The Christmas Delivery


I was working on the delivery truck delivering the final packages before Christmas. As I was the youngest driver in the firm, and unmarried, I had the longest route. By the time I got back to the Distribution Center everyone else would be gone. At least the heater in this truck worked. It’s cold outside on Christmas Eve.

I was out near Hopkins Corner with a near-empty truck when I saw her on the side of the road, waving me down. As I slowed, I saw a mass of dark hair blowing in the wind, and a black sheath evening dress under a wrap of dark crimson. I stopped the truck on past her and climbed out.

She was making her way to the truck as best she could in her 4-inch heels, stumbling over ice from the snow plows after our last snow. I ran to her and grabbed her arm as she stumbled and fell against me. I could feel her lithe body and the heat rolled off of her as the wrap flew open and her low-cut gown showed her nice cleavage. She gasped, “I thought I was going to die out here!”

I hurried her to the truck and lifted her to the cabin, my hands sliding from her waist to her rounded hips as she clambered into the seat, then slid over onto the boxes stacked there. I could see the relief in her face as the heat hit her, Anadolu Yakası Escort and she realized her safety. But the time I got into the seat and closed the door, she was wracked with sobs as the stress and adrenaline hit her system. I put my arms around her.

As she sobbed, it was difficult not to be aroused by her slender body, especially when her wrap slid off and her impressive breasts were pressed against me. “36C” I guessed as my hand stroked her dark auburn hair. I felt my cock harden against the work slacks I was wearing and shifted slightly in the seat to get more comfortable.

Her face lifted, and hungrily she kissed my cold lips. Not so much a kiss, she devoured my mouth and tongue, grasping my head in her hands as she turned this way and that as her tongue wrestled with mine. I felt my thick cock throb and harden to its full 7 inches. Her body pressed against mine.

The she pulled away from me, still holding my face in her hands. “How can I thank you enough” she murmured as her hands dropped and began to caress my chest. “You saved my life” as she began to kiss me again and her hands grasped at my thick cock. I heard her gasp, “Oh yes!”

She dropped to her knees and began to kiss my Pendik Escort slacks as her cold fingers grabbed at my belt and zipper. I moved her hand, dropping my pants around my ankles. She kissed my thick cock, “Oh yes, it’s so thick!” her tongue lingering on the veined shaft, her hand stroking the flared head. She looked up at me, her tongue sliding up and down my shaft, her blue eyes on mine as she lifted up over the head and took me deep into her mouth.

I thrusted, filling her hot mouth and throat with my cock, feeling her gag then relax and take me deep, her tongue swirling with every bob of her head. One hand grabbed the shaft as the other reached up to caress my nipples. “Oh God yes!” I moaned as she continued, her auburn hair bobbing with her head. She devoured my cock with the same intensity she had kissed me.

As I felt my balls tighten, she pulled off and moan. “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me hard.” Turning and bending over a large box, she lifted her dress to show me her rounded ass neatly bisected by a black thong. “Fuck me doggy-style” she moaned.

I stood behind her, my erect cock pressing against her thong, my hands holding her ass, then sliding her thong away from her trimmed pussy. She moaned Kurtköy Escort as my cock head poised, then entered her tight pussy, groaning, “Ohyes!” I arched my back and thrust hard, sliding deep into her wet channel, listening to her moans and cries, “Ohyes, fuck he, fuck me hard.” As I pulled out and thrust hard against, she gasped and I felt her pussy walls tighten around my thick cock. I did it again, rewarded by her gasps and appreciative “OHYES!” I set up and rhythm and began to fuck her deep with a fast, steady beat.

Her hands stretched out to the side of the truck as my thrusts forced the box across the hard metal floor, pressing her body back against my cock. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders and pulled to arch her body, and achieving maximum penetration. She screamed, and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, release, them clamp again. She screamed, “I’m cummmmingggg!” as her pussy muscles again released, then clamped down hard. I felt her whole body shake as she came and the her vibrations and strong muscles sent me over the edge. My thick cum spurted inside her as we both moaned and yelled, our voices echoing inside the near-empty truck. Our juices mingled and ran down our legs as we collapsed across the box.

After a few minutes, we began to stir and lay in each others arms. The warm air of the truck surrounded us but our sweaty bodies were cooling. She lifted my hand, saw no ring and smiled at me, “Do you have plans tonight?”

I smiled, “I do now!”

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