn’t found the girl that matched their remote. They decided they needed a new approach. They would start getting lap dances in hopes of feeling the vibrating panties. The first dancer they got a dance from was a short brunette with curly hair, blue/grey eyes, and sexy 34B breasts. Besides a black thong and black bra, she was wearing a long pair of black latex gloves and black latex thigh highs that gave her a very sexy yet intimidating look. The three of them retired to the VIP room where the brunette began to dance for the redhead. As he watched the brunette rub against the redhead getting her all hot and bothered, he manipulated the remote control, varying the intensity of its corresponding vibrating panty. Unfortunately he saw no reaction from the brunette that coincided with his control. Still it was most enjoyable watching her dance for his lady.

After returning to their booth, they ordered another round of drinks and surveyed the room to pick their next dancer. His eyes locked onto Maria, a sexy brunette that was just stepping off the stage. The things that attracted him to her were her large natural bosom and her beautifully shaped full ass. As she crossed the room toward them, she clutched her wardrobe with her right hand as she covered her breasts (or more accurately, just her nipples) with her forearm. With the other hand she carried her drink. They asked her to sit with them while they waited for their drinks. She sat next to the redhead and placed her top and skirt on the seat beside her. Sitting there bahis firmaları topless as she was, the redhead could not help but mention how beautiful they both thought her breasts were. After learning that they were natural, she then asked Maria if she could feel them. Maria giggled and said to go ahead. Just after the redhead had cupped the brunette’s left breast with her hand, the waitress arrived with their drinks. Seeing what was taking place, the waitress joked, “Sure, she gets to have all the fun!”

The brunette, obviously an acquaintance of the waitress then said, “Well I’ve got two, what are you waiting for?” With that invitation, the waitress reached over and grabbed Maria’s right breast. While cupping it with her right hand, she flicked at the nipple with her thumb. The entire groping session couldn’t have lasted more than 15 or 20 seconds, but it had managed to get them all excited. After giving the waitress a healthy tip, they made their way back to the VIP room.

It was decided that they wanted Maria to dance for both of them at the same time. They sat side-by-side on a leather love seat as the brunette stood before them. When the music started, Maria straddled their two inside legs. As she moved to the music she would alternate between rubbing her pussy against their legs and rubbing her legs against their cock and pussy. When she turned around and waved her beautiful butt in their faces, they both lunged forward together and each took a playful nip at her ass cheeks. When she started to pull away, the redhead landed a medium force slap squarely on her left cheek. Maria was now facing them again and she pressed her breasts against the redhead’s face. She had been pressed against the redhead so long that he began to worry that she might suffocate her. That was until as she pulled away, he saw that the redhead was deeply sucking Maria’s right nipple. He leaned forward and took her left nipple between his lips and duplicated the redhead’s actions. This excited Maria and she grasped both of them behind their heads and pulled them tightly onto her breasts. At the same time she began rubbing her panty covered pussy strongly against their legs, working desperately to stimulate herself to orgasm. Just before the end of the song, she climaxed. Her legs were clamped around theirs and trembling as her orgasm hit her. After composing herself, she dressed before they vacated their seats in the VIP room. Back at their booth, they all thanked each other for the wonderful dance before Maria headed for the dressing room to “freshen up.” After she had left, they decided that she had not been the girl that matched their remote as they would surely have felt the vibrator as she ground her pussy against them.

The next dancer they approached was the blonde that they had seen on the stage earlier. She was about 5 foot 8 inches, 117 pounds, with blue/green eyes, 34 D breasts, and a bunny tattoo on her right butt cheek. She led them to the VIP room. After seating him in a large plush leather chair, the blonde removed the white corset that she was wearing, revealing her beautiful breasts. She leaned forward and pushed them together, squeezing his face between them. She then pulled back from him, turned around and straddled his right thigh. As she rubbed her g-string covered pussy against his leg, he thought he might feel the vibrator, but he couldn’t be sure it was the one that the redhead was controlling. He looked over at the chair where the redhead was sitting and she was working the remote control. The blonde then stood and turned around again. This time she pushed his legs together and sat down with her legs straddling his. She leaned forward pressing her breasts against his chest and wrapped her arms around him. She then began rubbing her pussy up and down against his hard cock. As she was doing this, he looked over her shoulder and saw the redhead as she turned the remote control to maximum. Simultaneously the blonde moaned into his ear as her thighs squeezed his own tightly between them. There was no doubt about it, this was the girl that matched their remote control.

