The CheaterPart 3

Creampie Eating

After fighting with his wife, getting drunk and having sex with two men, Jason wondered how he was going to face his wife when the cab reached his house. He paid the driver for his ride and the ride to take the man that had driven his car home back to the bar. The man parked the car, handed Jason his keys, got in the cab and waved as the cab drove off. The whole ride home, he had wondered what he would say to Cheryl when he got home. he actually hoped she would be asleep when he got there, but as soon as he drove up, he saw her looking out the front window. He walked up to the front door and it opened before he could put the key in the lock.”I’ve been worried sick… you forgot your phone! Where have you been? Have you been drinking? Who was that driving the car? What were you thinking?””Whoa, babe, slow down.””Don’t ‘babe’ me. Answer me!””My head is pounding, and you yelling at me isn’t helping. I will tell you everything, but right now, I need an aspirin and some sleep.””Fine! Sleep on the couch. I’m going to bed by myself.”Jason was too tired and still quite tipsy to argue with his wife. His head was pounding as well, and he wasn’t even sure he understood what had happened, let alone explain it to Cheryl. After taking a couple of pills and kicking off his shoes, Jason collapsed on the couch. The next thing he knew, he heard some noise in the kitchen. Jason also noticed he was covered with a blanket and was sure there wasn’t one around last night. When he sat up too quickly, his head started throbbing again, but he really had to pee, so he struggled bahis şirketleri to his feet and made it to the bathroom.His cock was covered with dried cum, and his general appearance was utterly disheveled. He needed more aspirin and a shower before facing Cheryl, so he stripped down and jumped into the shower. While he was standing there soaking, he heard the door open, then close a few seconds later. By the time he peeked out, Cheryl had gone, but the bottle of tabs and a cup of coffee were on the vanity. He reached over, took two more pills, and washed them down with a big swig of the coffee. He stood in the shower until the water started running cold, finishing the cup of coffee. By the time he stepped out of the shower, he was feeling a bit better.Jason threw on a robe, put his dirty clothes in the hamper, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and went out to face his wife. When he got to the kitchen, however, she was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Jason found a note saying there was a breakfast plate in the microwave and that she had gone shopping and would be home by noon.  He sat down and ate the pancakes and sausage she had left for him, then cleaned up when he finished. Jason went to their room and got dressed, then went out to mow the lawn. Hopefully, by the time she got home, he would have sweated out the rest of the alcohol.Jason was finishing up the trimming when Cheryl pulled up. He stopped what he was doing and went over to help her carry in the groceries. They were both pretty quiet, and Jason finally broke the silence.”I’m bahis firmaları very sorry for making you worry last night. It was stupid to forget my phone and drive off like that.””Yes it was, and I was worried sick that something had happened to you until I finally realized you had left your phone behind. And what you said when you got home did nothing to ease my concerns.””I’m just a bit fuzzy on that, what did I say exactly?””That you had something to tell me. Look, if you got drunk and picked up some bimbo in a bar and fucked her, just tell me. It won’t make me happy, but we’ll deal with it.””I promise you; I did not fuck any woman, bimbo or otherwise.””And who was that guy driving your car last night? I did not recognize him as one of your friends.””No, he wasn’t a friend.””You let some stranger drive our car?””Well, he wasn’t exactly a stranger.””Maybe you should sit down and let me tell you what happened.”They sat down at the kitchen table, and he told her how he had been so mad and just took off, then stopped at a bar that looked pretty busy. He said how there had been scantily clad female dancers when he first walked in, and then how he had gotten to chatting with this guy. He told her about pouring out his woes and how the guy kept buying him drinks and then that he noticed most of the women that had been in the bar when he walked in were gone, and the place was packed with men, including men now dancing on the platforms where the women had been.Jason told Cheryl how one thing had led to another and that he had ended up in the van kaçak bahis siteleri with a guy. Then eventually, one of the dancers had come in and joined them.”Are you telling me you fucked a guy?””Fucked, sucked and got fucked.””I could almost understand a woman, but a man? What am I to make of that? How often do you fuck guys?””Only once before, when I was in college, and I was drunk then too.””So, after all this time I find out you’re gay?””God, no! I love women. I love you, babe.”And yet you go out and fuck some strange guy.””It wasn’t like that. I didn’t go looking to fuck anyone. I was just so mad having another argument about my job. I sure as hell don’t like all the extra hours I work to cover the extra workload any more than you do. But after all the layoffs, and some management changes, they are making a turn-around. I think by the end of this year, they will see a significant improvement, and I have their word I will be compensated.””When I stormed out of here, all I wanted was to get away and cool off before one of us said something we couldn’t take back. I wasn’t even really looking for a bar until I passed this place and saw how crowded it was. I just thought I would go in for a couple of drinks, then come home.  Then this guy sat down next to me with a sympathetic ear and was buying drinks. Don’t ask me why I went out to his van. I still am not sure why myself.  Then the second guy joined in.””But you let them. Did you enjoy it? Would you do it again?””I… I don’t… I’m not sure. It wasn’t unpleasant. I know you have hinted at trying anal, and I have always resisted, but I might have to give that a second thought. I also know that sucking me off is not one of your favorite things, but that you do it to please me. When Alex sucked on my dick, the feeling was  amazing.”

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