The Clan Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – Corey

As Corey listened to Jeremy on that last night of camp he knew exactly what he was going to do. As with the other guys, Corey’s mum came to pick him up and she was just as emotional to have her son back. All the way home in the car Corey listened to his mother prattle on about the insignificant comings and goings of their extended family and the neighbourhood.

“You’re very quiet?”

Corey didn’t even bother to answer, what was the point?

“Love is there something wrong?” she asked concerned that she had somehow annoyed her boy.

Corey still didn’t even bother to answer, as it was all part of his plan. He intended to mix Plan A with Plan B, and he smiled to himself. When he didn’t answer her, Sonja became far more concerned.

“Corey love, what’s the matter?” she asked with a tone of real worry in her voice. Corey turned on her.

“Have you done it again?” he asked her.

She knew exactly what her son was asking. For some years now Sonja had had a gambling problem; the pokies to be specific. Corey’s father paid Sonja an extremely generous alimony and maintenance for Corey, which would allow him to go to university that year. On a number of occasions Corey’s dad had accused Sonja of using what he paid her to fuel her gambling habit — and he had been right, but couldn’t prove it.

Corey had been asked by his father, in front of Sonja to tell him when his mother used his money on the pokies. Corey had caught his mother many times, but out of love for her he had said nothing. As he was leaving for camp Sonja promised all sorts of promises that she was no longer gambling, and for the first time Corey threatened to tell his father the next time she did.

“No, of course not,” Sonja lied as they drove home and Corey knew she was lying, because he knew her body language and she couldn’t hide the truth from him.

“Yes you have,” he said angrily and Sonja blanched, because she knew she couldn’t hide a thing from her son — well not usually.

“Are you going to tell your father?” Sonja was petrified of losing her money.

“Yep,” Corey answered his mother without even looking at her.

“Oh Corey, love, don’t do that,” she pleaded with him and grabbed his arm.

He pulled himself free, and looking daggers at his mother he said,

“You just don’t care about me do you? It’s just show the way you make out how much you miss me when you pick me up from camp, whenever the other mothers are around. Just show,” he accused his mother.

Sonja looked gutted at her son’s accusation, and she appeared lost for words, but answered his scathing words anyway.

“I do so care,” Sonja began indignantly, “and I’m not affectionate to you just for show.” Sonja was about to explode into tears as she always did under such circumstances.

But Corey wasn’t finished.

“Oh yeah,” he exploded, “so that’s why you’ve been to the pokies every day I’ve been away?” Sonja looked like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“And don’t try to deny it, I know you better then that and you know it,” Corey shot at her before his mother had a chance to say anything in her defence.

Sonja couldn’t answer her son because he was right, and she knew it. After a few seconds she tried to redeem herself in her son’s eyes.

“Alright, I have been at the pokies, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you like the other mother’s love their sons, in fact I love you more, far more,” she said through her tears, but Corey wasn’t moved.

“Yeah, sure you do, that’s why you lied to me before I left for camp. You already had the pokies planned before I left. You love me so much you lie to me.” Corey had managed to work himself up to appear very angry with her.

“Corey love, I’m so sorry, what can I do to make it up to you?” she pleaded with her son, and he could see how desperate she was.

Corey gave the appearance he was thinking, but the truth was this was all part of his plan. Now he had to manoeuvre his mother delicately.

Corey had read everything, listened to everything and watched every TV documentary going on the subject of addiction to gambling, to understand why his mother did it.

He had found there were two schools of thought on the subject, those who saw it as just another behaviour that began in a benign and harmless way, and then developed into an addiction; and those who believed it was to compensate for something missing in one’s life, something that had given that person pleasure, excitement, a thrill, the type of something we all need. The flashing lights, the music from the machines, the jackpot announcements over the PA, the friendships with fellow addicts, all worked to give one what they could not get elsewhere. And that’s why the pokies were so appealing and inevitably addictive. They gave people what they couldn’t get elsewhere. All during camp Corey had thought on each theory.

“Why do you do it mum, why do need to gamble on the pokies?” Corey finally asked his mother, and Sonja was just glad her son was still speaking escort bayan to her, albeit on this particular topic, one she had hoped he would never engage her about.