When the dance was finished, they thanked her and returned to their table. They quickly summoned a waitress who they then sent to the DJ with their remote and the name of the dancer, Christina. After the next song had ended, the DJ made an announcement that they had their first winner of the evening. Shortly after that, Christina returned to their table to let them claim their prize, a Polaroid photograph taken with her. She sat between them with the redhead on her right and him on her left. She then unzipped her corset and removed it. Then she had the redhead and her guy both reach around behind her and cup her breasts with their hands. His right hand cupped her right breast and the redhead’s left hand cupped the blonde’s left breast. The waitress then snapped the photo and left the camera on the table before returning to her normal duties.

The blonde remained sitting between them with her top off kaçak iddaa as they waited for the photograph to develop. As they watched the picture appear, he ordered a round of drinks for the three of them. The picture actually turned out very well considering the lighting in the bar. As the blonde dancer sat there, the three of them got acquainted. The two girls, both being dancers, discussed the various clubs they had worked at and their likes and dislikes of each. As he sipped his drink, he saw a strange expression cross the blonde’s face ever so slightly. When he looked across at his redhead, he noticed that she had a big shit-eating grin on her face. He knew she must be up to something. Looking down at the blonde’s legs he noticed that the redhead’s left hand was nestled between the blonde’s thighs with her fingers lightly stroking her pussy lips through the thin material of her g-string. The blonde leaned her head over next to his and whispered in his ear, “I want to feel your cock.”

He slid closer on the leather bench seat until his leg was touching the blonde’s leg. Christina then slid her hand over the front of his pants, feeling his already erect member. The redhead saw what the blonde was doing and increased the speed at which she was stroking her pussy. Christina surprised them both when she slid her left hand under the waistband of his pants and grabbed hold of his bare cock. He too had opted to go commando this evening and was not wearing any underwear. As the redhead continued to rub the blonde’s pussy, the blonde continued to stoke her guy. All of this was taking place in the main floor of the bar, their actions only partially obscured by the table in front of them. Once their waitress passed by, presumably to see if they needed any refills, but when she saw at least some of what was happening, she passed on by without disturbing them. He was pretty sure the waitress flashed him a knowing smile before walking on by. The excitement and illicitness of it all was soon overwhelming and the blonde closed her eyes and bit her lower lip to stop from screaming as she climaxed. Without missing a beat, she continued stroking his cock. Seeing her orgasm between them, he soon came too. His cum coating the inside of his pants and the blonde’s hand. He carefully slid a napkin off the table and into the blonde’s hand so she could wipe his semen off.

She then said to both of her new friends that she had better excuse herself and freshen up a little. As she was putting on her corset again, she asked if she could hang out with them some more. With a quick glance at each other for approval they both said, “YES” in unison. She flashed them both a smile before sliding out of the booth over top of his lap with her ass right in front of him. Feeling a little daring, he leaned forward and planted a quick little kiss on her bunny tattoo. A couple minutes later he made his way to the men’s room to clean himself up.

When he returned to the table, he was pleasantly surprised to see that Christina had already returned and was seated next to the redhead again. He was also surprised to see that there were three new glasses on the table. The two in front of the ladies were empty and the remaining one had a double shot of tequila. As he sat down he learned that the blonde had already finished her tequila while his redhead had opted for vodka. He took the lime wedge from the top of the glass, held it over the side of the blonde’s neck and squeezed it, letting its juice run down her neck to her shoulder. He then placed it between the blonde’s lips with its inside pointing forward. He then sprinkled a little salt down the same wet path down her neck. He then licked the salt from the top of her shoulder up the side of her neck until it ended at the base of her jaw, quickly downed the tequila, and then pressed his lips against hers, transferring the lime to his mouth. As he removed the lime from his mouth, the redhead was smiling at them both and said, “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that!” and they all laughed.

The mood at the booth then turned serious when the redhead asked Christina, “Would you like to come home with us?”

Christina looked seriously at the redhead for about 5 seconds and then looked at him for another 5 seconds before breaking out into a smile and replying, “Yes, I think I would like that very much!”

