The church at Glynde


The church at GlyndeIt is a rare bright, sunny summer morning when we park up opposite the church. I loose the key from the ignition and scan our surroundings, looking for any would be trespassers into our time together here.No, the families are still in their homes along this road; too early for walkers or worshippers, the church lackey has unlocked the heavy wooden doors to the church in preparation for the sky pilot giving his sermon to a meagre congregation in a couple of hours. The vicar lives a way away, so no need to worry about him.I look at the doll to find she is already looking at me, a quizzical look upon her perfectly made up face.’Uh-uh’ she squeaks and smiles gently as she lowers her head to look at me through her lashes. Not allowed to speak, only to make the doll noise – uh-uh- like an old fashioned girls dolly would say “mama” when you squeezed it. The idea had come to me in a flash years ago in the heat of play with a doll like the one sat beside me now, and it had turned out to be a moment of inspiration. I have them all do it now; it’s especially fun in public, complete speech restriction apart from that little noise. They all have their own personalities, but the rules stay the same.I grab my heavy duty horse riding coat, open her door & help her out, swinging the long wax jacket over her shoulders, should anyone peer out of their window I wouldn’t want them to catch sight of her outfit. She holds my arm tight as she teeters next to me crossing the road. Down the path, through the huge wooden doors, I look back along the road as I close them behind us, but a fat wren hanging onto the stonework outside is the only other present, otherwise unseen.The doll drops the Drizabone onto the floor as she saunters down the aisle between the empty pews. The click clack of her patent heels on the stone underneath brings the b**st out of his slumber, the logistics complete, it’s now time to enjoy the planning. Her perfume & the musk of her cunt contrasts anadolu yakası escort so sharply with the heavy shadowed musty interior, it’s a wonder i didn’t dash it all and take her over a pew. I stand enjoy drinking in the sight & scent of her, the perfume she wears is the same for all the dolls. Dolls all have different bodies but the rules remain the same.She stands looking at the stain glass windows and the light as she passes her hand through the sunbeams. No doubt her fascination being aided by a judicious, verging on healthy dose, shall we say, of MDMA added to her morning champagne and the 100s & 1000s sprinkling of coke I coated her butt plug in before inserting it home after dressing her. The chemical melting inside her & her body drinking it in; physical preparation for this morning’s festivities.She turns to me and the offers up a high pitched ‘Uh-uh!’ declaring her approval at whatever the fuck is going on, she has no idea for I have given her none.Uh-uh! Uh-uh! echoes around the church. The dolls all have different voices, the rules remain the same.I lead her by the hand up towards the altar, her legs working double time to keep up while she walks as trained, on an invisible tightrope, each baby step perfectly placed. The ghosts in the lines of pews wait for their sermon. I don’t think they’ll be prepared for what they’re about to see. I lean her over the table, holding her by the neck as I push her head down and prepare enter her already sopping cunt. Wet for her maker. Wet for her Daddy. I push her legs wider with my knees and slide the hard on that’s been hurting me all the way into my stomach since I shut the door into her. She let’s out a doll cry. Then another, and another as my cock pushes her cunt juices out & down her thighs. The tightness of her little pussy is increased by having the buttplug in place.I do my damnedest to make sure it’s a hurt she will remember.All this planning just for this. Does she realise how anadolu yakası escort long I’ve waited? Does she know she’s the first one, the only I’ll ever do this here with? No matter, she can tell me tomorrow how she felt, ask me what she wants to know. Right now she’s my fuckdoll and I’m doing my best to make her proud of her daddy.Her sounds register every slam of my hips against her ass.”Good little fuckdoll. Good little doll. Good girl.”Her voice grows louder at the last one. I repeat the words as I strike home, with her doll noise following in close reply.”Name?” I whisper into her ear as I twist a pigtail through my fingers and make a fist. She replies with her doll name, the name I gave her when she first came to me. All dolls have different names, the rules of the name remain the same. Namely, that she’s my creation once I bestow that name upon her. Credit cards will be ordered in the new name and housemates will ask about post for someone with the same surname but a curious first name.Being a little girl’s daddy requires effort, because I know how hard it can be for a girl to become a doll for daddy, even if she really, really, really with whipped cream & a cherry on top, wants to be doll. Even if it was once just for herself. But then she found she wasn’t sure; she didn’t know how to, how to do, how to do this, or that. She didn’t didn’t know what was right or wrong, she didn’t know the rules. I wasn’t about to tell her that every doll is different but only the rules remain the same. Not going to tell her that those rules are the ones that I adhere to; to make sure that I help her grow into a doll that she & Daddy will be proud of, a doll other women will be jealous of, one that others will always try & steal.I snap out of my reverie and realise I haven’t pressed her for the right answer. I tighten grip on her hair and bring a heavy hand up and across her ass as best I can. It works.’Daddy!’I pull on her hair as cue for her to repeat. anadolu yakası escort The word echoes around the church and with every utterance fills me with pride. I allow myself to enjoy the moment. Looking down on her, seeing her so happy as I **** her here, here on sacred ground, seeing her for what she is.Mine.My little girl.My doll.Daddy’s little doll.I slip my hand into my shirt pocket and pull out the razor blade. Releasing her head from where I had it pinned, I bring both hands in front of her face so she can see what I am about to do. The tightening around my cock tells me she is keen to progress. Some dolls like this aspect, some don’t, there’s no accounting for taste, but rules are rules, no exceptions.I move the steel across the back of my hand and she waits eagerly as the incision pauses before my next heartbeat pushes the blood out and her baby pink painted lips are clasped, drinking in her daddy’s gift. She is moaning softly as she tries to coax more out. When her daddy’s seed just isn’t going to be enough.I can feel myself coming closer to climax, so move myself into position. With the blade still between my fingers, I pull her pigtails back with one hand and slice a quick cut on her neck beside the base of her skull. I watch as the first crimson tear rolls free before clamping my lips over the spot and drinking her in. She almost falls back into me, her legs giving way as she realises she is giving her life-force to her daddy. Her cunt almost clamps me still inside her, so I yank her head back and prepare to let myself cum. Her head tilted back towards the ceiling as I pull her hair as she screams my honorific into the rafters. I feel her muscles pulling my seed deep into her cunt, her closing me inside her, holding me close. Then we lay there, her mouth locked over the cut on my hand, sucking as if it were a pacifier and me with her blood dribbling from the corner of my happy, crooked grin.After a while I hoist our torsos up off the table.’Daddy?’ she whimpers.”No, no. No more speaking today, okay? You’ve said enough for today, no?”‘Uh-uh!’Now, shall we have breakfast in Brighton?’Uh-uh!'”Can you hold Daddy’s seed inside until we get there and then let it leak out when I tell you to, OK?”‘Uh-uh!'”Good girl.”

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