“I don’t know love, I just like them I suppose,” she replied in a sort of distant voice and her expression took on a sad aspect to it.

Corey wondered why the sadness, was it because she could be at the pokies now, or was it at the thought of what they replaced — what she could no longer have.

“Why do you like them?” Corey pushed.

“Oh I don’t know,” his mother said dismissively.

“Yes you do, now tell me. I want to understand this thing that takes all your attention, all your love, all your desire. What is it?” he persisted.

He could see his mother thinking, and knew she had the answer, but was debating in her mind if she would tell him.

“Corey, I would talk to you about it, but you wouldn’t understand.” Her first line of defence he thought — time to get tough.

“Bullshit! You know how much I’ve studied it. I know all the reasons, excuses and lies. Now tell me why this thing is more important to you than your own son?” His voice had been rising in volume as he said this.

Sonja looked shocked, and knew there was no shaking him.

“Alright then Mr. Know-it-all, I’ll tell you, but you had better be ready for it.” She was now yelling back at him.

“About bloody time,” he yelled just as loudly back. Sonja shot her son a look of anger and then her eyes were back on the road.

“Fine.” ‘Oh no the ‘f’ word’, Corey thought.

“I play the bloody pokies because they make me feel good, ok, satisfied you pain in the ass,” Sonja yelled and Corey could see the tears beginning again.

‘Good, we’re getting some where now’, he told himself.

“Is that it? Is that the only reason you blow most of our money, spend whole days and nights at those fucking machines…” and then in a funny ridiculing voice added , “because they make you feel good?” That pissed his mother off no end.

“YEAH, you got a problem with that?”

“What a stupid fucking question. Of course I’ve got a problem with it… and so do you.”

That hung in the air for a full five seconds, and then Corey made his big move.

“Has it ever occurred to you to do something else that makes you feel as good?”

“Oh cleaver boy, think that up all by yourself did you? You stupid bastard, of course” now her funny ridiculing voice “it has occurred to me” back to normal voice, “but I can’t do that any more.”

That’s what Corey wanted to hear, and now his path was clear. And in his best caring, loving and devoted son’s voice he asked,

“Why not, and please mum be honest with me, because I love you more then life itself and I would do anything to help you beat this, anything. I don’t want to lose you to this or anything else. You’re my life, you’re my… well everything.” He hoped the last bit didn’t sound over the top.

No, it hadn’t, he could tell by his mother’s expression. She was gob-smacked by his words.

“Look love, it’s not that easy, you don’t understand.”

Corey was at a cross-road, would he ask for an explanation, or say what he thought it was all about. ‘Better let her introduce it’, he thought.

“Then help me understand it, what is it, what do you need?” Sonja was silent for some long seconds, choosing her words wisely.

“Well love, since your father left…” and she hoped he would pick up on it.

“Oh, you miss sex,” Corey said quite bluntly, and he could see his mother blush even in the half light.

Sonja could only nod and they sat in silence for quite some time. She had never intended for Corey to hear that from her, and how he had, it only served to heighten her feelings of deep need and loss. Her eyes welled with tears from her thoughts of loss and frustration, and Corey snuck a look at his mother and saw her tears. Finally, after what seemed like an age Corey broke the silence,

“Why haven’t you dated, found another man to fill your life?”

This only seemed to enflame his mother’s anguish, and he could hear her sobbing quietly. After a time Sonja answered her son, because it was now time he heard the truth. Corey had forced his mother’s hand and she could see he was probably ready of it.

“When your father left I was devastated. I just couldn’t believe he had done that to me and to us. We never wanted for anything, he saw to that, but I felt so betrayed. I had given myself to him completely, I held nothing back. So when he left me for that other woman, the sense of betrayal was so great. I felt he had used me. I could never allow myself another relationship with a man.”

“You never got over how dad treated you?” Corey felt terrible.

Here Sonja was pouring her heart out to her son, and here he was attempting to seduce her.

“Well no, I sort of have now, but I’ve become so use to just you and me, I never saw the need to bring anyone else into what we have. So yeah, I turned to the pokies because escort bayanlar they make me feel good. But it never lasts,” she said and Corey could hear the depth of her sadness.