She then headed for the dressing room to grab her bag and within 10 minutes they were leaving the club. Not wanting to leave her car at the club, the redhead rode with Christina to give her directions to their house. As he drove home alone his mind was busy thinking of the possibilities of what was to come. He pulled into their driveway only a minute before the other car arrived. As the two ladies got out of Christina’s car, he opened the front door of the house. As they made their way inside the 2 females were giggling about something. He helped Christina off with her long Donna Karan raincoat and was shocked when he saw that she was still wearing the corset that she kaçak bahis had been wearing in the club. He had assumed she would have changed into her street clothes before leaving. He was even more surprised to see that she was no longer wearing the g-string. He asked her where her g-string was and his redhead replied coyly, “Oh, I think I have it.” She then held it out dangling from her fingertip. He didn’t need to look too closely to notice that the crotch was practically dripping wet.

As he removed the redhead’s coat, she explained how she came to be in possession of the blonde’s g-string. During the car ride home, the bottom of Christina’s coat had flapped open revealing her long silky smooth legs. As they gossiped about various things, the redhead had come to rest her hand on the blonde’s right thigh as she drove. Slowly she had moved her hand higher and higher up Christina’s leg until finally her fingers just brushed against the scant triangle of material that covered Christina’s pussy. Even from the brief contact she could feel that the g-string was somewhat damp. She then firmly cupped her hand over Christina’s pussy and began stroking her outer lips with her fingers. As the blonde concentrated on her driving, the redhead soon worked her fingers around the edge of the g-string and plunged two fingers deep inside the blonde. As Christina drove on, the redhead really went to work on her pussy, driving her fingers in and out faster and faster until she finally concentrated on her g-spot with her two fingers while rubbing her clit with her thumb. This sent Christina over the edge and she climaxed, her cum completely saturating her g-string. Once she had regained control, of herself and the car, the redhead suggested that she get out of those wet things. So as Christina continued to drive, the redhead slowly eased the g-string under the blonde’s ass and down her legs. She then put them in her coat pocket to save as a surprise for her guy when they got home. As he took the sopping g-string from her finger, he kissed her deeply, thanking her for his gift.

He then led the two gorgeous ladies down the entrance hall toward the great room. Along the walls of the hall were several enlarged photographs of the redhead, some with her body painted and some with her in bondage, but all of them with her naked [see Chapter 29 for a more complete description of each]. Christina was fascinated by the pictures. She had always dreamed of posing for Playboy and she asked who the photographer was. When the redhead told her that it was her guy, Christina asked if he would consider photographing her so she could submit the photos to the magazine. As the smile on his face broadened, he told her that he would be honored to photograph her naked body.

After fixing them all a drink, they proceeded upstairs to the master bedroom. As the two girls climbed the circular stairway arm in arm, he followed behind by about four steps. This provided him with an excellent view of both of their naked asses as they swayed back and forth as they climbed each step.

As the girls entered the bedroom, Christina squealed with laughter. When he made his way through the doorway, he saw what was so amusing to their new friend. Laid out on the nightstand beside the bed, were the redhead’s massager/vibrator and a clear glass dildo. As they all sat on the bed, Christina asked the redhead if she could try the vibrator. She went on to explain that she had always been too embarrassed to purchase one for herself. The redhead leaned over the blonde and kissed her on the lips and then told her to help herself.

This particular model plugged directly into a wall outlet. The redhead had explained to him years ago when they first met that she couldn’t stand having a vibrator die in the middle of a masturbation session due to dead batteries. It also seemed to her like the plug-in models provided a little more powerful vibrating force. She had once amused him with a story of how, in the house she used to live in, this vibrator would make the dishes rattle in the china cabinet in the room directly beneath her bedroom. And that was just on the low setting.

The glass dildo was one of the first gifts that he had ever given the redhead. It looked like a series of 8 spheres with each one getting progressively larger. The first sphere was about a half inch diameter with the final sphere about one and a half inches across. Overall its length was about 8 inches. For added stimulation, it can be either warmed or chilled.

As the blonde reached over and picked up the vibrator, the redhead unzipped the corset and slipped it off Christina’s waist. Christina leaned back with a pillow between her head and the headboard and flipped the on switch of the vibrator. The intensity of the vibrations startled her as she held the vibrator in her hands. Slowly she lowered the vibrator toward her pussy. Tentatively she touched the head to her mound and found the sensation to be incredible. Slowly she worked it around in ever growing circles, learning to appreciate its unrelenting stimulation. She then spread her legs and slid the vibrator down over her pussy lips for several minutes before bringing it back up and finally settling over her clit.

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