The Cleaner


The ad was very specific, wanted, house cleaner, reliable, hard working and honest. Available twice a month, salary to be negotiated. She called and left a message and he called the next day.

“Hi, I’m looking for Macy? My name is George. I’m calling you back regarding the position.”

“Hi, this is Macy, I’m good and thank-you for getting back to me.”

“Nice to speak to you. So, the position I am interviewing for has a lot of components to it, but first of all, availability. Are you able to come twice a month and you should know, that my house is quite large. It took the last girl, almost five hours to do it properly. She wasn’t very good to be honest. I don’t care how long it take, as long as it’s done the way I like it.”

“I can fit that in and I’m very good at what I do. It’s my job to make sure you’re happy, so whatever you want done, it’ll be done. It’s best if we go over everything in detail and that way I can ensure that it’s done the way you want it.”

“I like your attitude. Take down my email

And send me over your resume and references and if it all checks out, we can discuss the pay and your expectations and mine.”

“Sounds great”

The house was at the end of a dirt road in a cul-de-sac. He hadn’t mentioned much about it, but it was stunning. She was nervous about it as she had never worked in a place this nice. It was a bungalow, California style with the middle of the house a high arch with beautiful wood beams and a massive fireplace.

She rang the doorbell and waited anxiously. George was very handsome, about 5’11”, 185 lbs. and in great shape. He had silver grey hair, piercing blue eyes and a warm smile.

“Hello Macy, come on in. I trust that you found your way okay. The place is a bit remote, and it’s easy to get lost.”

“Thank you, it wasn’t hard, I printed out a map in case the GPS was off.”

“Hmm smart and efficient, I like that.”

She smiled confidently but not cocky.

“So, I was very impressed by your references and your resume. I’d like to go over your salary and move forward from there. The job pays very well, but has high expectations. Twice a month-$2000 dollars, quarterly bonus if you do well. What do you say?

“Wow, yes. That’s really generous.”

“Everything you need is here. Just show up and put on your uniform and all the supplies are here. Each room has specific instructions and it’s all in this binder. Read it over and I’ll get your sizes to order your uniform.”

“Why do I need a uniform. I usually just Escort Ankara wear, tights and a tank top. I get pretty hot and it’s comfortable for me?”

“Let me explain. I have collectibles and valuables that are priceless and they require a specialized environment with filtered air, exact temperature and humidity. Certain fabric fibres can damage them beyond repair. I know it may seem unusual, but it’s also why I pay you $2000.00 to clean twice/month. It’s not easy and it takes time to learn how to do everything correctly.”

“That makes sense and sorry for questioning you, it just seemed unusual.”

” No problem, fill out this form, read through the binder and take your time and I’ll be back in 30 minutes or so for a walk through.”

The form was extremely detailed and included all of my measurements, including my bra size, 36C, panty preference and size, medium thongs, and waist, inseam, hips, shirt and pant sizes, as well as shoe size. The underwear part, made me a bit uneasy as it was very personal, however, I assumed it was because of the antiquities rooms.

We toured around the house and it as incredible. Not huge, but beautiful and classy. The main room had huge vaulted ceilings, and an open kitchen facing it. There were only three bedrooms, and a huge office upstairs with a guest apartment downstairs and a gym that was amazing. It had everything including a boxing ring. It was wild. The master bedroom was incredible. The headboard took up almost the whole wall and the bed seemed even larger than a king size. It was very unusual, a deep, dark wood, ebony almost with brass rings up and down both sides and down the middle. The wall had real torches on it in iron cages on, that had a medieval look to it. The back wall had a massive floor to ceiling mirror and a huge walk in closet. There was a dresser and end tables and not much else. It was very sparse, and quite unusual. There was an erotic air to this room, with the mirrors and massive headboard. I couldn’t help but be intrigued and admittedly turned on. I was also curious as to what was inside the massive trunk at the end of the bed.

He caught my eye and must have sensed my arousal, as he smiled warmly and said,

“This room is very comfortable and functional.”

He led me by the arm into the hallway and his touch electrified me, warm, firm and commanding. I couldn’t help but wonder what those hands could do with my soft pussy and firm tits.

“Let’s get the paper work firmed up and discuss the first day.”