“What about now, wouldn’t it be ok for you to date now?” Corey wanted to put things right, and address his own selfishness.

“No it wouldn’t be.” Sonja’s tears were gone, only to be replaced by an expression of resignation that she could never fill that void in her.

“Why not?” Corey persisted. Sonja gave her son a quick look and a little grin.

“Now Corey, I want you to be perfectly honest with me now, ok, perfectly honest. Don’t hold back, even if you think you would be sparing my feelings, ok,” she instructed him.

“Yeah, ok,” he realized now what she was asking and he was willing to do it, but couldn’t see what was coming from her.

“Ok, how would feel if I went out with someone, brought someone home, brought them home to my bed?”

The reaction of Corey’s body was instantaneous. He felt gutted, as if someone had slashed his gut with a machete and his mother could see it written all over his face.

“You wouldn’t want me to would you?” she asked with a knowing grin.

“Honestly?” Corey asked and his voice betrayed the constriction in his throat from emotion.

Sonja nodded. Her grin was gone, replaced by her serious face.

“I would rather be dead,” Corey told his mother and she could hear the truth in his voice. Silence again for some long seconds.

“Now let me tell you something,” Corey began and his mother was all ears.

“I couldn’t stand it if either of us brought someone into what we have. I absolutely love what you and I have mum, and I wouldn’t swap it for the world, or jeopardize it in any way. But I feel so sorry for you mum, that you were made to feel the way you did when dad left — and I’ve always said he was such a fool, and I say it with even more conviction now. But I also wish I could do something for you to fill that void, to make you feel like you once did and still miss so much.” Corey had spoken with such love and conviction to his mother that Sonja’s tears started again.

Silence once again for some time.

“Now it’s my turn to be honest again,” Sonja finally broke the quiet of the drive home.

“I can’t tell you how much I wish you could do something for me, I really do.” Sonja’s voice had trailed off as she said the last three words, and Corey was left in no doubt that she meant every word.

The car turned into their street and finally into their driveway. Mother and son got out of the car and trudged to the front door, with Corey holding his bags as Sonja opened the door. They were both exhausted. Corey threw his bags into his room.

“I’m stuffed,” he announced and Sonja nodded that she was too.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” she told her son.

“Oh mum before you go to bed,” Corey said to get her attention, and Sonja turned to him.

“I just want to thank you for everything you have done and sacrificed for me. I want you to think on something as you sleep.”

“What’s that love?” a tied Sonja asked.

“I want, and I do mean I want, to be the person to give you back the good feelings you once had. And I have the credentials to do so; I love you without question, I’m always honest with you, I would never hurt you in any way and I know I can do what you want… with your help.” Immediately Corey put his hand up to stop his mother from replying.

“Good night mum, I love you more then you will ever know.”

With that he turned on his heals and walked quickly into his room and closed his door, so his mother couldn’t reply. Sonja stood stunned, knowing exactly what her son meant. As she prepared for bed, all of Corey’s words from the time she had picked him up were floating around in her mind, but she was too tired to put them all together to understanding what he was trying to say to her. Sonja did sleep on it, and it’s strange what that can do.

Corey stumbled into the kitchen the next morning, late for him. It was already 10.00am when he was usually up by 6.00. Sonja was no where around, so Corey looked down the hallway to see his mother’s door still closed, telling him she was not up yet. Just then her door opened and Corey watched as his mother walked into the hallway, and seeing her son she smiled at him a smile he had never seen from her before.

It was the way some women in Jeremy’s DVD s smiled at the men in them. Corey was struck dumb and rooted to the spot, and his mouth hung open a bit. His mother’s smile not only warmed his heart, but his dick shot straight up saying ‘thank-you’. As Sonja was about to walk past her son, she linked her arm in his, turned him around and walked him back into the kitchen. All the time she smiled at her son, a smile that spoke of deep, deep love, need, desire and devotion — to him. Corey was still lost for words.

“Now love, you sit down and mummy will make us some coffee.”

She said this in a voice Corey had never bayan escort heard from her before, and it reflected what he could see in her smile. He actually blanched at her voice more so then her words, as he sat at the kitchen table. Mouth still open he watched his mother as she prepared their coffee. Sonja was dressed in her short summer satin kimono, bare foot, no bra and her long light brown hair up.

To Corey’s mind he had never seen anything sexier in all his life. Mother and son stood 6″ apart, with Corey at 6′ 2″, and he was a typical skinny late teen where as his mother was filled out just a little more than what some would call perfect. But Corey only saw perfection as he watched his mother.

“Oh by the way, there will definitely be no more pokies,” she announced and then giggled a little.

“Well no more gambling pokies anyway,” she told him with a wicked grin to compliment the smile she had been wearing.

Corey’s head was spinning. Had he really heard what he had heard — of course he had, it had worked. FUCK, IT HAD WORKED. ‘Jeremy you’re a fucking genius’, he told himself. Now he could return his mother’s earlier smile, with one of his own; one that conveyed his love and devotion to her, but more importantly his understanding of what was behind her smile.

“Isn’t it amazing how after a good night’s sleep the world can look different?” he asked his mother, and her beautiful smile returned as she acknowledged that he was up to date on now things were now.

“Oh you’re so right,” she agreed and the espresso machine behind her told her the coffees were done.

“Coffees ready lov…. can I call you ‘baby’, I have always wanted to call my man ‘baby’.” Corey nodded,

“I’d really like that. Is there anything special you’d like me to call you?” he asked in turn. Sonja lit up.

“Would you call me mummy when we’re at home on our own? I loved it when you call me that when you were little, I felt so loved by you when you said it, and that you would be mine forever.” Corey nodded enthusiastically.

Sonja brought their coffees to the kitchen table and sat next to her son, and as she did her kimono rode up so her panties at the front were barely covered. Corey couldn’t help but look, and his mother smiled because she wanted her son to look. Corey looked at his mother and she looked into her son’s eyes, smiled that incredible smile and spread her knees so the kimono rode up much further; and the deliberate invitation from his mother was not lost on Corey.

He smiled back and looked down to a sight that caught his breath, and as the air audibly rushed into his mouth his mother felt the rush that had been missing. Corey now looked at his mother’s panties, just that beautiful and alluring triangle that all women have. Sonja’s panties were white, silky and full from her pussy.

“You like baby?” she purred with that smile.

“No, I love,” her son answered and smiled back, and then something occurred to him and his face fell.

His mother’s face then mirrored his.

“What is it baby, tell mummy? You don’t find me attractive, you think I’m far too forward, what is it baby?” she asked and her tears threatened again.

“Oh mummy no, no. But before we begin I must tell you something. Jeremy gave me the idea to seduce you, because I wanted you so much.” Corey’s face was contorted in mental anguish.

To his utter surprise his mother’s face returned to that amazing smile. She leaned forward and said in the most seductive of whispers,

“Then I must thank him, because you have succeeded and made me live again. If he has helped bring me this immense joy then I must thank him.”

She battered her eyelids at her son, and he decided to tell her everything, but not before he made a show of placing his hand on the inside of her exposed and open thigh. As he told his mother the whole story and they drank their coffee, they found his story was actually turning them on. Corey’s hand caressed his mother’s thigh as he slowly worked his way to the triangle that he held in such awe and desire.

Once he got to the part of the story where he began to develop his plan to seduce Sonja, a few minutes after Jeremy had first given then the idea, Corey couldn’t wait any longer and his hand caressed his mother’s panty clad pussy for the first time, and for both it was one of those magical moments. The emotions flowing through them were only bettered by the physical feelings they began to experience.

For Corey, touching his mother’s pussy through her panties was everything he had always hoped it would be. Her white, silky panties were so thin he could feel all the contours of his mother’s pussy; and he could also tell she shaved, maybe not completely but at least her pussy lips. Sonja couldn’t help but take in a deep breath in a loud ‘ooo’, as she felt her son’s hand explore her full folds with a gentle caress.

“Oh baby, that’s so nice, and thank-you for being so brave for me.”

Corey had finally finished his story, and rather than be angry with her son, Sonja was just that much more appreciative of what he had done for her.

“I know it feels good. I can feel your lovely pussy mummy,” Corey purred as his hand now kneaded her fleshy folds, and Sonja who was becoming so turned on went to a heightened level of arousal when he had said ‘your lovely pussy’ and ‘mummy’.

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