We Ankara Escort sat in the kitchen and we agreed that next week would work well as a day to start, to give him time to custom order my uniforms and get everything organized.

“I have a question and I assume that it is to do with the priceless nature of your antiquities, but why do you need my bra and panty size and preference,” I said shyly, feeling a bit awkward asking this intimate question.

“You’re right, I can’t risk any fibres contaminating the room, so all of your uniforms, will be custom made, including your undergarments. Don’t worry, they will be extremely comfortable. The materials are all organic cotton and bamboo fibers that will not shred or fray. Everything you wear is to be left here for special cleaning and each garment is replaced after four uses. It’s for safety. You will also have to have an antiseptic shower using the soap and towels provided. There is a room at the front of the house that is yours exclusively, where you can shower, rest if needed and store your personal items. The entrance into the main house is vacuum sealed to prevent contamination. I will warn you that the uniform is small and that is necessary to minimize the risks. It will be a tank top and shorts, as well as socks and running shoes. Quite comfortable you’ll find.”

“Sounds great, thank-you very much. I’m looking forward to starting.”

I showed up early for the first day as was my habit and I was really looking forward to starting this job, as it was much more interesting than my usual work and I since I saw George’s bedroom, my mind had been on overdrive thinking of sexual fantasties with me tied to the brass hooks and George having his way with me. It was so distracting and erotic, I had to try and put it out of mind. I wasn’t having much luck, as my face clearly flushed when I saw him that morning.

“Hi Macy, how are you?”

“I’m good thanks, sorry if I’m a bit early. It’s a habit I have.”

“Are you kidding, I love that. Most people I know rush in on time or are late. You’re a breath of fresh air?”

I blushed and smiled.

“So, this is your room. As you can see it’s at the very front of the house and sealed off from the main house. That is to allow for de-contamination. I know it seems like a lot, but you’ll understand when you see the room. So, what we can do, is I have to run to my room to get ready, as I have special clothing and a sealed room for the antiquities as well. I’ll meet you back here in Ankara Escort Bayan about 15 mins. Is that enough time to shower and change. Don’t feel like you have to have a lengthy shower. Just scrub up with the soap that is in there and use only the towels provided. Your personal clothes are to go into a sealed hamper in your room, that you can access after work. Any contamination at all, can ruin the artifacts. I hope you understand?”

“Of course, I have a lot of respect for your home and you,” I said smiling as I shut the door.

The uniform was in a sealed plastic bag, with instructions to open only once the door was shut and sealed by the large red button on the wall. The shoes came in their own bag. I jumped in the shower and toweled off using the towels in the bathroom, which were extremely luxurious. I double checked the red button, and opened the uniform bag. When he said small, he should have said tiny, holy cow. The thong was a g string really, incredibly soft and black, as well as the bra which didn’t look like it could hold an avocado, let alone my 36 C’s. However the material was incredible and it seemed to wrap itself around my tits and hold them perfectly still. It blew my mind how good it felt. My pussy was tingling and being already turned on, I instantly got wet. I couldn’t resist looking at myself in the mirror, and touching my wet pussy, trailing a finger slowly up, twirling around the clit and back under, cupping my pussy lips and pulling them up and apart, I let a soft moan. Oh my god it felt good. I put on the tank top which was a very sheer white material, thin, and extremely form fitting. The bra was clearly visibly and my tits popping out, left nothing to the imagination. They were bulging out of the tank and looking beautiful. I felt so horny, I had to touch myself again, more aggressively. Oh my god, I felt like was going to cum. I wanted to finger myself so badly, it hurt. The shorts were boy shorts, also very tiny and form fitting. They barely covered my ass, and when I bent over to check the back, they slid up my cheeks exposing my voluptuous ass. I was a bit body conscious having short powerful legs, with big, strong calves and a bit of a belly, that I hated and was trying to reduce. Over all, pretty good I thought. I couldn’t resist one more touch, palming my engorged, swollen pussy lips through the shorts. Oh my it felt amazing.

“Are you okay Macy?”

Oh no, did he hear that? I was freaking out.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I stammered quickly getting myself together. My cheeks were flushed and my eyes had that glazed pre-orgasm look I got. Fuck, oh well, maybe he won’t notice.

“I pressed the button to open the door into the house and he was waiting on the other side, and he completely took my breath away.

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